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Staked out spread eagle, ass-up, outdoors

Check out this video from Bad Boy Bondage:

gay twinks staked out spread eagle ass-up outdoors

Out in the backyard, Preston Lee brings out his somewhat reluctant captive Dean Daniels. After oiling him up and taking off what little was covering his dick, Preston spread eagles him to four stakes and begins to play.

Title of this video: Whipping Post and More Part 1

Site: BadBoyBondage.com

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 06

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Afternoon – Pretty Boy is Prepared

The Commander, Alpha, and the slaveboy stood over the cot where Pretty Boy lay shackled and the Commander said to the slave, “Get him ready.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied the slave, and the Commander and Alpha began to walk away.

When the men were gone Pretty Boy looked up the the slave and whispered quietly, “help me.”

The slave looked into the boy’s eyes and walked away.

A minute later the slave returned holding a set of four restraints made of rubber and attached one to Pretty Boy’s left wrist. As the slave began attaching the next restraint to Pretty Boy’s other wrist the boy said to the slave, “Help me. Please.” The slave looked deep into Pretty Boy’s eyes, paused, and quietly said to him, “All you need to do here to be treated well is obey. I learned that lesson. And so will you.” The slave attached the rubber ankle restraints to Pretty Boy’s feet and went to tell Alpha that it had been done.

Alpha returned and released Pretty Boy’s wrists from the metal shackles and handcuffed them together while his legs were still shackled to the cot. Then Alpha opened the cuffs on his ankles and gestured with his head that Pretty Boy should stand up. Pretty Boy stood up and Alpha put his massive hand on the back of his neck. Alpha was not holding his neck gently, the way he had when he guided him to the chair for his buzz cut; at that point Pretty Boy still had a choice between Alpha’s carrot and his stick but he gave that up when he defied the Commander’s order to strip for his flogging. Alpha grabbed him roughly by the neck and shoved him out of the dormitory and into the shower room.

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Bound for hot wax torment


When the wax gets hot, so does Calvin’s need to use it. Jakobe feels the burn of the wax and the flogger. This is another vintage shoot from Bad Boy Bondage

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_twinks_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_twinks_03

For video of this shoot at Bad Boy Bondage, click here.

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i am His

by pwnedpuppy

When i fly out to visit Sir, my servitude really begins before i even leave.

The clothes Sir orders me to wear for the flight are pretty simple and remain the same regardless if its freezing cold outside or we’re in the middle of a heatwave. In a way, it’s my uniform.

Plain white t-shirt, 501s, white socks, no underwear. A pair of plain black Vans slip-ons. No hoodie, no jacket, no alterations to the prescribed outfit. i am unremarkable in my appearance.

In my backpack, a simple haul – an envelope containing the chain and collar Sir has sent which i’m to wear after clearing security. No key. my wallet minus my photo ID (which i need to get on the plane) is put inside an interior pocket of the rucksack. So is my cell phone. They are not to be removed for any reason. That’s it.

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A Day at the Renaissance Faire

By Rubrpig

Josh and his buddy Marc were not your typical gamers. Both men were tall, athletic and stars on their local semi-pro hockey team. Josh was the starting goalie and Marc was the star defenseman on the team. The team had taken their league championship several weeks prior and the two men were enjoying some well-deserved time off. Both men were huge fans of World of Warcraft, and both had worked through the game and now were highly ranked warriors.

Both men signed out of the game and remained online chatting about what to do over the weekend. Josh mentioned that he had seen an ad for a renaissance faire that was opening on the Friday and it had potential, as there was also an event listing that showed that there was going to be a jousting tournament as a part of the faire. Both men decided it was worth checking out and made plans to hook up the next morning, which was the opening day and head out and check it out.

The next morning, the two buddies hooked up and headed out of town to the site where the Faire had been setup. It was a beautiful warm day and the 90-minute drive went quickly. After arriving, parking and paying for their tickets, the two buddies dressed in tank tops, board shorts and flip flops and their team ball caps on backwards looking like typical jocks wandered through the faire.

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