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Lashed and Stowed

By Straitjacketed

Chain links clanked softly along the metal rail as Midshipman Tommy Bell tried to make himself comfortable – or, at least, less uncomfortable. He was used to bedding down in his oilskin anorak and bib & brace trousers – his “’skins” as they called them – from time to time, when all hands were needed on deck and the crew had to sleep in shifts; he wasn’t used to trying to sleep in oilskins with both wrists cuffed behind him and chained to the hull.

With hindsight, it made sense. The new crew members they’d picked up in Fishguard, to augment the vessel’s skeleton crew, had seemed a bit … off, somehow, not quite right. Rougher than the crews he was used to serving alongside, and they all seemed to know each other. Tommy had got the sense of something in the air, nods and winks exchanged behind his back. Nothing sufficiently tangible to justify involving the Captain but now, shackled below decks, he wished he had done.

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By Straitjacketed

Rules are rules. That’s the way we choose to play, but he had broken one when he thought I was out of town.  It was quite a simple rule, really: if it’s raining, wear raingear and wear it properly.

I had arrived home from a conference one day early, and was watching from the upstairs front window when he parked his motorbike in the driveway. It had been raining earlier that afternoon and there was still a fine drizzle in the humid air but his one-piece Rukka rainsuit was unzipped to the waist, exposing his bike leathers. Wet bike leathers.

I had been about to make a call on my iPhone; instead, I snapped a couple of pictures.  Containing my disapproval, I counted five minutes after the front door closed before going downstairs with a smile on my face.  He had obviously stripped off the Rukka suit completely and turned from hanging it up in the vestibule. For just a moment, a flicker of guilt crossed his face, followed by relief.

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The Man in Black

By Straitjacketed

It’s not true to say I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this challenge. The terms were loose, but I agreed that you could include any amount of the sort of heavy, shiny clothing we both like to wear: you would then restrain me in it in some way. I’m always torn by the urge to enjoy whatever predicament I’m placed in and the urge to escape from it: the fetishist in me wants to luxuriate, but my inner escape artist – my inner Houdini – is always looking for the ways out, the ways to unfasten, slip or break my bonds, always taking notes…

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Caped Captive

By Straitjacketed

Constable Jim Johnstone put down his book and sighed inwardly.  He was bored: bored with the rain drumming on the tin roof of the tiny two-man watch hut, bored with the task he’d been allotted – sitting night guard on one of the more remote Royal Canadian Mounted Police supply warehouses, which had been broken into in recent months – and, most of all, bored with having to play nursemaid to Hank.

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