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Fetish bondage sex with Rick Van Sant and Angelo

The screams of twisted fetish superstar Rick Van Sant are muffled by a ball-gag as he struggles against the restraints that have him shackled to a wrought-iron cage. He’s been chained to stand spread eagle over a rim-seat with a huge menacing dildo secured to the lid so that when he sits back the entire thing goes straight up his ass. Angelo, a 6-foot-2 muscular dom, comes in and finds Rick enjoying the ride. He lifts the lid of the rim seat and fucks him with the dildo then knock down Rick onto his knees so he can feed him his 9-inch dick. The cock-hungry sub nearly gags on the mammoth tool but manages to give Angelo the juicy blowjob he demands. As soon as Rick stops for a breather, Angelo throws him on his back and plows his hole with his rock-hard cock. With his monster buried deep in Rick’s hole, Angelo reaches down to jack off the squirming bottom. Angelo pulls out and they both jack and blow their loads all over Rick’s abs.

Fetish bondage sex with Rick Van Sant and Angelo

This video HERE

Site: Hot House

Fetish bondage sex with Rick Van Sant and Angelo

The Red Rope Predicament

The day before Valentine’s Day, Max Shadow showed up at Wood x Bound’s studio for an evening of fun. Max was wearing his yellow and black BMX pants with a red thong sneaking out from underneath. Wood x Bound loves a long session, and the intensity he brings was perfectly matched by Max’s hungry attitude that night. Tight red rubber tape gets wrapped around Max and he becomes less mobile. With locked eye contact, Wood x Bound encases Max in his ropes and oils his muscular body. With the sexual tension at its peak, Max is plugged and massaged, pushing him further into submission.

wood x bound gay bondage


Video at frocktheworld.com

Title: The Red Rope Predicament

woodxbound video

Heavy rubber action with HotHardHat and boy Blake

HotHardHat puts boy Blake into heavy rubber bondage in this shoot at Serious Male Bondage. I was there to watch in person, and it was very cool indeed!

HotHardHat puts boy Blake into heavy rubber bondage

The title of this shoot is “Heavy Rubber From MD Latex” – you can see the VIDEO by joining Serious Male Bondage

rubber gimp suit

You can find HotHardHat on FetLife

boy Blake is on Twitter

The rubber suit shown above is from MD Latex

The video was shot by Bind of Men In Chains

A captive gets pleasured with a milking machine while locked in a bondage box