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This Friday in NYC: Eggplant

Eggplant Dave Hughes


Eggplant Thanksgiving weekend!

Friday, November 24, at 10 pm at Rockbar, 185 Christopher Street, at the West Side Highway.

Squeeze into something sexy and make some trouble with us. All gear encouraged. Think: big bad-ass boots, full rubber encasement, football pads, leather aprons, rugby kit, Langlitz and Wescos, harnesses and jocks. Breeches & Leather Uniforms very much appreciated. Whatever turns you on.

Admission is $2 for people in gear and $5 for people in street clothes. Check your clothes at the bar. Dress hard.

Hosted by Justin Hoffman + Syluss

Pornographic videotapes and sleazy backroom grooves and tomfoolery by Dave Hughes.

Details here