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Rex Knight is trapped in a bondage predicament

In Chamber 1, Rex Knight struggles like a veritable King Kong, tugging against his restraints, his immense body straining as he pulls on the tight chains. His massive muscles flex against the unyielding rubber straps, fighting to break free and smash open the block of ice containing the key for his release. Will he succeed?

bondage predicament

Rex Knight Breaking Free


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Scene Title: Rex Knight Breaking Free

Model: Rex Knight

bondage predicament

Rex Knight Breaking Free

Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 02

By Justin I

Justin I male bdsm stories

If you missed the beginning, click for Part 1

Sharing every moment of tormentous pleasure would fill novels. Four years is a long time to build stories, especially with a minimum of two forms of play a day. On days I have the entire day or I feel especially happy or frustrated, then we spend even more time together. You will accept my generous favor of sharing highlights.

13 Months Post 1st Meeting

Having used the chip in Sam’s head, I programmed a sort of “yes/no” switch in the decision and “gut feeling” part of the brain. This feature had especially come in handy when I made suggestions for Sam, then reinforcing a good feeling in his mind he most often agreed. After he really bulked up and leaned down, I suggested he work on the yards in 5-inch inseam shorts with no shirt. He got funny looks at first, but after a week was normal. I was in heaven, my boy was buff, honey blond with golden tan skin. Of course I gave him special sunscreen that encouraged his tan without damage or burn to his skin.

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Reach for the key!

Check out another shoot from Bound Muscle Jocks!

Larry Savoy and Joe Giovanni

In this episode of “Shadow Dom,” Larry’s hands are tied to rubber straps to the sinister bed. His balls are packaged tightly in rope and pulled taught. The Shadow Dom commands and prods the captive into submission.

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Title of this shoot: “Make a Man of Him, Part 4”

Models in this shoot: Larry Savoy, Joe Giovanni

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fight the pain

New story on the internet: ‘Escape Room Challenge’ by POW

The author known as POW has posted a new story to his Gay S&M Stories home page. It’s called “Escape Room Challenge,” and it’s definitely hot and exciting if you ask me! Be forewarned, though, that it is very long, and it also contains some messy play in the second part. It gets even more edgy — and hot — in the third part.

To read “Escape Room Challenge,” click here

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The Subjection – A TUGs Escape Room Challenge: Part 1

By SockgaggedJason

male bondageSynopsis: Five college friends sign up for an extreme escape room challenge that gives them more than they bargained for, involving terrifying, humiliating escape challenges.

They’re bound, gagged, shaved, forced to smell things, and never allowed a moment’s peace, but determined not to be broken by their unseen captor.

NOTE: The following story is fiction but inspired by the “escape rooms” we see sprouting up across America. While there is no nudity or direct sexual contact (at least in this chapter!), it is homoerotic and features gay male bondage themes. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an escape room experience like this? If anyone with the money and the resources wants to run with this idea, I’ll be the first person to buy a ticket!


A pickup truck parks in a mostly empty lot next to a large warehouse. The air is warm and humid on this summer evening. Five young men pile out of the vehicle. They enter an office-like glass door of the warehouse.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 01

By Atlanta Stud

The first week of my college semester I met a great guy who hailed from the tiny town of Pella, Iowa; basically a farming community.  He was a typical midwestern farmboy in every sense of the way wrapped in a hot 5’ 10” tight muscled frame.  He had a natural cowboy look about him and you could tell he knew it too, and it was rare for him to be seen in anything other than jeans and western boots from Fall to late Spring.

Whereas Dave was into his boots, I was into sneakers, especially New Balance, and also desert tan combat boots, my so-called winter shoes.   When my sneaks got to that point where they maintained that nice sweaty aroma even when not having been worn a day or two, that’s when they won that special place in my heart.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to wear the same low cut or no-show socks a week straight, or no socks at all just to help ’em get there that much quicker.  Seems I’ve always had a thing for smelly sneaks and socks.  Who knows why certain things make us “tick,” but for whatever reason, that had an effect on me.

Although we lived in different dorms, we spent a lot of time together helping each other with the dreaded required courses we shared, grabbing a beer, and catching the home football games.  Dave has a natural take-charge attitude, and though I wouldn’t consider myself passive, I found myself attracted to his dominant personality.  Practically inseparable, we decided to room together beginning the second semester at my dorm since the rooms there were bigger and a bit closer to most classes than where he was living on campus.

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