Becoming Humble – Part 02

By RotherhamMan

Of course he had nowhere to hide what was happening to him and no way of not drawing attention to it. He had never been able to hold back his facial expressions during orgasm—why would he ever need or want to?—so anyone who couldn’t see the damp patch growing at the tip of his bulging trousers could see his face, or even hear his moans, to know what he was doing right now.

Cumming from giving a blowjob and having his asshole touched.

Billy still had a hand down his trousers and squeezing his ass. No one cared his cock was out and that he had just cum, he was one of them and had gotten a blowjob. He was the one who was a large man who had not only sucked a cock but had cum from it. These people would never let him live it down and would no doubt tell stories of him like he told stories of battle.

Thor swiped the back of his hand over his mouth to get off any missed lumps of the driver’s cum but it didn’t matter. Everyone there knew, if not having seen for themselves then hearing about it as he could hear the voices calling out to one another. As he got out of the truck he could hear them clearly.

“Billy’s brought us a cocksucker!”

“You’d never guess to look at him.”

“Typical, trying to be all macho when what he really needs is a cock to suckle on!”

Thor tried tuning it out and ignoring the looks and gestures being made at him. Time was he would have been among them and enjoyed it, not so much fun on this side.

He focused his gaze on what was beyond them, to the lip of the crater that could only have been made by one thing. He pushed past the men, still leering and asking him for a suck, and ascended the short incline to see what was his. He could just about see the hammer in the middle of a smaller crowd, men too focused on trying to prove their strength to notice the excitement of his arrival. He could see their latest attempt was by wrapping the hammer in chains that ran to the bumper of a truck that was lying separate from the rest of the vehicle, having been torn off rather then the chain break or the hammer move.

“Think you can prove you’re a man and not some cock-sucking wimp by lifting that thing?” said some random guy stood far to close for a ruffian. “You’re better using other muscles, baby.” The man put a hand on his ass and squeezed. Thor decided he would swing his hammer into the man’s crotch at the first opportunity for thinking him some whore. It was only this thought that spared the man his immediate wrath.

He crossed over to the hammer with the cocky stride of a king he had learned and mastered at a young age. He was half aware of the few men following him, clearly eager to see what he could do. He would take great pleasure in showing them what the god of thunder was capable of.

To those stood just by it he said, “Stand aside, this is mine.”

One of the young men who had a cockiness Thor knew well turned to him with mock incredulity. “And how do you reckon that?” He was, like many of the men here, strong and lean from a life of labour rather than any abstract work or pleasure. He wore a pallid red t-shirt with the sleeves torn off and unbuttoned to show his chest and abs, nice but nowhere near as large as Thor’s.

“Because it simply is, I need not explain myself to you.”

The man, lad might be a better term, approached him in an attempt at intimidation he clearly thought would work. “And who do you think you are?”

“He’s a cocksucker, Yancey,” called someone from behind. “Sucked Billy off on the way up here.”

“Did a mighty fine job too,” commented Billy who had followed them out of interest. “Claims he’s never done it before today, if true he’s a natural!”

There was laughter and looks Thor didn’t care for, he would show them who he was and that he wasn’t to be mocked. “I am Thor, son of Odin,” he declared in a loud and commanding voice.

“Well, you got the muscles,” muttered the man named Yancey. “And the look of an Aryan along with the Norse stuff. You some kind of white supremacist?”

From the way it was sneered at him and the change in the mood and looks around him Thor gathered this was not a good thing to be accused of. “I am not claiming superiority over any particular group of humans, only all of you.” He realised his mistake too late, damn his mouth.

“You think you’re better than us?” snarled Yancey, taking another step closer to be in his personal space.

Thor took a step forward to match him. He wasn’t going to back down to this arrogant mortal. They were almost chest to chest now. “Not one of you can lift what is mine, I will do so with ease.”

Yancey was close but his eyes looked down at Thor, taking him in, before returning to make eye contact. “Oh yeah? You wanna put a wager on it, cocksucker? You say you’ve never sucked a cock before today, Whore?”

It took all his self restraint not to knock the man’s teeth out with a single punch. “You will address me by my name,” he growled.

“I have been, Whore, that’s your name now. You never had that ass of yours tapped either?”

“Others submit to me, not the other way around.”

Yancey showed all his teeth in a grin. “Well if you’re so superior then you will see no harm in a wager.”

And of course Thor never backed down from a bet. “Of course not, I can’t lose.”

“Great! Then when you can’t lift that hammer then you’ll sit your damn ass on it—the handle will take your cherry and both those cheeks will touch the base, got it?” He punctuated the word ‘cheeks’ with a slap to Thor’s ass with both hands from either side.

Thor couldn’t quite believe the audacity of the man but his face, thought grinning, was serious and the crowd were nodding in approval. “You place a lot of value on sex and dominance here, don’t you?”

“This from Mr I-Don‘t-Submit?”

“You have yourself a wager.” Thor wasn’t worried, he could afford to make the bet because he couldn’t lose. It wasn’t like he couldn’t lift the hammer. It was his and it answered to him alone.

There was a cheer and whooping from the crowd. Everyone was here now and would have a front row seat to Thor’s wrath. Yancey stepped aside with a mock bow and theatrical gesture for him to proceed. Finally, he could get this all over with. He would lift the hammer, show these mortals their error in underestimating him, and return to Asgard where he never had to think about the past day again—and he would be doing his best to forget how a cock had felt in his mouth and the taste of cum.

He took hole of the handle and instantly knew something was wrong; there wasn’t the usual thrum of power running up his arms, the indescribable feeling that the hammer was recognising him. There was nothing at all, an absence made all the more noticeable by the silence he suddenly noticed around him. Everyone was holding their breath.

He readjusted his grip. He pulled.


The hammer didn’t so much as budge an atom in response to his touch. It simply decided not to move, that its master was trying to do so made no difference. The hammer would not move for him any more than it would for the red-neck hicks who had been trying all day.

Thor didn’t give up, even as around him there were the excited voices of his audience realising that he couldn’t back up his claims of dominance. He tensed and engaged every muscle his his arms, from his fingers to his shoulders and even his chest and back, the veins across his upper body bulging. In a last ditch effort he planted his foot on the rock the hammer was lodged in—more like choosing to sit on—for leverage but by then he knew this was a desperate move and would not help. He was strong enough, even as a mortal, he could do it.

He couldn’t, and with every passing second it became clearer to him as it already had to the men around him. He couldn’t do it.

He was not worthy.

He had forgotten the specific man who had watched closely and with anticipation of his failure until he spoke. “Well then, looks like you’re gonna be loosing your cherry, Whore!”

Thor turned to Yancey, noticing the crowd behind him and all around them and how expectant they were all looking. “You surely weren’t serious?” He knew he had been but that had been out of… arrogance. Both of them had been sure of themselves and sure of the other’s inferiority. Thor suddenly understood why he could not lift the hammer, he was the mirror image of this man he disliked. He might as well dislike himself.

But Yancey was having no such realisation other than that Thor might not follow through on his word and was getting angry about it. “Oh I am. You have the nerve to come up here, sucking a cock like a natural but claiming to be better than all of us, flaunting your Aryan ass, cock-sucking mouth writing cheques it can’t cash. Time to face up to it.”

“I… am a man of my word… but this…” Thor had a long and deep connection to his hammer but had never once considered using it like this, he respected it too much. The handle was long and although it wasn’t too thick it was still enough to worry him. It would not bend, soften, or be merciful to him.

“This was the bet. Do we have to… help you do this?” Yancey and several of his friends took a step forward, readying for a fight.

Fuck, they were all serious. The crowd was baying for it like blood. He could walk away, fight any who would oppose him, but he would be walking away from his honour as he did and fighting those who were clearly lesser than himself, actively dishonouring himself. The only way to keep his honour was to do it. If he had any left. If he was ever going to be worthy again he would have to be a man of his word. The hammer would not miss this act of humility, surely?

He unbuckled his belt and slipped his breaches down over his ass. There was yet another cheer from the men around him.

But it wasn’t enough for Yancey. “Hold up, that’s a nice ass and all, but if you’re doing this then you should be naked, showing off that body of yours.”

Thor shrugged. He was far from ashamed of his body. He pulled his shirt off and was able to smile smugly at how he was stared at with envy and lust from some. His breaches were dropped and kicked off with his boots, nothing but the sun on his skin. His flaccid cock was open to see and he knew those were looks of jealousy. Yancey looked the most annoyed that he was so well endowed, but was sure to take enjoyment from watching him humiliate himself. His cock was still covered in his wet load from before, a clearly large and bright white load that may be embarrassing but screamed his virility.

A hand stuck out from the crowd, holding a jar of some sort. Thor took it and summarised that by the look and feel of the contents it was a lubricant, maybe grease for a car. He was expected to grease up his hammer, and no doubt his own ass, in front of them. Taking a large handful of the grease he crouched down and, after rubbing it on both hands, smeared it along the shaft. He made sure there was plenty on the tip, finding himself stroking it like he was masturbating it.

He took another handful and hesitated.

Yancey clearly knew what he was thinking. “You can stand but keep your back to us. We want to see you fingering your own ass ‘till it’s wet like a pussy.”

Thor really hated this guy but thought he would have done something similar and taken just as much pleasure in it. He stayed crouched down, the position opening himself up. He smeared the grease on his entrance, a place he had rarely touched himself, and did something he had never done before: he pushed his fingers up his own ass, where even Billy hadn’t gone. He had fingered men before so the sensation of an ass around his fingers was nothing new but the stretching of his own ass was new. It was an uncomfortable feeling but only at first. He could get used to this, he could tell as his body adjusted to the flexing digits inside him. He added one finger after another until he had all four inside, smearing the grease around and as deep as he could reach.

He was as ready as he would ever be.

He stood and turned. His back to the hammer, his front to the crowd. There was a whoop and at first Thor thought it was for the main event that was moments away, but as he followed their gazes he looked down at himself and saw that his cock had hardened some as he had fingered himself. He still wasn’t at full hardness but it was a noticeable growth. He ignored it. New sexual experiences could provoke new reactions. So Thor, price of Asgard, like his ass played with. All the better for the next time he bedded someone.

The hammer was at just the right height and angle for him. It he lifted himself up on the rock then he could then lower himself down onto it and, by the time he was sat, he would find himself with his feet just about on the ground as if he were merely resting on it. He found footholds and raised himself up.

“Shit, he’s actually going to do it!” someone cried.

He was, and he couldn’t quite believe it himself! Thor reached behind him and found the handle with both hands, being careful as it was still greasy. Down he went, guiding himself and the hammer into position. It was now touching his entrance, a weapon of unimaginable power, wielded by gods, about to be used as a dildo! He pushed down on it a little and felt it press at him, making it all too real. A moment later his ass had given way, the grease making it too easy, and the tip of the shaft was inside him!

“Quit stalling,” said Yancey, impatiently, and kicked one of Thor’s legs out from under him.

Thor lost his balance completely and would have fallen—were it not for the handle of the hammer now inside him. His whole weight was now on his ass and he had no choice but to go further—much further—down than he had wanted to and before he knew it half the shaft was inside him. He cried out, more in surprise than pain, but found it also sounded, even to his own ears, like a moan of pleasure as it opened him up to depths he never knew he had.

Yancey placed a hand on his shoulder and, with an evil grin, pressed him down further. With only one leg for leverage but at the wrong angle to help and the other unable to find a foothold Thor slid further down without much resistance until he was, as Yancey had said, feeling the metal of the hammer with both of his ass-cheeks. It was fully inside him.

There was a riot of yelling and swearing in surprise and delight but Thor was focused on Yancey to distract himself from the disturbing feelings coursing through him. The man smirked at him and looked down at his crotch. Thor was now fully hard. He was naked, impaled ass-first on his own hammer, being mocked by humans, and he was hard.

He wasn’t sure this was what his father had meant to happen when he exiled him to Earth.

Yancey looked so happy at his physical and emotional suffering. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself. Gotta say I’m enjoying the view. You look good now you’re where you belong.”

Thor was breathing heavily, almost panting. “I have fore-filled my obligation.”

But Yancey was high on his power over the man and wasn’t going to stop until he was ready. “True, but I think you can do more while you’re here, don’t you lads?”

When Thor had arrived they had just finished trying to pull the hammer free with a truck and chain, the latter of which was still on hand. Thor tried to fight them off but he was in no position to put up a real fight and he was outnumbered. The men piled on him, holding his arms and legs in place as several of them wrapped the chains around him and the rock. By the time they were finished the chains were wrapped around his ankles and wrists as they wrapped around the rock. He hadn’t been able to lift the hammer but he would have thought he could break these chains, until he tried. In this mortal form he was only as strong as he looked and he couldn’t break the chains, though he looked good trying, his chest angled back and thrusting his pecs outwards. His muscles were starting to sweat from the effort and the heat of the sun and the shine was very appealing to the crowd. Many were rubbing themselves through their pants or had their hands stuck down there. It was only a matter of time before they dropped all pretence and get their cocks out.

Yancey’s eyes were blown wide at the sight, all the blood ruching to his cock and leaving him light headed. “I liked the look of you before but you look so much better now. Still hard too.” He reached out and Thor could do nothing to stop him from taking hold of his cock with his fist and pumping it. This was the first time he had had his cock touched since arriving on Earth and he gasped at the feeling, his eyes falling shut. “I bet this is where you dream of being, a big guy pretending to be tough and manly while really you’re just a wussy bigot!”

Thor had to protest, even in a feeble voice with all the evidence mounting against him. “I’m not a—”

But Yancey slapped him across the face, stunning him into silence.  “Save it, that mouth can do better things than talk!” Yancey grabbed Thor by the hair, digging his fingers in deep. Thor couldn’t quite overpower this grip and he was forced to bend over as best be could with the hammer shaft still inside him. With his other hand Yancey unbuckled his belt and pulled out his hard cock. How long had he been hard, and how long had he been planning to get Thor in this position? Powerless to stop Yancey from taking what he wanted from him. Yancey was seven inches, the largest cock he had sucked yet and it was being waved in his face so he couldn’t ignore it. “You know what to do. See I’m circumcised? You’re gonna suck off this Jew and then Ed over there is gonna shove his big black cock in there! Now open up!”

Thor looked past the man to the crowd but knew they would be no help to him, they all had their cocks out now and were starting to jack off to the sight of his abuse. Yancey was guiding his head close to his cock and Thor could smell that now familiar scent of manhood. The tip was entering his mouth and although he wasn’t welcoming it he wasn’t resisting either. This time it was being forced on him but he wasn’t doing anything to stop or ask for it to be stopped. He would be damned before he begged, it was starting to look like there was only one easy way out.

He let the cock in and put his tongue to work on it.

“He’s already lapping at it! Whore here was just looking for an excuse to get on this dick!” Yancey rocked his hips back and forth into Thor’s mouth, a little further in each time. He was the largest cock Thor had so far taken and he had to open up the very back of his throat to find room for it. Sooner than a normal man should he was feeling the man’s balls slapping against his chin and his nose was buried in the man’s navel. The musk of the man was all he could smell and it was different to that of the other two he had sucked before, however similar it was. He was sure he could identify the men by the smell and shape of their cocks in his mouth. How fucked up was that?

“Yeah, take it fucker!” cried Yancey and pulled out. Thor had a moment of gasping and thinking it was over before the cock ejaculated all over his face. “Yeah, looking so much better now, I think you’ll look your best with that pretty face covered in cum. Who wants to help this whore look his best?”

Another cheer from the men who had closed in around him and Yancey stepped aside as a large black man took his place. This must be Ed, another man who thought he was some kind of racist. He had taken his top off and his black muscles looked more define shining in a fine layer of sweat.

“Never miss a chance to put a white boi in his place,” he said. He took hold of Thor’s hair and the base of his own cock and slapped his eight inch cock on his face with surprising force before forcing his way into Thor’s mouth and as far as he could go in one thrust. Thor choked and gagged on the thickness taking up all his throat but the man held him in place, getting off on his frantic efforts to breathe again. Thor could hear laughter all around him over the sound of himself choking. The only breath he could get through his nose was infused with the man’s unique smell.

“Yeah, choke on it and cry white boi.” He let Thor off but kept a hold of his head as he coughed and gasped for breath. He wasn’t crying, his eyes were just watery. Giving the bound man only the bare minimum of breathing time he thrust back in and this time fucked his face with aggressive enthusiasm, making sure to go deep and occasionally taking moments to hold himself in place there to last longer. “After me you’ll be able to handle any cock here, so I better make sure you remember the biggest cock you ever choke on!” Thor did choke and he knew he would remember it for the rest of his days. Ed also pulled out to cum all over his face, a far larger load he jacked out as he pulled his head back as far as he could.

As soon as he let go another man stepped up, his name unknown and his face barely glimpsed before a face-full of cock became Thor’s main concern. It was starting to look as if he would be doing as Yancey said and taking every cock there. He had seen maybe two dozen men when he arrived and knew they would have at least two loads each. His jaw was already starting to ache and he was only on guy number three.

How much cum would be on his face by the time they finished with him?


Shield agent Torrent parked by the lip of the crater. As he stepped out he could hear what sounded like a party going on inside it. He climbed to the peak, wondering if he could swipe a bottle of beer even though he was on duty, and looked down on the scene, expecting a BBQ and some guys shooting the shit as they mucked about whatever it was they had found there.

He had seen some things on the job but this was something new. There was what looked like some sex party going on, all the guys were topless and he could see their cocks out, all hard and some still openly jacking off. He jogged over and made his way through the crowd of men, who let him through as if they weren’t concerned about a man going before their turn now they had already gone—but taken their turn on who?

As he reached the centre he saw the main attraction. A man, large in frame and with muscles piled on, had been bound with chains to the rock at the centre of the crater, supposedly where this mystery object was. He was naked but for the chains around his wrists and ankles—and the semen that was coating his upper body, the thick substance slowly dripping off him. As he watched a man who hadn’t noticed his presence reached his climax and puled out to add his load to the man’s collection. The man seemed  out of it, mouth hanging open as the cum landed on him and some landing on his tongue.

Was this guy the mystery object? Someone who drove men to a sexual frenzy? It would be a first and Torrent would have to keep his head, even if he was already hard!

“I think that’s enough,” said Torrent, not at all bitter and disappointed at stopping the show he would have loved to be part of.

“Says who? We’re having a good time putting this Aryan fucker in his place.” Yancey had been looking forward to a third go on the guy, had even wondered if he could have a go on that ass of his now the hammer had stretched it out some.

Torrent nodded. “I’m sure you have, but the party is over. I represent Shield and we’re taking charge of this area.”

Yancey faced the man fully now. It wasn’t smart to come between a man and his fuck-hole while he was still hard and sticking straight at the newcomer. “You and whose army?” he challenged.

With perfect timing Torrent’s colleagues arrived, their vehicles parking on the rim of the crater and their passengers, all trained men who were armed, climbed out.

“That one,” Torrent said, trying not to be smug.

As the men were cleared out—some going quieter than others but all going one way or another—Torrent approached the man bound to the rock. He was panting and seemed almost delirious. His mouth hung open and his tongue could be seen waving back and forth as if searching for something. His muscles were huge, as if he were a bodybuilder, but no way would his cock fit in a bodybuilder’s pouch. It was fully hard and a foot long and as thick as a fist! The head was an angry red as if it had been denied for longer than any man should have to be when he was in inhuman need to cum. Drops of precum the size of marbles were dripping from it like a leaking tap.

“So, what did you say to get yourself this treatment?” Torrent breathed in amazement.

He wasn’t really expecting a response, the man barely seemed to know he was there. But he did look over to him and his eyes seemed to zero in on his crotch, as if sensing his erection. The man took a moment to respond, either catching his breath or struggling to think straight. It was like he was drunk or high on the cum he had no doubt swallowed. “My hammer…”

That made no sense so Torrent tried another question. “Who are you?”

“Thor… son of Odin…”

Well that wasn’t any better. As Torrent remembered his childhood he recalled the Norse god Thor was supposed to have a hammer. “Where is your hammer?”

“Up my ass…”

Torrent rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, smart guy.”

Torrent strode around the guy to take in the scene. As he passed behind him, taking in his back and the perfect ass, he saw how else the man was held in place. “Holy shit man…” He leaned in to see the metal of what looked like a massive hammer and a shaft that disappeared into the man’s ass, just as he had said. “Well this is a new one.” He called to the free agents who were watching the naked man—Thor—with curiosity. “Guys, we’re going to need bolt cutters for these chains… and get some pants for this guy…” Torrent spared a glance for the man’s manhood for the first time and was astonished at the size of it and how hard it was despite his situation. “…eventually.”

He waited until the agents had gone and he was as alone as he could be before he gave into temptation. He couldn’t quite believe that cock was real, it was so big! He reached out and gently stroked the underside of the shaft, coating his fingers in precum.

Thor gave a moaning cry, almost a wail, and the cock erupted, shooting out a long thick jet of cum that arced a good ten feet before it landed. It was followed by spurt after spurt as the man keened and heaved his chest, painting the ground before him with a streak of cum longer than a man was tall.

Torrent stared on in shock as the man sagged, exhausted from his orgasm, and almost without thinking he brought his fingers to his lips to suck the precum off. This man may not be what had brought them here but he was a person of interest and Torrent would be keeping him in custody until he gave them everything. Everything he knew, not everything he had in those balls that were now surely empty, no matter how big and throbbing they were underneath his equally big and throbbing cock that was still hard as the hammer Thor was impaled on.

To be continued …

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