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Male bondage porn: Mercenary Eagle

Keep your eyes open for the sexy exploits of the Eagle. He’s a private eye stud who works the game just the way his big cock likes it. He’s used to turning every assignment into a chance for his own hot pleasure. It’s turned into a routine, and he’s used to getting his way. But look out! Big trouble is about to complicate his plans for seduction. This time will he have to take what he’s been dishing out? Is his hot body and hungry booty up to the task?

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Title of this video: Mercenary Eagle

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Calling all tops!

Gunryu sent out a message to recruit some horny top models for his projects, but the personnel department couldn’t keep up with the flood of hot hard applicants. He gets to interview and decide who gets to move on to the next step. “Challenge Gunryu” is his clever way to put these hung, horny tops through their erotic paces on camera, see who puts on the best show and gives a cum shot to be proud of. Three candidates get the chance to strut their stuff.

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Title of this video: Interview 1

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Taking care of rent man clients

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! These rent man clients are a bunch of daddies in a private guesthouse, looking for some fun with the hottest dick-for-hire around. Can he handle 10 guys at a time? The rent man makes his entrance in a leather harness, flirting and teasing the guys, making them want his big dick and muscular body. Arousing the daddies, he takes them on one at a time and gives them a fuck they’ll never forget.

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Title of this shoot: Rent Man II

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