By BigMouthfla

I had given him blow jobs before quite a few times, even since we started a full time chastity lifestyle. But for whatever reason, today was different. Normally, I use my hand to jerk him off while I’m sucking him off. It gives him a hand job and a blow job at the same time; he really likes that. But today, I wasn’t using my hand, just my mouth.

Normally, it takes him a little while to cum, not too long, but he doesn’t come super quick. Today, however, it was taking much longer because I wasn’t using my hand. He was pumping pretty hard and kept getting more and more aggressive. He told me he needed me to grab it, but I refused relying only on my mouth. This was driving him crazy as he was so close to cumming, but kept saying on the edge. He kept trying to grab it, but I kept pushing his hand away. The man was almost in tears as he wanted to cum so bad and was so close, but couldn’t. I was really enjoying it for a couple of reasons. Being that I now live in full time 24/7 chastity and no longer have erections or orgasms, this is the only relief I can get, so I wanted it to go on as long as possible. I was enjoy really enjoying driving him crazy, giving him just a little taste of what I go through, except of course, I don’t have anyone to suck my cock now that it’s locked up full time.

He kept telling me to tighten my mouth so he could shoot. He HAD to shoot. He grabbed me by the back of my head and started deep throating me. I grabbed his ass and held on tight as I knew he would be cumming soon. He pushed, he grunted louder and louder, he yelled, he shoved his cock so far down my throat, it felt like I was swallowing it whole. He let out a massive load and an even louder yell. He held me tight and I felt my gift being delivered to me by him. I love feeling him cum in my mouth. I just can’t get enough of feeling his orgasm and then the shooting action from his cock while it’s in my mouth. Knowing there is no where else for it to go except inside my mouth and down my throat just drives me wild. And he shot so damned hot tonight. I actually felt him hit the back of my throat. It was so damned hot. I was so hot for him, I really wanted to just jerk off right then and there, except of course, I no longer had that option due to the steel belt keeping my cock in a permanent prison.

He kept shooting for what seemed like an eternity. Of course, I sure as hell didn’t mind. When he eventually stopped shooting and I could swallow every drop, he pulled me up and said, “lube up, I need your ass now. I need to fill your other hole as well. Right now.” What seemed like only seconds, he grabbed some lube, flipped me over, and jumped on top of me. It was all so fast, I didn’t even have a chance to get prepared. He just started plowing into me. I was on my stomach and he was on top of me, pounding my ass hard.

I do like that position a lot as he can put both arms around me and bight me on the back of my neck. He went on for a while like that, then he pulled out and turned me over. I was now on my back and he lifted my legs. In seconds, he was back inside me. This is the most vulnerable position a man can be in – on his back with his legs lifted. He’s completely out of control. Now, imagine that, except he guy on his back is wearing a steel chastity belt that is locked and he doesn’t have the key. Now we’re talking about of control! That was me. I was loving every second of it. He worked my ass as aggressively as he worked my mouth. He was kissing me passionately as he plowed my ass.

I was so damned horny. After all, it has been about 2 months since I had agreed to wear the belt full time w/o the access to the key. I was adjusting nicely, until now. I wanted out of that thing so bad right now as I was damned turned on. I was going crazy. He knew it and that made him even hotter. I reached down and grabbed his balls as he was fucking me. That always turns a man on. I tickled his g-spot and that drove him even more wild. I then formed a circle with two fingers and wrapped it around his cock. He would feel this with every stroke. It was kinda like getting a hand job and fucking at the same time. He was going crazy. He kept telling me how hot it is to have me wearing this belt. He wanted to hear me beg. I resisted at first, but he was turning me on so much, that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I started to beg to be released. I had broken down, I was begging. I wanted that damned thing of right then and there. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was losing my mind. This drove him over the edge and he shot another huge load into my ass. I could feel him shooting.   I begged louder and pleaded for him to take the belt off so I could shoot.

After he finished shooting, he just collapsed on top of me, his cock still inside me. He lifted his head and said to me, “I hope you realize, after sex like that, now that belt is never coming off…”


Metal would like to thank BigMouthfla for this story!




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