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Spy Gets Captured

By Mister-X/Spartan

I warily looked around. This was near where I was to meet him. I didn’t see anyone, which was a good sign, since I was early. It looked like the authorities didn’t know about our planned meeting. I walked over to where I was to meet him, and saw a figure walking this way. When he was close enough I saw it was him. He was nervous.

“I’m being followed.” I had pulled out my pack of cigarettes and pulled one out to give him.

“What? You shouldn’t have met me, then.”

As I started to leave he put the cigarette in his mouth and said, “wait, I’ve got the information you want.”

I hesitated, pulling out my lighter to light his cigarette, and that was when a bunch of armed men started coming out of the nearby area, guns drawn. I realized I’d had it. All these years I’d not been captured, but my luck had finally run out. My cock started getting excited.

The other guy panicked, and started to run away. I knew better than to do that. When he was taken, he was screaming, but not for long. When the others came up to me, they said something in the local language. I knew they had said to put my hands behind my back, but I played dumb. One of the guys spoke English, and said “don’t play dumb, Mr. Crawford.”

“Play dumb? Why? I’ve done nothing wrong. He just asked me for a cigarette and I gave him one. Then he wanted a light, and I pulled out my lighter when you people showed up.”

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Over the Line – Part 5: Touchdown

By ty dehner

ropedweb written by ty dehner

I wake slowly, out of the darkness I feel someone spit on my face. It doesn’t roll down, it just stays there, and as I focus I see the blue eyes of my Linebacker. My throat is raw as I try to reach for him but find my hands are still bound behind me. My Sir’s face is bloodied. I try to speak but can’t for I’m still gagged.

“Pig,” he gently smiles and then stands, and I see a booted foot swing over me as Sir kicks the oncoming cowboy. Struggling my body around I see more of the barn, two of the cowboys are out cold, the noose I still around my neck but the rope has been undone and strings from the ceiling loosely. As Sir fights the last cowboy, I try to stand, hoping to give any assistance I can. The cracking of some bones can be heard as Sir slams the cowboy into a post. Breathing heavily Sir steps back and the cowboy falls into a pile of horse shit, face first. Bent over and out of breath, Linebacker Sir looks at what he has accomplished and sits on a bale of hay.

Getting to my knees, then my feet, I walk to my strong Master. I look at him, as he looks up at me. Awkwardly kneeling, I lay my head in his lap. Still gagged and my hands bound, it is all I can do to let him know how much he means to me. His hand gently strokes my head.

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Bro to Ho – Part 1

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesShawn was your typical all-American dumb frat boy. Muscular body, cute face, ripped jeans, and Abercrombie T shirts. He partied, drank, played around, and took everyone and everything around him for granted. Now, one would think that a guy who had flunked out of college twice already, and chose to try again a third time would have learned something from his mistakes, or at least cared on some subconscious level about his future.

Not Shawn. The first week of classes he acted like every other high school jock ready to get up to no good with their new adult life. He was rarely on time for classes, never studied, barely participated, except in anything athletic. We were both on the swim team, and though he could almost keep pace with me, he was never seriously considered for competition due to his lack of effort. Every night, he’d stumble into the dorm, drunk off his ass, shuffle around for a while, before passing out anywhere but on his cot. As a serious student with early morning lab classes, this was not an acceptable situation.

But I knew his kind, sitting down for a conversation mediated by the RA was not going to be any help. Logic and reason are lost on these guys. I would find another way.

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The Convict – Part 12

By Joshua Ryan

Processing! That’s what happens to a piece of meat. That’s what happens to a load of sewage. It was incredible. This morning I was a rising young executive. I had a job. I had an apartment. I had a lover. I had clothes! Now I had nothing but my skin. I was a “boy.” I was a naked convict standing in front of a hillbilly guard who had to teach me everything I was supposed to do, because I was a mindless asshole, a moron like every other convict. And he was right. When I had a life, I couldn’t wait to get away from it. I wanted to be with a convict. I wished I was like a convict. And the convict turned out to be smarter than I was. Now they were turning me into the convict’s replacement. I was a boy and the guy standing in front of my was my boss. I would have a boss like him for the rest of my life. Because they were processing me into a convict.

“This is Nolan. Open.” The officer snapped his phone back on his belt.

At the far end of the room, a steel door opened.

“Through the door, boy — double time!”

I scurried toward the door, my dick bouncing against my naked legs. As I passed the other convict, he gave another swab to the floor. I was nothing to him.

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By BigMouthfla

I had given him blow jobs before quite a few times, even since we started a full time chastity lifestyle. But for whatever reason, today was different. Normally, I use my hand to jerk him off while I’m sucking him off. It gives him a hand job and a blow job at the same time; he really likes that. But today, I wasn’t using my hand, just my mouth.

Normally, it takes him a little while to cum, not too long, but he doesn’t come super quick. Today, however, it was taking much longer because I wasn’t using my hand. He was pumping pretty hard and kept getting more and more aggressive. He told me he needed me to grab it, but I refused relying only on my mouth. This was driving him crazy as he was so close to cumming, but kept saying on the edge. He kept trying to grab it, but I kept pushing his hand away. The man was almost in tears as he wanted to cum so bad and was so close, but couldn’t. I was really enjoying it for a couple of reasons. Being that I now live in full time 24/7 chastity and no longer have erections or orgasms, this is the only relief I can get, so I wanted it to go on as long as possible. I was enjoy really enjoying driving him crazy, giving him just a little taste of what I go through, except of course, I don’t have anyone to suck my cock now that it’s locked up full time.

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