Bike Trip – Parts 3 and 4

By Catdude

Part 3

The back of that bike is probably the most zen like moment I have ever experienced, the roar of the bike translating up though the plug, the darkness that surrounded me having to grip the figure in front of me, feeling a hard body under the supple soft feel of leather. The sensation of rubber clinging to my body as the heat built up.

I have no idea how long the trip went for, it was like once when I had a pair of headphones playing white noise on during a scene, I thought it may have been 20mins at the most, I found out it had been an hour and a half. I can imagine the scene that others witnessed, two figures on a bike, possibly both male due to the masculine cut of their leather garments but no real way of telling. They had no way of knowing what else was going on. It’s scenes like this that I loved. No one had any idea that I was a victim forced into rubber and with a massive plug filling me, gagged under my helmet and then leather gear on over the top, to them it just looked like any other pair of people. It would have been kind of nice if there had been a little bit of the helmet visor left unblackened so that I would have been able to peer out of my very personal cell.

Like I said there was no way of knowing how long I was on the bike, the helmet was well padded and blocked a lot of noise that was mostly made by the bike itself, sometimes I could feel traffic as it passed us, but most of the time I had no way of knowing what was going on, there were regular stops but I never tried to lower my feet since I had no way of knowing when we would be going again. Therefore I was a little surprised when the engine noise and more notably the vibrations it sent up the epically sized plug, stopped. The presence in front of me moved and soon a hand helped me off, I groaned into my thick gag as I stood and the plug shifted inside me, I felt like I was giving birth.

I was left alone for a little while, I didn’t bother trying to remove the helmet, the fact that I had no wallet or id of any sort and I was in a complete different city was never far from my mind. I was at the mercy of this guy, so pissing him off was not high on my list of things to do.

Soon I felt someone moving close to me and I felt him grasp the helmet and undo the buckle holding it on, I blinked a little as light, even dim light, stung my eyes. Eventually I regained focus and looked around, I was back in the factory, then I realized it was a different factory, this one was completely empty except for near the middle of the floor where there seemed to be a series of concrete pits, similar to those seen in car garages. There were three evenly spaced from each other, their original purpose was rendered obscure when the rest of the fittings had been packed up, aside from the pits the rest of the building was pretty standard, walls, roof and a big roller door down near the end with the pits, we must have come in through there and then my captor must have shut it behind us, my captor was walking towards me with a big dusty canvas bag at this point, he dropped it on the floor near my feet, since he gave no signal to do so I did not move to open it. He walked to the bike and opened one of the saddle bags on the side he dug around a little, he soon located whatever delight he was looking for and walked back over to me. He moved behind me and there was a click and then the gag loosened in my mouth, I spat it out gratefully and a leather gloved hand was quickly clamped over my mouth, the message seemed pretty clear, the gag was out but talking was still not permitted. I hadn’t seen my captors face nor heard his voice since I had been taken into his tender care. I had no way of knowing if he was young or old, hot or ugly, all I knew was that he had a fucking hot bod and little regard for the comfort of my ass. He moved back in front of me, he still had his bike helmet on and he looked so hot standing in front of me all leathered up, my cock twitched uselessly in its chastity devise.

He handed me a rubber mask that he had pulled out of the saddle bag on the bike, I quickly pulled it on, there was mouth nose and eye openings on it. I fumbled with the zip a little since my hands were still in their leather gloves with the rubber gloves on underneath. He bent down and opened the canvas bag and pulled out a hazmat suit. It was a zodiac, for those of your who are not aware a zodiac hazmat suit is a German rubber hazmat suit, it comes in two parts, the first resembles a set of rubber overalls, the legs are rolled down over the boots and then steel ovals inside the boots provide pressure from the inside to keep the boot shape and make sure the seal is tight. The second part is a rubber poncho, it goes on over the rubber overalls and then the waist of the suit is rolled up like a poster along with the rubber ‘skirt’ attached to the waist of the overalls, this forms a seal without the need for zippers. They are meant for business so this is thick heavy industrial rubber, which means one thing, hot sweaty times ahead. I groaned a little in my head but made sure that I didn’t let my face show my unhappiness about this, I was already wearing leather over a rubber catsuit over tight rubber clothing, things were going to get uncomfy quickly. I didn’t have to take my bike boots off as I stepped into the bottom half of the zodiac, the rubber boots were huge and although there was a little bit of a tight fit getting my booted foot in once in there was plenty of room. I sighed quietly to myself as I pulled the bottom half up and then shrugged the top half on. I was then handed a huge pair of rubber gloves that fitted over my hands already encased in leather gloves over tight rubber gloves, my hands would be next to useless under all this.

There was one modification to the zodiac that I hadn’t noticed until I had pulled it on, the head part of it had been replaced with a neck seal that looked like a dry suit neck seal that I had seen in pictures. Once I was all suited up my leathered lord stepped forward and rolled up the rubber top and bottom for me since my hands were essentially useless. He then reached down into the bag and brought out a series of heavy chains, each link was about the length of a d cell battery, and about as thick as well. He wrapped a length around my waist and pulled it tight before closing it with a massive padlock, it wasn’t uncomfy since I had the thick rubber of the zodiac and the leather underneath to soften the pressure. Once this was done he used more chain to fashion a set of leg and wrist restraints for me, each length of chain adding more weight. Soon I was shackled similar to how I had been in the first abandoned factory.  He led me over to the area where the pits were in floor, when I was closer I could see that they were not all that deep, someone standing in one would have their head at about the same level as the floor. The bottom of the pits were pretty filthy, looked like a mix of mud and leaves and various crap that had no doubt found its way into the empty building. He led me to the far left pit and my heart sank as I saw in the bottom of it a shovel and broom and small dust pan and brush. A ladder was propped against the side, to allow some poor bastard to easily climb in and out to clean it, no prizes for guessing who. My leathered jailor pointed to the pit and then the other two, I nodded to show I undersood my task ahead of me. This would not normally be a hard job, messy yes, but not hard, however I was weighed down my multiple layers of rubber and leather and chain, so this was going to be a very fatiguing time. Thankfully the heavy outer rubber meant I didn’t have to worry about getting dirty.

I climbed down into the muck of the first pit and grabbed my shovel and started to shovel the muck into a heavy garbage bag I pulled off a roll that was also waiting for me at the bottom. I didn’t look around as the bike roared into life and the roller door rumbled up and then down again as the bike left, leaving me alone to my task.

It was a long and difficult job, I couldn’t fill the bags to much or else they would be too heavy to lift out of the pit, I quickly grew exhausted from the heat generated by all the layers and the heavy chains on me, not to mention wet mud and leaves is not the lightest thing in the world. My leather god had left me a few bottles of water which I quickly worked my way through, then in the not to distant future I faced a new problem, not all the liquid I consumed was sweated out, some of it needed a alternative means of escape, I held on as long as I could but it wasn’t long before I was filling the inside of my rubber catsuit with something else besides large amounts of sweat. It all pooled in the feet of the catsuit, it made standing in my two large boot tricky and once or twice I fell over, so it was not long until I was covered in mud and muck, this didn’t worry me too much since it had to get through 4 layers to actually get to me.

The van along with my leathered guardian returned throughout the course of the day, each time I had to help unload the van alongside my silent host. He always put a hood back on before getting out of the van, so I still had no idea what he looked like. He nodded each time he saw my work and then pointed for me to put the bags I had filled into the back of the van once I had emptied out what he brought. The contents of the van suggested that I was prepping for a party, we unloaded alcohol and a bbq along with a sound system and various other items that all suggested a large social gathering was about to occur, it seemed unlikely to me that I would be released and aloud to join in the fun.

I had just finished cleaning the last pit when the van pulled in again. I climbed out of the pit looking filthy in my mud and muck covered zodiac. My leather hooded master got out and motioned me over, he led me past the van and then outside, it was late afternoon, and we were in a industrial area that was deserted, he led me around the corner a little and there was a fire hose, he quickly and efficiently hosed me off, the water pressure nearly knocking me off my feet, then led me back inside. I got a surprise when he opened the back of the van this time.


Part 4


There in the back of the truck lay two rubber encased lads, they were wearing skin-tight rubber catsuits and hooded with no eyeholes, the mouths of their hoods filled with thick gags, around which occasional grunts could be heard, the only exposed flesh were their balls, shaved smooth and just begging for abuse, the fact that they already had parachute harnesses around them suggested that this was indeed their lot in life for the night. Each lad was shackled as I had been at the start, thick steel manacles around each ankle and wrist and a chain connecting them. My leather master removed one from the back and helped him to stand, and motioned for me to do the same, I grabbed the other rubber lad boy, he jerked in shock as he was touched and I gently urged him to the edge of the van and then to stand, I pushed him ahead of me, he was only able to take small steps and I had to keep a eye on the floor to make sure there was not and irregularities that would cause him to stumble.

My leather master moved his slave to the far right hand pit and motioned for me to move to the far left one, hmmm I wonder which pit I was going to end up in? I watched as he helped the guy down into the pit and left him standing there, no small task. He had him sit and then helped him find the edge of the pit and then urged him to hop in. I could just imagine how that must have felt for the poor helpless hooded lad, blind and feeling your legs go out over emptiness and then someone pushing you from behind encouraging you to jump, no idea how far you would fall, the heart stopping moment as you fell in darkness and then the jarring startling landing that you have no way of anticipating.

My leather master moved over and repeated the procedure with the other bound blind rubber sub, I heard him grunt in shock through the gag as he landed in the pit. My master then handed me a bunch of keys and pointed to the heavy locks holding my thick chains in place and he moved off to the corner where we had unloaded some wood and some power tools that I had assumed were going to be used for a makeshift bar, while I unlocked the locks and felt the heavy weight of the chains drop away, the task slowed by the fact that my fingers were next to useless under all the gloves I had on, my master continued to move the wooden planks over and then knelt down and opened a case and removed a drill from the case, he wacked a drill bit in and then proceeded to drill a hold in the concrete floor, the lads in the pits jumped about 2 feet in the air at the sound of this, and I gave a little chuckle, the site of my leather clad master in his hood drilling next to a pit containing a shackled rubber slave was amazingly hot.


Once this was done my master grabbed on of the planks, the planks had three semi circles cut out of them and suddenly I realized their purpose, this was going to look hot as hell.  My master laid the plank across the pit with the largest of the semi circles in the centre facing the rubber boy in the pit, oblivouse as to what was coming next. He moved to the other side of the pit and drilled another hole in the floor near the end of the plank, he moved over to the pile of stuff we had unloaded and came back with a handful of thick rubber matting cut into squares about the size of a hand. He used a booted foot to nudge the slave in the pit forward until his neck was lined up with the semi circle in the plank. He then placed rubber squares under the plank to bring it up to the right height so the edge of the plank sat just under the boys chin. He repeated the whole procedure with the other plank of course the semi circle went in facing the back of the boys neck, forming a upright stock. He used two dyna-bolts on either side to attaché the boards to the floor and in no time the boy was trapped in wooden stocks bolted into concrete, very secure. He walked out on the planks and bent down and fastened a heavy metal collar around the neck of the rubber slave, it was thicker then the hole in the planks preventing the boy from being able to pull his head down, the collar was attached with a thick bolt as well.


He stood up and walked over to the pile of gear and grabbed a large metal bucket, retuning to the pit he jumped down in it, he placed the bucket on the floor of the pit and grabbed the shackled hands of the rubber slave, I hadn’t noticed this but each of the centre links of the boys wrist chains was a removable link, he unscrewed it and passed the chains of the wrists up through the holes for the hands, the boy having no choice but to put his hand up through the hole in the stocks, the chains were attached to the heavy collar and the boy was trapped. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a length of rawhide leather, he tied one end to the hanging chains of the parachute harness and then passed it up through a o ring attached to the front of the wood plank I had previously overlooked, he then attached the other end to the bucket and casually dropped the bucket, I winced in sympathy as the boy made a loud noise of protest through the gag as his balls were suddenly brutally tugged upwards. My leather master jumped up out of the pit and repeated the whole procedure with the slave in the other pit, again the final muffled scream of agony as the bucket dropped down and yanked the boys balls up.

He then directed me into the centre pit, I was wondering what was in stall for me since there were no planks left for another set of stocks. I didn’t have to wait long to find out, once I was in the pit he drilled four holes in the middle of each side of the pit and then inserted dyna-bolts in them with o-ring tops, he jumped down and repeated this one the floor of the pit and at the waist height on all the walls. He then jumped out and returned to the van, he returned dragging a bag along the ground to the edge of the pit, I received a metal collar just like the others and then he opened the bag and out spilled a LOT of chain, this was going to be interesting. First he passed a length around the waist of the hazmat suit, pulling it tight, the multiple layers again protecting me from discomfort, once this was locked on he then ran lengths from the centre and the sides to the o-rings bolted in the floor, his leather covered arms strained as his muscles worked to pull the chains as tight as he could before locking them to the o-rings in the floor, by the time he had finished I could not move a centimetre in any direction, he repeated the procedure again except this time attaching the chains to the bolts at waist height, he then fashioned shackles for my wrists from more chain ad fastened the ends to my chain belt, I could move my hands a bit but since they were chained with heavy chain and padlocked onto more chain they were essentially useless. The four bolts on the floor had more chain run to the collar, again his muscled arms working hard to ensure that I could not move my head a millimetre once everything was locked in place. The ends result was I could shuffle my feet and move my hands and twist my head but I was held firmly in place by an insane amount of chain. Hmmm, bring on the party.

I was amazed at the number of dudes who arrived for the party, there must have been about 70 leather guys, I had been regagged before the party started so I was hardly socializingz the guys entered through the roller door at the end and the first thing they saw was three pits containing two rubber guys in stocks and one hazmat suited lad chained in place, it made for quite a talking point, a lot of dudes spent most of the night standing around the pits leering at us and rubbing their crotches, the buckets were put to good use as target practise as guys had to pee, occasionally someone would ungag one of them and make them beg to be aloud to drink the piss in the bucket to lessen the weight, then they had to slurp on long tubes to suck the piss up, one lad was clearly not a piss drinker and complained bitterly and was left ungagged for a while as guys laughed at him then regagged him as he protested.

A few guys pissed on me as well, but I thought I must just be there for decoration, that was until a truck pulled up and everyone cheered and gathered around my pit, the truck backed up to my pit and the driver jumped out dressed in denim overall, on the back there was a large tank with a pump on the side, so clearly it had some sort of liquid in it, he dragged a huge heavy corrugated hose off the back and dropped it in my pit and then everyone gave another cheer as he turned on the pump, there was a gurgle and then a thick black liquid started to flow out of the hose into my pit, I managed to catch a whiff as it started to fill the bottom of my pit, sump oil, well that couldn’t be good for the hazmat suit. Guys stood around chatting to each other and watching my pit slowly fill it didn’t take long until the whole pit was full, I can’t imagine what that must have looked like, my head poking up in a pit for of black thick oil, the pressure of the liquid pressing against my suit was amazing, I was left like that for a while, and then the oil was pumped back out and I was left there, black oil all over the suit and the chains and the pit, looking amazing. The party slowly wound down a few hours later. I was exhausted and sore, my ass was definitely sick of the massive plug filling me.


After the last guest left my leather master returned, he released the two rubber dudes first, he stripped them out of their rubber and they looked around surprised, expesialy when they saw me in my oil coated pit, my master handed one a set of keys and pointed down at me indicating he should jump down in the pit and unlock the chains, the guy didn’t look happy at the idea of having to jump down into a oil smeared pit naked but did so, soon I was released from my chains and we were both helped out of the pit. We were then each handed rubbish bags and he pointed around the room with an arm, we each got the point and started to move around and clean up.


Once the room was clean, he pointed over to the van still parked inside, we shuffled over and he fastened the boys collars back around their necks and then turned to me, he helped me out of the zodiac, then he stood back and motioned for me to continue, I slowly stripped off the leather, the guys eyes widened as under the leather they saw the catsuit, I slowly stripped this off and then the final layers of skin-tight rubber. Standing next to the pile of gear naked except for the harness holding my plug in and my chastity devise. One last key finally released me of my plug, I was unable to keep quiet as I was finally able to push the huge invader out of my ass and I heard one of the guys gasp at the size of the thing as it landed on the floor.  My leather master placed a large collar around me and then chained all three collars together and we were loaded into the back of the van, the doors were closed, there was a sound of a padlock being attached to the outside and then a bike roared off into the night, we all huddled up on the floor, and fell asleep, exhausted.


3 thoughts on “Bike Trip – Parts 3 and 4”

  1. yeh great story great detail love all the leather and rubber the muck and the sump oil being poured in marvellous! only thing is would love to have had the leathered up master order both lads naked in the oil fighting the leather/rubber guy. I just love getting leathered up and wrestling another leathered up guy in the foulest filth possible – no limits!!

  2. Was kinda hoping the guy would have stopped with removing the zodiack suit. Would have been more interesting to have left him locked in bike leathers, collared, and gagged, while the other two were stripped and collared. A nice ending have the 3 experiencing the extremes of their situation.

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