Bike Trip – Parts 1 and 2

By Catdude

Part 1

I sat at the airport, nervously playing with my ticket, thinking over the event that had led to me being here, Josh pretty much ran my life now, he had made we quit my job, there had been very little option really, he told me that if I didn’t quit he would just confine me to my house with no food and that after enough days had passed that my job would have fired me he would finally allow me drugged food and I would re-awaken in my cell with the chair waiting to milk me. That had made it very easy for me to make up my mind.

Josh’s entire domination of my life was not something that had been a massive huge change for me, I guess I had pretty much accepted it after that first night he had left me chained to my bed, waiting for the maglock to release my hands so I could remove the gag, I suspect he had pretty much broken me in the cell with the chair. Just the threat of it made me desperate to do whatever he wanted, and fast! He had me working at his security business these days, all my pay went into an account he set up, I got a weekly allowance, he took care of all my bills and stuff. A few of my friends had questioned my falling off the grid a little, but the truth was everyone was so busy with their lives that most of our contact had mostly been emails saying how we simply ‘must’ make time to try and catch up with each other.

A deeper side to it all that I was sort of avoiding thinking about was that I secretly wanted to submit to Josh. He had a presence that filled a room, I dunno what it was, he wasn’t always rough with me, he was pretty tender at times, but even then there was a sense that I was submitting to him, that he had control of me somehow.

I shook my head and focused on the present situation I was in, Josh had a buddy who lived across the country who he was loaning me to for a while, that was the time limit given, a while. I had a one-way plane ticket and instructions in an envelope waiting for me to pick up once I arrived.  This trip was going to be interesting; there was no doubt about it.

I arrived at the airport and went to the courtesy desk and got my instructions. I was to head to the carpark and wait on a certain level in a certain zone a white van would pull up and I was to get in the back, the numberplate and approximate time was listed on the letter. I glanced at my watch, I would need to hustle a bit to get there in time, I didn’t have to get any luggage since I hadn’t been sent with any, no wallet or phone either, so I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally hopped that this dude didn’t cancel, or I was screwed. I moved into the parking garage with a minute or two to spare, not obeying really wasn’t a choice, I had no money, no phone and a fake I.D that Jason had told me would not be a good idea to get caught with.

The van I was looking for pulled up soon, the windows were heavily tinted and I think the driver had a cap pulled down low, I didn’t bother trying to look to hard, I opened the side door and hopped in, a panel separated the drivers compartment from the back. I braced myself as the van took off, there was padding on the floor of the van and I quickly sat down, a envelope had been taped to the opposite wall, on it was written, ‘bitch’ well I guess if the boot fit. I quickly opened the letter and scanned it, I was to open the bag I saw near the back of the van, in it I would find a backpack I was to put all the clothes I was wearing in it then put on the rest of the gear in the bag. I struggled to move down and grab the bag, hopefully this dude didn’t get pulled over for speeding and they found what he was concealing in the back! I managed to strip off and put all my clothes in the backpack, inside the bag was a heavy gag with a padlock to lock it on, I managed to get the bit into my mouth, it filled it but not in a way that was overly uncomfortable. Next was a series of body shackles, I locked them round my ankles first, the shackles clicked locked around my ankles, and I couldn’t see a way to get them off, next I cuffed my wrists, then I sat in the back of the van bracing myself from some of the more wild turns we took.

Finally after ages we came to a halt. There was the sound of a door slamming, I sat up off the floor of the van ready to move when I had to, after a few minutes the door of the van opened, I was confronted with a leather clad leather masked man of impressive proportions. He wasn’t that tall, but his build was muscular, he filled his leathers in a natural way, it was exactly the right tightness over his body without being too tight or too loose. He had on leather jeans and black motorbike boots that stopped just under his knees, the jeans were tucked into them. A black Sam Browne belt looped over the shoulder of his leather buttoned up shirt. His arms were bare and well muscled, but not in that obscene body builder way. He gestured to me with a short sharp gesture and I crawled out of the van and stood before him as quickly as the heavy chains allowed me.

He had a posture collar in his other hand and he stepped up and quickly buckled it in place, causing my head to tilt up slightly and I couldn’t move it from side to side, as he was doing this I had a look around, I seemed to be in a warehouse or factory, it was pretty dirty and there was a few piles of rubbish around, I could only see part of it since the van was blocking my view and I was trying to be subtle about looking around. As soon as the collar was on he pulled a leash out of his back pocket and clipped it on my collar and then led me over to a corner, as we approached I saw there was a stainless steel toilet there, it looked like the ones you see in prisons, a simple bowl with no cistern, there was one major difference to this one. Sticking straight up out of the bowl was an enema nozzle. Stainless steel dildo style and pretty damn thick!! My leather captor turned me around and I heard the sound of lube being squeezed out of a bottle so I am guessing he was lubing up the nozzle, he sat me back slowly but with a firm hand that told me I was sitting myself all the way down on that nozzle one way or another. I concentrated on relaxing, with no fingering to loosen me up first this was going to be a pretty brutal anal violation, I felt the cold tip of the nozzle press against my ass and I fought to stop my asshole from puckering up, I was sort of squatting down I had one leather gloved hand on my lower back guiding my ass into position and one on my shoulder slowly but forcibly pushing me down, I tried to hesitate a little as the tip pushed past my sphincter and searing pain shot through me, but a firm hand on my shoulder increased pressure and I was soon screaming into my gag as cold unbending metal slid into me, forcing its way into my soft meaty bowels that offered no resistance, except for protesting muscles.

Soon I felt the cool metal of the rim press against my ass cheeks but I was to busy panting for air past the thick gag filling my mouth as I tried and force my ass to accept the cold metal filling it. I heard some clicking noises and I felt a slight tug on my collar but I was to busy trying to sooth my protesting ass. Suddenly my attention was diverted from the pair by a rush of cold water filling my ass. I tried to push it out but the fat nozzle filling me made it tricky, I tried to stand and found I could move off the nozzle slightly but a tugging at the back of my collar told me that the leash had been attached to something to stop me standing up to much, similarly when I tried to move my feet in to give me more leverage so I could stand without strain they were prevented from doing so. The result was that I could sort of half stand, enough to release the water when the pressure of it filling me became to much, but I couldn’t raise high enough to get off the nozzle and I couldn’t stand for long since the position caused a lot of strain on my legs. Since I had no idea how long this treatment would last and I knew my legs would fatigue fast if I kept standing I had to wait till the water was filling me so much that I was cramping before I pushed myself up and pushed the water out of myself. Thankfully it wasn’t to long before my leathered captor walked back over to me, he moved behind me where I couldn’t see him and I heard a click and then he was lifting me off the nozzle, he paused to let me expel the last of the water in me and then had me standing on my feet again, ass blissfully empty.

He moved back into my field of view and tugged on the leash and I shuffled along after him in my chains. He led me over to a sturdy looking table. There was a few chains on the legs, and something covered by a black cloth, there was a thick piece of rubber matting nailed along one of the ends and I was pushed up against this, my hands were unshackled and pulled roughly behind me and I felt cuffs bite into my wrists, I hated handcuffs they were never comfortable, thankfully these weren’t done up too tight. I was roughly bent over the end of the table, the padding on the end stopped the edge of the table digging into my naked belly, as I was bent over I saw there was a o-ring bolted into the table, my leash was padlocked to this, the cloth covered bundle was right in front of my face. I felt my feet being unshackled and then my legs were pulled apart as the ankles were connected to the chains around the leg of the table. Then a leather-gloved hand reached past my face and pulled the cloth away.


Part 2


There in front of my face was possibly the biggest plug I had seen in my life!!! It was huge, the wide base was easily as thick as a coke can. Next to it was a bottle of lube, I knew what was coming next and instantly started to please into my gag, I struggled a little but the cold metal around my wrists and ankles were a lot stronger then I was. All of this was ignored, apparently my captor didn’t care, he had me chained down and gagged, I could carry on all I wanted but there was nothing I could do to stop him, and he knew it. I watched as the gloved hand unscrewed the top of the lube bottle and poured a generous amount on it, then the hand disappeared and I felt a cool sensation as lube was poured over my ass crack. The plug was removed from my field of view and I braced myself for what was to come next.

The insertion of the plug was clinical and detached, but it wasn’t brutal, there were regular pauses as it was pushed into my ass, tho the duration of the pause was decided by my captor, not by me, I groaned and on one or two occasions screamed into my gag. The massive presence filling my ass however moved on slowly but surely. Thankfully the enema I had just received helped me with my muscle control a little but the plug was filling me in ways I had never been filled before. Finally the thickest part pushed mast my protesting sphincter which then greedily clamped down on the thinner base, sealing the plug inside me. I immediately tried to push it out but I felt my cock and balls being fondled and a cool metal touch on them, and then straps being passed around my waist and the pressure on the plug increased a bit, I realized a plug harness was being put on me, to make sure that my new friend and I didn’t part company anytime soon.

My neck was unclipped and I was allowed to stand, I groaned into my gag at the sensation this caused in the plug, my legs were unclipped, I was now only restrained by the handcuffs behind my back. My leathered captor moved around in front of me and I felt him doing something with my cock and balls, pulling them slightly and it felt like he was sliding a cockring on me, the posture collar prevented me from looking down to see what was going on. I knew my cock would be pretty soft due to the massive pain still radiating from my ass. The twisting tugging sensation continued and then my cock sort of felt squashed up and restricted and I realized I was being put in a chastity devise! I heard a click and knew that was the last I would be seeing of my cock for a while.

I was left to contemplate my locked up cock and my violated ass for a minute or two and then my captor returned with a bag, he opened it up and removed a few items, he then uncuffed me and removed the posture collar, I stretched my neck in release and looked down to confirm that yes, my cock was now under lock and key. The first item he handed me was a rubber t-shirt, it had been pre-lubed on the inside, I pulled it on over my head, I loved the feeling of silicone lubed rubber sliding on. Next I was handed a tight pair of jeans to slide into, the crotch area had a rubber cover that could be removed, and my captor removed it so that I was standing there with my locked cock out. The rubber jeans pressed on my plug and harness even more, and of course the act of lifting each leg to step into the jeans caused me to wince. Next I was presented with a pair of tight rubber gloves. Once I managed to get my hands into them I found they came up to my elbows. The next item to come out of the bag was a rubber catsuit with included hands and feet. It was very easy to get into since it was pretty loose. It was a thicker rubber then the stuff I had on underneath. So essentially I was wearing thinner skin tight rubber under a looser thicker rubber. I knew from past experience this was a good way to work up a sweat. The air trapped between me and the thicker rubber would soon heat up and I would be sitting in my own private sweat suit.

The rubber had a thick collar at the neck that my captor buckled tightly and then I heard the click of another lock, sealing me in my rubber prison. Next I was handed a one piece leather bike suit, things were going to get very hot very quickly it seemed. I pulled it on, it was a little tighter then the catsuit causing the rubber to cling to me, as I zipped the front of the suit up a woosh of rubber scented air rushed past my face as it was expelled from the suit, causing my cock to stir in its confinement. My rubber captor stepped forward at this point, I kept my hands down by my side and didn’t move as he locked a dog chocker chain around my neck, threading the lock through the zip of the leather bike suit as he did so. So, I had a full body leather bike suit locked over a rubber catsuit that was locked over tight rubber that was holding an insane plug inside me.

I was handed a pair of biker boots, more wincing and groaning as I had to bend over and lift my feet to get them inside the boots. Once this was done I was handed a pair of thick leather gloves to pull over the rubber gloves I had been handed earlier. Now no rubber was showing at all, and I was already starting to feel a little warm. My captor turned me around and with a firm hand on the back of my neck steered me around the other side of the van that had brought me here, parked on the other side of the van was one of the sexiest bikes I had ever seen, I later found out that it was a Honda Shadow Classic American Cruiser, but at the time all I knew was that it looked powerful and black. The leather driver’s seat and the slightly raised passengers behind it, two bulging saddlebags attached to the back. And two helmets hanging off the handle bars, I was lead over and handed a helmet, I waited for a split second but it appeared that my gag was not going to be removed, so I pulled the helmet on over my head, and found that the inside of the visor had been completely blacked out. I couldn’t see a thing! I was guided onto my seat and then my captor sat in front of me. The bike roared into life and I grunted in half pain half horniness as the vibrations raced up the plug through my ass. I clung to the leathered figure in front of me as we started to move. Where the hell where we going?

To be continued …

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