Remembering Augie


Remembering Augie

By Gil Kessler

August Kalin passed away in New York City on April 4, 2011, following a major stroke two weeks earlier. Augie was 55. He was born in Syracuse, NY, and lived most of his life in the state. For the last five and a half years he lived with me in a wonderful Sir/boy relationship, both in New York City’s Greenwich Village and at our country home near Port Jervis, NY.

Augie was intelligent, creative, loving and handsome. He was “harleyxr” on Recon, and had many dear friends. We first met at the 1993 March on Washington for Gay Rights when a group of us in leather left the hotel and passed this innocent waif standing on the corner. He asked if we knew where the Eagle was. “Come with us, little boy” was our response, and later in the evening I took him “home.” That began our friendship, culminating in Augie’s moving in with me in October 2005.

He had several careers, including managing a 12 million gallon petroleum bulk facility for Sunoco, working for the NYC Parks Department as a gardener, and reorganizing and running the offices of a Brooklyn construction company. He converted the second floor of our country garage into a large dungeon (including innovative equipment), and had many fun scenes there. He especially loved clothespins, bondage, flogging and rubber, and his interest in photography leaves me with many wonderful pictures.

Augie was an avid motorcyclist, and rode all over the US. His first trip abroad was with me to London, then Costa Rica, then Turkey and Greece. Very favorite book: Lord of the Rings; favorite opera: Barber of Seville; favorite music group: ABBA; favorite classical music: Gil playing Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C# Minor on the piano; beloved pet: Jake, the basset hound, still living upstate with Augie’s previous lover (and our good friend) Paul.

For many years, Augie was a member of GMSMA, Delta, and TES. He took the Novices SIG in 2005, then we shared the teaching of the course each year since. He took very good care of me (now I’ll have to even relearn how to cook!), and I will miss him so very much.

Augie is survived by his mother, sisters, and brother. He passed peacefully in hospice, his hand in mine.

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