Billy and Me – Part 5

By Tommy Guns

When Richie came back out he was dressed in what looked like a full leather uniform, complete with Sam Browne belt. He was carrying a heavy looking but short leather sap in his right hand. He came over to me and brought the sap down on my left butt cheek with a sharp crack that sent a pain through me like a bolt of lightening. I let out a muffled scream through the gag, and saw him raising the sap again to take another shot.

This brought an involuntary response of me trying to jerk away from it, but this only sent more pain coursing through my ankles, wrists and shoulders. It didn’t matter what I did. There was no escaping the sap, and he whacked me with it again. This was clearly getting a bit out of hand, but there was nothing I could do about it. For the first time in a long time, I felt fear and total helplessness. At the same time I was beginning to become aroused again. I don’t know if my arousal was from the pain or helplessness, or from the sight of this gorgeous man, decked out in skin tight leathers, who had complete control over me.

After a couple of more swats with the sap, and a few false starts to get me to just simply punish myself by trying to jerk away from it, Richie stopped. He went and got some lotion and soothed the burning sensation I was having on my butt cheeks. His touch was as gentle as his punishments were harsh. I was really confused and couldn’t figure out which I enjoyed more, the punishment or the gentle touch of his hands.

My head was spinning and at this point I began to understand what complete surrender to another human being was all about. But this was just the beginning of my education that night, and I was wondering where Billy was, and why he set up this whole thing. I wasn’t to see him for another two days, during which time Richie brought me more pain and guilty pleasure than I had ever experienced before. Unfortunately, my next lesson would not come until morning because Richie had to report for duty.

Richie again left me face down on the floor, hog chained and gagged, and left the apartment. He didn’t return until the following morning, walking in the door with an assurance that seemed to be growing by the hour. After about half an hour, Richie came into the living room, released me from my cuffs, and told me to take a shower. I was tired, having not slept very much during the night. I couldn’t find a position that didn’t exert some painful pressure on my arms, shoulders or legs. Regardless, I obeyed Richie and could only wonder what the day would bring.

I did manage to jerk off in the shower, relieving some of the sexual tension that seemed to engulf me every time I set eyes on him. With the exception of the brief time he was sucking on my cock, there had been no actual sex involved the previous evening. I thought this was truly strange until I realized, at a deeper level, that this was all about the exchange of power, not any amount of actual sex. If it’s true that the medium is the message, the message was coming through loud and clear. The sex was to come later, but not in the way I had been hoping or expecting.

After showering I dried off and asked Richie what I should wear. He ordered me to my knees, and refastened the handcuffs and leg irons, but did not replace either the gag or the chain between the cuffs. He reached up to the table and brought a bowl of dry cereal that had a raw egg on it. He set it on the floor in front of me, and told me to eat. I’d never been fond of corn flakes with milk, never mind dry, and the egg sitting on top with the bright orange yolk staring back at me was just gross. He also set another bowl on the floor that had water in it. He expected me to eat and drink out of the bowls like a dog, and I didn’t move.

He again ordered me to eat and, when I didn’t move, he reached behind me and jerked on the chain of the leg irons. I immediately lost my balance, falling forward, my face landing square in the bowl of cereal and raw egg. When I tried to lift my head, he forced it back down again and said, “When I tell you to eat asshole, you eat!” Needless to say, I ate the crap, first trying to avoid the slimy egg, but Richie would not let me up until I cleaned the entire bowl. He then pushed my head into the bowl of water, and I had two choices, either drown or drink the water.

When I finished, Richie released my head and brought me back up to my knees and told me to stay there. He left me kneeling in that position for what seemed like an hour, while he went and took a shower and changed back into his leathers. When he returned to the kitchen, he brought me to my feet and led me into the bedroom. There was a new shock awaiting me.

Off in the corner there was a weird contraption. It looked like a combination between a church kneeler and two sets of wooden stocks, one at the top and the other protruding from the bottom. Richie ordered me to kneel on the board, lifted the top of the lower stocks and positioned my ankles in them. He brought the top back down again and padlocked it so I couldn’t open it. He then released the leg irons and the handcuffs, and ordered me to lean forward and put my head and wrists through the upper stocks. This was padlocked like the lower one. I was completely immobilized, my butt hanging out at an angle, my mouth available at the other end. It was at once both very restrictive and strangely arousing, as I imagined what Richie could have in mind. I thought I might at last get to taste his gorgeous cock, or at least be well fucked with it. I got neither.

Richie moved around to my head. I could see his engorged cock standing at rigid attention like a presidential guard. I thought he would ram it in my open and hungry mouth. Instead he shoved a penis gag in there and buckled the strap behind my neck. To make sure it was securely seated, he pinched my nostrils closed until I had to try and open my mouth for air. As I did so, he pushed the gag in as far as it would go and tightened the strap down some more to keep it in place. I could still breathe through my nose, but my mouth was completely filled with the penis shaped gag and I wasn’t able to either breathe or make more than a muffled grunting sound. So much for getting a taste of that cock!

I was left that way for about 15 minutes or so, while Richie was in the closet digging through a box. When he returned I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was carrying several butt plugs of varying sizes, along with what appeared to be a can of grease. All at once I was both excited and fearful of what he planned to do with the toys, and disappointed that he didn’t plan to at least fuck me.

Richie greased my hole and immediately inserted one of the butt plugs. It slid in quite easily, without any real pain, just a slight pressure. He pulled it in and out a number of times before removing it completely. Next came a fatter and longer butt plug, and the same rhythmic routine. Because this one was fatter and longer, there was a little more pain than pressure. It eased a bit as Richie continuously pulled it out and forced it back in again, until my sphincter muscle finally relaxed and I got used to the plug’s greater girth and length. Just as I thought that this was going to be enjoyable – I had a raging hard on of my own by then – Richie removed it and immediately thrust a much longer and fatter one in my hole.

There was an explosion of pain that I hadn’t felt since the first time Billy had fucked me when we were kids. I thought my fuck hole had been ripped wide open, and it just went on and on. I lost count after about 30 asshole shattering thrusts, and thought I wouldn’t survive it if it went on much longer. Richie finally pulled it out the last time, replacing it with a thrusting vibrator. It had multiple thrusting and vibration settings, and I’d never experienced anything like the sensations that coursed through my body. It wasn’t long before I shot my load. With that, Richie left me with the vibrator still inside of me.

When he returned, he had a locking leather cod piece jock with him that had a sleeve to hold a butt plug. He fastened the cod jock on me. Then he put a large butt plug in the retaining sleeve and inserted it in my butt. I could feel the locks being snapped shut. After Richie checked the locks one more time, he just left me in the stocks, a large butt plug shoved far up my ass, and left the apartment. I wouldn’t see him again until the next morning.


To be continued …



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