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His body is on display as he is tied into the stirrups

Adrian is embarrassed that after some stroking his dick is aching hard. Those big balls of his are bursting full and notice the gooey line of precum oozing from his cock. Adrian spunks all over himself while his arsehole is fully exposed, still gaping from when they widened his sphincter. They tempt Adrian to lick his spunk, but this proud hetero is having none of it!

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 01

By Hunter Perez

I work in commercial real estate and I am frequently sent around the country to broker property sales and leasing. I am usually sent to the same cities over and over – New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles – but one assignment required that I go to Albuquerque to coordinate the sale of an apartment complex. I had never been to Albuquerque and knew nothing about it except that it was a jokey reference in several Bugs Bunny cartoons.

My initial online research into the city turned up nothing that piqued my interest – I am not one for museums and historic sites, so I feared that my distraction options were limited. I wondered if any of my connections on social media could offer better ideas on possible free time adventures in Albuquerque, so I posted an inquiry on my page for suggestions to keep me amused during the leisure time portion of the trip.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 04

By AlphaMetal

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It was the last Friday of the month again and Trey knew he had to report to the medical office for “The Procedure”: His cock cage would be removed and an electric butt-plug inserted in his anus to force him to ejaculate, perhaps several times, and then the cage would be locked back on again.

The first two times were pretty awful. The first session was totally humiliating, and the second session was both humiliating and painful. But after his encounter with the Assistant Coach at the gym a few weeks ago, Trey was not really nervous, even though he knew the medic would still be an asshole.

Over the past two months he had thought again and again about the procedure, and how it felt to have the electric butt-plug deep inside him, pulsing until he had an uncontrollable orgasm. He had to admit to felt good. Sure, it was humiliating to be restrained to the medical table, but he even understood that part: He had to admit that if they did not restrain him, once the cage was removed he would totally grab his cock and start stroking. If he was being honest, he knew the restraints did serve a purpose.

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Hidden Detention — Part 04

By Desert Pioneer

“Officer Merse will speak to you now,” said Jack’s captor, who was jerking him by his arm to the wooden porch on the blockhouse.

Jack thinks Officer Merse must be the top in charge, and other than obeying his commands, Jack’s not sure of the roles of either Goon 1 or Goon 2.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” demands Officer Merse to Jack, his face still concealed in a bag.

“I’m Jack, and I’m checkin out the local shit around here.”

“Looks like you are the shit around here. I told you to get lost punk. Do you know who the hell you’re fuckin talking to punk?”

“ Ya know what, I can’t even see who I’m fuckin talking to punk.”

WHAMM … knowing it’s outside of Jack’s limits Goon 2 delivers another (not-so-hard) gut punch, taking Jack by surprise. “You’re out of here in a quick minute but ain’t no city panty-ass pole smoker gonna disrespect Officer Merse, got it?” says Goon 2.

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Military Tickle

By Uniformedmenindistress

Working at a military base near a medium size city has its benefits. It has all the nightlife, and more cultural things to do compared to being in a military base in the middle of nowhere. It also made it easier to find kinkier friends and lifestyle.

Through multiple online avenues, I found some kinky guys in the area including some military guys too. My job was not too exciting being a mechanic for the military vehicles that were stored and maintained on site, so I always was looking for kinky military guys to spice up the daily routine. I ran into an MP that liked tying other guys up, and fooling around with them while they’re helpless. His name was Jackson. It was a perfect match, he actually usually worked at the side gate where I constantly had to go through when I had to move vehicles between storage facilities. I always thought he was cute, but now that we knew what we’re into, it made him even cuter. He would wink at me when he would check on my papers whenever I had through the gate, even though I was higher in rank.

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Island Master UK – Part 04

By Wakeysub

The journey was a blur as all my useful senses were blocked. I focussed on trying to control my gag reflex. Eventually, I was able to relax and only gag intermittently. I remembered having a long conversation with IslandMasterUK about the ability of porn stars to deep throat a cock of any size and how I fantasised about being trained to take a real man’s cock deep down my throat. I guess my training has started already.

I have no idea how long we were travelling for, but I became aware that we had stopped moving and that the van’s engine was turned off. I felt the earplugs being pulled out of my ears. Suddenly I could hear again – the blindfolds, gags and cuffs remained in place though.

I felt a hand pressing on the buckle on my seat belt, the straps retracted. I felt a rope being placed around my neck when it started to tighten I realised it was a noose “This is to make sure you don’t fall overboard – either accidentally or because you see sense and decide to make a run for it”. I visualised the massive guard stood over me as the noose started to tighten. The noose pulled me forward. I began to rise. The chains on the shackles around my ankles prevented me from standing up straight.

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