Blowing My Regular

I am a regular on-call cocksucker for a guy and the scene is always the same.

I know he’ll arrive at a certain time and I prepare by putting porn on and unlocking my apartment door. After the phone rings indicating his arrival and I buzz him in, I put on a spandex hood with no eyeholes and only a mouth opening. Other times I put on a blindfold. I then wait in position kneeling on a pillow in front of my sofa, the porn playing behind me.

I can hear him enter my apartment and quietly get undressed, but I can’t see anything out of the hood other than vague shapes or shadows. He takes the rope I’ve left out for him and ties my hands behind my back, then sits down in the sofa in front of me. I then proceed to slowly milk his cock as he enjoys the porn.

I start out slow, letting him enjoy it and edging him, stopping before he shoots. I work him expertly, my tied hands and blindfolded eyes allowing me to completely focus on his cock. I pick up steam and can tell from his breathing that he’s getting close. I don’t let up and soon his cock is spasming in my mouth as his hot load fills my mouth. I let him finish coming before I take my lips off his dick and swallow his cum all down in one big gulp. Then I go back down on him and milk out any remaining drops. Finally I release him from my mouth and sit back. He then silently gets dressed, and leaves.

I’m left there to get out of his bondage by myself. Something this is an easy task. Other times it’s been quite brutal. But I love the challenge of it, my helplessness, and how wonderfully used it makes me feel.


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