7 thoughts on “Show me your cuffs”

  1. more great photography in this posting including 3 great bulges. The 2 in the 10th pic are a bit of cartoon fun but the 11th pic is a serious bulge-a really handsome package-and some serious cuffs work to come by the look of things.

  2. I recognise the guy in the second picture up from the bottom with all that hardware … its the software that’s the give-away

  3. As TiedFeetGuy has already said, it’s cool to be included with these hot pics.For the record, #7 and #11 (second one up from the bottom) are me.

    #7 was taken when I was having a drink with a cuffbuddy in a pub in central London. My left wrist is in the foreground. The cuffed right wrist belongs to a buddy who’s also a reader and occasional poster of comments on this site. (Don’t know whether he’s prepared to identify himself to you all!)

    #11 was taken when I was preparing for a world record for the highest number of Smith & Wesson model 100 cuffs worn at the same time.

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