Bound, Gagged and Abused in a Van

By SockgaggedJason

male bondage stories simulated rapeSynopsis/Description:

A twenty-something professional propositions two attractive thugs who are out of prison on parole into an elaborate roleplay kidnapping that backfires, subjecting him to heavy sexual humiliation. Bondage, kidnap, rape and body smell themes.


Michael – willing victim, gay boy

Mateo – kidnapper, Latino boy

Dakota – kidnapper, white trash boy

Michael was sound asleep. He was sprawled out in his bed, only in his underwear, with the bedsheet halfway covering his body. The nerdish, cute, 28-year-old young man was fit with thick light brown hair and green eyes.

He had a nice bedroom situated in an upscale condo in the heart of the city. He made a good living working as a software engineer.

From outside, the window to his room quietly opened and the faint sounds of the city leaked their way inside. Slowly, two figures crawled through the window. They were slender young men dressed in clothing like construction workers wore. One was Latino, the other a white boy.

They quickly jumped on top of Michael where he slept, who immediately woke up. The Latino intruder held a pocket knife to his throat, cupping his gloved hand over Michael’s mouth while the white kid held down his wrists.

Michael knew who they were. The Latino youth was Mateo. The white trash one was Dakota.

“Keep this in your mouth,” Mateo ordered as he produced a bandana from his pocket and shoved it in Michael’s mouth. It was moist with a warm, salty, rank taste of dirt and sweat.

The young thugs saw the assortment of BDSM gear that Michael had laid out for their convenience. They made good use of the items, too. Michael’s wrists and ankles were cuffed in leather restraints. Skipping on the pile of cotton ropes, they took some zip ties, using them to bind Michael’s wrists in front of him. Zzzipp! Then they tied more zip cables to connect his ankles. Zzzipp!

“You sure about this, bro?” Mateo asked Michael, now using a slightly sympathetic voice, a tone different than his earlier, authoritative command.

Michael, though his heart was racing and mind filled with fearful thoughts, was eager for what was in store. Tied up, he nodded with a muffled gasp through his gag. After all, knew what he signed up for:

Michael had propositioned them for an elaborate, hired kidnapping scene. He knew them through random encounters at the local grocery store early mornings at the breakfast counter before they all went off for work. He learned part of their story. They were former juvenile delinquents on a long parole working off their time – trying to earn an honest living – doing contracted work for the county. He sensed an opportunity and took a chance. He offered them a $1,000 each for a night of crazy, risky roleplay. For young guys like Mateo and Dakota that was a lot of money, and they were willing to oblige. Given their wicked streaks too, they were probably the right kind of young men to carry out Michael’s fantasy.

Dakota produced a roll of thick, rubber adhesive black tape, the kind they used no doubt for doing their electrical work on the job. He pushed the bandana gag further in to Michael’s mouth and wrapped the tape around his face several times. It proved to be far more effective than standard duct tape.

Now, bound and gagged, there no easy way for Michael to go back on the arrangement. He could no longer speak. He did, however, take comfort in the fact that he had an understanding that if he used a safety signal, snapping his fingers, the scene would stop and any gag would be removed. Only in extreme situations would he use it, though. Otherwise, anything and everything was permissible in the role play.

The young kidnappers laid out a large thick white sheet, spreading it out on the floor, then wrapped Michael up in it. They sealed the sheet around his mummified body using more of the electrical tape. From his ankles, to his thighs, his chest, even his head, the thick black taped up around him tightly secured several key locations of the sheet.

Mateo and Dakota lifted up their mummy-wrapped victim and carried him down the flight of stairs to his garage. They laid him down, opened the garage door while Dakota retrieved their car, backing it into the garage. It was a white, nondescript utility van they used for work. After Dakota opened the dual metal doors in the back, the two young men picked up their helpless but consenting hostage and laid him on the van’s floor, which was covered with a faded foam rubber black mat.

Michael, meanwhile, struggled and grunted in his tight captivity, warming up inside the sheet. He delighted in the restriction of his body although he was forced to taste the disgusting sweaty bandana gag in his mouth.

Mateo and Dakota took off and drove through the city, with their powerless human package in the back. The ride in the van was long, bouncy and uncomfortable. Michael, though, made the best out of it, enjoying the wild ride with his mind racing about what was to come next.

Eventually the van arrived to its destination, which was the back entrance to an electrical supply warehouse just outside the city. It was pitch black with no signs of people anywhere at that hour. It was dead quiet. It was the ideal place, the hired kidnappers determined, to do their job.

Mateo and Dakota stepped to the back of the van and cut way the tape sealing the sheet around Michael. They unwrapped him from the cloth. Michael was flushed and beet red, with lots of sweat coating his body as he lay restrained in only his tighty whities underwear. He looked up at his captors with feverish eyes and marveled in their appearance:

Mateo and Dakota were hard-edged, broey looking young men. Mateo was a handsome Latino with cropped short black hair, brown eyes, and dimples. Dakota was a skinny white trash type, covered in tattoos, but ruggedly handsome too with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Both of them were dressed in their work-issued khaki BDU pants and company logo adorned t-shirts that said “DJK Electrical.” They wore heavy work boots and ballcaps backwards. Their work clothes were pretty grimy as well.

As they looked downward to their hostage, the young thugs spontaneously started to spit on him, calling him “queer” and “faggot” as they kicked at his sides with their boots and bent down to punch him lightly around his chest and abs. Michael rolled around on the floor, trying to escape their spitting and body blows but ultimately couldn’t deflect their attacks even if he really wanted to. While the assault was discomforting, they were measured enough so not to hurt him badly. The corrugated metal flooring of the van, however, was ribbing his body as he rolled around though the thin foam rubber padding softened the contact.

“Ok, little man. You’re our bitch for the night,” Mateo teased as he squatted down just above Michael’s head to get closer to their hostage. He started to pinch and twist Michael’s nipples like a radio dial.

“Mmmmphhhh!” Michael groaned in to his gag, enduring the light pain.

As Mateo continued his playful torment on Michael — now introducing body blows, slaps to the face, even yanking on his dick through his underwear — Dakota went to the back of the van, near the double doors. He got busy securing metal ratchets fitted with tie-down belts, attaching them to steel beams that ran along the tops of the van walls, along the rooftop. Michael knew this was some kind of bondage contraption that the white trash young man was designing. Dakota finished the work above then took another pair of ratchets with similarly attached nylon webbed belts and secured those to metal fasteners that were at the base of the walls, along the floor’s edge.

“In case you’re wondering, Mikey, this is going to make it easier for us to rape you! So, you won’t be able to stop us!” Dakota snickered with braggadocio.

Getting fucked was not on Michael’s request list, however. Being kidnapped and abused was part of the deal – with the obvious implication it was a sexual fetish – but he didn’t ask for gay sex from two straight guys, even if he paid them as handsomely as he did. Would he be able to endure it? He’d not been fucked before! Why would they WANT to do this?

“You want us to fuck you?! Huh, little bitch?!” Mateo taunted, still torturing Michael’s exposed nipples. “You’ll pay us extra, won’t you? Right? Another $1,000 each?”

Michael winced as Mateo continued his nip torture, waiting for the answer he wanted. He also subjected him to intense tickling. Michael finally muffled an affirmative response and nodded his head, exasperated mostly from being tickled.

“Good, that brings the tap to $4,000 now!” Mateo regaled.

After a few minutes, the contraption Dakota rigged was complete. It was getting warmer in the sealed van. A mixed smell of tar, grease, and heavy body odor was filling the confined van space.

Dakota pulled off his sweaty t-shirt, revealing a slim but muscle toned physique with washboard abs. The redneck was covered in tattoos including a skull and cross bones tat over his left pec. Mateo followed suit and removed his dirty work shirt, showing off his slender, also muscle toned build. He had smooth, olive skin except for a light happy trail of black hair from his belly button leading into his crotch.

Michael’s assailants had to re-position him in the elaborate contraption Dakota built.

Mateo pulled out his pocket knife, threatened to stab Michael if he misbehaved because he was going to cut off the zip ties that bound his leather restraints. Michael, unable to speak with Mateo’s sweaty bandana gag in his mouth, grunted and nodded compliantly. They were certainly convincing in their roleplay, unless they really didn’t mind harming him! Mateo cut the plastic zip ties from his wrists and ankles.

The young punks grabbed Michael and moved him a few feet to the back where the nylon webbed straps dangled from their mounted ratchets above. The belts hung low, with attached metal carabiner clips swayed just inches above the floor of the van. Mateo and Dakota put Michael on his knees and quickly snapped his wrist restraints into the carabiner clips. Dakota told him to make a fist and then he wrapped tape around his closed hands, likely so he couldn’t navigate his way out of the clips with his fingers, if he so desired. This, however, also prevented Michael from snapping his fingers, which was the main safety signal. It alarmed him, realizing he was further into a point of no return, helpless to stop anything that went too far. He went along with it though. By now, did he really have a choice?

Michael was visibly nervous as a result, looking at his captors wide eyed. “Don’t worry, pee wee,” Dakota mocked, grabbing Michael by his balls and dick, squeezing them. “You’ll love every minute of this night, you sick puppy!”

Dakota and Mateo then snapped Michael’s ankle cuffs to the carabiners attached to the other set of nylon belts that connected to the ratchets near the floor on the opposite walls. They cranked those ratchets a few notches, slowly spreading out his legs as he remained kneeling on the rubber mat. He still had plenty of length from the straps attached to his wrists, though, allowing him some flexibility above the waist.

“This is gonna be ours,” Dakota leaned down behind Michael, putting his hand over his ass and pushing one of his fingers into his underwear fabric at the crack of his butt, partially inserting it into his ass.

“Mmmphh!” Michael whimpered.

It got even hotter in the van now, starting to feel like a sauna. The three young men were sweating profusely, their chests glistening. Dakota pulled off his work boots, revealing a pair of crusty, odor-stained tube socks with holes on the bottom of each foot. He unsnapped his work BDU pants, and slid them off his legs. The slender bad boy stood proudly in a pair of worn, off grey Fruit of the Loom underwear. He looked good. While not sporting a boner, he showed off an impressive bulge in his crotch.

“Want a preview?” Dakota joked, moving to Michael’s front and lunging his sweaty, putrid crotch into his face. “Sniff, faggot!” he said as he spat down on him.

Mateo also took off his work shoes, leaving on his sweaty black ankle socks, and stripped out of his dirty work pants. He too looked good to Michael, wearing sheer, stretchy cotton spandex blended baby blue designer briefs. It showed off his impressive bubble butt. But, most notably, it displayed an obvious erection!

“My turn!” Mateo chuckled putting his crotch in Michael’s face. This time, however, Michael was treated to a hard cock pressing against his gagged lips. He wanted to take it!

Michael was taking heavy, labored breaths through his nose, forcing him to take whiffs of the pungent scent of Mateo’s crotch.

“Shit! I think I need my dick sucked, bro!” Mateo roared, looking to Dakota.

With that, Mateo told Michael to keep his head still as he slid the knife carefully under the layers of tape pressed against Michael’s cheeks, cutting it away. When the tape seal was broken, Mateo ripped off the layered straps of tape and yanked out his bandana, which was soaked with saliva.

“Thank you!” Michael sighed with happiness, taking his first full breaths, excited to suck on Mateo’s dick as he leaned in to it.

“Shut the fuck up!” Mateo yelled, punching Michael lightly but effectively in his nut sack.

“Dumb fag!” Dakota chimed in.

The two thugs spit into Michael’s face to humiliate him, punish him, for speaking.

“You’re too eager for it!” Mateo countered. “Got down on my nuts. Lick them clean! They need a ball washing, ha hah!”

Mateo slid down his baby blue underwear and revealed a large, throbbing, erect penis with a beautiful set of modestly hairy balls that he held up with his hand. He stood tall on his knees facing Michael with his crotch high enough for him to bend over and reach it. Michael pitched down his head and reluctantly went to Mateo’s ball sack. He sucked, licked and slurped. He tasted the nut butter coating the saggy flesh. He was doing such a thorough job, pieces of Mateo’s pubic hair got in-between his teeth. Mateo moaned with approval.

Dakota decided he wanted in on the action and dropped his Fruit of the Looms, positioning himself before their strapped slave. He made sure Michael was sucking his dirty nuts, nestled amongst his blonde bushel of pubes, until they were perfectly clean of his sticky ball sweat.

Though he didn’t care for licking the stench from their dirty crotches, Michael was as rock hard as he could be, showing his fully erect dick trying to pop out of his tighty whities. He was loving the kinky servitude, nonetheless.

The temperature rose inside the hot van, getting swampier. There was an increased aroma of their body odor as their dirty, smelly socked feet now permeated in the air.

“This is better than having my girlfriend suck my dick!” Dakota hollered, slapping hands with Mateo who agreed.

They decided, in fact, to skip having their dicks sucked and go right for the main event. They told Michael it was time for him to get fucked. “We want that cash money!” they laughed.

Dakota went back to the ratchets above and started to crank them several times. Slowly, Michael’s arms were raised over his head and tightly extended out, ultimately leaving no slack. He was barely kept to his knees and slightly hunched forward, which caused his ass to protrude outward. He was in a perfect fuckable position, though not the most comfortable.

Michael really loved how it felt being so restricted like that, anticipating being screwed silly by his young kidnappers.

“You can gag me again if you want? Maybe skip the bandana and just use tape?” Michael gushed sheepishly. Being gagged was something he loved, but the sweaty bandana he obviously didn’t enjoy.

Mateo and Dakota laughed at the “instructions” they were given. Dakota had a better idea. He peeled off his dirty, crusty socks and took a sniff of the rancid footies. He gave his partner in crime Mateo a preview whiff of them who also cringed at the smell.

“Come on now! That’s not cool!” Michael cried, shaking his head in resistance realizing those socks were for him, but it was futile.

As Mateo held Michael’s head still by grasping his thick head of hair, Dakota shoved his nasty ass, smelly socks deep in to his mouth. That was quickly followed by the infamous roll of electrical tape being wrapped around Michael’s lower face to keep the stinky, foul-tasting wad of socks lodged in his mouth. His cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk storing nuts.

Mateo took a pocket knife and ripped away Michael’s underwear, tearing away the cotton fabric, baring his naked, white buttocks. Mateo and Dakota both grabbed at his nude exposed butt, squeezing it and gliding their fingers tantalizingly into his ass crack.

They donned latex gloves and grabbed a jar of Vaseline from a shelf littered with greasy equipment. They coated their fingers with the petroleum jelly and started to slide them into Michael’s butthole to loosen him up.

“Mmmphh!” Michael gasped from the first moments of penetration.

Mateo was the most anxious to rape their captive. He placed himself behind Michael, pointed up his hard dick and slowly started to insert himself into the prone ass.

It hurt so terribly at first for Michael that he let out a loud wail that even the thick gag of socks in his mouth couldn’t muzzle. Poor Michael felt trapped. He couldn’t use the safety signal, snapping his fingers, or speak the safety word. He quivered and shook in his spread eagle restraint, resigned to the fact that he couldn’t stop the ass pounding. Dakota, however, took momentary sympathy on him, perhaps simply just to get him to shut up. He stood in front of Michael, giving him some relief by jerking him off with one hand while rubbing his shoulder with the other. Soon, true enough, Michael relaxed his sphincter enough and began to enjoy it. In fact, he was starting to love the pain.

The two juvenile delinquents took turns fucking their bound hostage, with Dakota stepping up after Mateo. They developed a rhythm as they got in to their sweaty exercise, trading off every couple of minutes.

To Michael’s horror, though, as one fucked him, the other was busy snapping pictures with his own cell phone. They must have lifted it from his bedroom when they abducted him.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well these are, I’d say worth another thousand dollars! Each! You don’t pay, we post away on your Snapchat app!” Dakota laughed, clicking away photos of Michael with the mobile phone camera.

“MMMphhhh!! MMmphhh!” Michael tried to protest against the embarrassing prospect as he was getting pumped by the cruel young men. He was beginning to regret hiring convicted criminals. He should have known better. He squirmed about in his restraints.

“I’d say that brings our payday to $3,000 each, bro! Rich boy has $6,000 to spare!” Mateo laughed as he fucked Michael from behind.

Michael bowed his head in humiliation in his spread-eagled state as the boys continued their penetration, now feeling more victimized and setup than pleasured.

Ultimately Mateo had the honors of cumming first, pulling out his dick and shooting his load of semen all over Michael’s back. Then Dakota quickly inserted himself, pumped him a few times and soon got close to cumming. Mateo could tell that Michael was close too. He stood in front of Michael and clasped one hand over his cock. With the other, though, he started to pat slap Michael’s balls hard, causing him to flinch and fidget with agony, a painful sensation that ultimately prevented him from relaxing enough to cum.

Therefore, Dakota shot his load, pulling out his cock and spraying all over Michael’s ass while Michael wasn’t allowed to release.

The two hired thugs denied Michael the pleasure of cumming. They opened the doors of the van to let the rush of fresh air cool them down as they wiped the heavy sweat from their bodies. They didn’t bother to clean up Michael, leaving him sweaty and his backside covered with their dripping sperm. They unclamped the exhausted, humiliated Michael from the spread-eagle contraption and put him into a simple hogtie on the van’s floor using a couple of carabiners attached to his restraints. Dakota and Mateo carefully cutaway and unwrapped the mound of tape that sealed Michael’s fisted hands so his fingers were now free. They left him gagged with Dakota’s dirty socks though and added a blindfold over his eyes.

Still hard and unspent, a frustrated, embarrassed Michael – thinking of the photos and the high priced extortion – was driven back to his condo where the van backed into his garage. The two thugs lifted him out and sat him on the concrete floor of his garage. Dakota told him they’d be taking his cell phone so they could post pictures of him to all his contacts if he didn’t come up with the other $4,000 by that afternoon. With that, they shouted, “See ya later!” and took off in the van.

Michael, tied down as he was, started struggling on the cold concrete ground of his garage stark naked for a while but got around to realizing he could manipulate the closures of the carabiner clamps with his fingers. They must have done this on purpose so he could get free. After all, they needed an able-bodied victim to coordinate the cash delivery. He was able to unsnap the metal clamps and get out of being hogtied. As he untied himself and took off his disgusting gag and blindfold, he felt like an idiot. He shouldn’t have trusted two convicted felons just because they were sexy studs. The embarrassment sunk in of having his humiliating pictures posted online. He knew he’d have to come up with the money.

As he removed the blindfold, though, he noticed his cell phone was in fact on the ground next to him. Did they drop it? He picked it up and noticed a text message from an unknown number:

“Dear Michael, we were kidding about the extra money and the extortion. We deleted the pictures and here’s your phone back. Peace out and maybe another time! Hope you had fun, bro! -Mateo”


Chapter Two – An Unusual Bond


After being left in his garage that next morning, Michael was horny as ever. He got himself untied and raced straight for his bedroom, where he jacked off to the memories of the recent ordeal. Dakota and Mateo were perfect assailants in his kidnap rape fantasy.

All that next week, Michael found himself reliving that amazing night. It was on his mind at work, at the gym, and on his commute home.

Then on a Thursday night, while beating off of all things, he got a text message:

Mateo: “Hey dude. What’s up?”

Michael couldn’t believe it. It was Mateo, the beautiful Latino construction worker. His heart immediately raced seeing the text pop up on his phone.

Michael: “Hey! Nothing much. Chillin’”

Mateo: “Cool cool. So you got out ok lol?”

Mateo was referring to Michael being left abandoned tied up on his garage floor. He wanted to tell him that he jacked off and shot a load immediately after getting loose. Instead he kept it low key:

Michael: “Yea : )”

Mateo: “Cool”

Then the messaging went quiet for a few minutes. Michael was tempted to respond back and beg him to kidnap him again, but he wasn’t wanting to make a habit out of paying $1,000 every time. He restrained himself and didn’t respond. After a few more minutes, Mateo replied once more:

Mateo: “I want to do that shit again”

Michael: “You liked it?”

Mateo: “Hell yea”

Michael: “What did u like about it?”

The exchange went quiet again for a minute or two as Michael anxiously waited for a response. Then the following message appeared:

Mateo: “Haha, raping your tight white ass”

Michael lit up with excitement upon reading those words.

Michael: “You were an expensive, umm.. indulgence. But it was worth it. Wish I could afford it every night”

Mateo: “I’ll do you a deal. 500. And I’ll tie you up.”

Metal would like to thank SockgaggedJason for this story!

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