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Total Behavioral Solutions – Part 02

By Sang Freud

Total Behavioral Solutions Case Study: Conversion Therapy (Part 2)

In the back of the ambulance, Thomas Hathaway, the youngest son of Senator James Hathaway, lay strapped to the gurney. Nylon webbing is pulled tight across his chest and legs, pinning his arms tightly to his sides. A mask had been fitted over his nose and mouth delivering a heavy dose of nitrous oxide. Strong muscle relaxants flowed into his veins through an IV port in his right arm. The sedatives from the spiked drinks were wearing off, but even so he drifted in and out of consciousness.

“Let’s get this one ready for intake so we can get out of here by midnight.” The ambulance driver hopped out of the cab and helped the attendant in the back unload Tom’s gurney. They checked through the paperwork they were given for acquisition. “Just the basics, right?”

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Total Behavioral Solutions – Part 01

By Sang Freud

Total Behavioral Solutions Case Study: Conversion Therapy (Part 1)

Subject #5462

Former name: Thomas Hathaway

Current name: irrelevant

Sponsor: Senator James Hathaway

Anticipated disposition: release to sponsor’s agent 

Phase: final, awaiting pickup

Case history: Total Behavioral Solutions was contacted by a long-serving US Senator from [redacted] for help with his second son, Thomas, who was once again causing public relations nightmares. After well-publicized failures in business and attempts to cash in on his father’s good name, Thomas had been once again caught “entertaining” a series of high-class escorts in a hotel room, complete with cocaine and rumors of human trafficking. This proved to be the final straw, since the scandal hit in an election year and Senator Hathaway was doing his best to court the conservative right. Thomas had to be dealt with decisively and permanently. The Senator had no desire to see either his family drama or a mysterious obituary in the tabloids, so he called on us to arrange a quiet removal.

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A bold Peeping Tom breaks into a stud’s apartment and ends up as the bondage victim

It’s Chloroform, Duct tape and Nipple Torment in this vintage shoot from KinkMen


Patrick Hunt is a perv and he’s peeping through studly Parker London’s window. Patrick breaks in while Parker is in deep sleep. He chloroforms the stud, duct tapes and ties him to his bed. The perv torments the stud’s chest and cock.


Pissed, Parker breaks free from the bondage and completely dominates Patrick. He gets his bondage toys from his bedside drawers and beats the living hell out of the intruder. He fucks Patrick suspended in bondage and showers him with his load.

Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_03 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_04 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_05 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_06 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_07


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Object Permanence – Chapter 02

By BootBoy27


Disassociating from time is easier when you can’t look at anything that measures it. But that didn’t stop me from trying by counting the number of intermissions between the panic attacks.  After adjusting to some soreness for what felt like hours, I was able to adapt to the stimuli that I was being subjected to: the tension in my ass, the restricted breathing, the restricted limbs.

The presence of smoke disappeared allowing me to put more focus on my respiratory rate before my arrival.

I only pissed about two more times, the fullness growing with each load drained from my bladder, before I felt the truck stop, and the engine turn off.

In the following silence I was trying to keep my thoughts at bay. Praying that we had finally arrived, and I would be let out of this position soon without setting myself up for emotional disaster of it being another truck stop with hours still to go.

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Joey – Part 02

For Part 1 click here

By slavebladeboi

Following a mainly sleepless night, and twenty four hours after waking on that bench, it happened that Joey returned to the park, this time on his bike, which he usually used to get him to his part time work, to help with his expenses, as well as for the exercise that helped keep him in shape. There was very little breeze to slow or cool him and he felt the urge to push himself to mitigate the inner feelings he still had. Dappled shade rapidly alternated with brilliant sun, cooling and heating his back in succession as he cycled around the track, always within view of that bench, but never getting close to it.

The bench attracted him with a force he couldn’t explain but at the same time it repelled him, the two opposing forces made him feel disturbed, almost giddy. Since his experience, waking up, remembering his tortures, finding his cock locked without knowing who or when, he was both frustrated and nervous. In truth he was angry, frustrated, frightened and anxious all at the same time. He didn’t know which way to turn mentally. He’d been used. The turmoil that this caused him was fighting the feeling somewhere, deep inside, that it was sexy, hot and just about everything that he’d dreamed about most of the time he was jerking off.

Jerking off, yeah, the thing he could no longer do, and that made him angry.

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Male BDSM porn: Welcome to Hicksville

Phenix Saint fucks Luke Riley while Luke is tied up and suspended from the ceiling fan. This is a video from Bound Gods.

MetalbondNYC.com_01 MetalbondNYC.com_02 MetalbondNYC.com_03 MetalbondNYC.com_04 MetalbondNYC.com_05

Luke Riley just got out of prison, and he’s already involved in a ransom scheme. Holding up in an old trailer, in the middle of the forest, he’s watching over Phenix Saint while his buddy is trying to get the ransom money. Running out of beer, Luke is bored, frustrated and getting horny as hell. He takes it out on Phenix, who is restrained in the closet. Phenix gets flogged and is made to suck cock. When Luke passes out on the couch, Phenix breaks free and turns the tables on him. It’s no longer about sex, it’s now about power. Phenix ties Luke to the sleeper sofa and gives him a taste of his own medicine. He then suspends Luke from the ceiling fan and fucks him until he screams for mercy.

MetalbondNYC.com_07 MetalbondNYC.com_08 MetalbondNYC.com_09

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Robbed and Humiliated

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonIt’s past two o’clock in the morning in a quiet upscale neighborhood. Two disguised men have crossed a lawn belonging to one of the larger homes at the end of the street’s cul-de-sac. Using a suction cup and glass cutter, they break into one of the side windows of the darkened house.

They look like classic burglars. Dressed in blue jeans and long sleeve shirts, they’re wearing latex gloves with black neoprene ski masks disguising their faces. One is tall and broad shouldered. The other is average height and slim. Both of them are wearing light backpacks.

The thieves make their way through the rooms with flashlights, assuming no one is home. They’d be casing out this house. When they reach the living room, however, they notice evidence to the contrary. The TV is still on with a PlayStation console connected to it and the game menu on the screen. The fresh smell of pizza and weed is in the air as they notice a pizza box on the coffee table next to a bong.

They’re not alone after all. But they’re prepared for such contingencies as they remove duct tape and several plastic zip tie cables from their backpacks.

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