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Wild Country

Chris Harder is lost in the woods and is found by paranoid wilderness survivalist Christian Wilde. Captive and bound, Chris cannot escape Christian’s brutal torment.

Chris Harder gay bondage

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The Tournament Affair – Part 07

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 7 – The Cabin

Denny squirms in his bondage and listens. He is grateful for the extra movement he got from Nathan undoing the tethers. But he still can’t get his head anywhere near the bunk rim to see down. Nathan and Ari have gone ahead to take stock at the cabin, leaving Chad and Ben. Ben is down with Ken, changing his gag and binding him for transport. It’s a three-rope box tie similar to what Denny had in for the escape to the getaway van.

Ben reties Ken’s cloth gag: two bandannas worked into his mouth, followed by a knotted bandanna as a cleave gag over the stuffing, and two layers of seal pulled very tight and knotted, covering Ken’s full face below his nose. It feels tight and sexy to Ken, but Ben is aware that, with some work, Ken might possibly eject it. There’ll be enough time later to fix that. Meantime Chad appears to tend to Denny. Chad sits by Denny’s head and tries to comfort him, gently stroking his temple with a gloved hand and locking eyes with him.

Denny tears up a little to see Chad. His face has always been tender and understanding. Chad wipes his tears away, saying “shhhh.” Chad has brought clothes – they’re not moving Denny in naked. He’s preparing to dress Denny, but it isn’t happening yet. They’re Denny’s same shirt, cargo pants and tactical boots he had before.

“You spent a whole day bound and gagged wearing these, bro,” Chad said. “You will probably want them washed.” Chad reaches for Denny’s shirt, bunches it up, brings it to his own face and sniffs deeply.

“Mmmmmm. Or not…”

Ben’s voice is heard from below, “INCOMING!” as he tosses a small plastic packet over the bunk rim. It lands by Denny’s head, and Chad picks it up. “Oh, new gloves. Team rules, new stop, new gloves.”

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The Tournament Affair – Part 04

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 4 – Wargame

[The opening ceremonies have concluded, with an Award of Distinction given to the Black Team for their bondage of Denny. Now they are transferring back in the golf cart to the competition area, with Denny still muzzled, bound, and ankles again locked down.]

The cart stops. Denny feels his ankles and feet being untied from the hooks on the floor. Feels himself being removed from the cart as the door unlocks and opens. He is still blindfolded but hobbles slowly to some location and feels himself laid on a kind of sleeping bag. Even with no idea where he is, this is very comfortable, he thinks. The most comfortable thing he’s laid on all day.  Certainly less stressful than being bound and gagged on the stool. His bonds are very strict and tight and Denny just lays there with legs stretched out on the sleeping bag.

As Denny sinks into a feeling of relief he starts to tune into what’s happening around him.  It’s his same kidnappers – he can hear voices through the masks just outside of the nook where he’s been stashed.  And he also hears the creak of leather as the team member who moved him arranges his corner – it’s the creak of tight leather pants – it has to be Ari.

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Total Behavioral Solutions – Part 02

By Sang Freud

Total Behavioral Solutions Case Study: Conversion Therapy (Part 2)

In the back of the ambulance, Thomas Hathaway, the youngest son of Senator James Hathaway, lay strapped to the gurney. Nylon webbing is pulled tight across his chest and legs, pinning his arms tightly to his sides. A mask had been fitted over his nose and mouth delivering a heavy dose of nitrous oxide. Strong muscle relaxants flowed into his veins through an IV port in his right arm. The sedatives from the spiked drinks were wearing off, but even so he drifted in and out of consciousness.

“Let’s get this one ready for intake so we can get out of here by midnight.” The ambulance driver hopped out of the cab and helped the attendant in the back unload Tom’s gurney. They checked through the paperwork they were given for acquisition. “Just the basics, right?”

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Total Behavioral Solutions – Part 01

By Sang Freud

Total Behavioral Solutions Case Study: Conversion Therapy (Part 1)

Subject #5462

Former name: Thomas Hathaway

Current name: irrelevant

Sponsor: Senator James Hathaway

Anticipated disposition: release to sponsor’s agent 

Phase: final, awaiting pickup

Case history: Total Behavioral Solutions was contacted by a long-serving US Senator from [redacted] for help with his second son, Thomas, who was once again causing public relations nightmares. After well-publicized failures in business and attempts to cash in on his father’s good name, Thomas had been once again caught “entertaining” a series of high-class escorts in a hotel room, complete with cocaine and rumors of human trafficking. This proved to be the final straw, since the scandal hit in an election year and Senator Hathaway was doing his best to court the conservative right. Thomas had to be dealt with decisively and permanently. The Senator had no desire to see either his family drama or a mysterious obituary in the tabloids, so he called on us to arrange a quiet removal.

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A bold Peeping Tom breaks into a stud’s apartment and ends up as the bondage victim

It’s Chloroform, Duct tape and Nipple Torment in this vintage shoot from KinkMen


Patrick Hunt is a perv and he’s peeping through studly Parker London’s window. Patrick breaks in while Parker is in deep sleep. He chloroforms the stud, duct tapes and ties him to his bed. The perv torments the stud’s chest and cock.


Pissed, Parker breaks free from the bondage and completely dominates Patrick. He gets his bondage toys from his bedside drawers and beats the living hell out of the intruder. He fucks Patrick suspended in bondage and showers him with his load.

Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_03 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_04 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_05 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_06 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_07


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Object Permanence – Chapter 02

By BootDeputy


Disassociating from time is easier when you can’t look at anything that measures it. But that didn’t stop me from trying by counting the number of intermissions between the panic attacks.  After adjusting to some soreness for what felt like hours, I was able to adapt to the stimuli that I was being subjected to: the tension in my ass, the restricted breathing, the restricted limbs.

The presence of smoke disappeared allowing me to put more focus on my respiratory rate before my arrival.

I only pissed about two more times, the fullness growing with each load drained from my bladder, before I felt the truck stop, and the engine turn off.

In the following silence I was trying to keep my thoughts at bay. Praying that we had finally arrived, and I would be let out of this position soon without setting myself up for emotional disaster of it being another truck stop with hours still to go.

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