Busman’s Holiday – Part 02

By lthr_jock

Clark looked up in shock as Vickers looked down at him grinning. “What — what the fuck?” He tried to pull free of the scavenger’s daughter, but it was solid and secure and even his impressive muscles were unable to make any headway against them.

Vickers laughed. “I’ll leave you to it then.” He headed out of the room and Clark heard the door lock behind him. Clark had no idea what Vickers had planned, so he continued to struggle despite his so-far futile efforts. He shook himself violently from side to side, but all he succeeded in doing was tipping himself over and he sprawled helplessly across the floor. He started to yell and bellow for assistance.

There was no response to him calling out, and quickly his muscles started to work against him. They were not built to remain in one position and he soon started to feel cramps from his back. His knees ached and the arm that was now trapped under him started to go numb. He yelled for help again, even though his voice was getting horse. Bizarrely, he could feel his cock hardening in his jeans. His eyes bulged in surprise – he had never thought that something like this could be in any way erotic even though he knew some other people did.

After half an hour, the door unlocked and Vickers came back in. Clark tensed, waiting for the threat to be delivered and to find out how Vickers was going to blackmail him. Instead, to his surprise, Vickers unlocked the padlocks and helped him out of the steel frame. He stood, massaging his aching legs and stretching his back.

Vickers grinned “Sorry – couldn’t resist once I realised who you were. Thought you might like a taste of your own medicine for once.”

Clark mumbled a reply, turning to make sure Vickers couldn’t see the bulge in his jeans. “Yeah, well, it certainly works. Thanks.”

Vickers escorted him to the door and Clark drove home. He unpacked the Scavengers Daughter and installed it in his cellar along with the rest of his collection. Heading upstairs, he grabbed a beer and settled down to watch TV. For some reason, he couldn’t settle. Nothing on TV seemed to grab his attention and his mind kept wandering back to the way he felt when he was restrained. He gave up with the TV and fired up his computer.

He surfed to a few of the websites he usually used to get off on, but tonight the sight of the naked women did nothing for him. He stroked his cock and grunted with anger as he failed to get erect. On a whim, he started searching for pictures of people in the Scavengers Daughter. He soon found some with women in it and paged though them with little response. Then he came across one with a well muscled man naked and locked into one. The man looked in pain and Clark felt his cock swell as he studied the picture. He started to stroke again and soon cum spurted over his hand. As he reached for the tissues, he started some more searches and soon found several sites devoted to men in bondage.

He looked at them and found a lot of stuff that didn’t interest him at all. However, a few pictures involved some very heavy metal and his cock showed a similar reaction to those. For now, he didn’t join anything. Before he finished, he logged on to the forum he had met Vickers on and sent a message to Arcturus35:

“Hi Vickers. Sorry I was a bit strange there – just a shock to see you again that way. I might be in the market for some more gear like the Scavengers Daughter, so just let me know if you have anything else for sale.”

He went to log off, but before he could he got the tone of a received message.

“No problems – looked to me as though you enjoyed it a bit. Next time, the price will involve even more time road-testing the equipment.”

Clark looked at the message and considered how to reply. He wrote several answers and deleted them before sending: “That’s a deal. Let me know.”

Vickers responded quickly again “I will – I have some pieces that are nearly ready for a trial run. I’ll have to get some pictures next time so I can use them for marketing.”

That worried Clark a lot – he couldn’t risk being identified.

“That’s a problem – I couldn’t have my face seen.”

“That’s not a problem at all, Clark – if that’s the only issue, I can provide a hood — or a helmet.”

After receiving that response, Clark signed off. He leaned back in his chair, wondering what Vickers meant by that. As he ruminatively stroked his cock, he decided he was going to enjoy finding out.


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4 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday – Part 02”

    1. by the way, if you want to try out a scavengers daughter, you can make on up from three spreader bars, some padlocks, cuffs and a collar. Not quite the same but still good fun, especially if you are careful to put the cuffs on in the most immobile manner. Lots of related play to make the experience more interesting

  1. Im interested in finding out if the helmet is made of steel too?I agree with all that has been said , I really enjoy the detailed description in a story.

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