Busman’s Holiday – Part 17

By lthr_jock

Vickers looked at the message Morrison had sent him and nodded thoughtfully. Getting Clark to have a full body shave was something he had been thinking about for a while. However, convincing him might be tricky. Clark hadn’t replied to him since delivering the book to Morrison and Vickers was concerned that he might have overplayed his hand. He checked Clark’s browsing history and smiled. Clark was still going to lots of bondage and leather sites, along with plenty that showed muscle men in bondage. He was also regularly checking on Vickers’ site and looking at the comments that people were making about his photos.

Vickers grinned and posted a comment anonymously. “Great model, but would be so much better with a smooth body.”

He sat back – he knew others would chime in and at least plant a seed in Clark’s mind. He wouldn’t contact Clark himself for a couple of weeks – and even then, just to remind him about the rest of his debt.

* * *

Clark spent the next couple of days at home – ostensibly sick. He was terrified that the police would knock on his door and didn’t want to face Morrison as he was sure the prisoner would try and use his action as leverage. He couldn’t just sit at home surfing for porn though, so he spent a lot of time at the gym.

Clark’s workout routines had got more and more intense and he had found himself moving from the weights machines to the free weights in one corner of the gym. This area was populated by heavily built, serious men who spoke little. He had always avoided this area as he didn’t think he was big enough but he now realised that his physique fitted in with the others.

He got used to heading straight to this section, exchanging a nod and a grunt with familiar faces as he settled into a routine. Apart from that, it was a case of putting his headphones in and working out, leaving his mind to roam freely.

About a week after the delivery to Morrison, Clark was working out and his mind was going back over what had happened. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got – more angry at himself than anything else. He never should have let Vickers convince him into breaking the prison rules like that. Clark slammed extra weight on the bar and didn’t realise how much until he straightened his legs and stepped back. His anger kept him going, so he settled down into the squat – and immediately realised he was in trouble. He legs started to wobble and he knew he was going to drop the bar. Just as he started to go over, he felt the weight lighten slightly and turned his head to see one of the other guys braced behind him and supporting the bar. Despite the fact that the other man couldn’t exert much strength, it was enough to stabilize Clark and he was able to put the bar back in place.

He turned around and extended a hand in gratitude.

“Thanks – could have been nasty without you.”

“No problems – happy to help out. Always risky in here without a spotter.”

The two men started talking. Harry was about 10 years younger than Clark but had clearly been working out for years. While shorter than Clark, he was wider and his arms swung away from his sides due to the thick balls of muscle around his biceps and triceps. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, showing the swell and bulge of his muscles as well as the tracery of veins running down them. All this was clearly visible as Harry obviously shaved his arms. When Harry asked Clark to spot him, he agreed and the two finished their workout together.

In the locker room, Harry unselfconsciously stripped off and Clark could see that his arms weren’t the only place that he shaved – in fact, he had no hair below the neck. Harry turned to see Clark looking at him and grinned “Like what you see?” Clark blushed “No, just not seen many people who shave down like that.” Harry chuckled “Did it for the competitions, man. Easier just to shave everything off than man-scape around the crotch. Besides – it makes my junk look bigger.” With a laugh, Harry headed off to the showers.

Clark looked down at himself and wondered what he would look like shaved. He had seen a load of comments on Vickers’ site recently suggesting that Samuel get shaved. That had got him thinking and he started looking online. The majority of the pictures he found were of clean-shaven men. He wondered how he would go about getting it done. He started out of his reverie as Harry walked back past him, a towel wrapped around his waist. “ Still here, Clarkie?” He nodded “Yeah, just thinking,” and headed off to the showers. Harry grinned to himself and opened his locker. Taking out his phone he sent a text to a contact called CellBlock: “Contact made.”

By the time Clark came out of the showers, Harry was dressed. “Hey Clarkie, I don’t know what your schedule is but I could do with a regular workout buddy. You up for it?” Clark nodded and the two men agreed to a regular gym time.

* * *

Vickers was patient – to an extent. The debate about Samuel being shaved had progressed nicely – especially as he deleted any comments made in favour of leaving him hairy. Unknown to him, Harry at the gym was also working on Clark so it was only 3 weeks before Vickers got a phone call from Clark.

“Mr Clark. How have you been?”

“I’m good thanks, Vickers. Look, I’ve been reading the comments on your site…”

“Yes, me too. They really like the gear, and appreciate you wearing it. I can hardly keep ahead of the demand. In fact..”

Clark interrupted him. “Yes, yes. But I meant the ones about me being shaved.”

Vickers paused and let the silence grow. “Vickers, you there?”

“Yes, Mr Clark. I see. So, you want to know what I think?”

“No…Well, yes…but actually I was wondering…”


“I was wondering if you knew anyone that would do it.”

Vickers suppressed a cheer of triumph. “As it happens, I do.”

“Great – put me in touch with them will you.”

“Well, it will cost. However, if you are willing it can be done in such a way as to be cost neutral to you – and to preserve your anonymity.”

“Ok. That sounds good.”

“Excellent. Are you free on Friday?”

“Umm…yes..I’m off all weekend.”

“Good. Come over at about 6.”

* * *

Vickers spent the next few days finalising his preparations. He set up a complex frame of steel and chains in his basement and set up several cameras. He also put the finishing touches to a new steel mask for Clark to wear. Clark arrived punctually on time, his jeep parked neatly on Vickers’ drive. Vickers let him in and took him straight downstairs. Clark looked at the steel and chains nervously. “We’re going to do it here? But everyone will see my face.” Vickers laughed “By now, you’d realise I’d think of that. Get yourself stripped down and we’ll begin.” Clark looked around “Where’s the guy who’s going to do it?” “Oh, he’ll be here in about 15 minutes. I thought I’d get you in place first.”

Clark stripped off and put his clothing on a chair in the corner of the room. Vickers felt his cock lift at the sight of the muscled, naked man who was clearly unembarrassed at doing this and he marvelled at how far Clark had come. “Right. Time for the hood.” Vickers lifted up the steel hood he had been working on. It was similar in construction to the one that Clark had worn previously when he had been yoked to the plough. This one, however, was more ornate. The front was moulded to look like the snout of a bull and had a thick ring in the nose. On top of it were heavy steel horns. “I think of this as the Minotaur helmet.” Vickers half thought Clark would balk at it, but he bent his head down and meekly put his head inside the metal. Clark’s mouth went around the thick cock gag inside the helmet, and Vickers screwed the whole helmet in place. Once it was on, Clark realised there were no eyeholes and tried to speak, but all that came out were grunts. Vickers looked at the way Clark’s cock was swelling and grinned – he knew the big man would enjoy this.

Vickers turned on the video cameras and gently pushed Clark back into the centre of the room. He then attached shackles to his ankles and pulled them apart so that Clark stood vulnerable. Clark put his hands protectively over his crotch and Vickers put shackles on each one and then pulled them part until Clark was stood spread-eagled and vulnerable. Vickers then started to lather up Clark, rubbing the thick cream over his arms, armpits and chest. He then took a razor and started on the arms. Working slowly and having to clean the razor every couple of swipes he cleaned off all the hair from Clarks forearms and worked his way down to the armpits. He left the clump of hair under Clarks pits and went back to carefully work his way around the restraints, and cleaning the back of Clarks hands. Once Clarks arms were clean of hair, he slackened the chains, letting Clarks arms drop in front of him. He then resecured them and as he tightened them, Clarks arms were drawn upwards and across his body. He ended up with his arms crossed above his head, which left his armpits exposed and vulnerable. Vickers smiled and then pulled on other chains that pulled Clarks arms forward. Clark leaned forward as much as he could, but the restraints on his ankles stopped him moving far and he soon found himself leaning forwards held up by his arms. Vickers locked the chained in place and looked at the helpless man who was now grunting into the gag, his muscles straining to hold himself in place.

With Clark now in a stress position, Vickers resumed the shave. First, he cleaned the clumped hair from Clark’s armpits and then worked on his chest allowing the thick slabs of chest muscle to appear. Vickers took the opportunity to tease and tweak Clarks nipples and was gratified at the groans of pleasure that came out of the muzzle of the bull. He worked his way down cleaning the hairs off the stomach and then moved behind Clark to clean down his back. The back was done quickly. Vickers could feel his cock rockhard in his trousers and Clark was clearly aroused as well, his cock standing erect out of the thicket of his crotch hair. Vickers was tempted to do crotch and arse next, but instead he worked his way down Clark’s legs, stripping them of hair and exposing the thick muscles beneath.

Vickers took a step back. Clarks helmeted hood looked blindly from side to side, his restrained body still tensed and now hairless except for his crotch. The floor was covered in piles of hair and shaving foam and Vickers smiled at the sight. He then headed back in and moved behind Clark. As he started to use the razor on Clark’s arse, the big man shuddered with pleasure. Vickers worked carefully, making sure to strip all the hair off including that around Clarks crack. He could see Clarks pucker now and he blew on it, liking the way that it reacted and that Clark tried to move away.

He then moved around to the front. Clarks cock was hard and leaking, and Vickers knew it would take very little to make him blow. He carefully started to shave down Clark’s crotch hair, stopping each time it looked like Clark was about to cum. Clark groaned and yelled into gag with frustration as Vickers slowly removed all his crotch hair, letting his cock and balls show in all their naked glory. As Vickers worked, Clark got more and more aroused until, as the final hair was removed, Vickers could see that he was right on edge.

He could resist no longer. He kneeled in front of Clark and took the big mans cock into his mouth. As he started to work it, Clark spasmed and a thick load of cum jetted out down Vickers’ throat and spurting out of the sides of his mouth. Clark hung in the restraints, exhausted and clearly wanting release – but Vickers wasn’t finished yet. He picked up a thick tube of ointment and began rubbing it all over Clark. Clark groaned at the slightly astringent feel of the ointment. Vickers smiled to himself. This ointment would retard Clark’s hair growth – as long as it was re-applied every few weeks, Clark would never grow hair again.

Vickers stood back and checked how this was looking on the computer. The live show was getting a load of hits – and some very positive comments. He then took a bottle of posing oil and then started rubbing it into Clark’s muscles. Clark felt his muscles warm as the slick, hot oil went over his body and Vickers massaged it in. Vickers worked it into every muscle of Clark’s body and when he finally slipped his hot oily hand over Clark’s cock the big man came, spurting cum across the basement floor.

Vickers stood back, admiring the gleaming, hairless form in front of him. For the cameras, he spoke loudly “Samuel, you bad slave. That’s the last time you’ll be doing that for a while.” Inside the helmet, Clark could barely hear what Vickers was saying. He asked what was going on, but his grunts were indecipherable. The next thing he felt was cold, icy cold as Vickers wrapped ice cubes around his cock. He yelled and squirmed, but Vickers kept a firm hand on his cock as it shrank. Once it was small enough, he slipped a thick cock cage over Clark’s cock and locked it in place.

Vickers then went and got a full slave harness. This was exactly like the one that Clark had worn at the convention – but this time had chains instead of leather straps and the metal ring in the middle of his chest was replaced with a metal disk embossed with a bulls head. Vickers had created the harness based on the measurements Clark was still providing to his workout programmes and so it fitted perfectly. The chains pulled tightly around his muscles, making the hairless, gleaming mounds stand out. The front and rear chains secured to the cock cage and the whole locked securely in place.

Vickers grinned at the naked, hairless slave in front of him. He turned off the cameras and then released Clark. Clarks muscles were burning and he staggered, his hands reaching up to try and pull the helmet off. Vickers calmly undid the helmet and moved Clark in front of a mirror. Clark’s eyes widened as he saw the way he looked – gleaming, hairless and restrained. His cock tried to rise in the cage, but could not.

“What the fuck is this, Vickers?”

“Part of the price, Mr Clark. And part of your payment as well. Once you get home, I’ll send the unlock codes through to you.”

“Are you fucking kidding?”

“No, Samuel, I’m not. You need to realise that you are a slave and you don’t always get what you want.”

Vickers stood there, wondering what Clark would do. Clark bristled and then stopped, his shoulders slumping in defeat. “ Alright – but as soon as I get home, yes?”

Vickers nodded in triumph. “ Yes – now get your clothes on and get out.” He pointed to the chair where Clark’s clothes had been. In their place was a pair of white socks, a pair of Dr Marten boots and a red boiler suit. “What the fuck..?”   “Just get dressed, SLAVE, and get out.”

Clark grumbled and pulled the boiler suit on. He realised immediately that it was too small across the chest. He tried to zip it up, but the zip stopped about 3” above his crotch. As a result, the boiler suit hung open, exposing his oiled, hairless chest and slave harness to the world. He turned around to beg Vickers for something else, but the look on the smaller mans face made him turn back and pull on the boots. Vickers handed him his keys “Shame you decided to have the top down on your jeep today, Samuel. I hope no-one sees you on your journey home.” With that he pushed the larger man outside and slammed the door behind him.


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  1. And?…and?…and? You had him, don’t let him go. Get him back and lock that helmet back on him. He needs to do more work on the farm.
    He was promised he would get unlocked when he got home. Don’t let him go home so soon.

  2. Can HARDly wait for part 18 to come out. Suspense is building. Handcuffs standing by, I am ready! Thank you all for this!

  3. I really really loved teh helmet idea …tell us more in detail about that , why you didnt have eye holes on it , how it locked on him etc etc .

    how about putting him in a full suit of special restricting armour

  4. Hmm Vickers should stop messing about.. I( wonder what is now going on in Clarkes Head at this new turn of events.

  5. Is the stringent ointment real? Want is its name? i want a hairless body from the neck down and never shave again.

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