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Video: Victor’s Tickle Torture

Victor, a straight, beefy Latino, is pretty confident to the point of being thuggish, but that doesn’t last long. He’s quickly reminded that he’s not the one in control here! Franco takes off Victor’s size 9 shoe and sock and tickles his meaty sole.

Victor thrashes and swears as he is tickled

Victor thrashes and swears, and when Franco lubes up his foot and uses the soap saver on him, he howls loudly and begs for him to stop. For a second, Victor thinks he’s broken free, but no such luck. Franco continues tickling his foot, punctuating the torture with quick trips north to tickle Victor’s armpits. Franco cuts Victor out of his underwear before exposing his right foot and subjecting it to the same tickle torture as the left. It’s so intense that Victor starts swearing at Franco in Spanish in between his rapid-fire pleas for it to stop. After a very brief moment of rest, Franco moves up to Victor’s armpits to continue the torture. Victor yells like a madman as he’s being tickled in his pits and inner thighs, but he changes his tune when Franco starts playing with his big, uncut cock. Victor goes quiet at first, then moans with pleasure as he shoots his big load. He’s soon howling again, though, because Franco quickly ramps the tickling back up. Victor’s body goes rigid and he slams his eyes shut as he’s on the verge of tears, begging for mercy, but really he knows the deal. If he bails out too soon, Franco is going to fuck his ass. He struggles with the torment, trying to trick Franco into stopping, but nothing works. Franco tickles Victor’s ribs and knees and even the back of his leg and butt before bringing the torture to an end. He’s been such a good prisoner that Franco rubs his shoulders, sore from being pulled back and tensed for so long.

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Video: Trevor In Stocks

More from Tickled Hard! In this video, Franco introduces super-ticklish straight guy Trevor to the foot stocks. He ties Trevor’s arms back, locks him in the stocks and starts tickling his size 13 feet through his thin dress socks. Immediately Trevor bursts into loud, hysterical laughter and begs for it to stop, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Trevor’s big, uncut cock bounces all over while he thrashes around, but even with his arms released, there’s no escaping this foot tickle torture. Franco and Reese tickle his smooth, sweaty soles and in between his toes, making Trevor howl, cry and gasp for air. His body is like one big crazy tickle ride, bouncing, vibrating and shaking all over. Finally, when Trevor can’t take any more torture and his body is buzzing, Franco releases him from the stocks and allows him to jack off.

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Video: Dylan gets tickle tortured

Check out this video from the men of Tickled Hard. Franco straps Dylan down and starts tickling him gently with different feathers on his sides and nipples. Dylan twitches and moans with pleasure under Franco’s tickling touch. The expert tickling continues, and Dylan moans loudly with pleasure, almost as though he’s going to cum. It gets even louder when Franco switches to the feathers’ tips and a big, nubby brush on his slender size 10 feet. It’s obvious Dylan loves it when Daddy climbs on top and tickles him. Franco plays with Dylan’s leaking cock, but he’s not going to give Dylan any release. He goes right back to tickling with his fingers, then makes him wait for the ultimate — a headless electric toothbrush on pulsate, all over Dylan’s sweet bare feet and in between his sexy toes!


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Video: Reese gets tied, tickled and sucked off

Here’s another teaser video from Tickled Hard! Reese has never been tied up and tickled before, but this Irish-Italian straight guy is willing to do it for money. Right away, Franco has Reese laughing and jumping up, as much as a prisoner can. Franco tickles Reese’s torso with his fingers and a rubber soap saver, and there’s nothing Reese can do to make it stop. When his big dick gets hard, Franco strokes and sucks him. Reese moans in pleasure as Franco licks his balls and furry asshole. Franco deep-throats Reese’s cock and in no time he’s curling his toes and shooting a huge load. Franco sucks Reese clean then tortures his sensitive cock and continues the tickling. Brimming with anger, Reese struggles to escape, but Franco keeps tickling him hard on the inner thighs and in his armpits until he’s exhausted and begging for it to end.


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Video: David gets tied up and tickle tortured

Check out this video from Tickled Hard! David isn’t sure he’s ticklish, but he’s still nervous to be tied up for the first time. Franco straps his muscular body to the table and quickly discovers the ticklish spots in David’s armpits and on his sides. David tries to hold it together, but Franco knows how to make him laugh and squirm.


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Pictures and video: Trey gets tickle tortured by a dominant yet friendly top

Scroll down for a free video preview from Tickled Hard. In this shoot, 24-year-old Trey strips naked, and Franco straps his legs down and ties his wrists back. He tickles Trey’s ribs and pits, and Trey lets out a crazy yell while his face turns red.

macho man tickle torture

Trey tries to resist, but he just can’t fight the sensation. He twists and struggles and bursts out laughing. The laughter continues as Franco moves down to his size 10-and-a-half feet, tickling his soles and toes. It becomes clear that Trey is enjoying his tickle session, so Franco uses the moment to get Trey off. He jacks and sucks Trey until Trey arches his back high and busts his nut. Then Franco tortures Trey’s sensitive cock until he’s groaning and tickles his inner thighs. Right when Trey’s defenses are fully down and he thinks it’s over, Franco climbs on top of him and tickles his pits some more. Trey squeals and begs for it to stop. He might be out of breath, but this is the best part! Franco keeps going until Trey is physically exhausted. Finally, Franco releases Trey and he sits up in a little ball, protecting himself while he describes his first tickling experience.

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dominant but friendly tickle torture


Lucky Cup – Chapter 6

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionToben

Sometime after our lunch talk, I decided not to put Aaron through another public humiliation at the hands of the team. Our pranks on each other had… changed. So, change of plans. What could I do to him before we got him back to a private place? There wasn’t much to do that was more extreme than the total helplessness and uncontrollable stimulation… I guessed I could spice things up a little bit, given that he’d be in the locker room.

In the hour before practice, I tweaked and saved some programs. Then it was just a matter of waiting until my last class was out.

Aaron was already in his equipment room when I got to the Sports Center. I ignored him and geared up. But first I sabotaged my own shoulder pads.

Once at practice, it only took one drill for my pads to fall apart. Coach sent me over to the bench for Aaron to fix them. He was already opening up his kit, but I told him quietly, “Tell coach you need to take me back to the locker room to fix this.” He looked at me like he was trying to figure out if he really wanted to go along with it, then he shrugged and did as he was told. We headed back to the locker room. I went to my locker and got the buckle I had removed. In a few seconds my pad were as good as new. Aaron just stood watching me anxiously.

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