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Video: Trevor tickled in foot stocks

Today Franco introduces super-ticklish straight guy Trevor to the foot stocks. He ties Trevor’s arms back, locks him in the stocks and starts tickling his size 13 feet through his thin dress socks. Immediately Trevor bursts into loud, hysterical laughter and begs for it to stop, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Trevor’s big, uncut cock bounces all over while he thrashes around, but even with his arms released, there’s no escaping this hardcore foot tickle. Franco and Reese tickle his smooth, sweaty soles and in between his toes, making Trevor howl, cry and gasp for breath. His body is like one big crazy tickle ride, bouncing, vibrating and shaking all over. Finally, when Trevor can’t take any more tickling and his body is buzzing, Franco releases him from the stocks and allows him to jack off. What a load.

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Trevor tickled in foot stocks

Trevor tickled in foot stocks

Video: Scruffy Ryker Blindfolded and Tickled

Scruffy 25-year-old Ryker is ready for anything, or so he thinks! Blindfolded and unsuspecting, his hairy body jumps and twists as Franco goes in for an immediate attack on his size 13 feet. Franco jumps from ticklish spot to ticklish spot, ramping up the tickling and totally disorienting Ryker. He’s obviously into it! Ryker’s laughter fills the room under Franco’s tickling touch. It’s one surprise after another for Ryker, who twitches and flails and begs Franco to stop. The restraints prevent him from blocking, but Ryker still struggles to hit back. So Franco straps down Ryker’s chest and goes in for his armpits and crotch, and Ryker loves it. He writhes in pleasure as Franco returns to his big feet, laughing hysterically at the insane pleasure of it all. Franco drives Ryker wild by alternating between his incredibly ticklish feet. Then, when he least expects it, Franco climbs on top and does a full contact tickle of Ryker’s sweaty body.

Here’s a video preview from Tickled Hard:


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Scruffy Ryker Blindfolded and Tickled

Franco jumps from ticklish spot to ticklish spot

Video: Bert Bound In Tickle Ecstasy

Franco straps down the lower half of Bert’s body and slips him into a pair of dark sheer dress socks. As he ties up his hands, Bert mentions wanting to be blindfolded, and it quickly becomes clear that Bert is going to enjoy this. Franco starts in on Bert’s sensitive size 10 1⁄2 feet, leading him down the path to tickle ecstasy. He works his way up Bert’s body, digging into his sides and pits and increasing the intensity. Bert howls in pleasure as Franco teases his nipples with his mouth, brushes and feathers. Franco senses how aroused Bert is and pulls out his uncut cock. He sucks him hard before jacking him off with a masturbation sleeve. What a load! Franco teases Bert’s super-sensitive dick and nipples until he’s out of breath panting, but there’s still more to come. Franco tickles Bert’s bare feet, inner thighs and all over his upper body, making Bert squeal like a girl and leaving him tingling and completely disoriented.

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Bert Bound In Tickle Ecstasy

Video: Straight Stud Aiden Tripp Turned On By Tickling

Straight stud Aiden has agreed to let Franco tickle him hard. He’s been tickled before, but nothing can prepare you for Franco’s brand of tickling! Franco begins with gentle tickling on Aiden’s belly and sides. He pulls Aiden’s shirt over his head and slowly works up to his sensitive nipples and armpits. Aiden slides down the chair, wriggling to get away, not realizing that with his hands tied above his head, he’s only exposing more of his body to Franco. After digging into Aiden’s armpits, Franco takes off Aiden’s shirt, straps his arms down to the chair and pulls his pants down. He tickles Aiden’s naked body with his pants around his ankles, as Aiden does whatever he can to get away and keep Franco out of his most ticklish spots. Down to nothing but his dress shoes and sheers, Aiden uses his brief freedom to jack a hot, spurting load out of his big dick before the tickling continues. Aiden’s size 13 socked feet are next, and he breathlessly giggles as Franco attacks them. His hilarious laughter even has Franco in stitches! Franco pulls Aiden’s soaked sheers off his sweaty feet and tickles his willing victim barefoot with his fingers, feathers and brush, then returns to Aiden’s torso for one last assault that totally exhausts him.

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Straight Stud Aiden Tripp Turned On By Tickling

Video: The most ticklish feet you’ve ever seen

Straight guy Diesel has never done anything like this before, and clearly it’s got him excited. Franco tickles Diesel’s armpits, sides and bellybutton as his stiffening cock bounces around. Diesel stares Franco in the eyes while he’s being tickled, laughing hysterically every time Franco tickles his pits with his fingers. Franco keeps Diesel guessing by varying the intensity between soft feathers and deep fingers, but that stiff cock of his won’t be ignored. Franco sucks Diesel’s cock and lets him fuck his throat before pulling his own dick out. Franco slides his thick fingers in Diesel’s ass, but it’s not until Franco shoots a huge load all over Diesel that he’s ready to cum. He fingers Diesel’s butt while Diesel jacks himself off. Finally, with a few loud moans, he unloads his junk. Franco zips up and jumps right back into the tickling, digging into Diesel’s inner thighs and making him flail around. But when Franco goes for Diesel’s size 11 feet, he freaks out. Instead of going full in, Franco pulls out the feathery wands and gently tickles Diesel’s bare feet while he sits up and watches. After that brief light tickle, Franco returns to the upper body, causing Diesel to flail and laugh like a wild hyena. Franco breaks Diesel down with some sustained pit tickling, then finishes back at his feet with more feathers. He’s got the most ticklish feet you’ve ever seen

Here’s a video preview from Tickled Hard:


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Straight guy Diesel has never done anything like this before

Video: Crash Michaels Tickled Hard

At Tickled Hard, Franco brings in Marky Sparks to assist him with super-ticklish Crash Michaels. They start by tickling him with chip brushes in his armpits and on his sides. From the very beginning, Crash laughs explosively during the tickling. They pull down his underwear and tickle his taint and butt crack while teasing his dick. Then they remove his size 11 shoes and tickle his socked feet with a prickly metal scalp massager. Marky and Franco take turns getting on top of Crash, holding him down as they continue tickling his feet with soap savers. It’s not long before Crash is sweating, panting and begging for them to stop. The socks come off and the foot tickle continues with lubed fingers slipping between all ten toes and tickling of his toe mounds. At last, Franco and Marky tickle of Crash’s naked soles hard, causing him to laugh hysterically and scream for it to end. Of course, there is no end in sight for Crash! The guys take turns tickling him on his inner thighs before moving up his body for a four-handed torso tickle. And if that wasn’t enough, the tickling concludes with Franco digs into Crash’s upper body while Marky attacks his feet with soap savers. In the end, Crash is allowed to release all his pent-up energy by stroking one out, but he doesn’t know that Franco’s sadistic side is going to manifest in sensitive post-cum cock play

Here’s a video preview:


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Crash Michaels Tickled Hard

Video: Marky Tickled Hard In Leather

Incredibly ticklish Marky Sparks is in for it today. Franco enlists two masked leather boys to help him tickle the scruffy muscle boy. Marky howls with laughter as they tickle him with their fingers, brushes, feathers and beards. Blindfolded and restrained, Marky is helpless against his captors. They tickle him hard in his ribs and armpits before exposing and teasing his stiff cock. Marky swears and laughs hysterically as the guys floss between his toes and use scalp massagers on his soles. They tickle him on his inner thighs and upper ribs until he sweaty and practically crying. He pleads for them to stop, but secretly Marky loves the experience of being tickled by multiple guys at the same time.

Here’s a video clip:


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Marky Tickled Hard In Leather

Video: Roger gets tied up and tickle pleasured

This is a video from Tickled Hard. Franco blindfolds naked hunk Roger Michaels, binds his legs to the tickling table and locks his wrists up behind his head. He tickles the smooth, muscular stud with fingers and a feather on his torso and wide, size 10 1/2 feet. Roger swears and moans with ecstasy as his big feet are tickled. It’s so arousing that Franco takes the opportunity to beat off Roger’s cock, leaving Roger even more susceptible to tickling touch. Franco tickles Roger on his belly, blowing raspberries there before moving up to his ticklish armpits. Pits, thighs and even lower back, Roger is ticklish absolutely everywhere. Franco alternates between Roger’s torso and his legs until he turns his full attention to Roger’s sensitive feet. He slides an electric toothbrush all over Roger’s lubed soles and in between his toes, making Roger moan with tickle pleasure. The sensations become even more intense when Franco climbs on top of Roger and tickles his feet with soap savers and the best tools of all, Franco’s fingers. The session ends with a non-stop tickle of Roger’s feet with a scalp massager and a sneak foot tickle attack during Roger’s interview.

Here’s the trailer clip:


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Roger gets tied up and tickle pleasured