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Becoming Humble – Part 04

By RotherhamMan

Thor let himself be led away to a cell without any protest, on all fours the whole way. The men who were surrounding him were big and no doubt trained and he could give them a run for their money but in this mortal form he was unsure of victory against so many. That was if he had it in him to put up a fight after he had already been defeated by Jake, still leading him by his improvised leash. In the last twenty-four hours Thor had sucked off more men than he knew, been obligated to impale himself on his own hammer, and discover that he was weaker than ever thanks to his father’s punishment of exile. So what if he was going to a cell, it was just as much a prison as the rest of this world.

The six guards were wary and intrigued by this unknown man. He looked as strong as any of them and they recognised a warrior in him but they had seen the pictures of how he had been found if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. It was difficult to take a man seriously once he had been seen with a hammer up his ass, cum all over his face and upper body, and delirious from sucking cock and now he was once again leaking cum from his ass from their champion and was crawling after him like an obedient dog.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 05

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

There’s a difference being in a dark room, like a bedroom, where light is still able to somehow enter the space and the eyes adjust and can make out forms, and a completely blacked out room, where your eyes never adjust to the darkness and it’s pitch black. The cell was the latter. Once the cell door closed and the light went out, the cell was devoid of any light source. I continued to stay kneeling in the same spot, thinking at some point my eyes would adjust and then it would be all right to move around. That never happened.

It was the pain in my knees and arms that finally decided I needed to make a move. The floor was concrete, so my knees didn’t like the very hard surface they were in constant contact with. My arms and my shoulders were also slightly uncomfortable, since the chain connecting my wrists to the collar around my neck was keeping the wrists just above the waist behind my back. It’s not a natural position for the arms and shoulders to be in. If you’ve been handcuffed for any length of time, you know this. Think about that position being pulled up about six or eight inches from where your wrists would fall if they were simply cuffed behind you. It makes a huge difference.

I decided to try to move toward the wall to my right and see if I could lean against it while sitting on the floor. As I moved in that direction, I was quickly reminded of the limited movement I was being allowed due to the ball stretcher chained to the floor. The instant tug I got on my balls was the only reminder I needed.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 02

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 2: Quaint Local Customs

You don’t need to be on St. Bevons very long before you know they have all different races there.  So Patrick was some kind of Asian and the other one–Dobie, like it said on his shirt–was white.  Not surprising.  And they have their own accent or dialect or whatever.  I mean you hear it but not from the ones that have any money, lol!  Patrick had it, but underneath you could tell that he had to be an American.  Same for the other one.  You knew it by how they said things.  Like when Dobie said, “Yeh, we be outta you way soon sir.”  These guys on the island, like cooks and so on, always said “waaaay,” like it might go on forever, and when they got to something like “sir,” it was “sirrrr.”

But these two guys didn’t sound like that.  They sounded like I sounded when Dan took me to his room and gave me a beer (thanks, Dan–finally!) and I did my imitation of islan’ talk till he told me I was drunk and I should knock it off.  So you can learn to talk that way, but you might not be perfect.  Anyhow, Dobie and Patrick pulled off the bedclothes and brought in some new sheets and fluffed up the pillows and went in the bathroom and scrubbed and flushed and mopped and sprayed, and all the time they were chattering away in islan’ but the way they cranked their shoulders and slung their butts was totally USA.

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Billy Ray Tickled

Here’s another video from Franco at Tickled Hard. In this one, Franco cuffs Billy’s wrists to the wall and slips behind him to tickle his armpits and sides. Billy curses and laughs deeply as he’s tickled on his knees and bellybutton. After a primer tickle on Billy’s size 11 feet, Franco moves back up the body, alternating between his inner thighs and armpits. Billy arches his back as far as he can, but he can’t escape his nasty gay uncle’s tickling advances. Franco tickles the backs of Billy’s sensitive legs, driving him crazy before the final stage begins. First, he uses a power drill loaded with a feathery brush to tickle Billy’s feet, then finally he tickles them with soap savers and brushes until Billy’s got nothing left to give.

Franco at Tickled Hard

See the video at Tickled Hard

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Fez’s Tickle Pleasure

Here’s another video from Tickled Hard. In this update, Fez is pretty excited to be tickled by a big man like Franco. He strips down to his underwear and allows Franco to cuff his wrists to a tall chair, inviting him to start right away. Franco tickles Fez in his armpits, ribs and tight little stomach first, then slides down to work on Fez’s inner thighs. Fez laughs breathlessly and clearly enjoys not being able to escape the tickle pleasure. Even though Fez struggles, he still follows Franco’s commands, giving up his bare soles to the tickle top. Franco tickles Fez’s smooth soles with his big fingers and soap savers, then gives him a whole new tickling sensation on his feet with a hairbrush. The tickling experience really goes to the next level, though, with the addition of some lube…and a tickling buddy! Branson joins the fun, enjoying his first experience as a tickle top. The guys soak Fez with lube and tickle his slender body from head to toe, focusing especially on his most sensitive parts, his stomach and inner thighs

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See the video at Tickled Hard

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Elijah gets tied up and tickled hard

In this video from Tickled Hard, Franco cuffs Elijah to his new tickling board and goes at him in his armpits with a toothbrush. The tall, lean cutie giggles and swears at the annoying sensations, which only encourages Franco to be more vicious. A few minutes into the brutal tickle session and Elijah is ready to tap out! Franco tickles Elijah’s inner thighs with his fingers and his bellybutton with his beard and tongue before tickling his size 12’s. Franco tickles Elijah all over his bare feet, causing him to squeal and laugh loudly, but he really wears Elijah out by tickling his thighs and armpits. He tickles Elijah both from underneath and from above until he’s finally broken. He then releases Elijah’s hand so he can stroke himself, but right as he’s finishing, Franco takes over. He jacks Elijah’s sensitive cock after he cums and tickles him until he’s red all over.

Elijah gets tied up and tickled

See the video at Tickled Hard

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Mitch gets tied up and tickled on his bare vulnerable feet

At Tickled Hard, Mitch’s deep, rich voice resonates loudly as Franco tickles his thick body and size 10 feet. If you like a loud, manly moaner, Mitch is your guy! His gravelly groans fill the room and his muscular body twitches all over throughout the hardcore tickle session. Franco uses a toothbrush and fingers on Mitch’s bare soles and between his toes, while the big man sweats and moans. The volume turns up even louder when Franco digs into Mitch’s huge thighs and upper ribs. Franco adds some lube to the mix and takes the tickling to another level, causing Mitch’s manly grunts to become even stronger. Franco tickles Mitch’s slippery feet with various brushes and soap savers, driving the stud wild. Then, when Mitch is finally overloaded, Franco sets his buddy up with some porn so he can pleasure himself. The sensation is so surprisingly different after being tickled that Mitch giggles as he strokes his thick cock. When he’s finally ready to cum, he sends out the same loud moans and laughter as he did while being tickled, but this time it ends with an enormous load.

muscle bondage tickle

See the video at Tickled Hard

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Dominic’s Pleasure Tickle

At Tickled Hard, Dominic relaxes on the tickling table in just his jockstrap and ankle socks while he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up. After Franco blindfolds Dominic, he tickles him with a feather and his fast-moving fingers on his sides and in his armpits. Dominic is obviously very ticklish, which shows even more when Franco tickles his cute size 9 feet. He gladly submits to Franco’s tickle pleasures, even if he’s holding back a little. Franco has ways of breaking through any hold, and with Dominic, it’s applying more tickle tools and techniques to his feet. Dominic giggles and growls like a tormented puppet, bouncing what little he can in the cuffs and duct tape bonds. Removing the blindfold snaps Dominic back to reality and intensifies the situation. Franco’s hands are masterful tickling devices, moving from one part of Dominic’s body to the next, and when he’s not using those, he draws from his cache of tickling tools, including a wide array of brushes. Past the halfway point, Franco adds lube, and the sensations are so intense that Dominic barely makes a sound. His head and torso turn red, and and he bounces up and down, desperately trying to catch his breath. Just when Dominic thinks it’s over, Franco brings Buck Williams in to help him finish the sweaty captive off.

he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up

See the video at Tickled Hard

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