Busman’s Holiday – Part 19

By lthr_jock

Andy looked at the display on his phone: “Number withheld”. He had no idea who had called or why they would call him instead of Clarkie doing it himself. Obviously he had noticed the pickup truck pulling up outside Clark’s house – but when it went on into the garage he assumed that Clark had given them a key and the access code to the security system. The truck had left about 5 minutes ago and there was no sign of Clark anywhere. That wasn’t unusual – but Andy knew Clark was off work this weekend. He had noticed that Clark was away from home a lot more these last couple of months. Must be part of Clark’s new workout programme – which he had to admit was working. Clark was definitely bulking up well – for the first time he was bigger than Andy.

Andy was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt, so he slipped trainers and a hoodie on as it was just starting to rain outside. He jogged across the road, let himself into Clark’s house and then silenced the beeping of the alarm code by punching in his over-ride. The house was silent and empty – until Andy heard a muffled thump from upstairs followed by what seemed to be a low groan. Andy carefully padded up the stairs and heard another thump come from Clark’s room. Maybe one of the workmen was still here? In case it was something more sinister, Andy didn’t call out instead creeping carefully up to the door.

What he saw there made him stop open-mouthed. A figure completely covered in rubber was wriggling on the bed. The only part of them visible was their lips and teeth held open by the red rubber ball gag. The wardrobes on the other side of the room were open, and Andy could see several leather and rubber items hanging up. “Well, damn Clarkie, you are a dark horse aren’t you?”

He approached the bed. From some of his own adventures as a young Marine, he recognised that the man was restrained inside a sleepsack. He had been in one himself a few times, but never had the chance to see what it looked like from the outside. He watched closely as the restrained man wriggled and writhed on the bed, the drool running around the ball gag. Andy could imagine the sweat that was building up inside the sack and he grinned as his cock started to rise in his shorts. The main question he had now was who was in the sack – was it Clarkie, or was it someone else?

Whoever it was, they were dangerously close to falling off the bed. Andy grabbed the straps securing the sack tightly around the victim and dragged him back to a safer position. Whoever it was yelled with surprise, then tried to say something, gurgling around the gag. Andy reached behind the man’s head and undid the gag. The man cleared his throat “Thanks. Look just let me go, I won’t say anything. You have to let me go.”

Andy recognised Clark’s voice and grinned. As Clark went to say something else, he pushed the ball gag back in his mouth and strapped it tightly in place again. Clark yelled again and struggled harder. Andy looked around and found a belt. He looped it around Clark’s feet and then secured it to the headboard – now Clark wouldn’t fall off the bed. He walked over to the wardrobe and pulled several items out looking at them and chuckling as he imagined Clark wearing them. He adjusted his cock a couple of times as it swelled and grew, his 8” thick tool of meat clearly enjoying the new view he had of his friend. Behind him, Clark wriggled on the bed and grunted for attention. Andy turned. He planned to give him that attention very soon. Walking over to the restrained man, he pushed him over onto his side to check the sleepsack was built the way he expected. When he saw what he wanted, he let Clark fall back onto his bed and headed over to his house to get a couple of things he would need.

Vickers had watched all of this on the webcam. When Andy didn’t release Clark, he thought that he would be getting a show and he sighed with disappointment as Andy left the room. Maybe he had misjudged the ex-Marine. Vickers decided to get ready to head across to release Clark himself – but before he headed out, he decided to give Andy a bit of time….just in case. 15 minutes later his patience was rewarded as Andy walked back into the room. He had a bag with him which he placed by the bed. He then opened up Clark’s wardrobe so that the full length mirror inside was fully revealed. He got out a camera and snapped a few pictures of Clark’s leather and rubber gear. He then got Clark’s desk lamp and angled it so that it was shining directly into Clark’s face.

Andy reached into his bag and pulled out a rubber blindfold. This blindfold had no straps attached to it and no other way for it to be secured onto someone’s head. Andy took a tube of spirit gum from his bag and smeared it over the edges of the blindfold. Andy reached around behind Clark and released the ball gag. He took it out and put it on the bed. He ignored the pleading as Clark begged to be released, then reached behind him to find the zip at the back of the hood. He slowly pulled the zip up and as he did so, Clark stopped talking as he thought he was going to be released. Andy pulled the hood off Clark’s head with a swift movement revealing his sweat matted hair and creased face. Clark looked directly into the light of the desk lamp and with a cry closed his eyes. As he did this, Andy slapped the blindfold over his eyes and held it in place. Clark thrashed his head to and fro, but Andy had all the leverage here and he didn’t let go until he was satisfied the spirit gum had done its’ work. When he did, the blindfold stayed in place despite anything that Clark did to try and shake it off.

Andy wrestled Clark into a sitting position with his feet on the floor and his arse on the bed. As Clark continued to yell, he pulled battery powered clippers out of his bag and started to shave the sides and back of Clarks head. “What the fuck are you doing?” Clark tried to twist away from the clippers, but each time he did Andy stopped and slapped him around the face. He soon got the idea and stopped moving. Andy continued until the sides and back were clippered were very short, leaving only a horse-shoe shape of longer hair on the top of Clark’s skull. He then took out shaving foam and smeared it over the clippered area. Then with a safety razor, he shaved Clark clean. His young friend now had a haircut just like a raw Marine recruit – just how Andy wanted him.

He rubbed the remains of the soap off Clarks head and then pushed the ball gag back in. Tightening it, he pulled Clark onto his feet and then turned him around so that he was facing the bed. He pushed Clark onto the bed and pulled him backwards until his lower legs were on the floor and his crotch was crushed against the edge of the bed. Andy stripped off his clothing revealing his muscled form, his dog tags nestling between his pecs in a forest of graying hair. His cock was stood out in front of him and he rolled a condom onto it before grabbing a tube of lube and undoing the arse zip on the sleepsack.

Andy used two fingers to work lube inside Clark’s arse. Clark realised what was going to happen and started to struggle, but trapped as he was in the sleepsack there was nothing he could do. He begged his captor not to do this into the gag, but he was ignored and he soon felt a thick fleshy object pushing into his virgin arse. Clark yelled with pain as Andy slid past his ring with his thick cock. Drool ran freely around the gag as he was impaled buy his friend. Then, as Andy’s cock rubbed against his prostate Clark could feel his own cock rising in the cock cuff and to his surprise, the pain was mingled with pleasure.

Andy didn’t care what Clark was feeling. He pushed deep inside Clark and then started to pump in and out, ramming hard into the restrained man’s arse. He started to get a rhythm going as he thought about how often he had dreamed of having sex with his friend. He pushed hard in and out, the guttural grunts from Clark arousing him more and more, encouraging to pump harder. As he felt himself getting close, he grabbed the back of Clarks’s collar and pulled his torso upright. As Clark struggled against Andy, his head was pulled back and the two men made a perfect reflection in Clark’s wardrobe mirror – a reflection that Andy captured on his mobile phone. Almost immediately he came hard into the condom and he let Clark fall forward onto the bed, collapsing on top of him.

Andy lay there for a few minutes, his softening cock still inside Clark’s arse. He pulled out and then went into the bathroom to remove the condom. When he returned, he carefully packed his things into his bag and then zipped Clarks arse zip closed. He then pulled the big man back onto the bed. He pulled down the main zip on the sleepsack revealing the oiled flesh beneath. He grinned as he sae the chain harness that Clark was wearing and fully opened the zip. He then left the house and went back to his own.

Clark felt the cold of the zip being opened and then after a few minutes realised he was alone. The rubber was now loose and he thought he might be able to get his arms out of the tubes that held them in place. As he struggled, the sack started to slip down and he was soon able to work his way free. He undid the ball gag and threw it to one side, spitting to clear the drool from his mouth. He reached up to explore the blindfold and ran his fingers around one edge. As he pulled at it, it started to come away from his face and, although it took some eyebrow hairs with it, he soon had it off. To his surprise he looked around to find himself in his own bedroom.

“Vickers, you bastard!”

Clark logged on to his computer, straight on to Skype and messaged Vickers. Vickers looked at it with no surprise – he had watched the whole show (and recorded it naturally) and was delighted with everything that had happened. The message from Clark had more expletives than usual, so he sent back a calm reply.

“Look at yourself – and tell me you didn’t enjoy that.”

Clark stood up so he could see himself. His entire body was shaved from the neck down and gleaming with posing oil and sweat. His cock was secured in the cuff, but was straining to break free. His new haircut made him look younger and harder and a twinge from his cock showed him that Vickers was right.

“You bastard. Yes I did.”

Vickers laughed. “I thought you might. So, I guess you want to be freed?”

Clark nodded “Damn right I do.”

“No problems. One question though – do you want the sleepsack?”

Clark looked around at the rubber sack that had been his prison for the last few hours.

“Yes, of course.”

“In that case, it comes with a price.” Vickers sent Clark a 4 digit code and told him where he could find the combination lock on the harness. In seconds, Clark had the chains off although the cock cuff remained on.

“What about the chastity?”

“That’s part of the payment. The key will be in your locker at work tomorrow – together with your phone. Bye.” Vickers signed off without waiting for Clark’s angry response.


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7 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday – Part 19”

  1. So freaking hot!!! Clark just gets hotter and hotter in every story wanna see Clark in a situation where he has to serve Morrison!!!

  2. Always a good day when another chapter is posted.
    Everyone that meets Clark wants a piece of his ass. The warden and a few of the guards must have been watching him for a long time imaging what they could do to the big man once he is in prison restraints.
    Morrison should be up for early “release” some time soon.

  3. Just read the whole series and I really enjoyed it. It’s been a long time since you added to it. Will it continue? I hope so. It’s really good.

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