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Objectified – Part 02

By darthvader

The gimp has been inside his padded cell covered in rubber for a week now. From time to time I allowed the gimp some time out of the cell in order for the gimp to stay in good shape. I would then have the gimp do some exercise, which was considerably becoming more difficult as the amount of piss and waste in the gimp’s suit grew.

At the end of the week the day had come on which the gimp would have to be let out of the suit and cleaned and shaved. I also knew I would have to put him into another kind of bondage for a while to let his skin dry a little. After taking off the mask of the suit and making sure that the collar went around the gimp’s neck, attaching it to the chain hanging from the ceiling I told the gimp to clean himself and the suit thoroughly. I knew this would probably take a while allowing me to go upstairs and take care of some other things. I returned to the gimp after an hour.

“Good gimp – you have cleaned up all the mess you have made and are ready to be transferred. You know that I always take good care of my gimp – don’t you?”

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I am in a newly added video at Serious Male Bondage

Last October I had the pleasure of visiting the Franklin County Historic Jail out in Iowa. It was a fantastic experience. I made some new friends and solidified some longstanding friendships as well. Mark from Serious Male Bondage was among the participants, and we were all hosted by Bind from Men in Chains. I spent each night locked in a jail cell, and I also got to participate in some of the action, with the video cameras rolling all day.

One of the movies was this triple-threat scene that has now been added to Serious Male Bondage. In this clip, Harvey straps me into a Max Cita canvas sleepsack. Then Bind comes in and gets locked in metal, and finally Dakota Duke gets put in rubber. All of us are behind the bars of a jail cell!

Max Cita canvas sleepsack

The video is up now at Serious Male Bondage

Also see many related videos at Men in Chains

Thanks to Bind for hosting and Mark for shooting this fun video!

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Side Effects – Chapter 7

By GratDelay

male BDSM storiesI shook my head. He just stood there with his arms crossed.

“You said it was worthwhile…”


“Prove it.”

I felt the blood rush from my head, AND from my dick. HE had actually crossed one of MY boundaries; one I didn’t know I had, because this scenario had never occurred to me. Not with him, not with anybody. “This is too much for me,” I muttered. I set the bulb down on the counter and started to leave the bathroom. He grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him.

“Liam. I’m OK with this, obviously. Why can’t you be?”

“Dude, it’s SHIT!”

“So it’s not worth it after all?”

“You’re just trying to push buttons now, aren’t you? See if you can reach my limits? Well you have.”

He considered my words. “I figured, guys who are into anal, especially after what you said last night, are just, you know, used to it. Like… like a dad dealing with his kids’ diapers.”

I grabbed the enema bulb and shoved it in his hands. It squirted some water from getting squeezed. “You’re not a kid, I’m not a dad, and neither of us are into that sort of kink.”

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