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By Collector2

I’ve known Jake for several months online. We’ve chatted almost nightly but I’ve never had the opportunity to meet him. While he lives in the same city as me, Jake’s a trucker and his job keeps him away from home most of the time. When I receive his email saying that he will be in town Friday and would I meet him for lunch I jump at the chance.

Lunch goes well and we fall into an easy rapport like friends who have known each other for years. When the meal is finished Jake says, “Well – I have to get back on the road but first I have something to show you. Come out to the truck with me.” When we get to the truck he unlocks it and says, “jump in,” I climb into the cab and he takes his place in the drivers seat.

“Take a look in the sleeper,” he says. “I bought this with you in mind.”

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