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The Wait

By Steellock

The wait was over!

As a dedicated switch he loved meeting with friends for a few hours; switching roles between top and bottom. Restraining his friends and taunting them with clamps, peg, electrodes; the many and varied toys he had gathered over the last few years. All the while knowing that the boi in his hands would soon be dealing out to him something very similar. It might be the sting of the cane as he was strung up tight to the ceiling or the tap tap tap of the crop on his thigh as he sat, tightly held in his bondage chair.

But soon it would be over. He rarely found a top with the time or the inclination to just restrain him for a long pure session of pure bondage. Imobilised. Zipped and strapped into his sleepsack. Spread-eagled on the bed with leather restraints, chains and padlocks. Securely held in Segufix – perhaps his greatest pleasure. Such tops are either few and far between or expensive!

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A Novice’s Wish

By Rubrpig

It was looking to be a boring day, hot and humid, so Trevor was just hanging out at home as it was air-conditioned. The heat wave was getting everyone down as the heat and humidity was making it feel like it was 40c outside. Trevor sat on the couch surfing on the net passing the time. He was looking at what had become some of his favourite sites as he had found himself attracted more and more to sites that featured images and stories about men in leather and heavy bondage. He was surfing through the images of men in leather dominating other men who had been locked into various forms of bondage and restraints. His cock was hard and dripping, his pre-cum forming a wet spot on the pouch of his jock strap.

He had been curious about a site that seemed to be the prime site for men into leather and bondage but he had been hesitant about joining the site, but today he decided that he was going to sign up and see what happened. He logged into RECON and clicked the link to sign up. He completed the profile and uploaded an image of himself in a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans. In his profile he indicated that he was a novice looking to learn and experience his first bondage. He wrote that images of men in leather straitjackets, hoods and in sleepsacks got his dick hard and he was willing to experience it at the hand of someone experienced.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 19

By lthr_jock

Andy looked at the display on his phone: “Number withheld”. He had no idea who had called or why they would call him instead of Clarkie doing it himself. Obviously he had noticed the pickup truck pulling up outside Clark’s house – but when it went on into the garage he assumed that Clark had given them a key and the access code to the security system. The truck had left about 5 minutes ago and there was no sign of Clark anywhere. That wasn’t unusual – but Andy knew Clark was off work this weekend. He had noticed that Clark was away from home a lot more these last couple of months. Must be part of Clark’s new workout programme – which he had to admit was working. Clark was definitely bulking up well – for the first time he was bigger than Andy.

Andy was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt, so he slipped trainers and a hoodie on as it was just starting to rain outside. He jogged across the road, let himself into Clark’s house and then silenced the beeping of the alarm code by punching in his over-ride. The house was silent and empty – until Andy heard a muffled thump from upstairs followed by what seemed to be a low groan. Andy carefully padded up the stairs and heard another thump come from Clark’s room. Maybe one of the workmen was still here? In case it was something more sinister, Andy didn’t call out instead creeping carefully up to the door.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 18

By lthr_jock

Clark stood outside Vickers’ house and swore under his breath. He looked at his open top jeep and then down at himself. The boiler suit was gaping open, revealing his shaved chest and harness to the world. He tried to pull it closer but the suit was clearly too small for him and nothing he did made it any better. He thought about hammering on Vickers’ door but after the way Vickers had been acting, Clark was sure that the door would not be opened. After a couple of minutes of indecision, Clark got into the driving seat. He winced as he sat down and the cock cuff caught in the material of the boiler suit and he reached down to try and make it comfortable. He soon discovered that it couldn’t be fully comfortable and decided to drive off after he looked up and saw one of Vickers’ neighbours peering at him between their curtains.

Clark turned the key in the ignition and to his surprise the normally efficient engine turned over a few times and then coughed, spluttered and died. He tried again with much the same result. Clark groaned – he would hate to have to call the RAC dressed like this. He tried again and this time the engine caught, although as he started to pull away the jeep lurched strangely. Clark headed for home concentrating on nursing his vehicle back to his garage.

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