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Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 03: Deeper In


Unical date: 3752.563.22 (nineteen days until scheduled arrival at Kappa Redulans)

It was a bit strange to adjust to living in the simspace.  Sam was accustomed to moving from place to place to handle the various aspects of his day.  Wake up in the sleeping space, move to the bathroom space, then the eating space, then the working space, then the playing space or the relaxing space, and end up back at the sleeping space at the end of the day.  Here, instead, his body stayed still and the space around him changed to supply whatever he wanted.  Need the toilet?  Make one, use it, then dismiss it.  Conjure a restaurant into being long enough to enjoy breakfast, then send it packing.

There were only two things he needed to leave the simspace for.  One was to check the ship’s progress.  He headed for the command bridge, feeling a bit strange about padding around the ship in the buff but really there was no reason not to.  There he spent about twenty minutes in all doing his “job”.  All status lights were green, all reports from the navigation AI indicated systems were operating normally.  That part was done in two minutes but he stretched it out to almost ten, double- and triple-checking things that didn’t need to be double- and triple-checked.

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Letting Go

By Nitro

Normally I’m a dom in the playroom — but sometimes I just need my hands off the wheel and to let go, and luckily I have some good outlets for that. I let him know that I just need a few hours heavily restrained and not in control, but I really have no idea what he has planned, but it never disappoints.

Before I head over I let him know that I was locking my cock up under my clothes and that I would have my remote vibrating plug sealed in nicely and ready for him to enjoy. So I drove over after work and kept getting delayed because of rain. If you’ve never driven in Atlanta in the rain…. It’s an adventure straight out of Mad Max Fury Road but without the hot gear…. Well I guess there is some gear. I get over to his place and the garage door is already open and waiting on me so I head on in, and the house is super quiet. He must already be downstairs plotting and waiting for the meat to arrive. As I descend the stairs into the playroom I can already smell the faint cigar that lingers in the space and my dick tries to throb in the cage it’s been so tightly packed in for a few hours.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs I see him finishing moving some equipment around already dressed in just a jock and boots as he adjusts the chains on the floating table that I assume is going to be my resting spot for the day. Walking up to him to give him a big kiss I can immediately smell his masculine musk from the gym and my dick burps out some more precum into my shorts. FUCK I’m so god damn horny already. Then he reaches up and grazes both my nipples in unison and I am sent to the fucking MOON.

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Inescapable bondage gear: Vector heavy padded bondage sleeves

Available from Mr S, these Vector Heavy Padded Bondage Sleeves offer an inescapable bondage experience that allows you to create an arms-crossed, straitjacket-style scene — or an arms-down, sleepsack-like scene! Both positions offer more body access and temperature control.

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