Busman’s Holiday – Part 21

By lthr_jock

Clark yelled into the muzzle as he woke up, his muscles aching and his back spasming with pain. The restraints afforded him little movement and while he slept his muscles had locked. Despite his yells, little sound leaked out of the muzzle and didn’t disturb anyone outside the cell. He moved himself to a sitting position and stretched as much as the restraints allowed, staring at the blank wall and wondering what the time was. He thought it was the next day – but he had absolutely no idea. He also had no idea whether Morrison was actually coming back – he thought he would, but if he didn’t Clark would be exposed once the restraints were removed and his bondage ordeal would be over. But that would just be the start of another ordeal as his superiors explored how this had happened. They would go over his life with a fins tooth-comb as he would be suspected of being involved, and everything to do with Samuel would be discovered.

As he thought about it, he felt his cock rising and tenting the front of his trousers. Clark sighed. The bondage was arousing enough and he could reach his cock to give himself some relief. He was tempted to do it so that Morrison would have to pull on his trousers with Clarks sticky load inside, but he didn’t want to have to endure that himself. It had been bad enough when he had used the toilet on the day before – with his hands restrained in front of him he could just about work his trousers down far enough, but it took ages to pull them back up.

Clark had tried to talk to the guards and to get them to release him, but the muzzle blocked his speech and they took a gleeful delight in insisting on feeding him using a the feeding hole. While they did so they laughed and mocked him, clearly enjoying “Morrison’s” struggle to suck down the liquid nutrients they provided him with. Clark gave up trying to talk to them, instead glaring at them – which seemed to be totally in character.

Clark flexed his hands against the cuffs, which remained obdurately solid. He looked down at his bare arms and flexed his biceps as much as he could. He admired the way his muscle balled and tightened, making veins stand out down his upper arm. His workouts had really been doing him good and as he admired himself, he felt his cock swelling. He moved uncomfortably and tried to move to a more comfortable position.

The sound of the hatch opening jerked him back to wakefulness and he realised he had managed to fall asleep again. He could see a figure beyond the hatch, so he hobbled across to it. As he got close, the guard pushed a protein pack with a straw on it through the hatch and into the feeding hole on the front of the muzzle. Clark started to suck the tasteless mass down and peered through. He couldn’t see the face of the guard, but could see his nametag – Palmer. To his surprise, Palmer started to whisper to him.

“Morrison, I’ve tried to get you released but that bastard Clark has locked the system. You’re stuck here until tomorrow.”

Palmer stopped expecting some response. Clark grunted into the muzzle as hard as he could.

“If he doesn’t come in tomorrow I can over-ride it.”

Clark grunted again.

“I’ve done all the usual for you and your stuff will be in the usual place.” Clark tried not to show his surprise and contended himself with nodding and grunting.

“Just to help you get through this, I slipped something into the shake. See you tomorrow, Morriison.”

Palmer shut the hatch and Clark was left stood there. If he ever got out, he would have some useful intelligence about Palmer – but he wondered what Palmer had slipped into the shake.   He didn’t have long to wait. As he moved his head to and fro, he started to see green streaks across his vision. He shook his head to try and clear it, but it made it worse and he started seeing everything through a haze of multiple colours. Clark tried to stand, but his muscles were like jelly and he couldn’t do anything to stop himself slumping to one side. As he lay there, he felt waves of heat roll through his system and his cock swelled to hardness with arousal. He lay there, eyes open watching the patterns roll and boil in front of him and as the arousal ran through his system felt himself cumming uncontrollably. Some small part of his brain wanted to stop, but the rest of him was drowned in the sensation and he lay there, tightly restrained, uncontrollably cumming.


Morrison stretched as he woke up. He was lying in a luxurious bed in a hotel that he had paid for with Clark’s credit card. The evening before had been great. He had headed over to a friends, who had cracked Clark’s card for him. He was delighted when he found that Clark had several thousand pounds in it. He had spent an enjoyable evening drinking and then booked the room to spend the night in luxury. As he lay there, hands behind his head he heard a soft tap at the door. He wrapped a towel around himself to find a hotel porter with a trolley beside him that was covered in parcels. “Your shopping has arrived, Sir.”

Morrison grinned – he had made full use of Clark’s credit card and got himself some more suitable clothing ordered. Damn, he loved being free! He brusquely took the parcels and ushered the guy out, slamming the door without tipping him. Then he took a long, hot, luxurious shower and opened the parcels up.

He grabbed a pair of dark red leather jeans and pulled them on, grinning as he snugged them up over his legs. He tucked his cock down the right leg of the trouser and reached in the bag for a pair of long white socks. He unrolled them over his feet and then pulled on heavy cleated boots that laced up to just below his knee. He then rolled the top of the socks over them to hide the knot holding the laces in place. As usual, Morrison favoured leaving his arms free to show off his impressive biceps, so the next item he took out was a red lycra tanktop that he pulled on and tucked into the leather jeans. He added a thick studded leather belt and then grabbed the matching red leather motorcycle jacket. He grunted at the weight of it and swung it over one shoulder. He checked himself out in the mirror, happy at what he saw and opened a final bag to take out a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Putting them on, he grabbed Clarks car keys and headed out.

Ten minutes later, he was driving down the road with his jacket on the seat beside him and a big grin on his face. He had a few more places to visit and plans to use Clark’s credit card until it was drained. There were some things he needed before he went back into the prison. There was also one final visit he had to make today.


Vickers looked up from the set of shackles he was welding as a chime from his computer indicated a vehicle was in his driveway. He checked his CCTV and saw Clark’s jeep parked up and the familiar shape of Clark walking up to the door. He changed his view to the door cam and realised that Clark was stood with his hand over it. It wasn’t a problem – the man walking up to the door looked just like Clark even though he hadn’t seen the face. He called through the intercom “Mr Clark, what a surprise. Come in. I’m down in the workshop.” He buzzed the door open and the camera cleared as the man walked inside. He caught a glimpse of the side of his head and realised that Clark had fully shaved his head. “ As I have said many times, you are a dark horse Mr Clark” he muttered as he turned the welder off and tidied a few stray items away.

He expected Clark to appear at the top of the basement stairs within a few seconds, but to his surprise the man did not appear. “Mr Clark?” he called up the stairs and then after a few seconds heard the heavy tramp of boots on the floor above. As the man came into view, he saw the heavy boots and dark red leather. “ Red leather? I see you’ve been buying more things, Mr Clark. So what…..” His voice dried up and caught as the mans face came into view and he realised this was Morrison. “Morrison? What the hell are you doing here? What’s going on?”

“Vickers, good to see you’re such good pals with Clark. Looks like you’ve got a good deal going with him – I want in.”

“You want in? You want in to what exactly?”

Morrison ambled towards the computer chair and sprawled into it. “I’m not dumb, Vickers, I saw those files you sent me. You’re blackmailing Clark and I want in.”

“But..but.. how are you here? What the hell happened?”

Morrison took off his sunglasses and passed them gently from hand to hand. “ Let’s just say that Mr Clark and I have currently done a job swap.”

Vickers looked confused. “ A job swap? You mean…?”

“Yes, he is currently in solitary wearing those restraints you designed and I am here talking to you.”

“But, you can’t be serious. You’ll never get away with this. Someone will realise.”

As Vickers started to babble, Morrison held up a hand to stop him “I know. I’m going back tomorrow and we’ll trade places again. But I’m not going to risk Clark developing the balls to stand up to me. You …and I… have him over a barrel and while he still thinks that, I am going to make the best of it.”

“The best of it? What are you talking about?”

“This is a test run, Vickers. Next time I do it, it’ll be for real. But so no-one will be looking for me, I need some help from you.”

“What sort of help?”

Morrison pointed with his thumb at the computers behind him. “You’re good with this computer stuff. I need you to alter my records.”

“Which ones?”

“All of them. I want my description, blood type, fingerprints and DNA to all be altered so that they refer to Clark instead of me. Once you do that, I can get out of prison permanently.”

“Hold on, even if that was possible, the guards in the prison know who you are and they know Clark. All it will take is one of them to challenge the data and then some bright spark will track it back to me.”

Morrison leant forward an evil gleam in his eye. “I know. That’s why I’m going to do something to get myself transferred to Dartmoor. No-one there knows me and no-one knows Clark. We’ll do the swap and Clark will spend the rest of his life in maximum security. Which seems to be somewhere he’ll enjoy himself – he seems to like being chained down.”

Vickers sat down and started to think. Morrison started to talk again and he held up one hand. “Wait. Give me a second.” He started to think it through. It might be possible. He would need to call in a few favours, and it would take some time but it might be possible.

“Ok – it’s possible, but it’s very difficult. It’s going to cost.” Morrison grinned and leaned forward conspiratorially “How much? I’m sure you’re making enough from ‘Samuel’ to cover it. If I cooked your golden goose, you wouldn’t be getting any more from him would you?”

“If you get Clark locked up, Samuel won’t be available anyway.”

“Well, talk to me nicely and maybe I can be your new Samuel.”

Vickers ran his eyes over Morrison – he certainly looked physically similar and he could certainly imagine Morrison in the part. He stepped forward and held out his hand. “You have a deal, Morrison. I’ll start to work out how we get this done.” Morrison stood as he shook his hand. “ Good. Send me the details. I want to be out within the month.” He yawned hugely, his muscles stretching his leathers and making them creak. “Now, I got to go and get dirty with someone. I want to dump my load a few times before I go back to the prison.”

Vickers curled his lip in distaste as Morrison clumped his way back up the stairs and left. He hated working with him – and didn’t trust him at all. The thought of him being free was not a palatable one, but he couldn’t see a way out of this which would stop Morrison revealing Clark’s secret. He might just have to do what Morrison asked and help him to break free from prison.


Clark didn’t know how long he was lying there. He came uncontrollably multiple times. His vision swam with colours and he heard strange sounds that sometimes seemed like a voice and other times were like animal noises. Several times he thought someone was in the cell with him and he tried to beg them for help – not for release from the bonds but for assistance in helping him cum again. But on each occasion, nothing happened and on some level he knew this must have been a hallucination of some kind.

He lay there, his trousers sodden, twitching and grunting, his eyes barely focussed. He saw a figure swim through waves of colour and approach him. Clark closed his eyes, it was another illusion. This time he felt pressure on his shoulder and a rough shaking. He opened his eyes to see Morrison staring at him. “Fuck, Clark, what have you been taking? And FUCK what have you done to my trousers?” Morrison stepped away and the next thing Clark felt was freezing cold water as Morrison fetched a bucket from outside the cell and poured it over his head. The cold water seemed to help clear his head. He opened his eyes again and saw Morrison step back towards him. Morrison grabbed him by the chain between his collar and his wrists and pulled him to his feet. “Clark, we have to get you cleaned up. I came in early so we could swap over, but the early shift will be here soon and if they find you like this we’re both fucked.”

Morrison yanked Clark out of the cell and marched him down to the showers, Clark stumbling as he hobbled along. Morrison turned a shower on and pushed Clark under it. Clark gasped as the shower soaked him and tried to step away but Morrison held him under it. Clark heard him curse as Morrisons phone gave a warning chirp and he felt himself yanked out from under the shower. He looked down and blearily saw Morrison with the control programme for the shackles – the sensor had detected the water and warned him to take the chains off. Morrison thumbed the control and Clark felt the shackles loosen. Quickly, Morrison pulled the restraints off him and stripped him naked. Clark thought about trying to get his own back, but could hardly stand and slumped down on the floor of the shower room.

Morrison cursed. Stripping off the uniform he was wearing, he grabbed some cuffs and got his arms under Clark’s armpits and levered him to his feet. He then pushed him under the shower nozzle facing the wall. Cursing, he grabbed Clarks hands and cuffed them together, then lifted them up until they slid over the shower head. Clark was now dangling in place, his feet scrabbling for purchase on the floor. The cold water was driving down on his shaven head, which he could feel was slowly clearing. He could feel Morrison pushing him against the wall, holding him in place. Then he felt Morrisons naked body against his own, Morrisons engorged cock pressed against the flat of Clark’s back, his arousal obvious. Clark yelled and tried to move away but Morrison held him in place easily as Clark was still not fully in control of his muscles and his feet slipped on the slick floor.

Morrison started to push up and down against Clark, his cock riding up and down the small of Clarks back and teasing over his arse. Clark yelled again and this time Morrison stepped back – only to return a few seconds later this time pushing his cockhead directly against Clark’s arse. Clark yelled, but Morrison was ready and he stuffed a wadded up cloth into Clark’s mouth and secured it in place with a thin belt. Clark struggled and tried to break free, but the simple bondage held him in place and under the drenching water he felt Morrison’s cock pushing deep into his arse.

He bellowed into the gag, the humiliation and helplessness driving him crazy – and the awareness that his own cock was rockhard in front of him. Morrison reached around him to grab his hips and his hand brushed Clark’s erect cock. “Well, well, Mr Clark, looks like you enjoy being my bitch.” He roughly stroked Clark’s cock with one hand as he started to roughly pound Clark’s arse. Despite getting his relief on the outside last night, Morrison could not resist raping the guard and soon he yelled himself as he came inside Clark. At the same time, Clark ejaculated himself, the thick creamy fluid being quickly washed away by the water.

Morrison pulled out and wiped his cock clean over Clark’s back. “Maybe we’ll do this again, Mr Clark. For now, you best get your uniform back on.” He released Clarks hands from the cuffs and Clark crashed to the floor. He could see clearly now and control was returning to his limbs. As he sprawled on the floor of the shower, he saw Morrison slip into the soiled inmate clothing and then slide the restraints onto himself. Morrison then thumbed the controls on the iPhone and Clark heard them all lock in place.

It seemed to take hours for Clark to stand up, but it took only minutes. He staggered over to Morrison and slammed him around the head with as big a punch as he could manage. Morrison collapsed to the floor, but as he looked up Clark could see the laughter in his eyes and he realised that he had no choice in what he did next. He grabbed his uniform and pulled it on, strapping on his duty belt and, feeling more like himself, he dragged Morrison to his feet. He shoved the prisoner in front of him down the corridor, but instead of returning him to general population he went back the way they had come.

Shoving Morrison back in the solitary cell, he changed the board outside to keep him sequestered for another 48 hours and then he staggered away. As he did so, he could hear the muffled sound of Morrison laughing into the muzzle and he wondered what the hell he was going to do now.


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  1. Fucking hell, yes!!!!!!
    And you know, all this talk of permanent incarceration for Clark sounds fun, but then we wouldn’t have him succumbing deeper and deeper into Vickers’s web, so hopefully he finds a way to turn the tables again!

    Straining in my cage,

  2. Such a great story so hot hope Clark doesn’t go to jail tho want him to becomes Vickers willing dog slave lol

  3. Clark and Morrison are hot together. They would look good chained together, next to each other (on the plow). If Vickers works it right he could have a matched set of bondage slaves. Keep posting embarrassing and uncomfortable bondage encounters for Clark as he surrenders himself more to the men in his life.

  4. I want Clark to become the dog of the other two who owns the leather shop!

    That would be very hot!

    He doesn’t deserve to be in prison.

    Keep up the great work with this story!
    You’re a very good writer.

  5. As the other say, clack does not merit to finish in prison and should be able to turn the table on Morrison.
    Kept this story coming it a very good one !

  6. Morrison should be double crossed and ends up in Dartmoor …. Clarke should end up as Samuel full time… perhaps pulling the plough

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