Captured by BreederFuckers


Cocky young Shamus comes poking his nose around the BreederFuckers lair. As a representative for the landlord, he feels entitled to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong so it’s only fair to let him know what happens to prying straight guys. His arms and legs are bound and his clothes are cut off from his body. Subjected to breath control, his dick, bollocks and ass are fondled and flogged.

gay bondage 009

An anal hook is inserted up his tight rectum. His body is covered in pegs. They are pulled off in one fell swoop while his ass is give a hard whack.


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One thought on “Captured by BreederFuckers”

  1. It makes a nice change to see a “suit” in this situation – even though his pants don’t stay on for very long!

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