Captured by The Cavalry — Part 02

By Rubrpig

After my final night at the Barracks with my new commanding officers, my mind was a tumble of images. I got back to my hotel and packed my gear as my flight home was in the morning.

After checking through security and customs, I sat in the departure lounge of Heathrow Terminal 2 waiting for flight to be called on the departure boards. I finally was able to stop and think about what had happened over the previous two weeks and especially what happened the previous night. I grabbed my computer bag and pulled out the folder of documents which I had been given by my Officers after I had signed them. I read through them and the reality of what I had done sunk in like the Captain slamming me in the gut with his favourite weighted gloves.

I had willingly joined the Royal Army specifically the Blues and Royals as a trooper. The papers also included the assignment to the ceremonial unit once basic training was completed. The reality hit me hard and I knew that I had a lot of work to accomplish once I got home. I slumped in my seat and wondered what the future was going to hold.

The last 4 weeks were a blur of activity as I arranged for the house to be emptied, leased with the assignment of a property management firm to take care of it. Everything from the house had been moved into storage. I had resigned and told them that I needed change to get over the grief of my partner’s passing. They understood. Finally, I packed my leathers and boots, and headed to JFK to catch my flight to London. I planned the flight so I arrived 2 days before I was required to report to basic training and induction into the Royal Army. Once I finally checked into my hotel, I telephoned Captain Edwards to report my whereabouts and to get the final information I needed to report for training.

I was told to report to Army Training Centre Pirbright west of London and was given the best way to get there. I was told to bring only some basic clothing and shoes as the rest of what was going to be needed would be supplied by the Army. In addition I was to bring the copies of my enlistment forms as they had the originals but needed the copies to verify my identity. Captain Edwards also informed me that he had arranged for an excemption to allow the permanent collar to remain around my neck. I thanked the Captain as I had been worried about having to have it removed as it was the link to my late Sir. He told me to follow all orders and make sure that I obeyed and learned.

The next morning I reported to the Royal Army training Centre and completed my enlistment process. By the end of the day, I had been given a buzz cut, fitted with camoflage battle gear, boots, body armour, helmet etc. I was now also wearing the Royal Army equivalent of dog tags to show that I was a Royal Army soldier. Laying on my bunk in the barracks with the other recruits in my unit, I wondered what was in store for me.

Over the next 14 weeks of my basic training, I was driven hard by my instructors and it came to feel like I was being singled out for abuse and discipline by the trainers. Between physical training, combat training and weapons training, I gained strength, muscle and hardness. The curiousity that my fellow recruits about the collar chain I wore finally faded and it was accepted. I had received a letter from my Officers instructing me to write reports weekly on my training and its results along with a oral report by telephone once a week. During the training we were restricted to the training centre so my world shrunk to the army and my training.

During the last week of training, I was showering in the barracks after a long muddy combat exercise and stepping out of the shower I looked at myself in the mirror and finally realized that I had really filled out with muscle. My now broad hairy chest had heavy defined pecs which stood out proudly like shelves. My cobbled core showed hard abs forming a beautiful 8 pack. I checked out my legs and the heavy thighs and calves showed cording of the muscles and clear definitions of the muscles. I really had not paid attention to the changes but now I was stunned by what had been accomplished by all the heavy training I had undergone.

The final day of training came and we had our graduation ceremony where we marched on parade and received our next orders. I was given as expected a posting to the Blues and Royals ceremonial unit with the rank of Trooper. I was now officially Trooper William Rhodes. I smiled and then we all celebrated at the base pub the finish of our training.

The next morning, I packed up my gear and left the barracks to get transportation to the barracks in London where I was to report. As I left the barracks, I was surrprised by my Officers who were standing there with my former training Sergeant. I came to a halt and snapped to attention and smartly saluted. My officers walked around me and nodded then told the Sergeant that they were pleased with how I had turned out. The Sergeant saluted them and was dismissed. I remained braced at attention and waited for further orders.

Captain Edwards walked up closely to me and got in my face. Well, Trooper you have managed to complete your training but now you belong to us. You may be a Trooper in the regiment now but we are the ones who actually own your ass. Do you understand? I nodded and kept looking forward. I knew that I was now theirs and would remain their property.   After telling me to grab my gear and follow them, they turned and walked off. I admired the rear view of my officers, they were in army green tunics, brown Sam Brownes, brown gloves, tan breeches, brown riding boots with spurs. I watched them and the sight aroused me as it was the first time in over 4 months that I was with my officers. Getting to the vehicle which was an Army Land Rover, I was ordered to put my gear in the back and get in the rear seat.

Once I was seated, Lt. Harrison reached over me and made sure the seat belt was buckled and then picked up a pair of heavy handcuffs from the seat and quickly snapped them on my wrists. Then he reached behind my seat and grabbed a heavy leather strap and quickly looped it around my neck and snugged it tight forcing my head back and I had to remain still in that position so I could breathe. They got in the vehicle and we headed off the training centre and they made their way into London and to the barracks in central London. Pulling up to the barracks main gate, they showed their ID cards and mine allowing us access to the barracks.

Once I had been released from the restraints, they had me follow them and carry my gear and we entered the barracks. Finding the room assignment we headed to my new quarters. Troopers were housed 2 to a room so I would have a roommate but the room was only there for me to sleep in when allowed as I had been informed during the trip from to the barracks that I would be tending to them when ever I wasn’t on duty for training or security. My roommate I was told was the soldier servant to another pair of officers in the regiment so we would have no problems or difficult explanations about our duties with our officers. I nodded and remained at attention. Captain Edwards ordered me to settle in, put my gear away and once that was done report to their quarters for further work. I nodded and quickly began unpacking and stowing my uniforms, boots etc in the locker and shelving provided to us. The other side of the room showed that my roomate had established that area as his space.

There was a knock on the door and the regimental Sergeant Major walked in and I snapped to attention. He proceeded to instruct me on my duties and training. Every morning I was to report to the riding arena for riding instruction. I was told to report to the stores and get fitted for my riding boots, breeches, tunics etc that I would need for this training. I would then be on security duty in the afternoon and early evening which meant that I would be in full combat equipment and body armour including my semi automatic rifle and side arms. The Sergeant Major then instructed me that I would be equipped with a pager so that my Officers could summon me when needed and if I was on duty then I would use the radio to request relief while serving the needs of my officers.   I nodded and saluted as he left the room. Finishing up quickly, I then headed to my officers quarters, my heavy boots thudding on the stone floors of the barracks.

Knocking on Captain Edwards quarters, I heard him telling me to enter and I obeyed and walked in and snapped to attention and saluted while loudly stating I was reporting as ordered. Captain Edwards and Lt. Harrison stood and walked over to me and Lt. Harrison ordered me to strip and stow my uniform and boots in the usual place by the store. While I was stripping, he told me that from now on, I was to enter, immediately strip and assume the at ease position in the middle of the room.

I nodded and finished stripping. I stood and moved to the middle of the room and assumed the ordered position. Captain Edwards, moved forward and reached up and grabbed my chain collar and looked at me and told me that the collar was going to be removed in 3 days and replaced with a new permanent collar to signify their ownership of me. I nodded and requested permission to speak. It was granted and I quietly spoke Sirs, may i keep the collar once it is removed as a reminder of my former Sir. They looked at each other and Captain Edwards told me that they expected that and that a proper storage bag would be provided to keep my former collar safe. I nodded and again asked permission and when given spoke Sir, Thank you Sirs.

Then they ordered me to help them remove their uniforms and boots and get their leathers on them as it was time to claim their property. They had been without a servant for over 4 months so they felt it was time to get back into a routine. Once I had them in their leather breeches and boots, I followed them to the play space I remembered well.

After being hooded, gagged with the urinal gag and then mounted on the cross for whipping and flogging I was rock hard and dripping. This was noticed and I was told to get myself under control. I nodded and tried but my cock had other plan as being with my Officers aroused me. The flogging and whipping continued till my back was dark red and heavily welted with some blood dripping from the welts. I was slumped in my restraints and gasping for air trying to recover. I heard them leaving the room leaving me hanging on the cross trying to recover. After a while, my breathing slowed and I was able to stand erect again in my restraints. Just then I heard the door open and smelled the rich aroma of cigars.

I was let down from the cross and then ordered to kneel and I obeyed quickly as I could. Then I felt the splashes start and the piss flowed into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could knowing that I had two loads of piss to take. Finally the piss stopped and my stomach was bloated. The hood and gag was removed and I remained kneeling and I saw my officers sitting in chairs their leather covered legs stretched out and crossed smoking cigars and sipping from glasses of whiskey. Captain Edwards smiled and looked at the ash tip on his cigar and told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I quickly obeyed and he leaned forward and tapped the ash from his cigar onto my tongue. I was then ordered to swallow the ash and get my tongue back out and wait in that position for the next ash. It had been a long time since I had been used as an ash tray. My Sir’s leather brother was allowed to use me that way. I tasted the musky gritty ash and savoured the taste as I swallowed it and got my tongue back into positon.

Lt. Harrison leaned forward and deposited his ash and I again swallowed it. This went on for a while then Lt. Harrison stood up and walked over to a rack and grabbed something. Coming back he quickly pulled on a gasmask onto my head and strapped it on tight sealing it to my face. He sat down and grabbed the hose hanging from the mask and smiled as he blew smoke into the hose and as I breathed in, my mask filled with his heavy dense fragrent smoke. I inhaled it deeply. Both officers spent the rest of the time till they finished their cigars filling my mask with smoke. My head was spinning from the smoke.

Finally they removed my gasmask and I breathed in deeply to get fresh air. Captain Edwards looked at the stub of his cigar and then leaned forward and crushed it out on my left pec just above my nipple. I smelt my chest hair and skin burn from the cigar. Lt. Harrison nodded and watched my reaction and he leaned forward and did the same with his cigar on my right pec. They sat back and relaxed as I knelt there. Telling me to stand up Lt. Harrison ordered me to go to the cabinet beside the door and I would find a tube of burn ointment and I was to apply it to the burns on my pecs. I nodded and quickly obeyed and once I had applied the ointment I returned to my position and knelt.

They looked at each other and told me that I was dismissed and to get dressed and return to my quarters. I was to keep the burns and my back cleaned and attended to. My roomate would help but I was told that I would have to help him as well. I nodded and stood quickly and left the room. I got dressed and left heading to my room.

I got to my quarters and found that my roommate had returned and was already asleep in his bed. I quietly undressed, checked the burns and got ready and crawled into my bed and promptly fell asleep.

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