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Rituals – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Charlie kept watch over Ben as he slept and then he moved over to the sleeping pad and untied his breechclout and let it drop.  He rubbed his hard cock and used the pre cum to lube it and then he suddenly flipped Ben over onto his stomach and dropped down on him and began sliding his cock into Ben’s ass.  Ben groaned and came to realizing what was happening and tried to relax enough to let Charlie slide into his ass.  He groaned as Charlie’s large uncut cock slowly slid into his hole.  He had not been fucked much so his hole was still tight.

Charlie slid all the way in and then began to fuck Ben hard and fast.  Both men groaned and were in a frenzy of sex driven by the pain and agony they had experience over the last day.  They both were lost in a frenzy, one claiming his new boy and one pleasing his new Sir.  Both men knew it was now instinct that drove them, and they came to terms with what they had become in a short period of time.

Charlie finally came howling as his cock pumped a heavy load deep into Ben’s hole seeding him and making him his boy.

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Rituals – Part 1

By Rubrpig

The author as usual is wearing 20-inch Wesco Big Boss boots, bulldog harness, nipple clamps, and is locked in a Carrara chastity belt and a heavy locked posture collar.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 2 years and has had only 8 releases during that time. 

This is a work of fiction, and the author in no way claims any knowledge of the rituals and practices of the people portrayed in this story.

Ben looked over at his buddy Charlie and they both smiled at each other.  Both were dripping with sweat from their last hockey game of the season.  Ben was the starting goalie and Charlie was a defenseman.  Ben pulled his sweat-soaked jersey off over his heavy chest pad and tossed it in the laundry basket sitting in the middle of the room.  After stripping off all his heavy sweat-soaked gear, he and Charlie headed for the showers.  Both men were excited as the semester was over and they were heading for home in a few days.

They had been friends for years and they met in Junior High when Charlie and the other kids from the reservation were transferred to the school system in the town near where they both lived.  Ben had lived on the family’s ranch which bordered the reservation where Charlie and his family lived.  Over the years, they had grown close and were in and out of each other’s homes on a regular basis.  Both men had been recruited by their university and given full ride scholarships to play hockey.  They knew that it would most likely lead to being recruited by a pro team.

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The Tank – Part 04

By Rubrig

Nick felt his shoulder moving and he slowly woke up and realized that he was laying on the floor of the dive tank.  The heavy helmet banged against the floor of the tank as he moved groggily.  He looked through the faceplate and saw The Boss in a black wetsuit, full face mask and a rebreather system.  The rebreather was silent and no bubbles were emitted by the unit.  This would allow the Boss to remain underwater for hours.

Nick shifted around and then pushed up with his arms and that forced him upright in the water.  He turned and faced his Boss.  The Boss nodded in his heavy mask.  Suddenly there was a click in Nick’s helmet and he heard the Boss.  The Boss was asking Nick if he was ok and did he still have water and food.  Nick responded but realized that he was not able to transmit.  The Boss told him to nod or shake his head in response to the questions.

The Boss swam slowly around the tank checking out Nick’s gear to ensure that it was still sealed and in good shape.  He came up behind Nick and reached around grabbing Nick and pulling him back onto his chest pack.  He reached down and grasped Nick’s caged cock through the heavy suit and pressed hard.  Nick grunted and felt his cock respond as pain flashed through him.

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The Tank – Part 03

By Rubrig

Nick slumped as much as he could in the chains holding his arms to the side of the dive tank.  Standing wearing the heavy Mark V dive gear was stressful despite the buoyancy of the gear in the water.  The heavy brass collar of the helmet pressed on his shoulders.  He was still rock hard and had been since the Boss had dove down and chained him to the tank.

The underwater light that dimly illuminated the tank turned up brighter and Nick raised his head inside his helmet and looked through the small ports in the helmet and watched as the Boss swam into view again in heavy scuba gear.  He swam over to Nick and unlocked his arms and let the chains drop to the floor of the tank.  Nick shifted and moved away from the side of the tank slowly swinging his arms as much as the heavy canvas and rubber suit would allow.  The Boss slowly swam beside him and then he swam up and was soon out of sight.

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The Tank – Part 02

By Rubrig

Nick slowly woke up and tried to stretch, but he soon realised he was still chained down to the bunk at the Dive Centre.  He really wanted to stretch, but the chains held him tightly in place on the bunk.  He looked around, and then the door opened. The Boss walked in.  He was wearing a pair of dark blue coveralls with the logo of the Dive Company on the left breast and heavy steel-toed work boots.  The boots thudded on the wooden floor as he walked over to the bunk.  Nick looked up and asked if he could get released so he could go to the bathroom.  The Boss nodded and leaned down and pulled the light blanket off Nick and unlocked the leather cuffs holding Nick to the bunk.

After Nick got cleaned up, they left the Dive Centre and headed to a nearby diner for breakfast.  The Boss told him to eat a big meal as he would not have the ability to eat again till evening.  Nick assumed that meant he would be going back into the dive tank and left there.  He nodded and looked over at the Boss and felt his cock arouse.  The short grey crew cut, the muscles, and the general build really got to him.

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The Tank – Part 01

By Rubrig

Author’s Note: Rubrpig, which is a fully trained Leather Dog, writes wearing 18-inch Wesco Big Boss boots, nipple clamps, a locked buttplug harness over its chastity belt holding its dog tail in its asshole. it also wears a locked posture collar and now it also wears a red and black neoprene dog hood. As it has been chastised, it has been locked in a Carrara 2.0 extreme belt for over two years. its keyholder has only allowed it to cum three times during that time.

Nick got home from a long day at work.  As a nurse in a large ER, he had a stress-filled life, so he just liked to decompress when he walked into his condo.  After changing out of his sweaty scrubs, he had a long hot shower.  He walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he wandered through his condo.  He grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch and grabbed his laptop.

He logged into a rubber and bondage website and looked at the list of users signed in.  He saw that a guy he had chatted with a couple of times was on, so he sent Dive Master a message.  The alert about an incoming message chimed and he got into a chat.  He was intrigued by Dive Master whose profile showed that he was a Bondage Top who was into heavy commercial dive gear.  Nick had a huge fetish for commercial dive gear and always got hard when he came across images of commercial divers in their heavy rubber drysuits and dive helmets.

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The Facility – Part 04

By Rubrpig

Andy woke up in his cell when the lights turned on.  He just assumed that it was morning as there was no window in his cell.  He got up and stood facing the back wall of the cell with his toes and nose touching the wall as he waited for Murray, his personal guard and abuser.

The cell door slammed open and Murray strolled in.  He unlocked the heavy leather control collar from Andy’s neck and dragged him from the cell.  The collar would have given Andy a severe debilitating shock if he had passed through the door of the cell while it was still on.  Murray walked him out of the cell and down the hallway.  Andy realized that they were heading for the punishment room.

Soon Andy was stripped and buckled to the heavy wooden cross.  Murray had discovered that he enjoyed inflicting severe pain on his personal target of abuse.  Andy waited on the cross listening to Murray walking around the room.

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The Facility – Part 03

By Rubrpig

Andy groaned and slowly opened his eyes.  His vision was blurry, and he slowly sat up. As his vision cleared, he groaned again as he felt vile.  His head pounded and he felt nauseous.  He looked around and realized that he was locked in one of the two isolation cells.  He looked down and saw that he was now wearing an orange prison uniform.  He sat there wondering what was going on and then he heard the cell door being unlocked and the hinges squealed as the heavy steel door swung open.  The Commander and Murray walked in followed by his Master.

The Commander smiled and looked at Andy and told him that he should have been honest with them about his sexual interests but since he felt it was necessary to lie to his friends, they felt he deserved to be punished.  Andy started to protest but his Master told him to shut up and listen.  Andy quieted and listened.  His Master told Andy that since Andy had given him power of attorney when they had committed to each other, he was going to use that power to help his buddies punish Andy.  His Master told Andy that he had already signed over Andy’s part of the company that owned the facility along with his other property.  Andy began to swear.

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