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The Fall of a Master – Part 05

By Rubrpig

Final Chapter

The slave stood quietly, its face red in embarrassment as its new status as a slave was now becoming public and the boy began talking to the others in the bar who looked with curiosity at the slave standing there in the heavy leathers, boots, straitjacket, collar and gagged.  The slave shrugged its shoulders trying to ease the stiffness as its upper body was stiff in the heavy tight strait jacket.

Master Gunther tugged on the leash and harshly told the slave to remain still and not to cause any problems as it would be punished severely if it disobeyed.  The slave stood still behind its master…

The slave was quiet and stood as still as it could the rest of the evening. It watched as its Master spent the evening talking to other Sirs dressed in the same heavy black uniform with brown leather shirts.  The men spoke in rapid German so the slave was unable to follow the discussion.  The slave was checked by its Master and after a few hours, its Master told his friends goodnight and the two of them left the bar.  An uber was waiting out front and the slave noticed it was driven by the same driver.  The Master stood quietly as the slave struggled again getting into the uber in its tall boots, tight breeches and the heavy straitjacket.  It finally accomplished it and its Master got in beside it and the uber drove away.

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The Fall of a Master – Part 04

By Rubrpig

Master Walther nodded and indicated that the slave should clean its master’s boots and the slave crawled over and began cleaning Master Gunter’s boots.  The two leather officers sat quietly watching as the slave obeyed and cleaned the tall riding boots worn by its new Master and owner…

Master Walther watched as the slave crawled around his tall riding boots and then when it was finished it moved over and started on Master Gunther’s boots.  Finally, both pairs were cleaned to the satisfaction of both men.  The Master stood up and started to remove their tunics, then the rest of their until they were naked and their cock swinging gently as they moved around as they walked over to where the slaves lay.  Master Walther had picked up a pair of leather fist mitts and he quickly put them on the slave and locked them.  He then padlocked the slave’s wrists together.

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The Fall of a Master – Part 03

By Rubrpig

The slave quietly sighed, and its body relaxed in the cage and restraints.  Strangely enough it felt freer than it had ever felt…

The slave shifted as it tried to work cramps out of its biceps and legs.  It was not used to being forced into tight restrictive positions, so it tried to ease the pain that was beginning.  Its head was held by the stocks of the top of the cage it was still locked in.  It heard thuds of a pair of heavy boots and knew its Master was coming back into the room.  The door opened and Master Gunther walked into the room and over to the cage where his new slave was locked up.  Master Gunther was wearing a full leather uniform with flared breeches.  His tunic was belted with a Sam Browne and there was a set of braided silver shoulder cords.  The brown leather shirt under his tunic gave the uniform a distinct look which aroused the slave as it used to wear one very similar.

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The Fall of a Master – Part 02

By Rubrpig

The slave inhaled the smell of its new owner and felt the scent imprint on its mind, so it knew it was owned by this Master…

Master Gunther looked down at the naked slave between his legs and smiled.  The slave sucked and licked Gunther’s cock, which pleased Gunther.  He barked an order to the slave and told him to pull off his cock and stand up.  The slave pulled back off his Master’s cock reluctantly and got to his feet.  The slave stood erect, head bowed and remained still as his wrists were still padlocked together behind its back.  Master Gunther stood up, his wet cock slapping against the heavy leather of his chaps as the stood up and moved behind his new slave.

Master Gunther grabbed a leash and snapped it to the D-ring on the front of the heavy leather collar the slave wore and then tugged on it and walked from the room with his slave quietly following.  The slave’s bare feet making soft slapping noises on the floor as the two men walked to the room that Gunther had set up as his private dungeon space.  The slave followed, and when they entered the room it knew that it would be tested as it had witnessed what Master Gunther was capable of in that room.

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The Fall of a Master – Part 01

By Rubrpig

The writer is as usual in Wesco boots, in its permanent chastity belt, nipple clamps, and locked leather/steel posture collar which is mandated for it when it writes. It helps this slave to focus on its writing.


Master John looked around the bar and wondered if there was any reason to stay as it appeared that there was a lack of talent in the bar that night.  He shifted on his stool which caused his heavy langlitz leathers to creak as they were stretched over his heavily muscled furry body.  He nodded at the bartender and stood up.  He turned and left the bar frustrated as it means another night frustrated.

After he returned home and stripped off his heavy leathers leaving his leather jock on as he always wore it, he grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed for the living room.  He picked up his laptop and logged into his email.  He scanned through it and saw that he had a message alert from his BLUF account and he logged into the site.  He smiled as the message was from a buddy in Berlin.  He opened it and scanned it and quickly replied.  It was a confirmation of the two of meeting up for Easter in Berlin.  At least, John felt that he would find action there.

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The New Academy – Part 07

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wescos, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.

And it continues…

The control centre monitored Gary with the hidden camera in the padded cell.  The entire facility was monitored from the central command so they could check on the men in custody and the staff controlling them.  The control centre monitored all the men currently in various programs and levels of control and custody.

Gary slept on in the total silence of the room, unaware of being watched and under total control…

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The New Academy – Part 06

By Rubrpig

Gary slept deeply and was totally unaware that he was being monitored by a camera in his solitary cell.  He stirred a couple of times, as he needed to piss so he had to get up and unclip the catheter tube and let his piss drain into the toilet.  Once the clip was put back on, he staggered back to his cot and fell asleep.  The Officers returned to the cell after the 12-hour rest period was up and banged on the outer door.  Gary stirred and woke up and got to his feet as the inner cell door slid open.  The officers ordered him to stand still and one of the Officers walked over and put on the transport irons and led him from the cell.  The Officers led Gary to the medic’s office.

After entering the office, he was led over to the examination table and helped up on the table still in the heavy irons.  He laid there and heard the squeaking of the medic’s rubber scrubs as he came into the room.  The medic was with the Director of the Academy.  The medic pulled on a pair of latex gloves as Gary watched and after he was done, he began to slowly pull the nasal tube out of Gary’s nose and stomach.  Gary sighed as the tube slowly slid out of his body.  The Director came over and unlocked the cage of the chastity belt and swung it open.  The medic took a syringe and removed the saline from the bulb inside Gary’s bladder and once that was done, he pulled the catheter tube slowly out of Gary’s bladder and cock.  The tube slid out followed by a gush of piss from his bladder.  The medic cleaned up the piss, and then he closed and locked the chastity belt.

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The New Academy – Part 05

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wescos, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner. It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.

And it continues…

After a while, the Officers had Gary laced tightly into the suit, the top and bottom sections had been laced together so it was complete.  The Officers then checked the suit and then one of them left and returned with a pair of heavy black boots.  The boots were set down in front of Gary and Gary inserted his feet into them and one of the officers knelt and quickly laced the boots tightly.  The officers quickly locked the irons onto Gary as usual and the group left the barracks room…

The Officers led Gary from the room and this time they had not applied the heavy irons, so Gary was able to walk easier despite the heavy skin-tight leather suit he was laced into.  The Officers lead Gary to a large open space in the facility and there was a steel frame standing upright.

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