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The Jacket – Part 7

By Rubrpig

Sir and I finally managed to arrange vacation time so we could take the planned trip up the coast and onto Portland. As Sir did not have a vehicle we were taking my SUV. I spent the evening prior to our departure packing our gear into the SUV and getting things sorted out. Sir was relaxing as he watched me pack the gear he had decided to take with us and so I finally got everything packed and stowed in the vehicle.

The trip up the coastal highway was relaxing for both of us. We stopped at night and stayed at coastal inns and enjoyed ourselves. Each night after we had finished dinner and got back to the room, I was either in my straitjacket or zipped and laced tightly into the sleep sack. Sir had introduced me to the sleep sack a month or so ago and I had gradually got used to spending longer and longer time in it. I was now able to spend the night in it with only minor discomfort in my shoulders.

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The Jacket – Part 6

By Rubrpig

The relationship between Sir and I began to fall into a pattern which seemed to please Sir. He had access to me whenever he wanted and he knew that I was consistent in obeying all of my standing orders. My body was more muscular and harder since He had me change my gym to a gym that was primarily for bodybuilding. A workout buddy of his was a trainer and Sir arranged for me to be trained by him. Sir had set goals for my development and he wanted me very well defined and well muscled. He was careful to tell his buddy that I was not to be worked out to the point of being a bodybuilder. So Sir was pleased with my development. I had always found it easy to build muscle mass from my days training for the college football team I had starred on.

My personal image had also changed. As Sir had ordered me to grow a beard, I had stopped shaving and my beard had come in thick and dark like my hair. Sir finally told me to make an appointment to get my beard trimmed and shaped. I had to admit it was getting scruffy looking so I asked around and found a local barber that specializes in beards and men’s haircuts. I had always gone to a traditional barber shop as I had never felt comfortable in a hair salon, even one for men. Sir had told me to report to the store once I had finished at the barbers so he could ensure that he was happy with the results. I also asked for permission to have my hair clipped into a military high and tight and Sir smiled and agreed.

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The Jacket – Part 5

By Rubrpig

It was Friday night and both of us were tired from the work week and workouts so Sir decided to have a relaxing night. After I got home from the gym and prepped for Sir, I waited for him in my apartment as I did not receive a text from him which meant He was coming to my place. I had waited by the door on my knees naked and wearing my heavy leather collar as required. Sir had walked in and looked at me and pointed to his dusty boots and I quickly laid on the floor and licked and sucked them clean. Lately Sir had me cleaning the lugged soles of his Wesco’s as well.

After I finished his boots, he told me to get dressed in my police leathers. I had earned them on Dore Alley weekend by being a display at Mr. S Leathers. I nodded and got to my feet and headed to the bedroom. I put on my leather jock then pulled on the tight leather breeches. I put on the snug leather shirt and snapped it closed and tucked it into my breeches. I fastened the heavy waist belt and clipped the cross strap to it. I put on heavy boot socks and pulled on and buckled my new Wesco’s. I walked back out and Sir was sitting on the couch. He nodded and stood up and I grabbed my wallet and keys and we headed out. Sir told me we were going for dinner with a friend of his and then back to his buddy’s place after.

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The Jacket – Part 4

By Rubrpig

The week had passed quickly. After Sir told me that I was to be punished for keeping him waiting a week ago, I had been terrified that I had given him a reason to get rid of me. However, that night, he put me on the fuck bench and used a wooden paddle on my ass till it was dark red and welted. He knew I wasn’t really into pain so using pain as punishment would be effective in keeping me under control.

Walking through the streets on the Saturday of Dore Alley was exciting as there were already lots of leather men, boys, and pups roaming around enjoying the warm beautiful day. The actual fair was the next day but it was still exciting. The store had thrown a big party in the store last night where Sir worked and I was there as his boy, leashed and jacketed as he worked the crowds. I had on boots and my leather jock so my ass was bare and shown under the jacket so as we moved through the store, my ass got grabbed, pinched and stroked. Sir just smiled and told me to deal with it. I nodded and remained quiet letting my ass get abused.

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The Jacket – Part 3

By Rubrpig

My new life which began so dramatically has settled into somewhat of a routine. I still work my usual time during the day after which I head for my new gym. Sir had me switch to his gym so on occasion we can work out. This has happened several times now, usually on his days off from the store. After my workout, I am not allowed to shower at the gym but I must pack my suit and shoes into my gym bag and head to my loft. Once I get to my loft I strip, throw my sweaty gym gear into the wash, hang up my suit and quickly buff and polish my dress shoes. Once this is done, I flush myself out till the water running from my ass is clear. Only then am I allowed to have a shower.

Afterward, I put on my heavy leather collar and lock it, then check my phone for a text from Sir. If Sir texts that means I am to put on a pair of spandex shorts and head for his loft. I let myself in and strip off my shorts and wait in the living room. Here in his loft and when I am in my own loft, I am not allowed to use the furniture with the exception of my bed. The furniture is reserved for Sir’s use. I relax and wait for his return home.

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The Jacket – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Sir John and I left the shop and began the walk to our loft building. By some stroke of fate I now was the boy to a man and we just happened to live in the same building. The walk was definitely intense for me as so much had happened in just a few hours. I had gone from walking into Mr. S Leather in jeans, boots and a t-shirt to being in chaps, leather jock and a heavy locked straitjacket.

To add to the intensity I now wore 2 collars, one for service and one that was now apparently permanent. I followed my new Sir and as Sir held my leash in his right hand, I walked behind him on his right. We had about an 8 block walk so I knew most likely many people would see us. I was finally settling down and not feeling quite so nervous and antsy even though I was for the first time in my life heavily encased and locked into leathers.

With a couple of exceptions most people who walked by us simply smiled and watched as we walked by them. One gay couple walked past and asked if we were getting ready for Dore Alley? Sir John smiled and told them that was right and that he was getting his boy used to being walked in bondage. They told us to enjoy the evening and they wandered away.

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The Jacket – Part 1

By Rubrpig

When I was in my teens, I spent a lot of time cruising the web and one night I discovered a website devoted to men wearing straitjackets. My cock got rock hard as I clicked from one image to another of men tightly strapped into heavy straitjackets.

One image really got to me and that was a very muscular man tightly strapped into a gleaming black leather straitjacket. The jacket was heavily padded and featured straps to make sure he could not raise his arms or shift his biceps. The jacket also had straps that passed between his legs highlighting the bulge in the tight jeans he wore. I copied that image and spent many hours jacketing off staring at that image.

I finished up my college years by being a star lineman on the football team. I had shot up during my teen years and filled out my frame in the gym getting worked over by the strength coaches for the team. By the time they were done with me I was a 6’4” slab of hard muscle. My abs were heavily defined and my pecs jutting out from my torso. The heads of the sorority girls turned when my buds and I walked past them but I did not party as I was focused on my studies and the team.

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The Speed Trap – Part 10

By Rubrpig

We finally settled into our new house. The move had been rather uneventful and the unpacking of the house did not take as long as setting up the new dungeon in the basement. One of the things that attracted us to the house was that the foundation was made of stones and mortor. So once the dungeon was setup it looked almost medieval which just made it more intense when we were playing.

Sir had settled into his new role as my Sir and head of the family as well as becoming an expert fucker. He seemed bent on making up for lost time and my ass was getting worn out from all the fucking we had been doing.

We had finally had a long talk about trust and limits and he had agreed to my hard limits of no blood, scat, or permanent markings. So we explored what turned him on and we found that like me he was a strong sadist and really enjoyed inflicting pain. Also having me in heavy bondage for long term scenes really got him rock hard. Many a night was spent with me strapped tightly into a heavy leather straight jacket or sleeping next to him in a sleep sack.

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