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The Vacation – Part 10

By Rubrpig

The guard who was escorting Marc, opened the Captain’s door and entered.  He told the Captain that the former prisoner 4798 wanted to speak with him.  The Captain nodded and told him to bring him in.  The guard went out and grabbed Marc by the left bicep and walked him into the office. The guard closed the door and stood quietly in front of it while Marc walked up to the Captain and requested permission to speak to him.  The Captain nodded and smiled as he opened the thick file that his researcher had prepared on Marc.

The Captain had all potential prisoners/patients thoroughly checked out prior to confirming their booking with the facility.  The research included a financial analysis to ensure that they could afford and pay the fees that the facility demanded.  Marc looked at the Captain and told him that he wanted to buy into the facility as a partner and become a part of the crew that operated the facility.  The Captain nodded and knowing Marc’s net wealth, knew that the proposed investment would allow the facility to expand and add additional options.

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The Vacation – Part 09

By Rubrpig

The guards dragged 4798 out of Captain Ferguson’s office and then removed the heavy 5 point chains that he had been wearing for the last few weeks.  The removal of the chains felt strange as he had become so adapted to wearing them that he had learned to move wearing the heavy chains so having them removed felt strange.

The guards escorted him to the entrance of the mental hospital.  They used their security cards and opened the door.  Once the group was inside, the guards turned 4798 over to the ward orderlies and they left.  The orderlies surrounded 4798 and the head orderly told 4798 to strip and he hurriedly stripped off the smelly orange prison uniform and stood naked.  The orderlies walked him to the showers and told him to shower and put on the white hospital uniform.  4798 got under the shower and enjoyed the hot water which was something the prisoners in the supermax prison did not get when they were allowed an occasional shower.

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The Vacation – Part 08

By Rubrpig

4798 woke up and lay on his bunk in the blacked-out cell he had been confined to since he was transferred to the super max wing of the correctional facility.  He shifted trying to get comfortable but the heavy steel 5-point chains he was locked in weighed heavily on his chest as he lay there.  Sitting up made no difference as the weight of the chains dragged at the heavy steel collar of the chains forcing him to slum forward.

Just then the light flashed on in his cell and he knew that it was morning and he would be fed soon.  The food slot in the door slammed open and his food tray slid in.  The food was always the same and tasteless for the most part.  Boiled chicken, rice and boiled carrots.  He was fed the same 3 times a day without any variation.

He finished his food and waited for the food slot to open in the door and he shoved the tray out with his right foot.  He sat back and waited till the guards checked the tray and the slot slammed shut.  He knew his hour in the exercise yard would be soon.

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The Vacation – Part 07

By Rubrpig

4798 woke up and his cell was still dark.  He was stiff as usual from lying on the bunk secured down by the humane restraints set that was now part of his bunk.  The lights in the cell suddenly turned on and the cell door clanged open.  He lifted his head and watched as his 4 personal guards came into the cell.  He was quickly removed from the restraints and he swung his legs over the edge of the bunk.  He went to stand up but one of the guards put his tactical gloved hand on his chest and shoved him back down on the bunk.

4798 smiled and quickly recovered and got to his feet quickly.  His guards reacted fast but he still managed to shove the one guard hard in the chest.  The guard was the one that had pushed 4798 back down on the bunk.  The guards quickly grabbed 4798 and slammed him face first into the wall of the cell and quickly secured his wrists with the rigid cuffs and lock box that was always used when he was removed from his cell.  He was pulled back from the wall and with a guard on each side of him holding him by his biceps he was literally dragged from his cell.

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The Vacation – Part 06

By Rubrpig

4798 stood in the middle of the 4 men who were now his personal tormentors.  As a prisoner who was locked in the Supermax wing of the Ferguson Correctional Centre, he knew he had no rights and now it was confirmed.  Total control of him had been given to these men by the Warden of the facility, Captain Ferguson.

The men stood quietly looking at their new piece of property.  One of them said he needs to be cleaned up as he is a filthy pig.  The others nodded and 4798 was quickly cuffed in the hinged cuffs and the lock box on the cuffs that were standard issue in this wing of the prison.  Two of his guards grabbed him by his biceps and he was marched or dragged down the main cell block to the shower room.  There he was sprayed down with liquid soap, scrubbed down by one of the men using a long handled brush and then told to stand under a shower head while he was rinsed off.  His beard, now grown in thick and dark as it had been weeks since he last shaved dripped water down his chest.

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The Vacation – Part 05

By Rubrpig

The bottom slot of the door opened and a food tray with a sealed plastic glass of orange juice was shoved through and the slot closed.  4798 got up from the bunk and moved over to the tray and picked it up.  There was a piece of bread, thin beef stew, boiled carrots and one cookie on the tray.  The only utensil was a plastic spork.  He ate quickly as he was starving and as soon as he finished the bottom slot clanged open again and he shoved the tray back through.  The guards checked the tray and closed the slot.

4798 lay back down on the bunk and just as he did the lights went out in the cell turning the cell pitch black. He lay there in the absolute darkness and listened to the sounds of the prison.  The clanging of the food slots, banging on the heavy steel cell doors and the shouts of the heavily armed and protected guards.  He finally fell asleep and did not wake up till the lights went on in the morning.

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The Vacation – Part 04

By Rubrpig

The next morning, Marc was roused by the orderlies and questioned roughly why his cot was soiled.  Marc looked down at the floor and told the orderlies that the Boss had fucked him raw after they left the ward.  The orderlies nodded and told him that they would be both reported to Dr. Robertson.  Marc nodded and told the orderlies that he would obey any instructions.

The orderies left the ward and came back shortly with Dr. Robertson.  The Dr. ordered the orderlies to take the Boss as he called himself to his office.  The orderles grabbed the patient who had fucked Marc and they dragged him by the heavy straitjacket from the ward followed by the Dr.  Marc sat back down on his bed easily as he had become very adept at moving and standing even though his upper body was securely wrapped in the heavy straitjacket.

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The Vacation – Part 03

By Rubrpig

Marc looked around and found that he really could not focus due to the sedative he had been given by his psychiatrist who was now in complete charge of him while he was being assessed as ordered by the court.  He fell asleep and woke up later laying on his side.  His left arm was numb from being trapped under him while he had slept.  The thick heavy leather pads of the cell allowed for support as he struggled to sit up.  He had been in a canvas straitjacket before but the heavy leather jacket he was currently strapped in was thicker and stiffer so it made it difficult for him to move properly.

The bright lights in the padded cell made the white leather pads glare so he was constantly squinting from the glare.  He sat there and he found himself feeling very anxious and nervous.  The total lack of any external sound caused him to be disoriented.  The only sounds were the creaking of the jacket, the sounds of the jacket rubbing against the leather pads and his breathing.  He screamed in frustration but nothing happened.

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