CB Experience While Flying

By Quandt

I have worn a Latowski belt through airport security.

I flew from the Palm Beach Airport to visit a friend in San Francisco. I took off my boots and threw all my stuff into a gray plastic tub.

Before I walked through the sensor, I warned the woman with the scanner that I was wearing a stainless steel chastity belt that I couldn’t take off because my partner had the keys. She was a black woman with bleached dreads and a piercing through her lower lip. She was a loud bawdy woman who laughed and repeated what I told her in secret to anyone could hear.

“You’re wearing a chastity belt? I gotta see this! I’m going to get my husband and son one of those things!”

A male TSA supervisor and a Federal Cop took me through a door near the security scanners and marched me down a hall to a windowless room where I had to strip and show them my belt. One of the guys reached into the front of the belt, barely inching a finger in, to make sure I wasn’t “hiding anything besides your pecker.”

The cop seemed appalled and disgusted. The TSA officer knocked on the pouch with his knuckles and smiled.

“How does a man let another person lock him in something like that? You must have a jealous wife!”

They walked me out past the gate to the concourse and I was on my way. I had a layover in Atlanta. I was sure not to leave the secured area when changing planes.

San Francisco was a repeat of my experience in Palm Beach, except that it almost seemed a matter of course. I think they expect to see just about anything there. The TSA people were more discrete and the trip to the back room was little more than perfunctory.

I actually experienced more of a hassle years ago when I brought a bullet shaped cigar cutter with me. They actually took it away and gave it to the pilot to give back to me when I deplaned.



2 thoughts on “CB Experience While Flying”

  1. Hello Quandt,

    it is so wonderful to read about your experience of passing through security in your Latowski. I wear the same belt and have often asked myself what would really happen if I plucked up the courage to actually do what you did. Being a frequent flyer and not afraid of being who I am, I have often thought that what you experienced here would actually be what would really happen. People working in security have seen it all (or a lot at least) and wearing whatever gear does not to the best of my knowledge constitute a threat to airline operation safety. The only problem could be, if they ask you to remove the belt for inspection as you don’t have the key. So the real issue is more about if you dare stand the ridicule (which just as well could be respect and admiration and perhaps even envy of having the guts to do this) in front of a few strangers in a closed off area. Does not sound like a real problem to me :o) Your story has certainly inspired me to try it out myself. I will make a point of going early through security! Best wishes.

  2. Quant writes about the world we lived in just after 9-11. It was the dawn of stricter airport security. My question is has the TSA become more accepting of rings, cages, chastity stuff?

    My experience with a fair amount of genital piercings is erratic. Sometimes it stops things up. Sometimes all I have to say is “genital piercings” and other times, its the full “follow me sir.”

    Wearing steel toes boots, or loggers always and everywhere gets me stopped.

    How is it for you?

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