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Two Weeks in a Cage

By Quandt

Part 1

The whole story.

I had been with my partner for more than ten years at the time.  We have never really defined our relationship but I think you could call it Master and slave.  I work, as does he.  We both have demanding and sometimes very stressful careers with too little vacation time.  My pay is direct deposited so I never know what happens to it or how much I actually make.

My partner takes care of all the details of my life for me.  It’s just the way it is.  I also pretty much live by his rules, moods and desires; having given up the desire to express myself in the relationship except to respect and show love to my partner and the men who make up our family.  I am happy this way and there are few rules except that I do as I am told when I am told.  Complaining about anything earns me a stint with a padlock through my septum piercing which is then locked to a ring in the wall, out of his sight.  I also wear a Latowski Chastity Belt most of the time which keeps me horny and also prevents me from acting on my whoring proclivities.

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By Quandt

Everyone, especially those of us who are into kink like leather, rubber, bondage, SM or any of its derivatives has a particular set of fantasies that usually evolve from experience to the nest. There are those fantasies that persist even after experience or multiple similar experiences.  Sometimes I feel like I lose interest in everything.

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The Prince of Pain

By Quandt

I just got home after a weekend of play in the mountains of Georgia.  I want to share it with you.

I have been playing with Mike for about 15 years now.  We make a date for every six months and then alternate Top and Bottom positions so we bottom to each other at least once a year.  Anticipating our play dates keeps a lid on our excitement and gives us time to negotiate and roughly plan what might happen.

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