By Catdude

Josh walked down the stairs towards the cell, he knew that his booted feet would make a fair bit of noise on the metal stairs, but then that was the point, he wanted the occupant of the cell to know he was coming, and all the good and bad things that implied, he swung open the door and smiled at the scene before him, at the far end of the room, though it was essentially a cell since it contained a prisoner, was two metal poles embedded in the cement.

They were about thigh high and set about a meter and a half apart, between them was a metal trapdoor, currently about 4 meters of chain lay on it, at regular intervals along the chain large padlocks hung off the chain, the end of the chain was attached to a parachute harness around the balls of the unfortunate prisoner, the prisoners wrists were attached to the tops of the poles by leather straps, the prisoners hands were trapped inside heavy metal fist mitts, he was holding them off the top of the poles where metal plates with wires running off them.

The prisoner’s body was naked except around his neck was a heavy collar, it was the kind used to train dogs not to bark, it picked up any noise made by whatever was wearing it and delivered cruel shocks in return. A cruel medical gag kept the prisoner’s mouth open, he could only stand there and drool on himself, he had to keep the heavy metal fist mitts from touching the metal plates at the top of the poles or the collar would shock him. The first two days he had tried begging when Jason had come in the room, no coherent noise made it past the gag and the sounds set off the collar, delivering cruel shocks to the prisoner.  The prisoner’s eyes tracked Josh’s movement across the room, Josh placed the bucket he had been carrying in one corner, then moved to the centre of the room, he let the naked prisoner admire him.

Shiny black calf high harness boots with tight leather jeans tucked into them. A skin tight rubber shirt could be seen under the open leather jacket, the rubber hugged his perfect muscled form, he knew his body was what had lured his toy to him, made it impossible for him to say no until Josh had trapped him.  He was willing to bet that the boy in front of him was filled with regret at the decisions that had led him to his current situation, the boy’s eyes confirmed this situation, the look of fear and dread in those eyes made Josh’s cock grow rock hard in his tight jeans. He moved forward and kicked the release catch for the trapdoor between the naked prisoner’s legs, the chain dropping into the pit below, yanking cruelly on the boys nuts, he managed not to yelp by biting onto the harsh gag as much as he could, only a faint gurgle escaped his throat to indicate the gut wrenching pain that would be consuming him as the heavy chain and locks yanked on his tortured balls. However the sudden jolt caused one of his hands to jerk and for a instant it touched the plate on top of the poles, however that instant was all that was needed, the boys back arched and more desperate gurgles escaped as he struggled not to scream as the voltage of the collar pulsed into him, causing his neck muscles to contract so that veins stood out throbbing on his neck as he waited for the cruel voltage to stop.

Josh laughed, either way he won if the jerk of the chain made the boys hands touch the pads or yell in pain. He reached up past the boys ear and flicked a switch that stopped the pads from being active, purposely built so that the boy would stand there with the switch to end the torment of having to hold the heavy metal mitts above the plate, right next to his head. Out of reach but so close. He quickly untied the boys wrists from the poles and the boy instantly dropped to his hands and knees, he had learned to adopt this position quickly, the first day Josh had needed to shock him with a remote unit for the collar until he collapsed on the floor, Josh then walked over to the other side of the cell as the boy crawled along behind him pulling the chain and locks along by his balls, the floor of the cell was rough concrete and no doubt the discomfort on the part of the boy as he had to crawl over it would be great. He arrived at the feeding station as josh called it and climbed up, a converted weight bench resting over a metal grille in the floor. The pad of the bench had been covered with rough rawhide leather, at nipple height a length of sandpaper covered the bench, the boy climbed onto it, positioning himself so that his nipples were on the rough sandpaper. Josh then clipped his wrists onto chains attached to the legs of the bench. He tugged on the chain roughly, on the floor beneath the bench was a hook and he hooked a chain link through the hook once he felt the boys nuts were sufficiently stretched. He moved to the front of the bench a funnel had been attached to one of the legs and a thick length of tubing ran from it to the bench where the boys head was resting, Josh yanked the boys head back and positioned the end of the tube in the boy’s permanently open mouth.  He then returned to the bucket, inside the bucket was, scraps, potato peels, apple cores, bacon rinds, all organic waste, Jason placed the bucket on the ground in front of the boy where he could see it, and then unzipped his fly and groaned in relief as he let loose the massive load of piss he had in his bladder into the bucket, once this was done he walked over to a bench near the door, on the bench rested a battered blender, josh poured the scraps and piss mixture into the blender and hit puree. He then walked back over to the bench, he grabbed a hose that hung from the ceiling and spat on the end and then brutally shoved this up the boys ass, the boy had managed to prevent himself from making a noise as his tortured balls had been stretched back but this assault on his ass was too much for his self control and he yelped in pain and then thrashed around on the bench as the shock collar zapped him, the thrashing causing his nipples to be dragged across the rough sandpaper.

Josh smiled, he loved it when he managed to break the boy, he would always try and fight Josh no matter how unwise, at every turn he would try and limit his discomfort, but his suffering amused Josh, the fact that he was helpless and powerless to stop the abuse made Josh hard in his pants. Josh reached up and twisted a tap on the roof, and water began to flow into the boys ass, he watched in amusement as the boy clenched his ass around the end of the hose while he unbuckled the belt of his jeans and took it off. This was a part of the boys hygiene that needed to be attended to, however the smell always offended Josh so he felt the boy should be punished, the boy knew the drill by now and tried to hold as much water in as he could while Josh watched, soon however it was too much and the boy whimpered and the water and waste was expelled out of his ass and flowed through the metal grille on the floor. Josh brought the belt down in one swift brutal maneuver and the satisfying whack of leather on flesh made his cock twitch, the boys head jerked up but somehow he remained silent, Josh repeated this three times until the water that escaped ran clear with no waste mixed in. A single angry red line ran across the boys ass, Josh had plenty of time to line up each shot as the boys ass filled, so each whack was delivered in precisely the same spot.

The boy had cracked on the third whack and the scream had resulted in more brutal voltage being pumped into him causing more thrashing and more punishment as his body was assailed by the rough material of the bench and the sandpaper. The boy lay there panting and sobbing VERY quietly as Josh shut off the blender and carried the now liquid slop over to the bench, he filled the funnel to the top with the mix and laughed at the gulping gagging noise the boy made as he was forced to swallow or choke on the foul swill that flowed into his mouth.

Josh moved behind the boy and pulled his jeans open and spat on his cock, then leaning on the gulping gagging boy he thrust deep in the boy in one hard brutal movement, his thick dripping cock would have torn the boy open, the thrashing the boy made proved that this was true, Josh laughed and pumped hard and fast, soon the boy started to scream again and this caused the collar to shock him again. Soon Josh shot his load and stood with a happy sigh and left the cell, leaving the quivering whimpering boy on the bench, filth still dripping from his face, the boy’s performance had pleased him so he switched off the collar as he left, the boys reward would be being able to weep and sob about his current situation. Josh walked back up the stairs, leaving the boy like that for the night, one more day and the boy should be sufficiently broken in to have earned his release.


The End


Metal would like to thank Catdude for his awesome stories over the years!


7 thoughts on “Cell”

  1. Love the story and looking forward to more! I wish the feeding station was described in more detail. I’m having trouble picturing it there are so many styles of weight benches.

    1. It’s definitely payback time for Josh. If he enjoys torturing the boy’s nipples, can you imagine the depravity we could inflict on big Josh’s massive chest?

      I’m a big fan of the underdog and definitely hungry to drag Josh into a world of pain :)

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