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Links to some long-standing bondage stories in the prison library

The Corporal Performs – Part 1

The Corporal Performs – Part 2

Glass and a Half

Stud Poker

Many more stories are coming to Metalbond in the coming days and weeks, so keep checking back early and often. For those of you who have been sending me stories, you are all awesome! It sometimes takes me a while to read the stories and beat off to them a few times before I post them. Thanks to all the story writers, and please keep them coming!


By Catdude

Josh walked down the stairs towards the cell, he knew that his booted feet would make a fair bit of noise on the metal stairs, but then that was the point, he wanted the occupant of the cell to know he was coming, and all the good and bad things that implied, he swung open the door and smiled at the scene before him, at the far end of the room, though it was essentially a cell since it contained a prisoner, was two metal poles embedded in the cement.

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Glass and a Half

By Catdude

Josh sighed and rolled off me. I swallowed a few times, savouring the flavour of his juice in my mouth, sucking at my cheeks a little to extract the very last bit of his cum. I lay there enjoying the aftertaste of it in my mouth, salty yet tangy, I also grunted and wiggled a little, the tight straightjacket hugged me close and I could feel the pressure building on my forearms the most and a little in my shoulders, I had cum a few minutes before Josh had, he had stroked me to a orgasm even as my mouth had worked him towards him.

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Stud Farm

By Catdude

A sharp buzz roused me out of my sleep, grey concrete walls were the first thing to welcome me back to the world of wakefulness; that and, of course, the thick steel bars. I stretched out, the thin mattress on the floor was only slightly better than nothing at all, which was the price I would pay for disobedience.  I reflected on this as I stretched, every muscle ached, but I was used to that now, the dull throbbing pain had become just another part of my everyday life.

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