Chastity Cage in Your Mind

By Destin Salvatore

Note: This is the English-language translation of 精神贞操锁 by Destin Salvatore, which appeared yesterday!

Looking back now, the night you had your unexpected encounter with the chastity cage was so ordinary. You were, as usual, browsing the Internet for your favorite “side dishes” to beat the meat. BDSM, leather, latex, you skillfully typed in the keywords on the site and hit the enter key. In the sea of pornography, a stout model suddenly catches your eye. To be precise, it was the ornament on his penis that caught your attention and made the video stand out from the crowd. You clicked into the video curious to find out what this novelty was.

The actor in the video is constantly pleading with another man, covered in black leather, begging to cum. The leather man just keeps molesting him, playing with his nipples, nailing his mouth with his black leather gloved hand, and his rear is constantly being stimulated with an electric anal plug. The camera gave a close-up of this little slave’s cock: the huge glans was squeezed pale inside a transparent shell, and the scrotum was also topped by a ring at the root of the base, which looked bulging as if it could burst at any moment, with the foreskin squeezed out of the small hole used for ventilation on the side of the shell, forming a small purplish red bag, and a small brass lock hanging from the top of the transparent shell, with the lock reading: Master’s property. You quickly figure out the structure – this little brass lock traps the model’s cock firmly in this hard transparent cage!

You can lose the right to cum!

Realizing this, you decided that this is the porn for tonight. You jerked off with this new found film, cleaned yourself up and fall asleep. Before you passed out, you glanced at the title and the words “Chastity” caught your eye. “Oh, it’s called a chastity lock ……” you whispered to yourself, and fall asleep. You may not have thought much about it, but your subconscious mind saw all the sexual excitement and crazy oxytocin secretion when you saw the cage.

Later, you gradually added this keyword to your search for porns. Everything it represents, being controlled, restricted, and bound are deeply attracted to you. As you watch more and more clips and novels related to chastity cage, you begin to feel as if you should buy one and wear them on. After a careful selection, you finally placed an order for your first chastity lock driven by the horniness.

The moment you put on the lock you drowned in the sensation. Your penis began to gradually fill the space of the lock, the foreskin is squeezed out of the gap of the cage, and the originally purplish-red glans is pressed miserably white by the lock. Your glans seems to be plated with a hard shell. You touched it, but you couldn’t feel a hint of pleasure. Your dick has never felt such an intense feeling of bondage. You love this feeling. You wish you could wear it forever, as a missing part of your body finally made up.

You yearn to wear the cage.

Every time you feel horny, you will put on the lock, and then hold the cage up and down jerking, the little gap between the cage of the friction of your glans gives you a little but not strong pleasure. Or, you turn on your vibrator or fascia gun, or even the vibration of your cell phone, and put it on the cage, so that the cage becomes a wrap-around massager, sending vibrations to every surface of your glans. As your orgasm approaches, you cum. Once again, you cum with the lock on. The sage time that ensues gets you started thinking on the meaning of life, the value of life, and why you’re wearing the locks. So you end up using the chastity locks simply as a sex toy. Merely adding a little fancy to your boring repeated jerking off.

Gradually, you find that you are not the only one who likes to be controlled and managed. Finding the right group, you began to exchange ideas with fellow kinksters. You gradually learned that in addition to the common cage models, there are also belt models that cannot be removed completely but are less comfortable, as well as leather chastity shorts that are used for a single session. Gradually, you become a chastity lock collector, but couldn’t find the right one for yourself. Looking at the urine scum on the PA rod after a long term worn with locks on twitter, you realize that so called “permanent lock” also need to be unlocked and cleaned regularly. The cleaning problem faced by those chaste kinksters who plugged the keyhole with glue, soldered them with solder, or threw the keys into the sea is also one of the reasons why you can’t wear the cage for a long time.

You think that by finding someone to hold your keys for you, you might be able to wear them for a little longer? So you start contacting local kinksters. You meet up, flirt with each other, take pictures of two locked genitals in the bathroom and post them online, not forgetting to bring the #teamlock hashtag. You think it’s still not very safe to exchange keys directly …… in case you need to unlock temporarily? So you bought a combination lock box, downloaded a management app, a bunch of disposable plastic locks with numbers on it, and metal key storage tubes. But you find that finding a right key holder is no less difficult than finding a date. To find a key holder that you trust, willing to help you keep the keys, tie your hands behind your back every week to open your cage and clean it up, better occasionally tease you about your situation or make you do some tasks, is basically non-existent. Those props you bought to help you keep the keys ended up in the bottom of the box along with your other sex toys. You are still looking forward to the day that someone can help you achieve the goal of permanent caged.

Eventually, you get tired of all these tings. The cages and the locks become a regular sex toy as a puppy hood or a leather muzzle.

Everything turns around from a video you saw online that day. In the video, a muscle man was fixed in a chair, another person’s hands between the man’s legs up and down, sometimes carefully, sometimes wildly rough. The man on the chair was giving out all kinds of lustful gasps as hands massaged him. The strange thing is that just as the muscle man was about to cum, those hands stopped jerking his cock and began to roam around the muscular body. Until the rod got softer, a new round of massage began, and so on and so forth, the muscle man always hovered long on the edge of ejaculation but not cum. You began to search for similar subjects and learned that this is called edging in the kinky world.

It was also a coincidence that you started to edge yourself. You were looking at your favorite side dish that day, and your hands were busy. You felt like you were just a few strokes away from the finale, and you suddenly thought of what you had seen that day, the muscle stud who had been edged several times and began pleading to cum. The movement of your hand suddenly stopped. You gasp softly, a little pre-cum sticked between your thumb and index finger, feel yourself sweating slightly, the other hand still turning over your favorite story. You think it would be nice to calm down and edge for yourself once or twice.

You put yourself on the edge over and over again in the past few weeks. You gradually get to know your body and know what reaction indicates when it has crossed the threshold of ejaculation. You gradually begin to enjoy the slow and constant pleasure that comes when you edge yourself. You feel that it is the long, thin stream of pleasure of edging that suits you better than the intense, short-lived pleasure of ejaculation. Suddenly, you realize something.

What would happen if I never cumd again and only get edged?

This thought made your dick twisted. You begin to tell yourself that the pleasure of ejaculation is momentary. The pleasure of edging is long-lasting, it can last as long as you wish. You begin to tell yourself that ejaculation is unnecessary and a waste of energy. You don’t need to cum to get enough for sexual pleasure. That momentary pleasure of ejaculation is reserved for those with little self-control. You are a man who hits the gym on time every week, full of self-control, and you don’t need the pleasure of ejaculation. The pleasure of ejaculation is reserved for alphas, betas like you can already get a sufficient amount of pleasure by just edging, you don’t need or can’t cum. You keep repeating these words to yourself. At the same time, whenever you are close to the edge, you will withdraw your hand and stop.

In this way, you edge yourself while putting a chastity lock on your mind. From then on, you can only cum by pleading with others to help you get to the final step. Because your body has formed a conditioned reflex, whenever you are about to cum you will automatically stop your hand. If you try to cum, you will get the pleasure, but the ensuing sense of guilt and self-recrimination makes you more painful. You feel that you lose control of yourself. The shame as if you wet your pants in the street accidentally make you can not complete the complete ejaculation action by yourself. Only when someone else fuck you and jerks you off in the process, or when the other person takes over the baton with his hand, can you cum without worry. You feel that this ejaculation satisfies the needs of others, and therefore is not considered out of control, but just a favor. The orgasm and the pleasure that ejaculation gives you is just the little fragrance clings to your dick that gives the roses. Because you know that you no longer need to cum, the pleasure of the edge is already satisfied you. You lived horny ever after.

Metal would like to thank Destin Salvatore for this story! Find him on Twitter.

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