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Forced nudity in prison: It’s freezing cold water for this inmate

At Strip Search Hell, the prison officers have to assess whether an inmate will cause them problems. A guy can come in with the full intension of behaving but then goes totally crazy. They can kick off, fall out with other inmates, cause jealousy in others or spread trouble through the jail population. That’s why cleanliness is so important, and it doesn’t matter if it comes out the end of a freezing cold hose.

cmnm forced male nudity

The prison officers don’t have time or inclination to ask him a load of intimate questions. They suspect he’s gone jail bent, and that’s all that’s needed before a mandatory visit to Mr Hose. It’s freezing cold water for this chap, underneath his foreskin and right up his hairy arsehole. They want him spotless.

show me your asshole

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squeaky clean male butt hole

The Story of Dax – Chapter 05

By TheBadOne

Chapter 5 – Orientation

After finally being released from the leather and rubber cocoon that was my home for almost an entire day, it took me quite some time before I was in my right mind again. I still felt hypnotized, still felt bewildered about what had happened to me- not the intense mindfucking scene I had just endured, but all of it over the past several weeks. Meeting Master Shephard for the first time, the quick but thorough learning curve he put me through on my way to becoming his. And yet, I was happy.

Despite being incredibly horny all the time thanks to the chastity belt, I actually found myself more satisfied sexually than I ever had in my life. And with Master Shephard’s guidance, I found myself making leaps and bounds at the gym, looking and feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my life. Not only was Master Shephard training me for himself, but he was training me into being the best version of myself, too. And plain ‘Shephard,’ when we were living our ordinary lives in front of our friends, was a loving and affectionate boyfriend, our obvious chemistry making us the envy of our single friends.

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The Debt – Part 4

By Pup Shaggy

Another sharp turn and he slid across the floor, bumping into something. Hunter just laughed from the front seat.

“Sorry pup, they really ort’ fill in these pot holes.” He felt an arm on his shoulder, and he realised Spencer must of slid into the back of the driver’s seat.

“Didn’t think to chain you down before, just wanted to get you back home,” he apologised. The car slowed to a halt at some traffic lights. All Spencer could hear was a ‘click’ as Hunter padlocked the leather collar – still itself padlocked on to his neck- to a ring in the floor up against the back of the driver’s seat. “That should keep you still. And in arms reach too. Just where I like you.” The hand gently stroked his shoulder, as if to reassure him. It did little to calm his nerves or silence the slight twinge in his ear, or the weight in his sore balls. But the hand quickly left him to return to the steering wheel as the lights turned green.

“We’ll be on the motorway soon. That’ll be nice and smooth, hopefully. I’ll be able to grope that cage of yours some, Bet your rock hard at this point aren’t ya? Hope your balls are still intact, not that getting you snipped would be such a horrendous idea, since you’re a dog.”

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Justice is served

In jail you will always get a proportion of lazy chaps. Men who have never been uncomfortable for a day in their lives. Every waking moment is spent seeking out the next pleasure to enjoy. These men are particularly punished by a stay inside. It’s clear from the moment this handsome stud is bundled into the cold tiled room for a full body check that this man is used to the finer things in life. What will see now is probably the hardest work he has done in his life. The officers take particular pleasure in giving it to this one. Watch him being made to pull his big hairy cheeks apart so that his tight over-privileged arsehole is fully displayed.

male forced to strip

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male forced naked

looking into his butt cheeks

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Improving My Posture – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

“You’ve now been working here 10 months. We have performance reviews for all our employees at this time every year. As I’d told you when you started, you are judged by two standards, your work output and your appearance, since our group is located just outside the company manager’s door and the prospective clients that come here judge our company in part by our appearance.

If there is any area in which you are graded as unacceptable you will be given a month to improve it until it is acceptable. If you are not able to do that you will be terminated.

Your work output is good. Your attendance has been perfect. You keep up a good appearance with your clothes. However, there is one area in which you have been graded as unacceptable. This is your posture. You slump forward when working at the computer terminal. This does not look good to our prospective clients.”

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