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The Tournament Affair – Part 08

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 8 – Edging

Ari and Nathan have escorted Ken to the second padded room. Ben follows them.  Once they get into the room, Nathan shuts the door behind and dims the lights.  The walls are bright white, as is the floor – in this room it has white rubber matting with a floor drain – and Nathan wants to soothe Ken, not assault his eyes.

He slides the hood off of Ken, and Ken takes in the surroundings. His arms are still bound in a rope harness, and he has a multi layered cowboy bandanna gag on.

In front of him is a strange looking chair, and it startles Ken. It’s a seat with fixed recline, but on a metal frame with a curved seat bottom. Padded frame components stretch out in a V from the seat, and it seems to Ken it’s meant to be sat in with legs spread.  There are curved pads beneath where the thighs go, and upholstered pads on the lower parts, above the foot pads, where calves could slip into. The leg pockets half-remind Ken of a massage chair at the mall, but this looks much more diabolical than anything he’s seen before.

The room is a whole other experience.  It is certainly a padded cell, insulated from noise. In fact, all ambient noise is gone, and Ken wonders if he’ll be kept prisoner there.  His heart is starting to thump with concern.

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Let’s face it, if you are totally naked in a room full of others who have all their clothes on, all sorts of things can happen. You might get tied up, or be forced to do things. Sexual things. Like what happens in the CMNM and CFNM scenes. What’s the difference you ask?

If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of other men, then check out CMNM — clothed male naked male.


Clothed Male - Naked Male

If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of women, then CFNM — clothed female naked male — is for you, and there are sites that cater to this: CFNM-TV and CFNM College


Florida Trap – Part 02

By Johnny Utah

I drove back to the hotel, jerked off twice and didn’t get much sleep. The thought of going on that work crew just kept me up, in more ways than one. I did of course think about chickening out, but then I wondered when I would ever get another chance like this. Probably never.

The alarm on my phone went off. Time to get up. I brushed my teeth, didn’t take a shower, remembering the advice from Sergeant Stiles.  I ate a pop tart that I got last night. I grabbed a to-go coffee in the hotel lobby and drove to my prison date.

Turning off the highway, there was an access road to a cell tower, and beyond that some railroad tracks. Nothing else but Florida Pine scrub. Sergeant Stiles was there with a white van. It was now or never, so I parked and got out of my car.

I kinda got the feeling of being a fly going in the spider’s web.

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Khaled is naked in front of officers

Meanwhile at CMNM, arrogant bouncer Khaled acts like he’s too important to be handled by officers, which only spurs them to be rougher and disrobe him. When the mouthy punk who turned him in arrives, it only increases his embarrassment. Khaled does an about turn when the officers get close to his anus and acts very suspiciously. Bent naked over the senior officer’s desk, he offers up his arse and demands that the men investigate what he’s hiding.

See the video at CMNM

See the video at CMNM

See the video at CMNM

Forced male nudity

Forced male nudity

Combative Glenn is outraged the officers are being so personal, running their hands over his naked body and fondling his genitals. They insist on examining his arsehole to make sure he’s not concealing anything. First they get him to squat so his long cock and pendulous balls dangle between his legs. Then they get him to bend over and insert their digits up his rectum, finger-fucking the angry traveller as long as they want.

See the video of this scenario at CMNM

Forced male nudity

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