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Strip searched in jail

Side-show Bob here really thinks he’s clever. He’s made a foolish error to let the cops arrest him and get sent down ahead of the trial. A trial in which he will be found not guilty of course! All this is rather beneath him. He’s big and muscular and is going to be the cleverest on the wing. No doubt he’ll teach some of the stupider crims how to read and help with their letters from home. All the while he’ll have a big fat grin on his face, because he’s more intelligent than all the prison warders AND the governor.

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The Facility – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Andy sat behind the intake desk waiting for the prisoner transfer van to arrive with the next batch of prisoners for the jail.  Jake and Murray were responsible for prisoner transportation so they were the CO’s that picked up the prisoners.  The incoming prisoners could arrange for a standard pickup at the airport or an arrest on the road by a “state trooper” and taken into custody and brought to the jail.  The arrest option had become a success with at least 2 prisoners paying for that option.  In this batch, only one had taken that option so Jake had put on his trooper uniform complete with tall gleaming dehners and taken the unmarked police car and headed for the pickup area.

The car containing the prisoner passed the unmarked police car and Jake switched on the lights and accelerated after the prisoner.  He pulled over and the cruiser pulled up behind.  Jake walked up and ordered the prisoner out of the car and once he had obeyed, cuffed him and walked him to the cruiser.  As Jake pulled away with the prisoner, a local tow truck operator who they had hired to pick up the prisoner’s cars pulled up.  As part of the payment, the tow operator got a discount at the facility as he was a bondage and control addict.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 09

By felon


In Chapter 8 the West Virginia experience was reaching its climax and quickly ground to a halt. The other prisoner for the weekend somehow managed to escape the compound in the dead of night after a severe flogging at camp. I was back in my cell when all hell broke loose as the jailers searched for the escapee.

At first light the decision was made to break camp and call it quits for the weekend. Half of the campers were spread out thru the area searching for the prisoner, the remainder of the men proceeded to break down and store equipment. I was loaded in Wytheville County orange prison jumpsuit, in cuffs and leg irons — a plastic bag on the front seat with my keys and wallet and a file folder.

Not much was said as the men were not too happy with the outcome, and the indication that the escaped prisoner would be punished if caught. Once we were about to return to I-79 for the return, the car stopped along the road and a well-used “humane restraint gag” was taken from the trunk and padlocked on me. Then travel resumed with conversation between the two men in the front.

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Florida Trap – Part 02

By Johnny Utah

I drove back to the hotel, jerked off twice and didn’t get much sleep. The thought of going on that work crew just kept me up, in more ways than one. I did think about chickening out, but I figured whenever would I get another chance like this.

The alarm on my phone went off. Time to get up. I brushed my teeth, didn’t take a shower, remembering the advice from Sergeant Stiles.  I ate a pop tart that I got last night. I grabbed a to-go coffee in the hotel lobby and drove to my prison date.

Turning off the highway, there was an access road to a cell tower, and beyond that some railroad tracks. Nothing else but Florida Pine scrub. Sergeant Stiles was there with a white van. It was now or never, so I parked and got out of my car.

I kinda got the feeling of being a fly going in the spider’s web.

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