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Corporate Takeover – Chapter 02

By lthr_jock

At that point the buzzer sounded, indicating there was a customer at the door. To Brian’s surprise, Dave didn’t release him, instead going over to the counter, checking the CCTV and then buzzing the customers in. Brian flushed red with embarrassment as three men came in. He tried to look inconspicuous, but they spotted him and pointed at him with a chuckle. Dave headed over. “Don’t mind them. Let’s just get you somewhere more discrete.” Dave grabbed the leash again and led Brian back into the rear room.

He took him right to the back of the room where there were several heavy and cumbersome items of dungeon furniture. He swung the door of a steel cage open. “Get in.” Brian looked at him in shock. “I have to deal with the customers, so you need to be stored. Get in.” The cage was a dog cage, so Brian had to get onto his knees and shuffle in. Dave grinned and locked the door behind him, then threw a sheet of soft leather over the cage. “Stay.” Brian then heard the sound of his steps as he walked away.

Brian tried to get comfortable, but with his hands locked behind him there was a constant stress on his arms and chest. The gag was making him drool and a constant stream was now dripping onto the floor. But the thing that did surprise him was the way that his cock remained rockhard. He could feel it trapped between the leather and the skin of his leg. He found that if he rocked to and fro, he could get more traction on it and he soon found himself very close to cumming. He was stopped as the leather sheet was removed and Dave grinned down at him.

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Side Effects – Chapter 3

By GratDelay

male BDSM storiesI had to get up. I had to move!

Adin had said the paralysis was wearing off, and I definitely had control of my voice again. If I didn’t get moving right away, Adin would keep me stuck here all night.

Were my toes wriggling? Could I twitch my fingers? Nothing. This was weird stuff.

Adin came back into the room with a pile of my gear.

“Forget it Adin!” I said firmly with false bravado, “not gonna happen.”

“Stand up and tell me that to my face!” he said scornfully.

What had come over Adin? He knew about all my toys, but had never shown any interest in them. For that matter, he’d never shown any interest in my dick before either. I was feeling very confused. But I had more pressing concerns, because no matter how confused I was, Adin was standing over me with some of my favorites.

“No Adin, I’m serious! An hour’s enough already.” The thought of Adin putting me into bondage, using my own toys, was like another dream come true, but I really didn’t know if I could handle it, given the state I was in, and what had already happened in just the last 40 minutes or so. At the same time, my hypothalamus texted a command down to my groin: Make it so.

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Side Effects – Chapter 2

By GratDelay

male bdsm storiesThis was it!

Finally I was getting the relief my body had been craving desperately for… less than 10 minutes???

My attention was drawn away from the beautiful sight hovering inches away from my eyes, back to the center of my helpless body’s universe. Dang I’m poetical. With just a touch from his hand, I sensed the familiar climb to orgasm, and it felt like it was going to be particularly strong.

I can’t describe to you how deep the need is when this drug kicks in. There was no enjoyment of the rising pleasure, no giddy anticipation, no urge to prolong the feeling of horniness. Pure animal lust overrides all other considerations, and this makes the immobilization of one’s limbs particularly cruel. In fact it was unbearable, not that that changed my situation (is something you can’t bear but have to bear anyway actually unbearable?).

So I was feeling relief and happiness when Adin gave my cock one stroke. Then he took his hand away, and I was plunged into shock and dismay.

I didn’t cum.

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The Bet – Chapter 09

By lthr_jock

I look at the clock – 11:30. I have an hour to finish my chores before Frank gets back. I check the list on the table – I’m about halfway through and having problems with what would normally be simple tasks. As I turn towards the kitchen to do the washing up, the rubber I’m wearing squeaks and creaks and the accumulated sweat inside it sloshes around. My cock is caged up again, this time in a heavy metal chastity belt that has covered my cock and balls and pulled them back between my legs. My cock has been slotted into a thick sleeve that extends inside my arse and is attached to a butt plug. Each time I start to get aroused, it makes the butt plug move further in and it’s as though I’m fucking myself. When I piss, the sleeve directs the urine inside me.

The steel belt is hidden under a thick rubber neck entry suit that I’ve had on overnight. The suit doesn’t have integral feet or gloves, but separate ones were added before pushing heavy waders on my feet. Rubber mittens went over the gloves that secure my fingers together but allow me to manipulate things – to an extent, anyway. I’m hooded in rubber and gagged, this time with a ring gag that keeps my mouth open. Steel cuffs are around each ankle, connected by a 2ft metal bar. Similar cuffs are around my wrists with a 1ft metal bar between them. Finally, a matching collar is locked around my neck.

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