Chastity devices and airport security

the Curve chastity deviceHey guys, thanks to everyone who has written in with comments and suggestions on wearing a cock cage through airport security. I know everyone needs to make his own decision about how far to push things, but I wanted to let you guys know that I have thought about this for a while, and I have decided against wearing or sending any guys through airport security while wearing a cock cage. Yeah, I’m sorry to spoil all the fun here, but in my view, if you have to fly, the cock cage should come off. The reasons I have for this are twofold.

Tied Feet GuyThe first reason has to do with the question of airport security in and of itself. Let’s think about this for a moment. We have already had the shoe bomber. Then there was the underwear bomber. Who knows what else might be planned. I just don’t think it is a good idea to wear a device locked on your dick through airport security screening. It raises too many red flags, especially for security personnel who are not familiar with what these devices are or who do not “get it” when it comes to kink. The fact is, those TSA agents have enough to worry about, without having to fuss over some guy’s cock cage. Yeah, yeah, I know, you can say these folks have “seen it all” and “nothing is going to shock them” but still, I just don’t think it is a good idea (more on that in a sec). I think airport security is one place where you just don’t want to mess around. You could miss or delay a flight, or you could divert resources from the REAL threat, or whatever.

CB 6000 chastity deviceThe second reason I am against wearing a cock cage through airport security, is that I do not believe in subjecting other people to sexual matters that they might not be comfortable with, or might not want to view. In other words, forcing some person to examine your cock cage, because it is part of his or her job, is almost in a way like pushing a non-consensual “scene” on someone. Yeah, it might be exciting for you to face the “humiliation” of being caged but what if the screener does not want to participate in that? After all, it’s one thing to walk around at Dore Alley or the hotel lobby at IML in a leather straitjacket and dog collar, and if a “vanilla” person walks into that space they should know quite well what they are getting into. But I would not wear stuff like that at a shopping mall, or at the movie theater. So, I just don’t think it’s cool to subject “vanilla folk” to stuff that they might not want to see, or that might make them uncomfortable. And that includes wearing a cock cage at the airport.

So, in my view, it’s probably best that if you do have to fly, just take the cock cage off … at least while you go through the security screening.


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6 thoughts on “Chastity devices and airport security”

  1. I think that’s a smart call. I actually once contemplated flying in chastity, but decided against it for basically the same reasons you state. To be honest, I never thought about the “non-consensual” scene for the security officer, but that’s even a better point. But really, in this hightened security age, that’s probably not a smart thing to risk.

    That said, I have traveled with bondage gear and gags fairly openly multiple times recently, and had no problems whatsoever. I do think a gasmask would raise some eyebrows, but basic bondage gear and gags seem to pose no problems at even, even on an international flight to Europe (other foreign countries may vary, of course).

    Lastly, you are killing me (in a good way) by continuing to use my pics in your posts. :D

  2. Metal’s point is well made. The TSA scanning systems trigger on metal, not plastic, so a plastic cock cage with a plastic lock might not be detected. The shoe and underwear bomb attempts passed TSA, which is why shoes are removed, or in some cases a special scanner is used. TSA is there to promote safety, not to make judgements, but ordinary courtesy toward the personnel will let everybody win.

    1. True enough about metal locks vs. plastic… but nowadays, at many airports, body scanners are becoming more common, and I’d suspect even a plastic lock won’t help in that situation.

  3. Hi Metal
    Some very valid points you make about the effect a chastity device has on the security guys, hadnt considered that before.
    However it is possible to be locked in a chastity device which will not show up on standard airport scanners. There are several selections of polycarbonate (CB range) and silicon (the Punisher) devices that will not show up on scanners (well they never have for me flying round Europe) and the only other element then is the lock where agin there are choices. Several not very secure options, cable ties, plastic numbered tags etc and a couple of completely secure locks made of ceramic or polycarbonate are available, again neither of these have shown up on a scanner yet for me.
    If it doesnt show than the security guys are not involved.
    cheers skinric

  4. I agree — a scene should not be forced onto anybody, including TSA employees.

    I put my stainless steel chastity device in my carry on, and install it at the first Men’s room I pass. Only once has it been questioned. Usually the key is in a sealed envelope, but on one trip I had no key, as my keyholder was coming to meet me in a week.

  5. I appreciate all you have said here – good topic. However, I must dispute one example you made…. I dont think it is fair to say the TSA would be “forced into a non-consensual scene.” They are actually trained for privacy screenings – and this includes ALL things genitals.
    I actually think it is more non-consensual for a random person to pop into the lobby of IML however. They had no training – and no warning….

    Anyway – I think the overall message is great here. I’ve worn my HT through without trouble. It is acrylic, so if they needed to see in – well, there ya go! but it was NO issue the 3x I flew.

    now – getlockd!

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