Cop & Dom

By ChastitySub

Part I

The Cop and the Dominator had met at the gym. They started working out together: the Cop liked the Dominator for pushing him harder in his lifting workouts. Sure, maybe he was a little attracted to the Dominator on some man-to-man level … but the Cop was a straight, tough cop, and didn’t go that way sexually.

The Cop would show up at the gym in his motorcycle uniform with his big, black, shiny boots creaking on the wooden floor as he walked through the gym as if he owned it — along with all those sweating under unforgiving machines. From time to time, he’d stop to flirt with a slender woman at the front desk, or look insistently in the direction of a girl working out.

The Cop clearly liked standing around the gym in his uniform before heading to the locker room, where he’d change into tight military-issue green shorts and a jockstrap. Sometimes he would wear a regular jockstrap, but other times a jock and cup. The cup would cause a huge bulge in his little green shorts, and the top of his jockstrap often poked teasingly over the shorts’ waistband. But clearly he could care less if the gays and drooling women kept looking at the suggesting bulge. The Cop had big strong legs, and a muscular butt round enough to stretch the fabric of his shorts into two perfect spheres. He exhibited smooth pecs that Dominator was convinced were shaved, although he never teased the Cop about it. The Cop’s pecs and nipples stood out in his tight white under armor shirt.

The Cop knew that the Dominator was gay, and that was fine by him. Sometimes, after working out they would get a drink or two; the Cop usually stayed in his motorbike uniform, even off work — he knew what this stood for in so may eyes. The Cop would tell the Dominator about fucking young women he picked up at the gym; fucking them slow, long and hard, making sure to work one or two fingers up their assholes. The Cop asked the Dominator if he was dating. “Off and on,” he said, in addition to the two boys he used as dog slaves when he was in the right mood. He kept them under strict control in locked chastity devices and butt plugs they had no control over, and trained them over the weekend through tough punishment, and occasional pleasure for reward. The Cop got curious, but didn’t ask for more details. But at the Dominator’s suggestion, he did buy a couple of butt plugs and started making his female dates wear them while they fucked.


Once a year, the gym held a charity wrestling match: gym members could challenge each other to wrestling matches, proceeds went to charity, and it was all in good fun. At their next workout, the Dominator asked the Cop if he wanted to take part in a match. “Well, I’m not sure … It sounds very challenging, but I reckon I’d beat you pretty easily,” the Cop said with a good-natured smile. “Well we can certainly raise the stakes if you want. How about drinks and dinner on the loser?”

“Maybe,” the Cop said. “But I’m sure we could find something better to motivate us. How about you wash my car in your little Speedos outside my house if you lose?”

The Dominator saw an opening, and started smiling. “Okay. Heck, I’ll even kiss your boots if I lose. But if I win, I get to shave all the hair from your body. Everything, below your neck.”

That made the Cop pause. He didn’t respond right away as he weighed his chances of losing. He had been pushed right into a corner he found both potentially humiliating, but which gave rise to a faint sense of excitement he couldn’t quite grasp.

“What’s up copper? Are you scared you might lose and end up with shaved legs,” the Dominator taunted gently. The Cop sniggered: “Fuck no! I know I’ll win. But if my body hair’s at stake, we need to raise them a little for you too. If I win, you’ll have to shine my boots with your tongue, and lick my jock cup clean while I watch.”

“Done,” said the Dominator.

On the day of the match, the two men suited up into jockstraps and singlets in the gym locker room. “It’s not too late to back out of the bet,” offered the Cop. “If you’re getting scared, that is.”

“I’m ready,” replied the Dominator with a strong gaze.

“Good, I need to get these boots cleaned. They’ll look good with a nice tongue polish. I used to have cadets at the police academy lick boots as part of their hazing. Tongues give the boots a very special shine.”

The Dominator simply smiled as he adjusted his own jockstrap, cup and singlet. What the Cop did not know was that the Dominator had been a college wrestler, and still wrestled occasionally with friends — or with ‘friends with benefits.’ He was much quicker than the Cop, even if smaller and lighter.

When the match started, the Dominator played possum a bit with the Cop, encouraging him to believe a bigger size would allow him to win the match hands down. But every time the Cop thought he was close to pinning down his opponent, the Dominator would spin out from under the Cop. They both got sweaty from the heat and excitement. Finally, the Dominator started pressing his advantage. He caught the Cop off guard, and rolled him under his lighter but stronger body. The referee’s unforgiving whistle blow told the Cop that the match was over, with his back flat on the mat, unable to get up because of the muscular man strongly pinning him.

It had happened so fast! He lay there stunned, on the mat, as the Dominator loosened his grip, got up and raised his clenched fist to the applause of other customers. Little did they realize the impact this game would have on the Cop. He stayed silent as they walked back to the locker room. Finally, sitting on the bench, he said to the Dominator he didn’t believe he’d lost.

“I had you almost pinned at least three times!”

“Well, it’s the last pin that counts,” the Dominator replied. “Don’t worry copper, you’ll like the smooth shave I’ll give you tomorrow, it will highlight your muscles nicely. Look on the positive side of things. Heck, you might like it so much, you’ll beg me to give you a good shave every week.”

“I doubt that,” the Cop replied.

“Tomorrow’s Saturday. I’ll see you at noon at my house. Make sure you block off a few hours, it’s gonna be a very slow shaving. I want to make sure I get all the hair,” the Dominator said.

Part 2

The next day, the Cop showed up at the Dominator’s house right on time. He was wearing his usual cop uniform with tall black motorcycle boots and all. Underneath his motorcycle breaches, his cock was safe and secure in its jockstrap and cup. He was very clearly unhappy about losing the bet. But knowing he had little choice but to forward and pay it off — it was a matter of honor — he did show up.

He might even have been a little intrigued about getting the smooth–shaved look. He trusted the Dominator knew what he was doing when it came to shaving: at the gym sauna and shower, he’d noticed that the Dominator was mostly shaved down himself. That muscular shaved body looked good on the Dominator. Of course, the Cop never wanted to look too closely at the Dominator’s shaved ball sack, never mind his sizeable cock, in the steamy proximity of the gym shower and steam room.

The Dominator greeted him at the door and led him inside. He could tell from the greeting that the Cop was nervous. The Dominator tried to calm him. “Hey relax buddy,” the Dominator said, “Trust me. You’ll enjoy the shaving. And what happens here is just between us. Man to man.” The Dominator led him to an upstairs room, and instructed the Cop to strip down to his jockstrap and lay down on the towels he’d prepared on the floor. The Cop complied slowly. He had stripped many times with the Dominator in the gym. But it was different this time … he felt somehow more naked undressing, while the Dominator remained clothed in jeans, construction boots and a black t-shirt that fitted him nicely.

The Cop lay on the towels, on his back, and looked up at the Dominator. The Dominator walked over and laid his booted foot on the Cop’s chest, pressing slightly. “Ready for your shaving? I’m going to start with the electric clippers and then finish with a razor and shaving cream for a nice finished look.”

The Cop just nodded in agreement. He was incapable of forming words there, in this submissive and somehow surreal scene, at the thought of a full body shaving.

The Dominator knelt down and went to work with the clippers. He had much experience shaving and clipping men from the domination of his two dog slaves. The Cop grunted a bit, but was otherwise silent, observing. The Cop responded well to the Dominator’s instructions to lift his arms and legs as needed, so the Dominator could shave the hair in more intimate parts. He worked the clippers over the Cop’s underarms and across his chest. The Dominator didn’t shy away from the Cop’s cock. Lifting the waistband of his black jockstrap, he pulled out the cup and yanked down the last piece of clothing, held the Cop’s cock to the side and started shaving all his pubic hair. The Cop’s cock was already mostly hard when it was pulled free of the sweaty cup’s confines. The feel of the Dominator’s hand on the cock, and the slight purposeful pulsing of the Dominator’s hand, brought the Cop’s cock to a full-on erection.

“Don’t try to pretend you’re not enjoying this!” the Dominator exclaimed. “Your cock tells me you’re getting off on this … Maybe we should keep going after the shave is done? I should strap you down and milk your cock dry.”

The Cop’s cock twitched even harder at the Dominator’s voice describing the bondage milking. He was really horned up, and getting off on the possibility of domination. “Say it.” the Dominator ordered in a low voice. “Just say you want it, and I will train you like a dog and milk your cock.”

The Cop kept his eyes closed. His head rolled back. He enjoyed the strong grip of another man on his cock. He didn’t want it to stop.

“Yes. I want you to train me,” he said in a quiet, low voice.

“Good boy. I will train you and milk you hard today,” the Dominator promised.

Part 3

The Dominator finished shaving the Cop’s cock and balls, and rolled him over to shave his ass crack. The Dominator worked the shaving cream down the Cop’s crack, pausing to gently finger his hole. A few minutes later, the crack was smooth and clean of hair. The Dominator rinsed off the shaving cream with a wet towel, and pulled the ass cheeks apart to expose the Cop’s hole. He started to massage the outside of the hole. For the Cop this was a whole new experience, both humiliating and erotic at the same time. The Dominator added some lube to his finger and continued the massage, finally working the finger up the hole a little bit, pausing to add more lube. He kept working more and more lube into the Cop’s tight hole until his finger could slide in and out easily.

Once his finger was all the way in, he reached around under the Cop with his other hand, and got hold of the Cop’s erect cock.

“I thought so! You get off on having me work your butt hole. You’ll make a good little slave dog,” the Dominator said. “You like my finger up your ass so much that I’m going to put a little vibrator butt plug up there. When you’ve been a good boy, I’ll buzz your hole and prostate as a reward. Soon you’ll beg me to switch on that vibrator,” the Dominator whispered into the Cop’s ear. The Dominator grabbed the butt plug, lubing it up. The plug was like a normal butt plug, except it had an egg-shaped vibrator at the tip that rested against the slave’s prostate. The vibrator could be triggered with a small remote control.

Even with all the lube up the Cop’s ass, it took a little bit of pressure from the Dominator to work the plug into the Cop’s asshole. At one point the Cop started complaining; the Dominator paused to spank the Cop’s ass cheeks nice and red, before working the plug further into his hole. Finally the vibrator was in place, and the Cop’s butt hole clamped down on the narrow part of the butt plug, locking it in place against his prostate.

“Excellent. Nice and plugged. That’s how I like my slaves to be kept,” the Dominator said. He triggered the vibrator, and a deep buzz came to life inside the Cop’s virgin anus.

Surprised, the Cop immediately moaned in pleasure, his cock hardening.

The Dominator pushed him onto all fours, like a dog, and reached under him to pull the stiff cock down and away. Grasping his cock, the Dominator started to slowly milk it. He used slow strokes, all the time pointing the hard cock down toward the ground.

The Cop started humping his hips to get that extra pleasurable push on his cock.

In response, the Dominator slapped the Cop’s ass immobile: “Stop moving your hips, slave. You’re not allowed to fuck my hand. I control your cock, milking it, and pleasure or pain it gets. You need to learn your place.”

The Dominator turned off the vibrating plug, and picked up the black wood humbler. It was shaped like a slightly curved bar, wider than the Cop’s width, with a hole formed in the middle by the two hollowed-out sides of the bar screwed together. It was a wooden stocks of sorts for the slave’s ball sack. The Dominator opened the hinged humbler, and maneuvered it behind the Cop’s exposed ass. Grasping his balls, the Dominator pulled them through the hole and closed the sides of the humbler. The Cop’s big hairless balls were squeezed through the hole, exposed and vulnerable like a head locked in a wooden pillory. The Dominator screwed the locking mechanism closed, and positioned the sides of the humbler against the Cop’s lower ass cheeks.

“You really are a slave now,” the Dominator said. “Your balls are trapped, and any pressure on your legs will pull hard against them. You’ll just have to stay on all fours until I let you go.”

The Cop tried to move his legs a little and quickly found that any sudden movement with his legs pulled down his ball sack painfully. The best he could do was crawl slowly on his knees and hands.

The Dominator smiled at the Cop’s obvious discomfort. He hadn’t yet told him about that humbler’s best feature: it had small electrodes lining up the central hole. An excellent training motivator.

The Dominator decided to wait until the Cop was more safely restrained to show him that particular feature. The Dominator walked across the room, and turned to the Cop: “I want you to crawl over here, up to me.”

The Cop stayed still. It was too humiliating for him, a big cop, to take orders from another man … let alone crawl on the floor. He felt like this had gone too far.

The Dominator picked up a riding crop and walked over to the Cop. With it, he started to slowly spank the Cop’s fragile ass cheeks, increasing the intensity with each stroke.

“I’m going to keep beating your ass until you crawl across the room,” the Dominator said.

The Cop’s ass was glowing a nice pink when he finally gave in and started crossing the room slowly, on all fours. He was careful not to make any sudden movements with his legs that would pull even more on his now sore balls.

It was strange and humiliating to be here, naked, on all fours, with the Dominator watching. The Dominator kept the encouraging the Cop by spanking him with the riding crop, not letting the Cop slow down or take a break. Sometimes the Dominator would use his crop to smack the base of the Cop’s plug, sending pulsating pressure into the Cop’s hole all the way down to his prostrate. The Dominator alternated between spanking the Cop’s ass cheeks and tapping the butt plug. The Cop was humiliated at crawling, but couldn’t stop his cock from getting hard from the tapping on the plug. When the Cop reached the other side of the room, the Dominator stopped beating on his red ass, rubbed his head and said “Good boy. Now let’s get some puppy gear on.”

The Dominator strapped a thick leather collar on to the Cop, buckling it in the back. The Cop’s hands were inserted into leather-padded mitt gloves. Once the mitts were strapped on his hands, the Dominator clipped the Cop’s wrists to the collar. With his wrists mitted and strapped to his collar, the Cop nearly lost his balance as he tried to get stable on his knees and elbows. Moving behind the Cop, the Dominator put leather cuffs on the Cop’s ankles, and a steel spreader bar attached to the ankle cuffs, forcing the Cop’s legs apart. Finally, the Dominator put a thick leather bondage belt around the Cop’s waist. The belt was over six inches thick, with multiple buckles and steel rings. The Dominator attached the battery packs for the vibrating plug and the humbler’s electric connections. “Just for good measure,” he thought, the Dominator finished by attaching a bungee cord from the leg separator to the bondage belt, forcing the Cop’s legs to bed up towards his now sore ass. The cord allowed him to move his legs a few inches either way, but he could definitely not get out of his crawling position.

With his hands strapped to his collar and his legs forcibly spread, the Cop was now forced to stay on all fours. He couldn’t stand, or lay flat. He could struggle a little, but this caused the humbler to pull on his ball sack. The Dominator stood back and admired the now restrained Cop. “You look really hot all trussed up,” the Dominator said. “You should stay under control like this more often.”

The Cop looked up at him, not saying a thing.

The Dominator switched on the butt vibrator, and began to edge the Cop’s cock, rewarding him for staying calm and not fighting him while the restraints were put on. He milked the Cop’s cock long, slowly and purposefully by pulling it away from the Cop’s body, and stroking, and stroking, and strroooo… kinnng… Not strong enough, not nearly often enough to make him cum. But the Cop’s cock stayed rock hard, and started leeking pre-cum.

“Good boy. See how you get rewarded for being good? Buzzing your butt hole and milking you,” the Dominator said. “All you have to do is what I say. I think you like being in these restraints.

The Cop moaned, hating how his cock responded to the buzzing in his asshole and the feel of a strong man’s hands on his cock.

Part 4

The Dominator let go of the Cop’s cock and clicked off the vibrator. It was time to show the Cop the other side of the training. Not reward. But pain. The Dominator attached the electro stimulator to the electrodes on the humbler and attached the battery and remote receiver to the back of the bondage belt. Right on the slave dog, yet out of reach of his mitted hands. The Dominator grasped the remote control and turned the electro humbler onto its lowest setting. At this setting, it felt like a low buzz on the Cop’s balls. Not painful, just a light irritation. The Dominator heard the Cop grunt as the humbler warmed the Cop’s balls. “You like that, huh?” the Dominator asked. “A little surprise for you. The humbler has electrodes on it. If you do not do what I say, I will warm your balls as a warning. And then, I will inflict pain on you.”

With that, the Dominator buzzed the Cop’s balls up to the third setting. The Cop screamed in pain. It felt like his balls were burning and shocked at the same time. The jolt of the pain caused the Cop to involuntarily pull on his legs jerking the humbler and pulling his balls. Causing even more pain. The jolt of electricity was short, but left the Cop stunned and panting. Just a short burst to show you what the device does.

“Do what I say, and you won’t feel it again,” the Dominator said.

“Take that thing off me,” the Cop said, summoning up all the authority in his voice that he could given his restrained position.

“It is a little too late for you to be giving orders,” the Dominator said, and shocked the Cop’s balls again, holding the shock twice as long this time.

The Cop screamed in pain again. But this time did not say anything afterwards.

Lesson learned, the Dominator thought. The Dominator picked up a large size dildo from the side table. It was a realistic cock, with a thick fat head. He stuck the dildo on the floor so the cock stuck straight up in the air.

“Now crawl over here and suck on this dildo,” the Dominator said.

The Cop did not move. He had never sucked real or fake cock, and he was not starting now. The Dominator had expected resistance from the Cop and turned the humbler onto its lowest settling. Sending a light electro vibration on the Cop’s balls.

“Do you want to feel the fourth setting on this device?” The Dominator asked the Cop. He walked behind the Cop and started beating his ass with the riding crop. “Come on Boy. I don’t want to have to fry your balls again. But I will do it.”

The Cop held his ground as his ass got redder and redder from the beating.

The Dominator buzzed the humbler on the third setting again and watched the Cop yelp in pain. “I am a very patient man. I will just keep inflicting pain until you get your mouth on that cock,” the Dominator said.

It took two more shocking of his balls before the Cop could not take it again. He slowly crawled the few feet to the upright dildo and put his mouth slowly over the head of the cock.

The Dominator loved the sight of the straight cop, finally submitting to a plastic dildo in his mouth. How great it would be if the guys at the gym could see the tough Cop now, restrained and forced to suck on a dildo. The Dominator could have physically forced the cock into the Cop’s mouth, but he preferred the slow application of pain and pleasure to get the Cop to place his mouth on the dildo by his own volition. One more step down the road to a slave dog.

The Cop almost gagged at the feel of the head of the plastic cock in his mouth.

The Dominator came behind him and slowly pushed his head down on dildo. “If I do not see you actively sucking this cock, I am going to burn your balls again, boy,” the Dominator said.

The Cop started slow rocking motion with his head; sucking the dildo up and down. Slight pressure from the Dominator’s hand encouraged him to take more and more of the cock in his mouth.

As promised, the Dominator rewarded the Cop for his good behavior. As soon as his mouth wrapped around the dildo, the Dominator turned the butt plug vibrator back on, sending pulses down his prostate and asshole. The Dominator would keep the vibrator on the entire time that the Cop sucked the dildo. The Dominator also started to milk the Cop’s cock, keeping the milking strokes in rhythm the downward and upward motion of the Cop’s head on the dildo.

It was sensory overload for the Cop. He was humiliated at being restrained and forced to suck a dildo, but was overwhelmed by the feelings from the plug and the milking. He wanted to shoot his load, but the Dominator was careful to keep the milking slow and light. Not enough to get him off.

“Good boy. Now you keep working that dildo in your mouth while I go out of the room and change. If your mouth is not on that cock when I come back you will be punished,” the Dominator said.

The Cop kept the dildo in his mouth, even as he heard the Dominator walk away. He could not take another ass beating and shock from the humbler. Soon he heard the booted feet of the Dominator walking down the hall and back into the training room. He did not look up from the dildo, but kept on sucking it. He could tell something was different in the way that the Dominator walked from the sound of the boots. But could not figure out what the difference was.

The Dominator attached a leash to the Cop’s collar and pulled his head off the dildo. The Cop turned to look at the Dominator. All he could do was stare at the black motorcycle boots. The Dominator had put on the Cop’s uniform and boots, and stood before the restrained Cop. The Dominator pulled the leash towards him.

“I want you to lick these boots nice and clean,” the Dominator said. “Just like you had those cadets in police officer training school lick them for you.”

The humbler started to buzz at a low level of electricity on his balls, telling the Cop that he did not have much of a choice.

The Dominator stuck one booted foot out in front of the Cop, and pushed the Cop’s head down towards the toe of the boot. “Lick it,” he said.

The Cop started to lick the boots. As soon as his tongue touched the boots the humbler stopped buzzing his balls and the vibrator in his ass clicked on, sending pleasure up his cock. More reward for humiliation. The Cop’s mind was confused with the domination of pleasure and humiliation. The more the Cop licked the boots, the more the Dominator buzzed the Cop’s asshole with the vibrator.

“Good boy. Yeah, lick the boots clean.”

The Dominator was pleased with the progress of the Cop.

Part 5

When the boots were clean, the Dominator removed the leather collar from the Cop, and began to strap on a head harness. The head harness encased the Cop’s head in a leather web of straps.

The Cop had never felt such encasement. His jaw was cupped into a leather pad that had a quarter size hole in it for breathing. Other straps worked around his head holding the jaw nearly closed. The muzzle included a thick leather collar that locked around the back.

The Dominator was obviously familiar with the muzzle, as he calmly and quickly adjusted the leather straps snugly around the Cop’s head. Once the muzzle was locked on, the Dominator held the Cop’s muzzled head in his hands and looked into the Cop’s eyes and said, “I know this is new for you. Just enjoy and take it in. Training can be good for a man.”

The Cop grunted in response through the hole in the muzzle face plate.

“Yeah, that’s right,” the Dominator said, “grunt like a little dog puppy. Dogs are not allowed to talk.”

With the head harness in place, the Dominator was ready to begin some force feeding. Nothing really erotic about it, just another way to show that the slave was not in control. With his slave dogs, they were totally dependent on the Dominator for feeding during their weekend stays in the cage, but the Cop was not ready for that level of control — yet.

The Dominator tool a clear plastic tube and fed it into the Cop’s mouth through the hole in the faceplate of the head harness. He put it about an inch or so into the Cop’s mouth. The Cop did not know what to expect, and the Dominator could see the confusion in his eyes.

“I am going to feed you some liquids through the tube. If any drip out of your mouth before you swallow them, I will shock your balls in the humbler. Understand?” the Dominator said. The Dominator started to pour water into the funnel attached to the other end of the tube. Very slowly the water trickled down the tube and into the Cop’s mouth. The Dominator watched and gave the Cop time to swallow and catch up with the water. He fed him 12 ounces of water before stopping. He went behind the Cop. And started to milk him. Rewarding him for his good behaviors, but not letting him shoot his load.

The Cop groaned from the pleasure on his cock and his need to get release.

But the Dominator was not ready for that. The Dominator started the feeding again, but this time using a heavily caffeinated Red Bull drink.

Sweet and caffeinated, the Cop sucked it all in with no drips. By now the Cop could feel pressure on his bladder from the liquids and the long time since he had last pissed. The caffeinated drink made it quickly worse.

But the Dominator did not say anything to the Cop about pissing. Instead, the Dominator started more milking and edging of the Cop’s cock, using the plug to vibrate his ass at the same time.

The Cop found the Dominator’s voice almost hypnotic as it told the Cop what a good slave he was. The milking continued to keep the Cop’s cock hard, but unable to release. Now the pressure on his bladder was overwhelming, and the Dominator started the final feeding of another bottle of water. Slowly, drip by drip, he fed the Cop through the tube. The Dominator was in no rush.

“I will let you piss when you finish this bottle with no drips,” The Dominator said. “If you piss before then, we will start all over again.”

The pressure on the Cop’s bladder was painful, but the Dominator fed him the last bottle of water slowly.

The Cop sucked on the tube, trying to signal that he wanted more water faster, so he could finish it and piss. But the Dominator only fed him a few tablespoons at time. The Dominator liked how the Cop was in the position of begging to be fed the water now; desperate to finish the feeding so he could piss.

Finally, the Cop finished the last of the water through the tube and the Dominator removed the tube and even the head harness. The Dominator positioned a plastic milk jug under the Cop’s dick and pushed the semi-erect head into the top of the milk jar.

“OK, Dog, you can piss now.”

It took the Cop some time to relax, but finally he pissed hard, filling most of the quart jug.

“Good boy. I am going to feed some of your piss to my dog slave tonight. Get him used to the taste of your piss.”

Part 6

It was time for the Cop’s reward for his training.

The Dominator strapped a cock gag on the Cop’s mouth. It had a realistic cock head that was locked in place in the Cop’s mouth. The Dominator wanted the Cop to associate the feeling of penetration of his mouth and ass with cumming. All of his dog slaves only came when they were dually penetrated. The Dominator also put on thick black rubber gloves to give a different feeling to the milking of the slave’s cock. With the Cop on all fours, the Dominator put the butt vibrator on high and began to work the Cop’s cock. Again, pulling the cock strait down and back, away from the body. Milking it. He started slowly with the milking, but quickly picked up speed and pressure.

He talked to the Cop, telling him what a good slave he was for his first visit, and how he wanted him to cum hard for him. Within a few minutes he could feel tension in the muscles of the Cop building, and the Cop shot a huge load from his cock, grunting in pleasure and release.

The Dominator let go of the Cop’s cock, and undid most of the restraints, except the humbler.

The Cop lay naked on the floor. With the humbler finally removed from his ball sack, he could lay flat on the floor. He was exhausted from the combination of the metal and physical domination. He could not look at the Dominator. He just lay there. Not sure what to do.

Finally, the Dominator removed the humbler, the main instrument of training. “Come on. Get up,” the Dominator said. Time for you to go.”

The Cop slowly stood up, naked in front of the Dominator. “Put your hands behind your head,” the Dominator ordered.

Even with the humbler removed, the Cop found himself responding quickly to the Dominator’s instructions. The Dominator bent down and started manipulating the Cop’s cock and balls through a plastic cock ring. After making a few adjustments, the Dominator greased the Cop’s still soft cock and slipped a clear plastic tube over the Cop’s cock and locked it into place. It was a plastic chastity device that locked the Cop’s cock up. The Dominator put a small lock through the tube and ring and clicked it closed.

“There you go. Your cock is nice and safe until your next visit. Don’t worry. I will take it off for our workouts at the gym where I can monitor you. But I will put it on after the workouts. If you are a good boy and come back next week for another training session, I will take it off and milk you again,” the Dominator said.

The Cop looked down at his cock. The plastic ring was secure around his ball sack, and he could see his cock through the clear plastic tube. His cock could get semi hard in the device, but it forced the cock down in to the tube. A full erection was impossible.

“It takes a little getting used to the device,” the Dominator said. “But I find my slave boys come to enjoy the secure feeling it gives them. My control continues on all week in between training sessions, and the milking reward that comes along with the forced chastity. Now get up on this scale, boy,” the Dominator said, pointing to a digital scale in the corner of the room.

The Cop stood on the scale, and it read out at 195 pounds.

“Good Boy. Here is what I want you to do,” the Dominator said. “You have to lose at least two pounds this week. Cut back on your food intake or ramp up your workouts. I don’t care how you do it. But if you are not under 193 pounds next week, you will spend a long time in the humbler and will not be milked. Do you understand, Jonathan?” The Dominator looked into the Cop’s eyes. “That means two weeks without cumming unless you lose two pounds this week.”

“I understand,” the Cop replied, “I will try.”

The Dominator did not tell the Cop; but he liked the psychological control he could exert at a distance over the Cop by forcing the Cop to think about what he was eating and focus on his weight all week. Control over the Cop’s cock and his food intake. The Dominator would keep the Cop on a diet for a number of weeks, and then force him to maintain his trimmed down target weight.

The Dominator kept all of his slave boys trim and under weight. It showed them he controlled them at all times. The hungry feeling would not go away.

The Dominator said, “Good. I will see you tomorrow at the gym for our regular work. Now get dressed and get out of here.”




Metal would like to thank ChastitySub for this awesome story!  And thanks also to Bruno for his assistance in preparing this story for posting.


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