Booted prisoner on a treadmill in leg irons

Booted prisoner with leg irons 02

If you are going to be on a treadmill while wearing heavy leg irons, it is important to make sure that your ankles are properly protected with a nice pair of boots. There are several styles of boots to choose from at Mr S — these are modeled in pictures from a while back of one of Richard Hunter’s prisoners:

Booted prisoner with leg irons 01Booted prisoner with leg irons 03Booted prisoner with leg irons 04

To see more boots, visit Mr S

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4 thoughts on “Booted prisoner on a treadmill in leg irons”

  1. Good advice as always. I remember reading an issue of Drummer at least 25 years ago with similar advice on booting a prisoner if you want him to walk in shackels. God, that was so exciting to visualize about and to know that someone was actually thinking about safe scenes like that

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