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Xmas Domination

By ChastitySub

A few weeks before Christmas, I started to get the feeling that my boyfriend Mike was up to something. There were a number of sizable packages arriving in the mail addressed to him, and he had prohibited me from going down to the basement work room. And by prohibited, I mean he put a padlock on the basement door.

By way of background, Mike and I have been living together for about six months. From the start, he was clearly the dominant sexual partner in the relationship.

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Cop & Dom

By ChastitySub

Part I

The Cop and the Dominator had met at the gym. They started working out together: the Cop liked the Dominator for pushing him harder in his lifting workouts. Sure, maybe he was a little attracted to the Dominator on some man-to-man level … but the Cop was a straight, tough cop, and didn’t go that way sexually.

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