Copdar – Contact with a Corrections Officer

By Cuffsandcops

Given the way things abruptly ended with the Policeman and his panties, I woke up the morning rip roaring to find a way to get rid of some pent up sexual energy. I woke up a few hours before check out, just in case my cop slave from the previous night could stop by. He did respond to a few texts, so I hopped on the apps to see who was around.

Before falling asleep the night before, I had exchanged a few brief messages with a guy who had an athletic looking profile and dark features like I tend to like. He had passed out during the late night chat, but apologized and said I was mad cute around 8am. He asked how long I was at the hotel for and I told him that check out was at 11. I asked what he got into and he replied that he was versatile. I informed him I was as well, and also fetishy. He asked what kinds and I responded with handcuffs, hoods, and nipples. He said he never tried any of that, but he was into oral, slapping, and being rough on both the giving and receiving end.

I commented that handcuffs kind of went along with what he liked. He asked me if I had a pair, which I of course did. He said the idea was making him hard. I asked if he was thinking of putting them on me or being in them himself. He wanted them on me. I said he could fuck my face after he cuffed me. He said he wouldn’t mind busting a big nut with me.

I asked if he wore a GShock and he said he did. I woofed at that. I noticed that his distance had lessened and he said he was heading into town. I asked if he wanted to bust before he got there and he asked the address of the hotel. I provided it. He asked if I had more pictures. I said I would unlock my private album if he sent more of him. He said he didn’t have any XXX pix and send one of him in a football jersey. I unlocked my pix.

I followed up my unlock by asking him if he was a cop. He laughed out loud and asked why. I came back asking why he didn’t have XXX pix. He came right out with it. “I work in corrections. Don’t need my pics getting around.” I commented that he knows what to do with handcuffs and he said he did. I asked him to come demonstrate then and he said he was thinking about it. I told him to put his GShock on and come cuff me up.

He asked me to meet him outside. I commented how the outside of the hotel was a little sketchy, but the rooms were nice. He came right back informing that he was there. I said ok, grabbed the room key, and walked out the door, to see a guy walking towards the hotel from a parked car. My room was on the second floor in the corner, so I walked on that level towards a staircase at the end closest to where he had parked. He met me at the top of the stairs. I shook his hand and gave my name and he did the same. I asked to see which GShock he had on, he showed me, and said it was a basic model. We got to the room and I let us in using the key.

I made sure to pick most of my gear up from the night before. I left a pair of Smith and Wesson chain handcuffs, a pair of hinged Peerless handcuffs, and shackles on the desk. He picked up the chain cuffs and said they looked a lot like the ones he used at work. He quickly took off his shirt so I did the same. He asked if I liked to kiss and we began to make out standing next to the bed.

After a few minutes, he made a move towards the bed, and removed his shorts. I hopped on top of him and we made out some more. I then made my way down his body and removed his underwear. I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him changing rhythms and tension. He sounded like he was enjoying himself. He grabbed for my cock and stroked it. I took a breather from his cock and he said I had him close. He grabbed his cock and with one pump, shot his load. I swooped in, licked up his cum, and gently sucked his cock. He asked for a towel to wash up and I showed him the bathroom.

We didn’t get a chance to use the handcuffs. Once he had dressed, I asked him if he would cuff me like he does at work. He told me to put my hands on the wall. He instructed me to not anticipate his movements and to let him guide me. I hadn’t heard that line before. He took my left hand and locked a cuff on. Then he did the same with the right. Palms were facing out. The cuffs were pretty loose, so I asked about tightness, and he said that you don’t want them too tight, but they were fine how he had applied them. He removed the cuffs after a minute or two.

He then commented on how they would go on in front, so I stuck my arms out. He applied the cuffs with the keyholes facing me and engaged the double locks. He hadn’t done that on the previous cuffing. He said they would often use a blue box to prevent someone from having access to the key holes when transporting. I asked if that was his usual job and he said it was. He removed the cuffs from my wrists. He picked up the hinged cuffs and said they looked cool. He then again said they look like the ones in the prison. I asked which facility he worked out of and he told me the name of state prison for men. He said he had worked there for 3 years.

He asked if I get down that way often and I said I didn’t usually, but it wouldn’t be out of the question. He made his way to the door and headed on his way. I still hadn’t shot yet. I showered and gathered the rest of my belongings. I still had some time on the room after grabbing a bagel and cream cheese from the hotel office. I sent the Corrections Officer a message thanking him and telling him to be rougher next time. He said he would for sure. I asked if he wanted to come back for role reversal, getting cuffed, and taking my load. He didn’t respond, so at checkout time I let the door close behind me. I packed up my truck and made my way to my destination. I never would have thought that this random town would provide a couple enjoyable experiences in such a short period of time. I am glad I relied on my CopDar to locate the Corrections Officer. I added him to my favorites and will let him know if I am in the area again.

Metal would like to thank Cuffsandcops for this story!

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