Copdar – Daddy Bear Cop: Part 1

By Cuffsandcops

Back in 2014, while at a music festival, I was introduced to guy, that one of my housemates knew from back home. When he walked away, my housemate leaned in to me and said “He’s a cop”. Little did my housemate know, I had located the guy on one of the apps prior to arriving on the festival grounds. His face pic caught my attention and a quick read through his profile gave me some serious clues as to his profession. He was attending the festival since his jurisdiction was across the country. While our musical interests didn’t cause our paths to cross once the festival got going, the conversation was only beginning.

Later that summer, I attended Bear Week in PTown. I again found the officer on the apps nearby. I had asked him if he had packed a pair of cuffs and he in fact had. I am usually pretty upfront when asking to try them on or to get put in them and this was no exception. He responded that he only used them one time on someone outside of work. He said he was going to be directing traffic at a pool party friends of his were hosting and I should come by. I made the walk over to the party and met the officer. He took me into the party, showed me around, but we didn’t have any opportunity to get frisky or to check out his cuffs. We chatted a bunch throughout the time there, but were unable to meet up other than in passing out at the bars.

For my birthday in 2015, the officer sent me his duty worn uniform shirt and a pair of ASP chain handcuffs he was retiring. Both of which I am wearing while I type this out. We continued the conversation weaving in and out of music topics, his tales of what happened while on duty, and of course what would happen if we got the chance to be alone eventually.

A month or so after my birthday, I found myself visiting the officer’s area for something work related, I honestly don’t remember. I very well may have just gone to see him. I remember checking into the hotel and letting him know I had arrived. He then warned me to not go on the apps because his partner was aware of our conversations and would find it suspicious if I was suddenly on the local screen. Unfortunately, as I think we all do, I had already reloaded all of the apps I had to see who was nearby as soon as I heard the door to my hotel room click closed.

The officer met me at the hotel wearing a t-shirt and shorts, since it was a nice day out and he was off duty. I met him in the lobby and we walked down to the room. Once inside he revealed a pair of Peerless hinged cuffs from his waistband. He mentioned that they stick sometimes. I asked for him to demonstrate how to arrest someone. He told me to put my hands up on the wall. The officer grabbed my right hand and I heard the familiar sound of the ratchet moving through the cuffs and I felt the steel tighten on my wrist. He them repeated the process with my left hand. I really do love the feeling of being in an officer’s handcuffs.

The officer then propped himself up on the bed revealing his cock. I fell onto the bed seeing as how I was cuffed behind my back and wiggled up to his crotch. I sucked his cock and licked his balls as he directed. He then got up from my mouth and turned his attention to my ass. He fingered my hole briefly and then plunged his cock in. I was cuffed behind my back, in the officer’s cuffs, as he was on top burying his dick in my ass. After he fucked me for a while, he pulled out, rinsed off his cock, took the cuffs off, tossed them on the bed, and climbed back on it. He said that he wanted to finish in my mouth, so I had better get to work. I remember sucking his cock and using my hands, which I wasn’t accustomed to really. He came and I licked up his load.

The officer then went into the bathroom to clean himself up. I noticed the handcuffs on the bed. While he had the water running, I quickly locked them on hands in front but with the keyholes facing away from my fingers. I sat on the bed in the same spot where the officer had just shot his load and began to stroke my cock. The officer exited the bathroom and shook his head at what he saw me doing. With some encouragement from the officer himself, I came while wearing his handcuffs. He of course had to unlock me given the way I had purposefully put them on. I cleaned myself up and made sure his cuffs were cum free as well.

The officer and I then spent time together that afternoon running errands he had to accomplish. The pair of Peerless hinged cuffs sat in the cup holder between us then entire time. I asked if I could ride with them on when we were headed back to the hotel to drop me off, but he declined that request. When we got back to the hotel, I thanked him for a fun afternoon and we parted ways.

After a dip in the hotel pool, I returned to my room to find a message from the officer’s partner. We exchanged pix and flirty messages and the next thing I knew, I was being invited to their house to play with the partner and the officer. The officer and I had agreed that we were going to act as if it was our first time meeting each other in a side conversation. The partner and I engaged in most of the fun when we were altogether. I remember at some point asking the officer if he had any gear at home, which caused me to get a dirty look, because the cuffs that were normally at home, were in his truck from earlier. The next day, I asked the officer why he wasn’t so active of a participant in the evening’s activities and he said he was still spent from earlier.

While it took over a year to finally get to spend some time together, it was well worth it. The officer was happy. The partner was happy. I was happy. The officer and I keep the chat going by talking about the music we are listening to and seeing, him sending pictures waiting for court to start, and me asking when he next time I get to try on his cuffs will be. He claims to have an old duty belt boxed up and ready to send me but it hasn’t made it way to the post office yet.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank Cuffsandcops for this story!

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