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Copdar – Reluctant Retired Deputy

By Cuffsandcops

This past Friday, I visited a friend in Annapolis, Maryland. After grabbing some lunch, I set off to visit another friend in North Beach. He wasn’t arriving home from work for about an hour longer than the drive was going to take. I decided to pull over in a shopping plaza parking lot and open up the apps to see if there was anything interesting nearby. I threw out a couple of “woofs” after checking out some profiles. I don’t mind picless profiles. Sometimes you find some gems that don’t post pix for one reason or another. The wording in one particular profile caught my attention. Under the What I Do tab was the sentence, “I babysit society.”

My opening message was “I’m guessing you are fluent with handcuffs.” He responded with yes. I then asked if he wanted to lock up me and get serviced. He responded by saying he is a sub pig bottom. I came back with, “Can I lock you up and give you a load then?” I told him I had my own cuffs, but would prefer to take his off his belt off his body to lock him up. He said he didn’t keep his gear there. He stated that he liked boots and man scent. I told him I had boots with me and could use the underwear I had on all day yesterday to give him some scent. I also hadn’t showered.

He asked my location. I asked if he could host. I told him I had a bag of toys and gear with me including a duty belt, hood, gags, jock, nipple toys, and butt toys. He said he didn’t do anal, which was fine. He claimed he was into all of those things, but he didn’t want to get cuffed. I explained that it makes it easier to play with the rest of the items if the sub is restrained. We exchanged a few pix.

He asked a few questions about my bag of gear, so I asked him about the cuffs he carries. He informed me he had retired three years prior. I asked if he was able to keep his cuffs as a souvenir and he was not. He said he was currently using cheap cuffs for a security job he was working at a hospital across the state line. I later found out he was referring to ASP cuffs as the cheap cuffs. I am not a big fan of that brand, but I know a couple officers who love them.

He mentioned being interested in role playing. I said I prefer to play arrest scenes. I suggested he could be impersonating an officer or officer buddies could meet for a beer. I told him I could arrive in boots, tshirt and shorts, jock, and my duty belt. He asked me to not wear the belt into the building and to mind the noise because it was an apartment. I told him I would have my previous day’s socks and underwear to use as gags. I told him I wanted to cuff him, gag him, play with his nipples, feed him, and edge him.

He again said he wasn’t cool with being cuffed. I said the only other restraints I had were zipties. I asked how to prove to him that I wasn’t an asshole or going to rob him. I asked him what I could do in order to ease his nerves and he said he couldn’t think of anything. I told him that I know most officers don’t generally like to be cuffed, but I enjoyed doing it and helping them get past it. I promised to release him after I shot my load. I suggested the cuffs only go on when I knew I was getting close.

handcuffed cop


I asked for his street name so I could see how far away he was. GPS told me he was 15 minutes in the direction that I had come from. He said ok. I asked if that meant I should come by and he said yes. I quick changed into my jock and put on my boots. I asked what percentage he was at for being cuffed and he said 25. “I wish it was more than that” was my response. I asked if he was good with hood, gag, nipple, edging, face fuck and he said he was. It sounded like fun. I told him I was going to want to cuff him with that going on. I asked about putting them on in front and he said he didn’t know. I told him domination is way more fun when the sub is restrained. I said if he was feeling uncomfortable then we would make changes and added that the best part of kink play is figuring out what one likes and doesn’t like. I was laying it on thick when I added that he may have preconceived notions about being cuffed based on his work, but he might be surprised. I asked if he was game to give it a try. He responded with maybe.

I asked for the specific address and his name. Then I clarified directions for parking and drove over. I messaged him that I had parked and he said he would buzz me into the building. I entered the front door and the apartment door on the right side opened up. I walked into the apartment. He was wearing a pair of boxer briefs. His grey hair and furry chest were very appealing. I introduced myself and opened my bag of gear. I placed some items on the bed that we had discussed. I asked if he felt comfortable and he said he did. I asked if he was state, county, or local and he informed me he had been a deputy.

I took my day old socks and tied them together. I placed them in his mouth and tied them around his head. I put clothespins on his nipples. I draped my day old underwear over his head, blocking his sight and positioning the crotch over his nose. I made him drop to his knees. I dropped my shorts and rubbed his head in my crotch. He was moaning at the scents I was engulfing him in and his cock was rock hard. I made sure to stroke it until he moaned.

I pulled the underwear off of his head and asked if he was ready for the hood. He shook his head up and down. I took the sock gag out of his mouth but kept him on his knees. I grabbed the neoprene hood off the bed and pulled it over his head. I pulled it into position and zipped up the back. I then took the ball gag off the bed, put it in his mouth, and secured it behind his head. I switched the clothes pins on his nipples for Japanese clover clamps. That got a response out of him.

At some point in this transition, he placed his hands behind his back and clasped them together. That was all the signal I needed. I pulled out a pair of blued Peerless Hinged handcuffs from my duty belt and a key that was loose on the bed. I stood behind him while he was on his knees and rubbed the cuffs up and down his back and arms. I grabbed his right wrist and pulled it behind his back. There was no resistance, so I secured the cuff with his palm facing out. I repeated the process with his left wrist. I then adjusted and double locked both cuffs.

He asked if he could stand up as his knees were bothering him. I helped him to stand. I played with his nipples and removed the clamps. I gave them some aftercare and he responded well. I told him he was doing a great job. I edged his cock and he was convulsing. I didn’t let him cum yet though. I put him back down on his knees and removed the ball gag. I pulled his head toward my crotch and let him smell it again.

I proceeded to fuck his face. I paused for a moment to snap a couple pictures. I continued to fill his mouth with my cock. While taking a breather, he asked if he could see me cum. I pulled off the snap on blindfold exposing his eyes. He asked me to cum on his chest. I went back to fucking his face until I knew I was going to pop. I pulled out and dropped my load on his furry chest. I remembered his comment about not making noise, so I kept my moans down as much as possible, which wasn’t much. I stood him up, scooped up the cum, and started vigorously stroking his cock. I turned on the bathroom light so he could see what was happening. He was hooded, handcuffed, and was being quickly brought to his breaking point. He sprayed cum all over the sink and counter and whatever else was on there. I rubbed my hands on his chest. I turned him so he could see himself handcuffed in the mirror.

I took the hood off. I purposefully removed the handcuffs last. I washed up and he offered me a bottle of water. I sorted my gear that was on the bed and placed it back in my bag. He said he had to get ready for dinner so he was going to be leaving soon after me. I double checked the room making sure I had all of my belongings. I thanked him and exited the apartment.

The next day I hit him up and thanked him again for the fun afternoon. He said he had a good time as well. I asked for a picture of his cheap cuffs because he had previously mentioned having to work and that he kept his gear there. He informed me they were ASP chain cuffs like I mentioned earlier. He did send a blurry picture. I told him next time I was going to add shackles. I told him he should send me a pic of him in his security uniform, which he has not yet.

He told me that he was divorced from a woman for 4 years. He had been with guys before but not to that extreme. I asked him to clarify and he said that it was his first time in a hood, gag, and cuffs. I asked if he has been cuffed in the academy or during training and he said maybe but never for fun. He commented that he liked the hood and gag more than the cuffs. He said my cuffing technique was professional and helped him to be less nervous. The conversation ended with us agreeing that it would be fun to meet again in the future.

The End

Metal would like to thank Cuffsandcops for this story — and for the picture above!

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