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Copdar – The MP

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The MP

By Cuffsandcops

I have had a lot of good luck finding items that tickle my fetish fancy on social media marketplaces. In the Spring, I scored 3 pairs of handcuffs from an officer leaving the field from Delaware. A few weeks ago, I found a flat leather duty belt with a black buckle that belonged to an NYPD officer. After talking with him, I ended up buying a handcuff case, radio holster, glove pouch, flashlight holder, key case, and a hidden key clip. He even threw in a NYPD patch and one for his specific unit which was the Counterintelligence Bureau.

Police related gear is my primary fetish but I also have a liking for wristwatches. Earlier this summer I jumped in the pool with one of my favorite watches on my wrist. It hadn’t been properly sealed after a battery replacement and ended up looking like a fish tank. My jeweler did everything he could to salvage it, but the watch was ruined. I was on the hunt to replace my GShock Mudmaster GG-1000. I found one on marketplace that had a dead battery and was located about an hour away from me, right near the area’s military base.

I decided to shoot the seller a message. I asked why he didn’t just spend $10 to replace the battery. He said that he wasn’t a fan of the watch because it was too big, too bulky, and hard to read at night. Those who know GShocks, know that we like them because they are big and bulky. I asked what he wanted for it, since the posting said to make an offer. He said $100 and new the watch goes for over $300. My previous one, I bought from a military friend for $220, so this was a steal. I asked if he had the tin and manual, which he didn’t. I asked where he got it from since these watches get faked all the time. He said it came straight from the GShock website and mentioned there are ways to authenticate the watch without the accompanying materials. I told him about my ruined watch and he said he would look into a few things and get back to me.

I told him that I was going camping later in the week and where I lived. I then asked if he was military or LEO. Given his location I figured there was a good bet he was. He was wearing a mask and sunglasses in his profile pic so I didn’t have much to go off. He then revealed he was military police at the area base. I paid him some respect and said the watch seems like it would be ideal for that job. He stated that he wanted a fitness tracker or Garmin once he sells the GShock.

I then asked if he would mind bringing his handcuffs when we made the exchange so I could experience what it feels like to be arrested. I version of the question I have asked so many times before to officers. Without hesitation, he said for sure.

There were a few days of chatting back and forth regarding the replacement of the battery. He tried a few places and they wouldn’t replace it. He said he would get the tools to change it himself. I offered to cover the costs of the batteries and tools. I apologized for the hassle he was going through to prove that the watch was functional and authentic. His responses were always positive and the banter flowed easily. I reminded him to not forget his cuffs.

The weekend came and the watch still needed to be fixed so I went camping. He messaged when the batteries arrived. Then he had a hard time locating the tools he needed. I let him know when I was leaving the campground, but he wasn’t ready. It was agreed that he would just let me know when the watch was working properly. I thanked him for his efforts and we joked about his this was way more of a pain in the ass than either of us had expected.

The next evening I received a message that the battery was changed and he just needed to set the watch. He suggested meeting after he got done with work the following day. We decided to meet half way between our locations which amounted to a 45 minute drive each way. I again offered him additional funds for the batteries and work and he refused. I sent him a few YouTube videos to help him set the watch properly and confirm the authenticity. I joked that if he drove away and I was left standing in handcuffs in a parking lot then I would know the watch was a fake. He laughed at that comment.

The following afternoon shortly after 4pm, he contacted me to say he was leaving work and when he would arrive at the agreed upon location. I told him not to forget a cuff key and he said he had one. I made the drive and arrived about 5 minutes before he did. I pulled into the parking lot and stood outside of my truck. He pulled in and parked two spots over from me. I caught a glimpse of camouflage as he passed by. I guess I hadn’t thought that he would be wearing his uniform. I figured he would have changed at the end of his shift. He even wore his cover.

He collected some items from his vehicle and put on his mask so I made my way over to him. He handed me the watch and I saw him stuff a pair of handcuffs in his right cargo pocket. He put his keys in his left front pocket. I checked out the watch and everything was in working order. I pointed out a few of the way to check the authenticity to him. He said he had ordered a Garmin and I said I hoped the $100 was going to cover it. His voice made me melt when he talked. It was authoritative with a slight twang.

I asked him how long he had been in the service and it had been 5 years. I asked him if he aspired to work in law enforcement when he was done. He mentioned that he wanted to work for an agency in Vermont. He wasn’t from the area and knew they paid well. He said he had a wife a child he needed to take care of, so that sounded like a good move. I immediately thought of the movie Super Troopers because it took place in Vermont and had a chuckle to myself.

I noticed that the officer had removed his sunglasses and his eyes were very handsome underneath his cap. He was about 5’7. He really filled out the upper portion of his uniform. His cargo pants left the lower half to the imagination but he was a stud. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out his pair of handcuffs. He told me I could take a look at them. They were vipertek brand and were the black color. I asked if they were the pair issued by the military and he said they were not. He prefers the black style. He said that those cuffs were the same as what the state troopers carry. The only difference being that his duty pair has US Military stamped into them. He swung the arm through and talked about the double lock. Hearing the cuffs ratchet really got my attention.

We were standing in a parking lot in broad daylight. There were customers entering the drive though right by where we parked. He was standing there in full uniform. I asked if it was still cool to experience being arrested. He asked if I wanted them in front or behind my back. I said that I wanted to get the full experience.

He then ordered me to face away from him. I turned around. I was a bit mesmerized by the sound of his voice. He then instructed me to place my hands in the small of my back and tapped where they should go. The next direction was to interlace my fingers. I had put my palms away from each other, so I asked if I should switch my hands to where my palms faced each other in order to weave my fingers as he has told me to do. He told me palms out. He then moved in and said he likes to grab the suspect’s fingers and pull them up in order to give him some leverage. I naturally had to bend forward when he did that.

He gripped his handcuffs in his right hand while holding my finger with his left hand. He pressed a cuff on my left wrist and ratcheted it around. He tightened the cuff then secured my right hand in the same manner. Each handcuff was checked to make sure they weren’t too tight. He commented that he should be able to get a finger inside of the cuff if the person was being compliant. He them motioned like he was double locking the cuffs, but I knew he hadn’t. He quickly went to remove the cuffs and I called him out about the double locking. He asked if I wanted them double locked and I said if that’s what happens then yes. He used the butt end of his key to make sure the left handcuff wouldn’t tighten. When he went for the right one, he actually pressed the arm in a few clicks before pressing the double lock in, so it was a little tighter than before.

I turned around to face him. I was standing there handcuffed behind my back in front of a uniformed military police officer. I asked him how long prisoners stay in cuffs. He said it depends on how well they behave. I asked if he arrested people often on base and he said quite often for drinking related offenses and domestic situations. I asked if they had a jail on base and he described it. I asked if they ever got local police involved and he said they handled their business on base. I kept the conversation going to extend the amount of time I was standing there cuffed and to listen to him talk.

I then asked if he minded taking a picture of me in handcuffs. He said sure and grabbed his phone. I faced away from him and broadened my back. He said he got a good one and would send it to me where we had been messaging. I thanked him for being cool. He then approached me to remove the handcuffs. He took the left one off first and directed me to place my hand on my head. I complied. He then twisted my right wrist in an awkward position to remove that cuff and said he did so in order to maintain a level of control until the suspect was free.

I thanked him for demonstrating on me. We shook hands and I gave him the money for the watch. He said he hoped I was going to enjoy the watch while he put the handcuffs back in his cargo pocket. We went to our respective vehicles to head out separate ways. Once back in my truck I spent a few minutes going over the watch. I messaged the officer to remind him to mark the listing as sold. He said he would and the pictures were on the way. I received two pictures of myself handcuffed behind my back in his black vipertek cuffs. I sent him a picture of the watch on my wrist. Before pulling away I took a few more pictures of my wrists with the watch on it and the marks left by the few minutes I spent in the handcuffs. I sent the pictures to a few of my buddies who had a heads up that this was going to take place.

During the drive home, I checked the watch several times and replayed what had just happened in my head. I had a smile on my face the whole way. Once I got home, I turned on a YouTube video I have saved where a police cadet demonstrates handcuffing techniques on a friend of his. The cadet’s voice sounds almost exactly like the MP I had just met. The commands he gives his friend are also very similar to the ones I had just received. Needless to say, I shot a huge load of cum while wearing my new watch before the video ended.

One of my buddies who is military himself commented after that he bets the officer knew what I was up to. I think I played it off very well. We had built a solid rapport and he was very genuine. Who knows, maybe I will cross paths with him in Vermont in the future and I can try to get him to cuff me up again.

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Metal would like to thank Cuffsandcops for this story and pictures!


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  1. What a hot story! Great pics, too. I once bought a watch off eBay from a guy I assumed was military (based on his location). Just a fantasy on my part. I never asked him. Still have that watch.

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