Corporate Raiders

By Jackson Amacher

Nate Says:

Their company bought ours, so some of us were going to be laid off. Everyone knew it. We also knew that Taylor, the hotshot who ran the sales department for the company that had just bought ours, was going to decide who. So, when Taylor asked me to join him and a few other guys on this “corporate retreat” to the river, I agreed. I needed this job, and if I had to kiss a bit of ass to keep it, I was ready to pucker up.

We got there on Friday morning, and spent the day doing lame team-building exercises. Taylor said he wanted to see how well we could do as a team, see, so it was all about sharing and caring and bullshit like that. But as the sun started to go down, he made it interesting.

Taylor had us walk to the shore of the river. There were two canoes there, loaded with supplies.

“See those two sand spits?” Taylor said, pointing at the distant sand-islands in the river. “That one belongs to Team A, and that one belongs to Team B.”

I groaned inside. I didn’t like where this was going.

“We’ve dumped a load of lumber and tools on each spit,” Taylor continued. “It’s your job to build the best shelter your team can manage by the end of the weekend. Now, form teams.”

There were six of us, not counting Taylor. Three from the acquired company, three from the acquiring company. Since we knew each other, we naturally grouped into those two groups of three. But Taylor shook his head.

“Brad, Trent, you guys switch teams,” he said. Trent was from our old company; a total kiss-ass, and a real pain to deal with. Brad was from the company that bought us out; I didn’t know him, but he had a huge, muscled body. He looked like a college linebacker.

The other guy on my team was Steve. He was 22, I think; a recent college grad. Fortunately for us, he was a rower on his college’s crew team, so the canoe shouldn’t be a problem.

“Take tonight to plan,” Taylor said. “Do no building. Now, get into the canoes and get going!”

Let me skip through the boring parts for you: We rowed to our sand spit, found the three pup tents that were nicely pitched for us, drank some beers by the campfire, and then crashed for the night in our tents.

It was early August, if I hadn’t mentioned that before, and we were in the deep American South, so it was fucking hot even at night. So, I stripped down to my briefs after I got into my tent, spread a thin sheet over my body, and managed to fall asleep.

I heard movement outside the tent, but I might have been dreaming, so I ignored it. But then some kind of noise woke me up. This time, I heard someone fumbling with my tent’s zipper, and then heard them run away. I went to the front of the tent and peered through the mosquito netting.

Our camp was being overrun by the other team. It looked like all three of them were here. I saw them go to one of the tents and open it. The three of them dragged the tent’s occupant out. I thought I could see who it was: Steve, the rower. In the dim light I could see he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Within seconds they had Steve lying on his stomach, with his hands tied behind his back. Then they gagged him, and for good measure tied his ankles together.

I went for the zipper at the front of my tent and tried to open it, but I realized that someone had tied it shut from the outside.

“What the fuck!” I shouted.

That brought them to my tent next. My first instinct was to grab for my pants. While I struggled to find them and pull them over my legs, the invaders acted quicker. They cut the tie on my zipper and opened my tent. Two arms grabbed each of mine, and they pulled me out fast. A gag went into my mouth right away, and then I was powerless to stop them from tying my hands together behind my back. They dragged me over to Steve, and laid me practically on top of him.

Like I mentioned, I was wearing only my underwear-white briefs, to be exact. It was a hot, muggy night, after all, and we had no air conditioning. Steve, however, was in an even worse situation. He was wearing only a jock strap. From where I was, I could see his bare, helpless, butt.

I lifted my head and saw what they did to our third teammate, Brad. He wasn’t wearing a shirt either, but he was wearing full-length sweatpants. They pulled him from his tent and tied his hands behind his back, and then gagged him. Unlike Steve and I, they didn’t have to drag him; he stood and walked along with them toward us.

I was kind of surprised that they got Brad; his muscles were gigantic. With his shirt off, I could tell that he did a serious amount of bodybuilding. Even with his hands behind his back, he looked powerful.

As soon as he reached us, though, he was in for a surprise. Trent grabbed his waistband and jerked downward. Brad was wearing nothing under there; his dick and balls flopped out. Trent did it so suddenly that Brad was still walking. He tripped on his own pants and almost fell on top of us. They left him there, lying naked next to the rest of us.

I was in shock. Who were these guys? Did they think they were still in the frat house or something?

Our three captors stood over us, staring down at our naked flesh, grinning broadly.

“Do you think we’ll have any use for our new slaves?” Alex, one of the captors, asked the other two.

“This one, definitely, will help us with our building,” replied Charlie, the third captor. He pointed directly at Steve. Steve squirmed, trying to get out of his bonds.

A quick word about Steve: He was fucking hot. A crew rower, almost fresh out of college, he had a fine, toned body, combined with solid American good looks. And, not that I normally notice such things, but even through his jock strap you could tell his cock was huge.

“And, of course, this one,” Alex said, raising his foot to touch the naked Brad on the chest.

Looking at Brad, I could see that his legs were just as well muscled as his arms and chest. He was rolled away from me, showing a tight muscled ass.

“I think I can even put this one to work,” Trent said. He, also, raised his foot, and put it directly down on my crotch. The others laughed.

I started to try to shout at them through my gag, but if they heard me they ignored me.

“We’ll row this one over first,” Alex said, pointing at the totally naked Brad. “Trent, you stay here and take care of their camp. Make sure these two don’t get free.”

Alex and Charlie took off with Brad, leaving Trent alone with Steve and me.

These fuckers still had more rope, as it turned out. Trent flipped me onto my back, but put lengths of rope under my neck and my butt. Then, he picked up Steve’s jock-strap clad body and laid his sweaty groin right on top of my face, and put his head right on top of my crotch. He looped the rope around us both, and tied tight.

Looking past Steve’s crotch, I could still see Trent’s face. Trent was leering at our bodies, especially Steve’s naked butt. He was grinning like a quarterback who just came across a pair of skinny dipping cheerleaders.

“You two sit tight,” Trent said. “I’m going to go raid your camp.”

Trent started to walk off, and then paused.

“You know, Steve,” Trent said, “with that jock strap, and you tied up like that, any guy who wanted to could come by and fuck you.”

Then Trent walked off. Steve grunted loudly into his gag; I could feel him squirming against my body, desperately trying to break free.


Brad says:

I was fucking pissed when Trent pulled down my sweatpants. That was not part of the plan. Of course, neither was Taylor’s last-second surprise team mix up where I got put on the same sand spit as these acquire losers. Trent could not be blamed, I suppose; he still thought he was on the winning side. But the other two could’ve given me my pants back.

As Charlie and Alex started to row away from the shore, I tried to speak through the gag, slowly and clearly: “Untie me.”

“Not yet, Brad,” Alex whispered. “Trent can still see us. Hang in there. And suck in your gut.”

I grunted and glared at him. This was fucking humiliating.

We arrived at their sand split-well, our sand split, since really I was secretly on the same team as these guys.

After we came ashore, Alex untied my gag.

“Untie me,” I said, turning around slightly and holding my bound wrists away from my naked butt.

Charlie shook his head. “Not just yet, Brad. We’re going to untie you when the others get here. In the meantime, they have to believe you’re our prisoner, too.”

“This is bullshit,” I said. “The plan we made back at the office was that we stick together and turn the new guys into slaves. That kiss-ass Trent should be the one who’s naked, not me.”

“We didn’t know he’d strip you,” Alex said, “but when he did it we could hardly do anything, could we? Step over here, please,” he said. Alex grabbed one of my bare shoulders and pushed me further up the shore. I jerked the shoulder away from him.

“Guys, I’ve had enough. Untie me, give me my pants, and we’ll just surprise the slaves when they row up. I mean, who cares if they know I’m not really your slave? They’ll find out soon enough,” I said.

“Brad, we don’t even have your pants here. And we want to play this right: you need to build trust with the slaves before we can totally take advantage of them. Now, follow, please,” Charlie said.

I should’ve refused, but I followed them. Just a few steps away, a small camp came into view. It was nothing special; just some tents. On the ground, there was a huge wooden post laying on its side. It had some brass O-rings screwed firmly into it.

“Step up here, Brad,” Alex said.

“What? Hey, what are you doing?!” I shouted. Charlie grabbed my ankle and slipped a rope noose around it, firmly fastening it to an O-ring in the post. Then they grabbed my other ankle, forced my legs far apart, and tied the other ankle to the O-ring. I was now naked, my hands tied behind my back, and my legs spread far apart, totally exposed and helpless before my work colleagues.

“This is the stockade we made last night for the slaves,” Alex said. “You’re going to build their trust by helping them escape from it.”

“No, assholes,” I said, “you are going to build my trust by letting me out of this and giving me some fucking clothes.”

“No clothes,” Charlie said. “All slaves are going to be totally naked. It makes them more subservient. But, we don’t want you to get sunburned.”

Charlie pulled out a tube of sunscreen. He squirted a big glop onto his hand, and then handed the tube to Alex, who did the same.

“Oh, hell no,” I said.

Alex started rubbing the sunscreen over my naked body, starting with my shoulders and neck and working downward. Charlie started at my bound feet and began working up. I felt their cold, lubricated hands moving across every muscle, every inch of skin, leaving nothing uncovered. Alex had made it down to my chest. He rubbed both nipples slightly. At the same time, one of the guys brushed my dick slightly, and it went erect.

I work out a lot, and I am proud of my body. But having these guys grease me up made me wish I was gross and fat. Everything I had worked for wasn’t mine anymore; it was all theirs to play with.

Charlie made it up to my butt. He massaged the sunscreen into places where I was sure I was at no risk of sunburn. Then, quicker than I thought, he rubbed some over my dick and balls.

My body responded to that in a way I didn’t think that it would.

“You guys are dead men,” I whispered harshly.

“There’s a problem here,” Alex said. “We don’t want him to have an erection when the others come. They’ll think he’s into this, and they might suspect he’s not as helpless as they are.”

“You’re right,” Charlie said. “We need to fix that problem.”

“Don’t you fucking dare,” I said.

“Brad, I think you need some help getting into character,” Alex said. “You’re our slave. We can do what we want to you. Remember that.”

“Bullshit. We work on the same–,” I began, but Charlie stuck a gag in my mouth. Then Alex blindfolded me.

“Our slave,” Alex repeated. “Everything you own is ours, including this body.”

I didn’t know whose hand was on my dick now, but he was stroking it. Another hand tickled my balls, and I felt another hand pulling my ass cheeks apart. I was pissed at them so I tried to hold it back, but before long I shot my load, long arcs of it. I hope I hit someone, but I doubt it.

Someone’s hands started tickling my nipples.

“Brad, I want you to know how much we appreciate this,” Charlie said. “Even though this is probably humiliating for you, I want you to know that Alex and I see you as a team member, and not a naked, helpless, slave.”

Hands spread my butt cheeks again, and I felt something – I hope it was a fingertip – stroking my anus.

“The plan is still on,” Alex said. “We’ll have Trent naked and enslaved too, soon. Here’s the plan.”


Nate says:

I have been in uncomfortable situations before, but never before have I been stripped to my tightie whities and tied face-to-crotch with a similarly naked crew jock. We were both struggling against the ropes that bound us, but we were making no progress. Steve started out on top, but after a bit we managed to roll over.

We were in that predicament for quite a while. At some point, I realized that our captor and tormentor, Trent, was back from raiding our camp. He wasn’t helping, though. He just had a big smile on his face.

“I’ve got an idea,” Trent said. “This would be more fun without the gags, wouldn’t it?”

He reached behind my head and untied my gag. I gasped for breath, but couldn’t get much in because Steve’s sweaty crotch, covered with a scrap of a jock strap, was right in front of it.

Steve’s gag must have come off, too, because I heard him speak.

“Trent, you’ve gotta let me go,” he said. “We’re all on the same team. Come on, I’ll do anything.”

“One of you will be let go,” Trent said. “How about that?”

“Let me go,” Steve said. “I’ll fucking give you anything.”

“Hold that thought. We’ll decide with a game. Are you guys ready to play along?” Trent asked. “Good,” he said, without waiting for an answer. “As fast as possible, pull the other guy’s dick out of his underwear.”

“What?” I shouted. But Steve went to work. I felt his mouth on my waistband of my briefs, and could feel him pulling down. I was helpless to stop him. Before long, he had my dick flopping toward his face.

I couldn’t believe that my coworkers could now see my dick. At least it was mostly hidden behind Steve’s head. First thing I did when I got untied would be to stuff it back in my underwear.

I grabbed for Steve’s waistband, hoping to take his dick out, too. But my job was harder. He had a jock strap, and that thing was clamped around his dick and balls very securely. Plus, Steve was giving me no assistance. He ground his crotch into my face as much as possible, giving me no maneuvering room. I could hear Trent laughing as I failed to do it.

“You’re hopeless,” Trent said. “While you work on that, Nate, I’ll announce the next step. Whoever ejaculates first loses.”

I knew something like that was coming, but I wasn’t prepared. Steve’s dick was still protected behind his jock strap, while my dick was exposed.

Steve opened his mouth, and put my cock inside. My fury and humiliation were mixed with a new emotion: a very hot guy was now giving me a blow job. He was no beginner, either; he moved in and out quickly, lightly tickling me with his tongue. I was hard to begin with, but I could feel myself becoming harder very quickly.

I could tell Steve was becoming harder, too. I gave up trying to get his dick out, and started licking it through the cotton. This made him squirm, so I kept it up.

Steve started to tilt his head so this his hair tickled my balls. The extra stimulation brought me close to the edge. I took a break from licking him through the cotton and started rubbing my face against his jock.

Then, I involuntarily arched my back, and shot a load into the sand. Just as I did that, I thought I felt Steve shoot a load into his jock strap.

“Congratulations, Steve!” Trent shouted.

“He shot, too,” I said.

Trent untied us and made us stand up. To my extreme humiliation, my cock was flopping over the waistband. I bent over, trying to hide it, and turned my back toward Trent.

“Let me verify your claim,” Trent said to me. He grabbed Steve’s jock strap and pulled the front of the elastic away from Steve’s body. Carefully, he peered inside. Steve looked like he could die of embarrassment.

“Steve wins,” Trent announced.

So, I had lost. I wondered what the penalty was going to be.

“Stand up straight, slave,” Trent said to me. I obeyed.

Trent walked up to me and put a finger underneath the rear part of my underwear band. My briefs weren’t much; just a generic department store brand. But, at the moment, they were the most valuable piece of clothing I owned.

Trent took a knife from his pocket. He cut a big, long cut down the back of my briefs. The fabric flapped away, exposing my butt cheeks. Then, with two more cuts, he severed the leg openings. My briefs, reduced to shreds, fell to the sand.

I couldn’t fucking believe this was happening. This little preppie punk had just stolen my last scrap of clothes.

I could feel them looking at me. Two pairs of hungry eyes, one feeling entitled and the other just glad it wasn’t him. Being tied up in your underwear is bad enough, but when you’re naked there is no excuse left. It is total humiliation; you have, at that point, given someone else complete power over you, and put you into a situation no one wants to be in. I couldn’t run away. I couldn’t hide from their gaze. I just had to stand there, stunned, and take it.

“You didn’t get far at all,” Trent said to me. “It’s hardly fair to Steve. Make it up to him by kissing his cute little ass.”

I was speechless.

“Do it, slave. It’s an order,” Trent said.

“I just can’t,” I said.

Trent glared at me. He grabbed a length of rope, made a slip knot at the end, and looped it around my still-erect cock and balls. Then he gave it one long, hard, tug. I screamed.

He pulled me closer toward him. I had to comply. He was now standing barely an inch from me, his Polo shirt rubbing against my nipples and my erect, bound cock all but dripping on his khakis.

“This is not a summer camp game,” Trent said. “You aren’t a free man. You’re a useless, naked, tied up prisoner. If we want to, we’ll fucking leave you naked and tied up in a truck stop bathroom one hundred miles from home, and just tell our lawyers you got drunk off the beer you drank last night. Now, you fucking go back to that jock slave and jam your tongue up his asshole.”

Trent relaxed the rope. I pulled back. I was speechless.

“They’re back!” Steve shouted. I looked up, and saw Alex and Charlie and their canoe, the most welcome sight of my life.


Brad says:

They did not lie about everything, at least. True to their word, they left me there, butt-naked. Not just naked, but tied up, with my hands tied behind my back, folded at my shoulder blades so that my butt was easily accessible to anyone who wanted to poke or prod at it — something Alex and Charlie had made a point of doing. My legs ached from being spread so far, and my ankles were already sore from the ropes tying them to the stockade.

I was probably like that for forty-five minutes, though it felt longer. The strangest thing was that as bad as my situation was, I thought the one thing in the world I really wanted was a towel; a towel wrapped around my waist. The humiliation and exposure were the worst part of it.

Then they finally came back. They brought the new slaves — I mean, the real slaves — back with them. They made Nate march first. Looks like poor Nate had lost his ridiculous briefs somewhere. He obviously didn’t work out as much as me, but he had a nice toned build. He also had a frightened, humiliated expression on his face, which under other circumstances I would’ve found hot.

Steve came next. His athletic, cut body glistened in the sunlight from his sweat. Heroically, he had somehow managed to keep that jockstrap; maybe because it made him look even hotter to Trent and the other slave-masters.

They marched them right next to me, and they did the same thing to them that they did to me: they spread their legs, and tied their ankles to the post, making them stand in a painful, humiliating position. We were all side by side, helpless and, in my case at least, totally subservient.

Alex walked in front of us, Charlie walked in back of us.

“You heard what our boss, Taylor, told us to do: We have to build a shelter. Sure, Taylor thought we’d be competing with each other. But, instead, Charlie, Trent and I thought we’d acquire your team instead.”

Alex walked forward, standing in front of Steve’s chest. He reached out and tickled one of Steve’s small, brown nipples.

“You are our slaves,” Alex said, “our corporate property. Everything you used to own, we own. That includes your bodies.” As Alex talked, he casually paced in front of us, letting his hand drift across our chests, abs, and sometimes dicks like a kid idly gliding his hand along fence posts while walking to school.

As he was doing this, I felt Charlie come up behind me. I braced myself for a spank, but instead he loosened the rope around my wrists. So much so that I could easily get out.

“Give us your complete obedience, help us build our shelter, and you’ll make it out of here with your dignity intact, and with some time to build a shelter of your own,” Alex said. “But disobey us, and you’ll spend the rest of the day exactly as you are now. Or worse.”

Now Charlie joined Alex in standing in front of us. They weren’t so much leering as they were mocking us, and thoroughly enjoying their superiority.

“Think about what I’ve told you for a while,” Alex said. “We’ll be back, before the sun gets too hot.

Alex and Charlie walked away, leaving us there. I waited for them to be well out of sight.

Nate, the other naked slave, was immediately to my right. He was struggling with the rope that tied his hands together, but getting nowhere.

I made a show of struggling with my ropes, so that the others would think there was work involved, and then, triumphantly, threw them to the ground in front of the other guys. I heard excited shouts through their gags.

I bent down and untied one of my ankles, then the other. At last, I was free of that awful stockade.

I stepped in front of the other two. For once, I saw them as Alex and Charles had been seeing me: meat on display, helpless and ready for the taking. Steve, however, had something that I wanted. Badly.

I took the gag out of his mouth.

“What’s your waist size?” I asked.

“Huh?” Steve said.

“Your waist size, in inches,” I repeated.

“32,” Steve said.

“If you give me your jock strap, I’ll untie your ankles,” I said.

“Deal,” Steve said, immediately.

I untied his ankles. His hands were still tied, so I grabbed his jock strap and pulled it down his legs, making him step out of it. Then I pulled the jock strap up over my own body.

I remembered Charlie saying that he wanted all the slaves naked and subservient. Well, Steve was a slave, but I wasn’t.


Nate says:

Before they took us off our own sand spit, there was a moment when Trent went over to greet Alex and Charlie, and Steve and I were alone.

“Listen,” Steve said, quickly, “if you haven’t figured out our one advantage yet, you’re an idiot.”

“What’s that, our charming good looks?” I asked, sarcastically.

“Yes, in fact. Trent, and quite possibly the other two, are hot for us. They’re too smart to rape us, though. The one bargaining chip we’ve got is holding out the possibility of our sexual availability.”

“You holding out my sexual availability is more like it,” I said. “Thanks so much for getting me stripped naked. That was really helpful.”

“I did you a huge favor,” Nate said.

The three captors came back before I could answer.

“Let’s prepare them for transport,” Charlie said.

Gags went back into our mouths, and they tied an extra rope around our wrists; just to make sure, I guess. Alex worked on me; he seemed happy to see more of me than he had seen before. His hands and arms accidentally brushed against my exposed dick and butt several times.

Alex touched the rope that Trent had tied around my dick and balls.

“Is this going to be necessary?” Alex asked, looking at me in the eye seriously.

I shook my head “no,” fervently.

“Remember this,” Alex said. He gently and carefully untied the rope.

They left Trent on our sand spit. Alex rowed me back in one canoe, and Charlie rowed Steve back in the other.

When we got to their camp, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Brad was there, situated on high ground where his naked body could be seen from long distances. His body rippled with muscles; he looked like he could still play the linebacker position he once held. Yet, here, he was powerless and helpless. His head hung in shame. He was almost motionless. The sun glistened on his body; it looked like they had oiled him up or something. His legs were spread wide, letting his dick sag and point down toward the ground. It was a portrait of power and pride totally subjugated and humiliated. Seeing what Alex and Charlie were capable of made me more terrified than before.

I didn’t really pay much attention to Alex as he was talking to us. I was concentrating more on what Steve had said, and I started to think he was right. These guys clearly wanted to have sex with us; there had been too many accidental dick brushes so far from all three of them for there to be any other conclusion. I had to think about whether I was ready for that to happen.

When they left, I went to work on my bonds again. I figured that since they had tied a second rope, they had their doubts about their ability to tie the first one. It wasn’t much, but I had to do something to take my mind off the fact that I no longer truly owned my own body.

Then Brad got free, untied Steve, and took his jock strap. The jock strap had looked hot on Steve. It was small for Brad, but it still hid his dick and balls. Whatever you could get, I suppose, was what you had to take.

Brad took the gag out of my mouth, too. Then, he spoke:

“I know these guys,” Brad said. “They see all this as a game, and they play games hard, to win. They’ve got us beat, but they won’t take it farther so long as we do everything they say.”

“They’ve done this to you before?” I asked.

“No,” Brad said. “But I’ve worked in this company for a while. I’ve heard of people pulling shit like this before. Listen,” Brad continued, “before you guys got here, they told me that while they all came up with the idea of bringing us over here to work for them, and Trent was the one who was all hot for stripping us naked. He’s the one we’ve got to watch out for.”

“I think Nate and I can agree with that,” Steve said. “Trent is a little too excited about this situation.”

The situation was a bit awkward for me. Brad was completely untied, and Steve was free to walk around, but I still had my wrists bound firmly behind my back and my legs spread and tied to the stockade.

“Hey guys,” I said, “can you let me out of this?”

“Depends,” Brad said. “We’re all in a bad situation here. I think the only thing to do is pledge our total obedience — and, I mean, total obedience — to Alex and Charlie when we get back.”

“I don’t think we have much choice,” Steve said.

“What do you mean?” I said. “We can’t avoid doing their work for them, I guess, but we don’t have to become their sex slaves.”

“Not sex slaves,” Brad said. “Just a favor or two, to keep them from getting really pissed with us. Look,” Brad continued, walking up to me and clearly glancing down at my limp, helpless dick, “we haven’t seen everything they’ve got, yet. Those ropes around your ankles might hurt a little bit, but they’re nothing compared to what these guys are capable of if they are pushed too far.”

“I’d feel easier continuing this conversation if I wasn’t trussed up like a Folsom Street Fair party favor,” I said. “Untie me, please.”

“You might run away, and my ass will literally pay the price,” Brad said to me. “Steve, do you and I agree on this? A few favors, to keep them happy.”

Steve sucked in some air, moving his tight little abs in and out.

“Yeah,” he said. “A few favors. Definitely.”

“Wait,” I said. “Untie my wrists, and I’ll volunteer to do the favors myself.”

“Prove to me you’ve got what it takes, first,” Brad says.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, but Brad walked up to me and pulled his cock out of the jock strap.

“You know what to do,” Brad said.

I looked at Brad’s muscular body and his newly exposed cock.

“What, with you?” I said. “You’re just another slave.”

“A slave with considerably more power than you right now,” Brad said.

To prove his point, Brad grabbed my shoulders and bent my torso forward. That brought my mouth right to his now-erect cock.

I closed my eyes, reached out for his cock with my tongue, and started to go to work.


Brad says:

That naked slave knew what he was doing. His tongue danced around my cock as the rest of his mouth stimulated every edge at once.

Thing was, I never really liked blow jobs. I was getting off, though, on making this kid do what I want.

I was still holding onto his shoulders, so I pushed him back.

“There’s more,” I said.

I walked behind him. My steps were a bit awkward with the jock strap down and still around my legs, but I didn’t give a shit at the moment.

I got into position behind him, and commanded, “Lean forward.”

Nate did as I commanded. With his legs already spread wide in the stockade and his hands bound behind him, he was in perfect position for fucking. I maneuvered my now rock-hard cock up to his asshole, lubricated it a bit with some spit, and entered.

I could hear Nate make little yelps and grunting sounds, but I could tell he was into it, too. He could’ve said no, of course, and I would’ve held off, but Nate had something to prove to me now.

I wanted to see how deep he’d let me in, so I kept pushing in and out, in and out. But I wanted more.

“Steve,” I said. “Get in front of him. He’s gotta suck your cock, too.”

Steve’s feet were untied, though his hands were still behind his back. He moved in front of Nate, and shoved his cock into Nate’s mouth.

Using Nate this way got me even more turned on. Plus, while fucking Nate I had a great view of Steve’s hot, toned, heaving torso.

Just as I was getting close, I heard applause. Steve jerked away from Nate. That’s when I saw that Alex, Charlie, and Trent had returned.

“I guess they couldn’t wait to get started without us,” Trent said.


Nate says:

Never had I felt so embarrassed; I wouldn’t have gone along with Brad fucking me if I had known the three masters would show up and see me like that. There was no way around it, now; I was not just their slave, but their sex toy, too.

I expected them to punish us; Brad had broken, free, after all. But, it didn’t happen. All they did was cut Brad’s new jock strap off of him and make him naked like the rest of us.

Instead, they put us to work. This was a competition, after all; their team was supposed to build a shelter, and so was ours, and our boss was going to judge whose was best. Only, their team captured ours, stripped us, and enslaved us, and now they had us building their shelter instead of ours.

They didn’t trust Steve and me; we literally had one hand tied behind our back, strapped to a leather slave collar around our neck. Brad was doing the same work as us, although they let him use both his hands.

One hand was enough for the work they had us do. We were assigned the most physically grueling tasks: using hand tools to saw, hammer, and sand the wood that would be used to build the shelter. They had us doing all of that hard labor in direct sunlight. Even though I was naked, I felt incredibly hot. I frequently paused to use my one free hand to wipe the sweat from my forehead.

Alex, Charlie, and Trent were working in the shade, assembling the wood we worked on into the final structure. From time to time they’d call Brad over and have him help them do some lifting.

The whole thing was, in its own way, even more embarrassing that being stripped naked and used as a sex toy. The whole setup drove home that we were just a working class, enslaved and forced to work to help our masters instead of ourselves.

After about an hour of our working in the sunlight, Trent left the group in the shade and came over to our area. To my surprise, he picked up a saw and started doing some of our work.

Like I said, it was hot where we were, in the direct sunlight, so Trent stripped off his Polo shirt and let it fall to the ground. This was the first time I’d seen his body. Not bad at all; his torso rippled softly with muscles, especially when he leaned or stretched. I thought I saw Alex and Charlie checking him out, too.

That’s when Trent started acting like even more of an asshole. He got a kick out of being that close to our naked bodies, I guess.

“Hey Nate,” he said to me, “didn’t you used to date that chick, Shauna?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“It’s no wonder she dumped you, with a dick that small,” Trent said.

I just grinned and kept it inside. I had no choice.

“Did you let her tie you up? You look better tied up,” he continued.

“No,” I said.

“I’ve got a cousin who’s into that stuff, fucking guys when they’re naked and tied up and don’t have much say in the matter. I can tell you’re into that too, right?” Trent persisted.

“No,” I said, biting my tongue from saying more.

“Sure you are. I’ll give him your number,” Trent said, and broke out laughing. Brad and Steve laughed at that, too.

It went on like that: Trent ragging on me, and only me, pointing out flaws with my body and doing everything he could to remind me of my inferior, hopeless status.

After a few minutes, Alex called me over to help them lift a truss into place. Thankfully, I walked away from Trent.

“Tired of Trent?” Alex asked.

“Fuck yes,” I said.

“We want your help with something, then,” Alex said.

“I think I’m helping you plenty this afternoon,” I shot back.

“In about an hour, it’s going to be lunch. You’re going to be back in the stockades, and Trent is going to pick you to fuck up the ass,” Alex said, matter-of-factly. “But we want to prevent that.”

“Sounds good,” I said.

“Agree to let him fuck you, but when he does, reach out and grab his cock and squeeze. We’ll swoop in and get him then,” Alex said.

“My hands will be tied,” I said.

“We’ll tie the knots so that you’ll be able to get out easily,” Alex said. “Nate, we need this favor from you. Help us out and we’ll make things easier for you.”

“I want pants,” I said.

“We aren’t negotiating,” Alex said. “You do this, and you won’t have to worry about Trent anymore. Now, head back.”


Brad says:

When those fuckers came back, they took my jock strap. Alex took a fucking knife and cut the waistband, then pulled the ragged remains off my body. He repeated the line about how they wanted slaves naked and subservient. I was pissed. At least they untied my hands.

“Just hang in a little longer,” Charlie said. “We’re going to enslave Trent soon, and then you’ll be middle management no more. We’ll promote you to master, just like us.”

“Look, there’s three of us, and one of him,” I said. “Why not just jump him and strip him? It’s not like the slaves will defend him.”

“That will get him naked, but it won’t make him submit,” Charlie said. “Look at those two over there. See how they’re not only naked, but also actively working for us, against their own team’s interest? Remember how Nate let you fuck him like a drunk cheerleader on prom night? That’s where we want Trent.”

“Well, he’s halfway there,” I said. “Who told him to take off his shirt?”

They just shrugged.

I had to give it to them: enslaving the other team was genius. This project was supposed to take all day, but with six people working instead of three they finished in no time, and the work was high-quality, too.

As work started to complete, they made sure I went back to the sunny area with the other slaves.

“Work is almost done,” Charlie said, “but we have to do inspections now.”

Then, unceremoniously, they gagged all three of us, tied our hands behind our backs, and then tied our ankles to the stockade.

Oh, I was getting sick of this; being naked, and on display, when I was supposed to be on the winning side with Alex and Charlie instead of that kid Trent.

Alex, Charlie, and Trent stood a few feet from us, looking us up and down. It was as if they had never seen us naked. I stared back at Trent. He had taken off his shirt voluntarily, which seemed like a bold show of power over us. He had a lean runner’s build, with a smooth chest punctuated by dark nipples.

“Let’s choose,” Alex said.

“This one is mine,” Charlie said, grabbing Steve’s shoulder. Nice pick, I thought; if I had to fuck someone on this island, I would also pick Steve, the subservient naked crew jock.

“I want this one,” Trent said, grabbing Nate. No surprise there; Trent had been flirting hard with Nate; so hard, you’d almost forget Nate had already promised to let himself be used by anyone on the island.

“Perfect,” Alex said. “I’ve wanted to give Brad a good fuck for years now.”

“Does anyone have any objections to this arrangement?” Charlie asked.

The three of us were gagged, but each of us shook our head “no.” Including Nate. Kick ass.

Alex started untying my ankles; he left my wrists tied. Charlie did the same with Steve.

“Join me in our new shelter,” Charlie said to Steve, and led him away.

“We’ll handle business in my tent,” Alex said, as he led me by the shoulder.

Trent left Nate tied up in the stockades.

“I’m going to take you right here,” he said.


Nate says:

My heart raced as I watched the other four walk out of view: The naked football player Brad and his master Alex crawled into a tent together and closed its flap behind them, and Steve and Charlie went off to the new shelter we’d just built.

True to their word, Alex and Charlie had tied my hands loosely behind my back. I could get out in just a few seconds, which is exactly what I needed to grab Trent’s dick and balls so that the others could come and grab him.

But Trent was in front of me. He put one finger on each of my nipples, and started stroking. This was a serious turn on for me; my dick shot up almost immediately.

“I was over at your island for quite a while, you know,” Trent said. “I took the opportunity to search your tents.”

I was gagged, so I couldn’t keep up my end of the conversation.

“I found the most interesting things in your tents. By the way, hemorrhoids are nothing to be ashamed of,” Trent said.

Trent walked around behind me. I turned my head to follow him, but he made me look forward. He was rustling around in something.

“But do you know what I found in Brad’s tent?” Trent asked.

Suddenly, Trent grasped my wrists together. I felt something cold wrap around one wrist, then another. Cold and metallic. Handcuffs!

“Odd that Brad would have a bunch of handcuffs in his tent, isn’t it?” Trent said. “You think he was planning something?”

I started struggling with my wrists. The loose knot that Alex and Charlie had tied for me was useless now.

“Bend forward, slave. I have been waiting for this for a long time,” Trent said.

I couldn’t back out. He had me. I leaned forward, exposing my asshole. I felt Trent wipe something cold and wet on it; sunscreen, I think.

He entered me slowly, and softly. It was totally different from Brad. He wasn’t trying to hurt me or demean me; he wanted me to feel it, too.

Slowly, he went further and further in, dancing in and out of me. It was an intense, pleasant feeling.

Then, to my surprise, he reached forward and grabbed my dick, and started stroking it. The pleasure grew.

Then, suddenly, he stopped. He pulled out of me. I heard more rustling back there.

“One second, I’ll be right back,” Trent said.

Trent put his Polo shirt back on, and zipped up his khakis. He ran off toward the tent that Alex and Brad were in, carrying handcuffs.


Brad says:

Alex’s tent was what they used to call a pup tent in the military; a really small thing, built to shelter one person. I’m a big guy, and I almost took up the entire place. There wasn’t much in there except Alex’s sleeping bag and a backpack.

Alex zipped the door closed behind us. Unlike the tents we had used over on our island, these tents could not be tied shut from the outside.

“Cozy in here, isn’t it?” Alex said.

“Real sweet,” I said. “How about you untie me, so I can help grab Trent?”

“Oh, we won’t have to grab him,” Alex said. “Nate will interrupt Trent’s fucking him by grabbing Trent in a sensitive area. All we’ve got to do is tie Trent’s hands behind his shirtless back, and he’s ours. Charlie will probably be able to take care of it.”

“If you say so,” I grumbled.

“Besides, you and I have to make sure Trent doesn’t get suspicious. If we just sit in here, he’s going to think something’s up.”

“You don’t mean…” I started.

Alex unzipped his shorts and removed his erect dick. I stared at it.

“Suck it,” Alex said.

I glared at Alex. He laughed.

“Just kidding,” Alex said. “But, I’m going to go to work on this thing myself. Give me a bit of privacy.”

Alex squirted some sunscreen into his hand and started stroking himself. I turned my head away, and lied down on my side.

“You won’t have to be naked much longer,” Alex said. “How did you like being a slave?”

“It sucked,” I said. “I can’t wait to join you guys. First thing I’m going to do is fuck that hottie Steve up the ass, in front of his friends.”

“Come on, you must have liked some parts of it,” Alex said. “You got to show off that hot body of yours. And you seemed to enjoy fucking Nate.”

I started to realize that Alex was coming on to me. OK, I’m a bit slow.

“Hey, move over a bit,” Alex said. I felt his hand on my side. He kind of pushed me so I was lying flat on my stomach. With my hands tied behind my back, he could basically manhandle me anyway he wanted.

I bent my head and looked at him. To my surprise, Alex was totally naked. His huge lubricated dick was totally erect. And, he was climbing on top of me.

“Hey,” I started, but Alex shoved a gag into my mouth.

“You thought you weren’t really a slave,” Alex hissed into my ear. “You thought you were one of us all along. But, I have news for you. We’re going to have Trent soon, but we’re keeping you, too. Charlie and I will be masters over all of you.”

I grunted into the gag and struggled a bit, but Alex had me pinned and tied up.

“I know, you were hoping from a promotion out of middle management,” Alex said. “I’m afraid, though, that we’ve been able to fill all those positions without you.”

Alex pulled my butt cheeks apart with his hand, and I felt his dick touch my asshole.

“Never been fucked before?” Alex said. “Get used to it, slave. Taylor put you on the losing team for a reason.”

With that, he plunged into me, all at once, and I screamed into the gag.

“That’s right,” Alex said, “you were our slave all along. You were stupider than the others, too; easier to control. From the moment we had you naked and tied up, we owned your body and your dignity. And now I’m using what belongs to me.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I felt Alex’s cock move in and out of my asshole. I struggled a bit, but my arms were totally useless. He had me, and there was nothing I could do.

Suddenly, the tent became brighter. I realized the front flap had just opened. I felt Alex pull out of me as quickly as he had entered, and I heard some clicking.

“No!” I heard Alex shouting.

I could see now: it was Trent. He was shoving a gag into Alex’s mouth. And, he was smiling.


Nate says:

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Inside that tent was a writhing mass of naked, bound men. Trent managed to handcuff Alex’s hands behind his back; the element of surprise is a bitch, as my side had learned last night.

Trent literally dragged Alex out. He made him kneel in the sand. Alex looked more pissed off than anyone I had seen; he was testing the handcuffs behind his back furiously, and screaming into his gag. His erect cock was dripping with … something. His body wasn’t much, but he did have a nice flat stomach.

“You too, Brad,” Trent taunted.

Brad didn’t have to be dragged. He stood, obediently, and then kneeled next to Alex.

“You boys stay right here,” Trent said. “No fucking Nate allowed.”

Trent dashed off, leaving the three of us there. Alex was looking around, desperately searching for a way out of his new, unexpected predicament. Brad hung his head in shame; he wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone.

Trent had run off near where the shelter was. From that direction, I heard some shouting, and then loud laughter. Trent’s. Trent came back.

“You guys have got to see this,” he said, excitedly. He bent down and untied my ankles from the stockades. Then, he motioned for his other two slaves, Alex and Brad, to stand.

We followed Trent to the structure. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The structure we had been building was a small shack. The siding was up on all sides except the front. Stretched across the doorway was Steve, spread eagle and totally naked. His front was facing us, giving us ample view of his hot body and limp dick. That made sense, because it left his tight ass facing inside. And Charlie was inside.

I wondered for a second why they hadn’t gotten out of there. Then I noticed: Steve wasn’t just tied to the door frame, he was handcuffed. Hand and foot. Charlie was trapped in there, locked in with a gate made of Steve’s body.

“Trent, give me back my pants!” Charlie shouted.

“Charlie, they were lying on the ground,” Trent said. “I thought you didn’t need them anymore.”

“You don’t want to do this!” Charlie shouted.

Trent took out his last pair of handcuffs and tossed them between the studs.

“Put them on,” Trent said. “In ten seconds.”

“No fucking way!” Charlie shouted.

“Put them on,” Trent said, “or I use the other toy I found in Brad’s tent.”

Trent pulled out the “toy.” A cell phone with a camera. A good camera; one of the new Japanese ones.

Seeing that made me sick to my stomach. Being naked, tied up, and enslaved was bad enough, but behind that camera lens was every business associate, boss, and customer I now had or every hoped to meet.

Brad started shouting into his gag, but I couldn’t hear what the hell he was trying to say.

“Holy crap, Charlie,” Steve said, “put those cuffs on or I will kick your ass as soon as I get down from here.”

“One snap of this thing, and I can send a photo of you pantless next to a naked, bound crew slave,” Trent said. “Think that would go over well back at the office?”

Charlie stepped up to the studs. His legs were bare. His button-down short-sleeve shirt was covering his waist, so I don’t know if it’s all he had. He clipped the cuffs on one wrist, then another.

“Good boy,” Trent said.

Trent unlocked poor Steve’s cuffs and let his arms down, and then untied his ankles from the door frame.

“Get out there,” Trent ordered Charlie.

Charlie walked out into the sun. His cuffs were locked in front of him, unlike the rest of us.

“You knew this was coming,” Trent said.

Trent grabbed the front of Charlie’s shirt and yanked it apart, ripping all the buttons open. He rolled it over Charlie’s shoulders and down his arms. Then, wielding his knife, Trent cut Charlie’s shirt to shreds.

Charlie wasn’t naked yet. He had underwear under there after all; baby blue boxers.

“What was your plan, again?” Trent asked. “Keep the slaves naked to make them more obedient?”

With a single yank, the boxers came off, and Charlie was as naked as everyone else on the island. Except Trent.

This was not good.


Brad says:

There wasn’t enough room in the stockades for all of us. My left foot was tied where it used to be, but my right foot was tied to that motherfucking traitor Alex, that piece of shit who was now getting what he deserved. Trent made a sick naked daisy chain out of all us, forcing us to stand naked and helpless in front of him.

There was one exception. For some reason, Trent had singled out Nate. Nate was standing beside Trent. His hands were still tied up, but by not being in the stockades he seemed just a tiny bit superior to us.

Trent walked in front of everyone, looking even more preppie than before in his polo shirt and khakis — the only remaining clothing on the island.

“Here’s the deal, slaves,” Trent said, addressing all of us. “Work’s done, play has begun. Do everything I say; let me do everything I want; and no one has to know that you were my fuck slaves for an afternoon. Disobey me,” Trent said, “and I use the other toy I found in Brad’s tent.”

Trent held up my camera phone again. I shook my head in disgust. Charlie was such an idiot. The camera in my phone didn’t work! My gym doesn’t allow camera phones in the locker room, so I let them drill out the lens on it.

“Unless any of you disagree,” Trent said, “bend forward at the waist now.”

Steve bent forward first; then Alex, then Charlie. I held my ground. Trent got a huge smile on his face, like he was delighted to have someone to make an example of. That smile was all I needed to see; I bent over.

Trent walked behind us, bringing Nate with him.

“Nate, pick one,” Trent said, “and fuck him. In front of everyone.”

I heard groans from the guys.

“You’re kidding?” Nate said.

“I see a big role for you in the new company,” Trent said. “I’ll survive the layoffs, and get my own division. I’ll need a number two. One who’s willing to do what’s necessary.”

I held my breath. Nate had been eying me ever since last night, before we were enslaved. Plus, he owed me one, so to speak.

“You can make it to the top,” Trent said. “This is the first step.”

I craned my head to see what was happening. Nate’s hands were untied. He was walking down the line, examining our asses. He pinched Steve, ran his fingers across Alex, spanked Charlie. Then he came to me.

“Sorry,” Nate said. “I quit.”

“What?” Trent asked.

“I quit. The job. This company. The new company. Whoever the fuck I’m working for here. I quit.”

Nate walked passed me, back toward the front of all of us. I straightened up. So did the others.

“You’ve got a mortgage. Car payments. Credit cards. We all do,” Trent said.

“Yeah,” Nate said. “Is there a boat I can use? I want to see if my stuff is still at the other island.”

“Down that way, at the shore,” Trent said, motioning. His voice almost sounded sad.

I watched Nate walk away. He just turned and left, letting us slowly watch his naked ass leave.

Trent watched, too. When Nate was out of sight, he turned back to face us.

“In the new company, your job descriptions are changing,” Trent said. “You’re about to find out how.”


Nate says:

I found a canoe with a paddle. I rowed it back to the sand spit they took us from.

There, sitting in a lawn chair on the site of our former camp, was Taylor, our new boss.

“You’ve taken casual dress too far,” Taylor said.

“I quit,” I said.

“I know,” Taylor said. “Thanks for sparing us the severance pay. Report to HR tomorrow for an exit interview and to pick up your final check.”

“How about some clothes, asshole?” I asked. “Where’s my stuff?”

“I’m not sure, exactly, but probably it was reduced to rags in that pile over there,” Taylor said, motioning.

I looked at the pile. I could make out traces of familiar denim and cotton T-shirt amid all the scraps. Not one of them was bigger than a finger on my hand. Fucking Trent.

“So what the fuck was this?” I asked. “Some sort of setup?”

“Separating the winners from the losers,” Taylor said. “Right now, there’s a guy on that other sand spit with four of the company’s most hard-driving sales associates naked, tied up, and obediently at his command. Who would you promote?”

“You’re a sick bastard,” I said.

Then it hit me.

“Wait, how did you know I quit? How did you know there are four naked guys over there?”

Taylor laughed.

“Holy shit are you slow,” he said. “Do you think we were going to let this event go unmonitored? I saw everything. You figure out how.”

I was dumbfounded. I started thinking over everything that Taylor had seen me do; everything he saw others do to me.

“Hey, I think your wallet is here,” Taylor said. “It could be useful to you as you make your way home. Want it?”

“Give it to me,” I said.

“OK, then do just one thing for me,” Taylor said. “Assume the pose. Like you are in the stockades. Hands behind your back, legs wide.”

“I quit for a reason,” I said.

“I’m not going to fuck you,” Taylor said. “I’m not even into that stuff. Just do it. Now.”

I did it. The position was familiar enough. Exposed, helpless dick and ass; hands twisted painfully behind my back where they were useless to cover myself or fight anyone off.

Taylor smiled, and got out of his chair. He walked around me, slowly, taking in every inch of my naked flesh.

“The full position,” Taylor said. “Bend forward, like they made you do.”

I did it, exposing my helpless butt to his scrutiny.

“Just like I thought,” Taylor said. “You wanted this. All of this. I have no leverage over you at all here, but you willingly humiliate yourself before me. You aren’t happy unless a guy like me is telling you what to do.”

I stood up.

“Funny, I didn’t seem to have much choice,” I said.

“You had a mouth. You could’ve quit as soon as you saw what was in store for you. But you hung in there, and didn’t quit until you got a chance to treat someone else the way we treated you,” Taylor said. “You are exactly the type of employee I don’t need. Have fun getting home naked, and thanks for playing.”

Taylor pulled my wallet out of his pocket and dropped it on the sand.

It was the first time the whole day someone had thanked me.


Metal would like to thank the author, Jackson Amacher, for writing this story, which was previously posted on other sites.

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