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The Slave Daycare – Part 01

By Taurus

Chapter 1 – The Workhorse

Two men walked alongside each other down a corridor.

“A new arrival today?” The blond man asked matter-of-factly, without even the slightest attention paid to the fact that he was totally exposed, had a leash around his neck, and a cage over his dick.

“Yes – a labour slave called Finn. He’s being put here while his owner’s out of town,” the other man, black-haired and clothed in a flower shirt, replied. “Get his trust and make him comfortable – he’s young.”

“Dammit! You can’t leave a new slave alone for the first few days like this!” The sheer emphaticness of the exclamation stopped the men in their tracks.

“You know this best, Magnus, and that’s why this daycare exists – I’m expecting you to become his teddy bear.”

The pair was silent as they entered a staff-only area (clearly marked as such), where Magnus opened a locker with his name, and his clothed companion watched from the sidelines, sitting on a couch.

“How should I play this?” Magnus asked as he contemplated the myriad bondage implements in front of him.

“My advice: treat him like he’s volatile. Literally take him to dinner if he doesn’t want to eat.”

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 09

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 9:  A Slight Change of Plans

While I was at breakfast—very early, very light–the hotel slaps came to my room and picked up my bags.  I didn’t need to do anything to get them from there to the back of the limo.  The only things I had to carry were the real estate leaflets I’d picked up from the concierge.  There were lots of glossy pictures of “elegant Wellingtons” and “baroque Bee hives,” each with “intimate facilities for family, grand space for entertainment, and bountiful St. Bevons gardens.  Barracks for 5-10 staff.”  The prices were not unreasonable, especially considering the current exchange rate.

When the airport slap opened the door of the limo, I had nothing to do except walk through security; the slappies would see that my bags got through.  It all happened so smoothly, I didn’t think about the backpack until I got to the boarding area.  I guess that’s where you usually remember stuff you forgot.  It would be ridiculous to go back to the hotel to turn the thing in—and who cared about it anyway?  Besides, I didn’t really know where it was.  Probably the hotel slappies had found it in the room and shipped it to the airport along with the other bags.  It was silly, but I had that uneasy feeling I got whenever I thought I’d lost something.  The item might not be important, but loss of control was always disturbing.  It was a tendency I’d been trying to conquer.  The only thing to do was just ignore the “problem.”  I sat near my gate, reading about St, Bevons properties and ignoring the stupid backpack.

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Corporate Raiders

By Jackson Amacher

Nate Says:

Their company bought ours, so some of us were going to be laid off. Everyone knew it. We also knew that Taylor, the hotshot who ran the sales department for the company that had just bought ours, was going to decide who. So, when Taylor asked me to join him and a few other guys on this “corporate retreat” to the river, I agreed. I needed this job, and if I had to kiss a bit of ass to keep it, I was ready to pucker up.

We got there on Friday morning, and spent the day doing lame team-building exercises. Taylor said he wanted to see how well we could do as a team, see, so it was all about sharing and caring and bullshit like that. But as the sun started to go down, he made it interesting.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 8

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionThis story is dedicated to Strappeddown, who inspired me to go back to work on it. And to Padlock86, who forced me to finish it.


I was exhausted, but I felt great as I drove home. I got a boner whenever I recalled the sound of Aaron’s voice when he begged me not to put his fucking ‘lucky’ cup on him.

Who’s lucky now? I thought.

I pictured Aaron back at school, rushing to his tablet to send the release command. After all, it was his cup and his software, right?

“Sorry buddy,” I said aloud. I had changed the encryption keys.

Next, I guessed he would rush back to his dorm to see if I had taken the box too. Of course I had. I bet the fucker didn’t put my gear away. He’ll be sorry…

Then he’d get down to serious freaking out about what I would do to his junk. All of the shit he’d pulled on me would be popping into his head. He’d have to do some serious waiting to see what would happen next.

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