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Big dick bondage energy

Big dick bondage energy

This is from a video series at Daddys Bondage Boys with Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber. Their unseen master turned the tables already, but interrogator Drake obviously didn’t consider that it might happen again when he decided to feed and fuck the captive soldier and use him completely. Now it’s soldier Dirk’s turn to get some big dick in his face as Dirk feeds the kinky chained down dom his own aching erection!

Big dick bondage energy

See the video at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models in this video: Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Title of this video: Soldiers In Hell – Part 9

Big dick bondage energy

Cheaters get tickle tortured

Has Richard been cheating on him? Has his handsome daddy been sneaking off behind his back to get some dick and ass elsewhere? Sebastian seems to think so, and he’s ready to punish his cheating partner with some serious tickle torture! Of course, he should have known not to let his guard down for one second, the tables are soon turned!

male tickle torture

See the video at Manpuppy

Title of this video: Cheaters Get Tickle Tortured!

tickle torture male bondage

Scott Ambrose and Sebastian Keys switch things up


To see this video from Bound Gods, click any of the pictures shown here:

scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_01 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_02 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_03 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_04 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_05 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_06

This video from Bound Gods is called “Mister Keys Meets his Match with new Switch, Scott Ambrose.

Scott Ambrose is a mountain of muscle, and a total switch, looking to get in touch with his kinky side. So he seeks out the BDSM master Sebastian Keys. Sebastian takes him back to his dungeon and introduces Scott to the flogger before giving the muscled hunk a turn. After a ruthless flogging, Scott is locked in the stockade, his huge muscles beaten down before a row of clothespins cover his chest. Sebastian ties his balls up and adds a bucket of weights to give him a good stretch. Scott’s screams fill the dungeon as Sebastian beats him down with the crop. Scott then gets a taste of electricity with a butt plug shoved up his ass before taking all of Sebastian’s hard cock. The two switch things up as Scott fucks Sebastian in the stockade before showering him with cum.

scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_07 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_08 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_09 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_10

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Models: Scott Ambrose, Sebastian Keys

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scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_11 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_ad

Cole is tortured by fellow slave Noah

At Dream Boy Bondage, Cole Miller submits to his fellow slave, Noah Evans. He is bolted to the wall again, this time facing it, naked and completely vulnerable. His lean, muscular back and shapely legs and ass are creamy white, unblemished and unbruised. He’s been standing, his whole body aching, for hours, when Noah returns – with a whip. “Your suffering has just begun,” Noah whispers. Cole shakes his head in disbelief, closing his eyes tightly. Noah whips him methodically, enjoying every blow to Cole’s shoulders, back, ass and upper legs. He then takes Cole’s suffering to the next level, misting his fresh wounds with pure rubbing alcohol, then flogging him again. He leaves the captive bolted to the wall overnight, his skin throbbing from the whip, his muscles aching from the stress of being bound in such an unnatural position.

He leaves the captive bolted to the wall overnight

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video:

COLE MILLER – Vengeance – Chapter 3

his muscles aching from the stress of being bound

Becoming Humble – Part 08

By RotherhamMan

Thor was lowered onto The Destroyer’s cock and screamed as he was stretched beyond his imaginings. Thor was mercilessly impaled on the phallus, no care taken for him or notice taken of his flailing legs and cries. He would not beg but he couldn’t stop the noises of pain that came out of him. But the pain didn’t last. As he was stretched to his limit he also felt the shaft hitting every nerve inside his ass and every fibre of his prostate as it was squashed by the invader. It was pleasure mixed in with the pain and Thor couldn’t help but think that this was something he might come to like. The men of Earth must have done something to him for this experience to be even remotely enjoyable! He could learn to focus on the pleasure and ignore the pain, even as the machine forced its way in deeper and he was screaming out uncontrollably. He could see this being an enjoyable experience in other circumstances.

There was a whistling and a metallic thump and the Destroyer’s head jerked to the side slightly. Thor saw a blur that might have been a stick bounce of its head and both man and machine turned—not very well for the man, held by the throat as he was—to look.

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The Slave Daycare – Part 01

By Taurus

Chapter 1 – The Workhorse

Two men walked alongside each other down a corridor.

“A new arrival today?” The blond man asked matter-of-factly, without even the slightest attention paid to the fact that he was totally exposed, had a leash around his neck, and a cage over his dick.

“Yes – a labour slave called Finn. He’s being put here while his owner’s out of town,” the other man, black-haired and clothed in a flower shirt, replied. “Get his trust and make him comfortable – he’s young.”

“Dammit! You can’t leave a new slave alone for the first few days like this!” The sheer emphaticness of the exclamation stopped the men in their tracks.

“You know this best, Magnus, and that’s why this daycare exists – I’m expecting you to become his teddy bear.”

The pair was silent as they entered a staff-only area (clearly marked as such), where Magnus opened a locker with his name, and his clothed companion watched from the sidelines, sitting on a couch.

“How should I play this?” Magnus asked as he contemplated the myriad bondage implements in front of him.

“My advice: treat him like he’s volatile. Literally take him to dinner if he doesn’t want to eat.”

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 09

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 9:  A Slight Change of Plans

While I was at breakfast—very early, very light–the hotel slaps came to my room and picked up my bags.  I didn’t need to do anything to get them from there to the back of the limo.  The only things I had to carry were the real estate leaflets I’d picked up from the concierge.  There were lots of glossy pictures of “elegant Wellingtons” and “baroque Bee hives,” each with “intimate facilities for family, grand space for entertainment, and bountiful St. Bevons gardens.  Barracks for 5-10 staff.”  The prices were not unreasonable, especially considering the current exchange rate.

When the airport slap opened the door of the limo, I had nothing to do except walk through security; the slappies would see that my bags got through.  It all happened so smoothly, I didn’t think about the backpack until I got to the boarding area.  I guess that’s where you usually remember stuff you forgot.  It would be ridiculous to go back to the hotel to turn the thing in—and who cared about it anyway?  Besides, I didn’t really know where it was.  Probably the hotel slappies had found it in the room and shipped it to the airport along with the other bags.  It was silly, but I had that uneasy feeling I got whenever I thought I’d lost something.  The item might not be important, but loss of control was always disturbing.  It was a tendency I’d been trying to conquer.  The only thing to do was just ignore the “problem.”  I sat near my gate, reading about St, Bevons properties and ignoring the stupid backpack.

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