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Interrogation Game: Chapter 6 – Reversal

By BondageChallengeGames

The plan, as Andrew had explained to me, had been this:

Tom would see me all trussed up and hopefully let his guard down. Andrew was going to further lower Tom’s defenses with sex, and then the moment was right, I was going to grab whatever part of him I could reach and hopefully overwhelm him enough that Andrew could tie him up.

To do this, Andrew unlocked my wrist cuffs. Because my chest and neck were still locked to the wall – with padlocks whose keys were far out of reach – I was still very much restrained and unable to turn on Andrew. I let my arms fall limp to my side, finally getting rest after being tied above, behind, and beside me.

“I’m going to attach cuffs where your wrists had been, but they’ll be loose enough you can slip in and out.” Andrew said, “I’m also going to be nice and ungag you – give your jaw a bit of a rest in case I need it later. But know that if you scream, or mouth off, or try to get free, I’ll tie you to that wall in the most uncomfortable way imaginable, and spend the whole time waiting for hubby to arrive by torturing you. Understand?”

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The Prison Writer – Chapter 21

By Joshua Ryan

***This is the final chapter***

I know there are some mystery books that have a last chapter where the detective gives all kinds of explanations.  Steven said he never did that, because “the story ends where it ends.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I said.

“It means that I’m bored with all your talk about writing,” Steven said.  “You’re trying to get me to start writing again.  Do a book.  Smuggle it out.”

“That’s right.”

“Sorry,” he said, grabbing my cock and pulling me down on the bunk with him.  “I’ve got better things to do.”

All of our literary discussions ended like that.  So I’ll just do what I want and write some stuff about how things turned out.

Obviously, I told him the whole story about how I’d bribed my way in here, and he told me the story about how he’d done the same thing.  He made me excited when he said he’d done it to write a book, but then he laughed and said, “That was a bad idea.  I found out I hadn’t really wanted to write any stories; I just wanted to live in one.  So now I am.  And finally getting to enjoy it.  End of story.”

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Ricky Larkin gets tied up and tickled wearing boxing gloves

Check out Ricky Larkin at My Friends Feet:

Sergey was ready for this scene so he could tickle a guy for the first time and to get revenge on Ricky for tickle torturing him so hard. Sergey is a fitness trainer who has to get his boxer Ricky to drop some quick weight for a weigh-in. Of course getting him to sweat out a few pounds is easy when you have a big ticklish guy like Ricky strapped down in bondage. The sweat pours out of him until he is hysterical with ticklish laughter.

Title of this shoot: Sergey’s Ticklish Revenge On Ricky

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Master Moretti is tormented by a younger guy

Jock Luke has taken to being a Master so quickly! Moretti can’t believe how sadistic the young man is while he explores him and plays with the electro wand. He has a natural instinct for applying the pain in all the right places. The older man is experienced, but he can’t help but whimper and cry out while the younger man torments him.

Master Moretti is tormented by a younger guy

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Models: Nick Moretti and Luke Riley

Title: Pounding Power Play – Part 5

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Tied Up Tuesday: Turning the tables on a bondage top in a sex club

Tied Up Tuesday: Turning the tables on a bondage top in a sex club

The popular sex club KUMA in Las Vegas is the setting for this kinky series, taking place at the club’s Tied Up Tuesday nights, a safe space for dabbling in consensual shibari (rope bondage). This fetish can range from mild (rope harnesses) to wild (being tied down or suspended in the shibari ropes). In this first episode, lean, handsome Asian-American Nolan Knox wears the hand-tied harness in his sling play with hairy hunk Ty Roderick. Roderick is always on the booty hunt for the beautiful treats looking for dick at the event, and he happens upon Nolan. Kissing him deeply, he reaches a greedy hand around the hot twink’s firm butt. As Nolan lies back in the sling with head dangling over, Ty face fucks him, holding a strand of the rope harness. Perching a leg up on the sling, he rubs his ass into the twink’s probing tongue. Ty steps around to Nolan’s butt and buries his face in for a musky mouthful. When his hole is spit-lubed and open, Ty plows his big tool in raw and deep. Ty’s ankles are up and spread, suspended in red strands of bondage rope. With Ty tied-in to the harness and lying back on the sling, Nolan climbs on and rides the hot throbbing cock. He can’t hold back much longer. He beats the last few strokes before his load comes streaming out, drenching his shaft and fist. Ty milks out a thick wad of his own as sassy Nolan watches. “Who’s the treat now, bitch!?” he pops off to Ty, striding away into the dark recesses of KUMA.

male bondage Las Vegas sex club


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Title: Tied Up Tuesday 1: Who’s the Treat Now, Bitch?

Site: Peter Fever

sex club KUMA in Las Vegas