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Corporate Raiders

By Jackson Amacher

Nate Says:

Their company bought ours, so some of us were going to be laid off. Everyone knew it. We also knew that Taylor, the hotshot who ran the sales department for the company that had just bought ours, was going to decide who. So, when Taylor asked me to join him and a few other guys on this “corporate retreat” to the river, I agreed. I needed this job, and if I had to kiss a bit of ass to keep it, I was ready to pucker up.

We got there on Friday morning, and spent the day doing lame team-building exercises. Taylor said he wanted to see how well we could do as a team, see, so it was all about sharing and caring and bullshit like that. But as the sun started to go down, he made it interesting.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 08

By Jackson Amacher

Dylan was gagged, handcuffed, his ankles chained to the concrete floor, and his ass still sore from a double-fucking. Yet Dylan felt like the most powerful guy in the room right now.

The Reds were turning on each other. Even before Colton had shouted down an offer that one of the six Reds could go free if he stripped and subdued the others, Rex had stripped Mark naked and tied him next to Colton. That’s one down, five to go.

The Reds, Dylan remembered, for the most part were not athletic types. Rex got to choose team members last, after all. Rex was, by far, the strongest guy left. He could take any of them in a fight.

So, that’s why the other four ganged up on their Supreme Leader almost immediately. They knocked him to the floor, right by Dylan’s feet. One of them sat on his chest, while the others started got his boots and pants off, leaving Rex wearing only boxer briefs and his shirt.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 07

By Jackson Amacher

Colton remembered. The rules are simple. The exercise lasts two days. Each team has a fort. Each fort has a prison. The winning team is the one that has the most prisoners in its prison at the end of the two days.

The Reds had taken over this house, and were living in it, but it was, Colton knew, actually the Blue fort. And that basement was the Blue prison.

Locking them in had been easy. But now Colton was terrified at what he had done. He had a few minutes, he realized, before they’d realize what he had done.

There was a thermostat on the wall. Colton switched off the air conditioning. Then, he flipped a few more switches and turned a dial. He heard the old furnace in that basement rumble to life. The furnace would have that basement, and the whole house, positively boiling pretty soon.

Colton went outside. And he saw them there: Daniel, naked, and with what looked like a metal condom over his dick, his arms chained above his head. And Charlie.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 06

By Jackson Amacher

From the basement, all Dylan could hear was the thumping of the music and the noises of the party. He looked around the basement and tried to memorize where he was, everything around him.

Things grew quiet upstairs, suddenly. Dylan thought he heard a cheer. Then he heard the basement door. Slow footsteps came down the stairs.

“What’s up, slave,” Rex said.

Dylan grunted through his gag in response.

Rex was wearing the full Red uniform, casually drinking from a beer. He set the beer down on the floor near Dylan’s ankle cuffs.

Rex stared at Dylan’s naked, helpless body for a moment. Then he reached out to Dylan’s right nipple, and began tickling it, softly.

“This is how it was meant to be. You, a slave; owning nothing, wearing nothing, no choice in who sees you, no choice in who fucks you. And me, your master. You might think that your current situation is the product of just dumb luck on my part, or maybe the product of cheating. But you’d be wrong, slave,” Rex said.

Rex stopped tickling Dylan’s nipple and let his finger slowly slide around to Dylan’s back, then down to his butt.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 05

By Jackson Amacher

Before he could see them, Dylan smelled the stink of spilled beer and the sound of frat-boy stadium rock. As Colton turned a corner he heard shouts and cheers, and when Colton jerked Dylan’s leash and pulled him into view, the cheers became twice as loud. The Reds were having a blast.

The party was an obscene display of… stuff. Multiple boxes of uneaten pizza, bags of hamburgers and French Fries, and coolers full of beer bottles. Huge TVs hooked up to satellite boxes played some sporting event, though Dylan dared not look at it. Other TVs were hooked up to Xboxes.

But the Reds owned another type of “stuff” now, too. In the center of the room, a naked man was crawling on all fours. Costume dog ears were strapped to his head. Out of his ass protruded a leather dog tail, the other end of the toy jammed into his butt. A thick leather collar encircled his neck, and a loose leash hung from it that dragged as he crawled.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 04

By Jackson Amacher

Colton was a cross-country runner. Colton grew up in a small town in Alabama, where the only exercise facilities available to young boys were a football field and a couple of miles of unpaved roads, so Colton took to the roads. He liked running, and didn’t mind the flat stomach and lean body it gave him.

Colton liked guys. But Colton was raised to be modest. He’d see other guys running shirtless, but he wouldn’t do that himself. It was indecent, Colton was taught. Colton never let anyone see his body, not his chest and certainly not what he kept under his underwear. At the Academy some guys would walk back from the showers wearing towels; Colton would wear a bathrobe over t-shirt and underwear.

Now, Colton was forced to wear just a jock strap in front of most of his class. He could feel everyone’s eyes on his bare skin. He couldn’t stop thinking about how small and undeveloped his body looked, compared to these muscular, shredded guys.

Jock straps weren’t new to him. When Colton was twelve, he went running with a new pair of running shorts his mom had bought him, shorts that had a built-in liner so that you didn’t need to wear underwear. It felt uncomfortable; his dick was too free, like a third leg. A few people smiled when Colton ran past them like that. Colton’s dad saw what they were seeing, stopped Colton immediately, and sent him home. “You’re flopping,” his dad had said, and Colton didn’t know what he meant. But Colton’s mom bought him jock straps after that. And Colton would wear them, with his normal underwear over them, and then his shorts. It felt much better.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 03

By Jackson Amacher

Dylan decided to think about how good it felt to finally have his arms free. Thinking about that took his mind off the pain of walking barefoot on the forest floor, and off the humiliation of being in a collar, connected by a rope to three other naked slaves.

He used one hand to cover his groin. Not because he was trying to hide it–there wasn’t much point in that anymore–but because locked around his balls was some sort of device. As soon as he had crawled out of the truck, someone blindfolded him again. He felt himself being marched a few feet and then chained with his arms over his head. They left him like there for what felt like an hour. Until he started feeling someone… teasing him, stroking his body, having fun with him. Dylan thought the mystery guy was going to fuck him right then and there. But then he felt this awful thing get attached to the base of his dick and balls. And then he felt his first shock.

Leading them, by the neck, was Jesse, a Blue. Dylan knew Jesse pretty well–nice guy, level-headed, from Texas. From where he was, all Dylan could see of Jesse was his bare ass, framed by a jock strap.

“Hey. Hey Jesse. Wait up,” Dylan said.

“What, slave?” Jesse said.

“So, I mean, tell us. What happened to you guys? How did the Reds get you?,” Dylan asked.

“Get us? Once we realized the glory of Supreme Leader Rick, we all volunteered to serve him,” Jesse said.


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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 02

By Jackson Amacher

[Earlier that day…]

At Dawson Military Academy, before graduation seniors take part in a massive wargame. What it involves, no one knows. Only that it is an honor to be picked.

There are three teams, each led by three cadets with the three highest scores on an exam. Those cadets pick the other players. Less than half the senior class is selected. Anyone who makes it through gets a silver medal on their graduation uniform. Anyone on the winning team, gets gold.

One cold morning the senior class reported to duty, as instructed, in the school’s parking lot.

They all wanted gold.

Good friends Dylan and Mark laughed and nervously chatted with each other.

“I can’t believe you didn’t make the cut for captain. So unfair,” Mark told Dylan.

“Yeah, it sucks. No prize for fourth place, though,” Dylan said.

The lists of students on each team were posted.

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