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Danny can’t move an inch because his balls are tied to his feet

This is another update from BreederFuckers. When Dave spreads Danny’s arse cheeks apart to fiddle with his bumhole, Danny can do nothing to protect it. His face goes bright red with the knowledge that his arse will soon be invaded by cock, and drool pools around his gag dribbling down. What a disgusting sorry sight this proud hetero has become. All that saliva makes a convenient lube point for Adrian who lines up to slick his dick ready to be thrust into Danny’s arse.

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He weeps in frustration, pain and humiliation as he is viciously screwed from behind. Dave jumps in on the action and both his holes are screwed simultaneously so Danny is totally overwhelmed. He hollers as he is pounded from all sides. That sexy Irish beard on his face is covered in jizz and he is ordered to clean the dick that has fucked him even while his arse is being covered in another load of cum!

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