Display Models – Part 01

By Rubrpig

Robert signed off of Skype after the chat with his gear buddy Chas in Sweden. They had been chatting for several years since they connected on the old Gearfetish site. After the site suddenly closed, they had switched to Skype and they continued to enjoy chatting while in full gear. They shared mutual interests in armour, racing leathers, commercial dive gear, and space suits. Usually they were in their racing leathers, boots, gloves and helmets while video chatting.

Tonight they had talked about an opportunity to meet and explore some gear which had just come up. Robert had been texting with his cousin Sean who owned a special effects studio in Los Angeles. Robert’s studio had created the on-screen Iron Man armour suits and had just completed the screen version of the Halo 5 Master Chief armour. Robert had mentioned these suits and Sean said the suits were still in the studio, then asked why the interest in them. Robert, who knew that his cousin was also gay, would understand how strong of images these suits had in the fetish world.

Then, surprisingly several weeks after that text conversation, Sean called Robert via Skype and made Robert an offer. Would he like to wear one of the suits? Robert agreed immediately, and then Sean told him that if he could find a buddy who would be interested as well. Puzzled, he agreed. Sean then told him he would need to complete the measurement forms which he would find in his email. This was needed to make sure that the armours could be adjusted to properly fit. Both Robert and his friend would need to complete them.

Robert agreed and signed off. Opening his email he found the email from Sean with the measurement forms. He placed a call to Chas in Sweden and left a message to call back as soon as he could. A few hours later Chas called and Robert told him about the offer. Chas, also immediately accepted and agreed to complete the forms and then if the armours could be fitted properly, he would fly to Los Angeles and meet up with Robert then head for Sean’s studio.

The friends completed the forms and Robert sent them back to his cousin. After a few days, Sean sent a text and asked if they could arrange a conference call between the 3 men on Skype. It was arranged and Sean, Chas and Robert talked about the arrangements. Sean told them that he has selected the Iron Man armour for Chas as his body type and shape closely matched the armour which had been designed for Robert Downey who plays Iron Man. Robert due to his larger and heavily muscled body would easily fit and support the heavier and bulkier Halo Master Chief armour.

The men then discussed the timing and making the necessary travel arrangements. Chas and Robert agreed to a date which would work with their work schedules and they agreed to meet up at the airport in Los Angeles as their respective flights arrived about 45 minutes apart. The call ended and the men were excited by the possibilities of the meeting. Both Robert and Chas had headed for their bedrooms and began jacking off as they were so excited. Sean sat back and smiled as things were working out better than he could have hoped for. He was going to get 2 willing men to wear the armours and once they were in them, they would find out exactly what they were in for.

The time had flown by and soon both Chas and Robert had boarded their flights and were en-route to Los Angeles. After arriving Robert waited by the international arrivals area as he had pre-cleared customs at the airport in Vancouver prior to boarding the flight. He sent a text to Chas’s cell to tell him where he was waiting. Soon, he spotted Chas as he exited the arrivals area and the men met for the first time. The 2 friends headed out and hailed a taxi. Giving the driver the address of Sean’s studio, the men sat back and relaxed. Robert quickly sent a text to Sean telling him that they had arrived and were now heading for the studio.

At the studio, Sean smiled as he read the text and then looked around to make sure everything was ready. The 2 suits of armour had been dismantled and were spread out waiting for their occupants to arrival. Shortly after he finished his checks, he heard the men enter the studio and call out. Sean walked out to the reception area and greeted the 2 men. Sean offered the men a drink and said they had lots of time and they should all relax and get to know each other. Robert and Chas agreed and soon they were all relaxing and enjoying drinks. Soon the drug in Robert’s and Chas’ drinks took effect and they became very suggestive to the instructions they were given. The 2 men stood up and followed Sean to the studio. There, they stripped down and stood quietly naked as Sean inspected their bodies. Satisfied that the 2 men had not exaggerated their measurements, Sean began to prepare them. The men were instructed to go to the bathroom where they would find a shower with a douche nozzle ready and they were to clean themselves out thoroughly.

The 2 men did as ordered, and after 30 minutes or so, the men came back out. Sean asked if they were now clean and both replied that the water from their 3rd enema was expelled clear. Sean then began on Robert and quickly applied electrodes to his butt cheeks, abs, and then placed an electro cock ring on him. Connecting all the pads with leads which he plugged into a central junction. Then he pulled on latex gloves and using sterile lube he began to work a catheter into Robert’s cock, the tube slid in smoothly and after pushing hard the catheter slipped through the urethra and into his bladder. Clamping off the main tube to prevent urine from draining, he injected saline into the port for it and inflated the balloon locking the catheter into Robert’s bladder. After this was completed, he picked up a electro butt plug and lubed it up and inserted it into Robert’s ass.

As he knew Robert was a heavy top, he knew there would be resistance as Robert had told him that he wasn’t fucked very often. Once the butt plug was in place and connected to the junction bar, he then put on a fresh pair of glove and picked up a package which he tore open and he pulled out a nasal gastric tube. This tube was slowly inserted into Robert’s left nostril and Robert groaned and tried to pull away. Sean told Robert to stand still and to ignore the pain and to keep swallowing so the tube would slide down into his stomach properly. Robert quietly obeyed and soon the tube was in place. Robert was now ready to be put into the heavy armour which was made for the new HALO film. Sean handed Robert a thick lycra/spandex body suit and told him to put it on. Robert quietly obeyed and was soon in the suit and it was zipped up and the hood pulled up leaving only his face uncovered. Sean began to assemble the heavy armour on Robert’s body.

This armour covered all of the under suit and even the joints had armour plates which moved and flexed properly as a joint. After 30 minutes, Robert was almost fully armed in the heavy armour except for the neck and helmet. The neck piece was put on and then the helmet was opened up and it was placed on Robert’s head and the front of the helmet lowered and clicked closed. Robert could hear clearly and see through the face shield which was gold tinted. Telling Robert to move over to a heavy bench and sit down, he watched as Robert began to walk and get used to the armour which now covered his entire body and weighed around 150 pounds. He walked over to the bench, turned around and slowly sat down. Placing his gauntlets on his armoured knees he sat quietly.

Sean, then turned to Chas and began the process of preparing him for the Iron Man Armour. Chas was prepared the same way as Robert and soon was ready and in the under suit. The Iron Man Armour was assembled on him and soon he was ready for final piece which was the helmet. After it was installed and closed, Sean ordered Chas to walk over and sit down by Robert. Chas obeyed and soon both men were sitting quietly. Sean pulled up a chair and waited for the drug to wear off. After an hour or so, both men came out of the influence of the drug and realized that they were now in the armours. Both began to yell and demand answers. Sean picked up a control box and triggered shocks through the e-stim pads the men had been equipped with and they screamed from the pain. Sean told them to shut up and listen.

Robert and Chas looked at each other and then turned and looked at Sean. Seam smiled and told them that they were going to help him and the studio out by being the display models for the armour at a upcoming sci-fi con. They would stand on display stands and occasionally be allowed to walk around with escorts to allow the fans to see the armours up close. However, the con was in a week and until the con was over, they would remain in the armours. He then told them that catheters had been put in them and connected to a drain valve concealed in the cod pieces of their armours. The rear plates could be removed, the under suit unzipped and their butt plugs removed if needed and twice a day their helmets opened and liquid feed pumps hooked to their gastric tube and that was all they would be fed.

Robert tried to move quickly and grab his cousin but the heavy armour resisted and Sean was easily able to hit the controls again and shock both men severely in punishment for Robert’s aggression. Both men dropped to their knees and fell forward onto their hands. Sean laughed at the site of the 2 iconic armoured men on their hands and knees screaming in pain. Shutting off the e-stim unit, he walked over to Robert and removed the plates covering his ass and unzipped the under suit. Pushing down his jeans he pulled out his cock and stroked it until he was hard, then he reached in and pulled out his cousins butt plug and rammed his cock in deep with one stroke. He began fucking his cousin hard and driving in deep with each thrust. Soon he came deep in his cousins ass. Pulling out he quickly rammed the electro plug back in Robert’s hole.

Putting the armour plates back in place, he stood up and pulled up his jeans and stood up. Chas had stood up and had watched as Sean fucked his cousin and then closed up the armour. Chas stood quietly and then began to walk around getting used to the armour and how it now controlled his body and restricted certain movements. Sean walked up and stood in front of Chas and ordered him to kneel. Chas hesitated but the site of the e-stim unit convinced him to kneel. Awkwardly he kneeled and waited for Sean to tell him what he wanted. Sean walked up and opened the face plate of the helmet and swung it up and then pulled out his cock and told Chas to suck it and do it right. Chas leaned forward and swallowed the slick cock and tasted the lube and ass juice of Robert but kept swallowing, licking it until Sean came again. Pulling out Sean put his cock back in his jeans and walked over to a closet and removed 2 hospital feeding pumps and liquid feed bags. Hooking them to the pump, he got the equipment ready and told the 2 armoured men to move to the bench and sit down. Quickly attaching the pumps to the men’s feeding tubes he switched the pumps on. Watching quietly as the pumps fed the men the contents of the bags, he smiled.

After the feeding, he removed the pumps and cleaned them. He prepared them for the next feeding in the morning and put them away. Telling the men to stand up and follow him the 3 men walked into the reception area of the studio. Indicating 2 stands, he instructed the men to move over to them and stand on them. Once on them, he grabbed a tablet and opened an app. Typing in several commands he activated the programming and both armours began to move and position themselves. Robert and Chas yelled at him and asked what was happening to them. The armours finished moving into position and both men were now posed in action poses. The armours then locked and held the men inside them in that position. A second command was entered and sedative gas filled their helmets putting them to sleep for the next few hours. Watching, Sean smiled and put the tablet in his desk and locked it away. Turning off the lights, he left the studio and headed to his home, where his slave was waiting for him with dinner prepared.

Over the next week, a pattern emerged. Sean arrived early, drained Robert and Chas’s bladders, fed them and closed up the helmets so they were once again just display models. Each day, he changed the positions of the 2 men and they would remain there locked into position. The sedatives fed into their helmets kept them calm and quiet. They both knew the pain would be severe if they made any noise while on display and Sean’s staff were around them.

At night, after the staff left, Sean would fuck them and they would suck him off as well. By the end of the week, both men looked forward to the nightly sessions as it allowed them contact with another human and they could feel something. They no longer felt the under suits and they had grown used to be secured in the armours. They were for the most part groggy from the sedatives fed them to keep them calm and quiet. By the weekend, they were ready for the sci-fi con. Sean arrived in the morning and unlocked the armours. After feeding them and draining their bladders, he left them unlocked as the staff arrived. Sean indicated that he had hired men to wear the armours during the convention and they were now ready to be transported to the convention centre and put into the displays built for them. The staff were aware that the armours could be locked into position using the tablet app. They loaded Robert and Chas onto the truck with the rest of the props and equipment for the booth.

After arriving, the team quickly setup the booth displays and then went to the truck and instructed the men in the armours to leave the truck and follow them to the booth. Robert and Chas followed them quietly and then once there they were instructed to move onto the special displays built to showcase both armours. Once on the display stands, the command were activated by the tablets and both men assumed the position programmed into their armour.

The convention opened and the booth was an immediate hit. The fans were amazed by the armours and how realistic they were. They were surprised when the commands to unlock were issued and both armoured figures stood up straight and moved off the stands. With escorts, both armoured characters began to walk around the convention floor. The armoured men were mobbed with fans who wanted to take selfies with them. The men stood quietly as the fans posed beside them. Finally, the escorts indicated that it was time to return to the displays. Both men walked back to the booth and mounted the displays. The commands were issued once again putting both men in total bondage and completely unable to move. They could flex their muscles and twitch fingers and toes but nothing else. Finally the convention closed and the staff cleaned up the booth and displays. Sean returned and dismissed the staff and closed the drapes around the booth. Unlocking several trunks he pulled out the feeding pumps, and began the usual nightly procedures of draining the men’s bladders and opening their helmets and connecting their feeding systems. After feeding the men, he told them that they would be put back into position. It was not possible to fuck them in the booth. He closed the helmets and issued the commands to the armour controls. Both men moved smoothly into position and locked into place.

After the weekend was over, the crew dismantled the booth and displays. The men in the armours were escorted to the truck and they got into it for the trip back to the studio. The equipment and the men were unloaded and Sean dismissed the crew. Telling them he would take care of the men in the armours, they smiled and left.

Turning off the armours controls and allowing the men free movement, he smiled as both men walked around trying to work out the stiffness from their bodies. They turn and move over to Sean and quietly ask when is he was planning of letting them out of the armours. Sean sat down on a desk and asked them if they really wanted out of the armour. They looked at each other and then at Sean. Chas asked what he meant by that. Sean said he was willing to keep them sealed in the armour for as long as they wanted. They would be able to move and work out in a private gym at his home and work with his slave. They would become slaves as well and serve him.


To be continued …




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