Behind the back handcuff champ

T.J. is a tough fucker who likes to be tested and pushed in serious, long-term physical restraint. He recently visited the infamous Mountain Correctional Facility, and Zerotaf reports that T.J.’s total time with his hands locked behind his back was 30 hours 15 minutes! That blows my own personal record out of the way, as well as that of ToughBondageBottom.

The pictures below commemorate J.T.’s incarceration and cuff session:

TJ Cuffed by ZerotafTJ cuffed byu ZerotafI spoke with both Zerotaf and T.J. by phone shortly after the lockup had concluded. Zerotaf was impressed with T.J.’s stamina, and T.J. sounded none the worse for wear. Personally, I have a feeling that ToughBondageBottom will want to attempt to beat this record.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Guys, if you ever attempt something extreme like this, be sure to use the “darbies” style cuffs (shown below), and not regular police cuffs because the darbies won’t cut into your wrists.

hiatt darbies cuffs

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