Edge Failure — Chapter 02

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By slavebladeboi

Good single tailed whips are not cheap and this one was not even close to cheap. I was no expert in these things when I purchased my first one but took a deal of time to find out what I could and get advice from those who knew. I ended up with what I thought was the perfect beast. Actually beauty and beast. The craftsmanship was exquisite, perfectly balanced from end to end. I could grip it and feel the power running down its length, almost feel the pain it could unleash in the sub’s muscles or, if I wanted, the gentle kiss of the leather as it stroked the skin of whoever was tied stretched in front of me.

I stepped behind the boi, judging his reactions as he turned his head slightly to follow the sound of boots on concrete. I’d play him for a while, let him think it was all I had before showing him reality.

It took very little effort to bring the tip of the leather into contact with his shoulders, the merest arm position and wrist action. He winced, no noise. A few more and his breathing became more obvious but still no other noise from his throat. Small red lines began to appear on his summer tanned back, hardly noticeable really. I positioned my feet for a better balance and swung my arm. This time it made an impression. He obviously had decided to clamp his jaw shut but the Hmmmmph he made showed me that he was feeling more than the kisses he’d been given so far. A few more, I left about 20 seconds between each one.

I knew, having been on the receiving end of the same whip, that giving the burn time to soak in made the sub far more sensitive to the next stroke. I gave him 10. The noise he made had turned into a muffled yell by now, his jaw straining at the tape I’d closed it with. Sweat was beginning to form a sheen over his back and looking at his face it was starting to collect on his forehead and run down his cheeks. Soon that would be mixed with tears.

There’s something totally sexy about hearing the crack of a well-tuned whip followed by a scream. It was what I was wanted. Any Dom with a modicum of sadism in their veins will recognise that feeling. Your efforts are rewarded by the reactions of your sub, his writhing against the pain, in this case the chains rattling as he pulls against them. You just know that he’s forgetting his balls as he jerks around, suddenly remembering them as that extra pain shoots into his gut.

He was rock hard too, his greed and need for this overcoming his feelings of pain. I rubbed my cock through my leathers and decided the last act of this drama would be a crescendo of pain for him and perhaps an orgasm for me. I placed myself again, just where I knew the braided leather would reach its victim at the precise point I was aiming for, across his shoulder muscles and down, missing any points that could do internal damage.

One stroke. He shuddered, his finger stretched upwards, clawing at the air before letting out an agonised stifled scream. My cock jerked against my thigh, held tight by my leathers. I was feeling the moisture pooling at the tip. A second and third brought those bright crimson streaks glowing across his now sweat soaked skin. The screams were beginning to force their way through the gag too. His legs sagged after each blow, and the effort he made to pull himself up again was getting more and more difficult. His cock had softened slightly too. I decided five more. Each one with a greater gap between it and the next. I was now into 45 seconds between them. His energy was now almost gone. I stepped forward and gently rubbed my gloved hand across his back while holding his chin in my other. Letting go I ran my fingers down his chest and fondled his meat, now standing out at 90 degrees. He whimpered and relaxed his body towards mine. There were three left to give him. No good relaxing yet boi. He didn’t know that of course. So, perhaps get on with it.

The lash streaked through the air to wrap across his left shoulder pushing his whole body forward. His balls took the strain yet again and although the scream was loud it was punctured with the ragged hoarse noise as his throat was now raw with the yelling. I waited as his sobbing grew louder, his tears now continuous. One minute and the second of the three landed across the opposite shoulder. The same reaction as before, perhaps slightly less energetically. Not quite so much volume. I knew he’d just about had it so I finished it off quickly. I aimed the whip so it caught his back but circled in an embrace around his chest where it caught both his tits. The energy returned. His final thrashing and yelling were as impressive as they had been 20 minutes before.

I held him in an embrace, let him recover his breath as I told him it was over. Undoing one wrist at a time I then lowered him carefully to the ground where he sat leaning into me. After his legs and balls were freed he allowed me to support him into a chair where I gave him some recovery time before using the cream salve on his back.

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