Every Dog Has His Day – Part 01

By Thunder

I first met Master Jake on the Internet, when he responded to an ad I had placed looking for someone to help guide me and teach me about being a human dog. I had always had the desire to explore this and had played from time to time, but the desire was building and I found it definitely time to explore this part of life I wanted more and more. I should back up and tell you a bit about me. I am 38 years old, 6’4”, 205 pounds, a journalist, masculine, athletic and in pretty good shape. I don’t have much family, so this type life is a bit easier due to this. I live and work in a smaller Midwest city that is not known for it’s kink prowess, although I never had trouble finding men to date.

Anyway, it was about 3 weeks after I placed the ad that Master Jake contacted me. He emailed that he was a stern man who already owned 3 full time human dogs and was seeking at least one or two more to complete the pack he had always sought. Master Jake was in his early 50’s, a retired military lawyer who now owned a small farm in Southern Georgia where he lived with the dogs. He volunteered that he was a man of wealth through family money and good investments and worked now managing his money and other’s primarily from the farm, although he did maintain a small office in town and practiced law there when needed. Around this small town he was known as a very good man who was a bit authoritative even with others from time to time. A few people in the area knew of his BDSM inclinations and one or two knew of the dogs and served as dog-sitters when he traveled for personal or business reasons.

As we talked, he convinced me that he could help me find the dog inside and wanted me to come visit him for a minimum of a week after we had talked for several months so that I could see the farm, meet the boys? (how he referred to the three dogs), and have an initial taste of what my life would be like should I choose to become the fourth pup. I questioned him extensively about what life would be like and he told me how it would be. I would be the fourth dog and fall in between the others as far as my age. Each dog was kept on all fours 6 days a week and had been taught a routine that included a daily exercise program designed for someone on all fours that each had used to make his body as hard as possible. I would be completely shaved and kept nude with the exception of a collar, rubber paws (good for inside and outside), rubber booties for my feet and rubber knee pads. I had been warned that I would also always be kept in a custom chastity device so that the dogs were not able to gratify themselves or have sex with each other.

Also, within the first year I would be fitted with a silicone tail. He told me that, at first, enemas would be used to train my body for the few hours a day I would not be wearing the tail and that eventually I would grow to just feel it was a part of me. Master Jake was very serious about this being a new life and not a complete sexual fantasy and let me know that ownership would transform me more and more as the years progressed. While he wouldn’t tell me much about how the training took place in detail, he told me that should I choose to come back to him after the initial week, my training would be long and hard for a few months and include hypnosis, as needed, so that I would feel as human dog like as possible when it was complete. He further explained to me that, though I might not ever meet the man, arrangements had been made in the event of his death that would transfer each of us to a new owner if we didn’t choose to be human again with the money he would be investing for me based on the sale of my house and more. He said there would be people involved in my training, but that they were employees and were paid well for silence and I should never feel ashamed in front of them, because I should be proud if accepted as his pet.

As we chatted, he further explained that each dog had been taught through hypnosis and just time to feel as though being on all fours was natural and that they could not walk on two legs when collared. Each knew they still retained the ability to produce human words, but when collared, that ability did not manifest itself and they only made dog like noises. The boys spent the majority of good weathered days outside and had a nice fenced yard where they played and were kept safe from creatures and people who may be on the farm for other reasons. The farm was large and at least a few times a week they were taken on long walks and sometimes allowed off the leash to run and such.

Master Jake told me that I would be taught, like the others, to walk on my front and rear paws and only use my knees for resting. He said this took a great deal of time and exercise to learn, but the payoff was the ability to run and move quickly. At night, the dogs were always fed (a human food only) and had the run of the house, if he was home, until bedtime when they were caged in one large kennel in an out building although smaller cages were kept around the property for training and punishment. Also in the house and the yard was one designated spot where the dog would go if he needed to tell Master Jake something with his human voice. I was told examples of this was a request for headache medicine, to warn of health issues such as not feeling well, security issues if the pups had seen something on the farm, and the like and was warned that severe punishment would be given if this was ever used for a request not deemed important. When the pup would go to the spot, Master Jake would temporarily remove his collar, ask the issue and then re-collar the dog immediately until his one day.

Master Jake warned me that the hardest for me would be the outside duties of relieving myself and that he would work with me to make this as natural feeling as possible as soon as possible.

Where Master Jake differs from others I have talked to about the human dog training is that he allowed each dog one day of the week to have some human time. As the old saying so appropriately stated, each dog has his day (mine would be Thursday). On that day, after breakfast Master Jake would take the dog with him inside the house and remove his paws, pads, but leave the chastity device in place. When that was complete, his collar was removed which, in the dog’s mind, allowed him to stand upright and regain the use of his human vocabulary. During these days, Master Jake and the pup usually bathed together which was followed by a full body shave for the dog, nail grooming and sometimes sexual release, although this was always at the discretion of the Master. I asked if when the collar was removed, did the dog suddenly feel human again and was told that he still thought of himself as a dog except he knew he had a few human attributes for only a few hours. On these days, the Master and pup would have conversations about how the dog was feeling, and then the dog would be allowed to call family and friends if needed. These days were also used for trips to the vet (an actual human doctor who had no idea the dog was a dog) and other activities as needed.

Although Master Jake allowed the whole day as human no clothes were allowed except when he took the dog off the farm. On these days he encouraged exercise, reading the papers/web news from the week, internet chats with friends, and long walks on the farm, though the human dog was not allowed to interact with any other dog while on two legs. Though the dog did not have to put on his collar until just prior to going to bed, most of the days the dogs would simply re-collar themselves late in the afternoon as it just felt right to them to eat dinner on all fours.

With all of that history, we decided it was time for me to visit and a week was set for early June. Master Jake warned me that during this week, I would be more of a slave than dog and would not be completely dog trained until I returned if I chose to do so. During this week, I would be stripped and shaved immediately and would remain nude in a collar for the entire visit. While I would be leashed at all times and even caged, I would stay human and spend my days with the dogs as a human. During each day, I would be allowed to speak and hold a conversation with whichever dog was having his human day that day. During all other times, Master and I would get to know each other better through various, undefined measures. If, at the end of the week, I chose to pursue this and Master also chose me, I would go home, put my affairs in order, quit my job, sell my house and return to the farm. Any money I had from the sale of these items would be placed in a fund for my care, insurance, etc, and I would have joint control over these funds with Master Jake during my human day.

So, a few weeks later the day finally came and I flew to Savannah to meet Master Jake. I could hardly contain myself, but got off the plane, went through security and there he was. You could tell by the confident way he stood that he was a Master. He was tall, well groomed, in shape, dark hair with olive skin and striking blue eyes. He took me to his truck and we proceeded to go out to lunch and interact as friends, with the exception of I always and immediately deferred to him on everything. After lunch we went back to the truck for the 1.5-hour drive to the farm. However, this time was different. Master had me get into the backseat and get settled. He instructed me that I was to sit on my hands for the entire ride and then fastened a 2-inch-wide leather collar around my neck. At this point he started talking to me as if I was a dog and away we drove.

After what seemed like forever on two lane highways, Master pulled off the highway to a wooded driveway that was paved with gravel. He stopped and pressed a button which opened large iron gates and we continued our drive. The house wasn’t large but it was beautiful and included many acres of wooded grounds and a pond or lake. Master stopped the truck, exited and came around and opened my door. At this point he asked me if I still wanted to move forward. When I agreed, he told me to strip completely, aside from my boots, and wait for him by the truck while he went into the garage. He came back with a leash and clipped it to my collar and two leather paws. He told me that I was temporarily allowed to remain upright, but I needed to get used to not having hands anymore and put one on each hand. He grabbed my leash and we walked toward the house where I heard barking from the back yard. If I didn’t know these sounds were made by men, I would have assumed he had a pack of labs back there.

With that, he said, “Are you ready to meet the pups, Thunder?” — my new name Master had just given me. I instinctively barked, and he opened the gate.

As much as I was prepared for what I would see, I have to say I was taken aback to see three naked men on all fours with their rubber tails wagging, two of which looked like they could have been twins except for an age difference, and one incredibly good looking man, umm, dog, who had an amazing smile and great eyes. Each dog ran toward us and then sat immediately when Master said, “Sit boys” and they were down faster than I could process how well and how fast they had run on their hands and feet. Each had a rubber like paw encasing their hands and a similar type “shoe” on their feet that would provide traction. Each was collared with a rubber or leather collar and they all jingled as they walked when their tags hit the padlock attached to each collar. The older one was also locked into a muzzle with a gag secured by three padlocks, something that startled me at first. Master said he had gone to his spot and asked a stupid question that wasn’t allowed, so he was gagged and muzzled when outside his kennel for the week. Each was also impeccably clean and their hairless bodies almost shined in the reflection of the sun.

With that, he introduced me to each dog while giving me a bit of his history, which I have to say intrigued me more and more as he spoke and made me rock hard. Master told me each had a sign above his kennel that stated their names and ages and that when we stopped he would tell me a bit more about each one as the pack followed behind us.

We approached what looked like a nice garage from the front as it had large doors that could be raised and lowered. Along the back, wire cages created a run that looked to be separated by wire fencing as well, though each area had an open door that was really low to the ground. As we went inside, Master showed me that each dog had their own kennel which was large and contained oversized dog beds in each corner, water, and various other blankets and pillows. In the rear, the small doors could be seen and that showed me where the dogs could go outside as needed, though I also could see how they could be shut for weather or just to block access.

In the middle of the room were a few cages that decreased in size. Master told me these were used for training and punishment and that we would discuss that later. Master told me that this is where the boys stayed every night and most of the days when he was gone so that the farm hands could work and not be disturbed (he mentioned most knew about the dogs and were paid for their silence) and said nothing else. And, with that, we began walking down the main row pausing at each kennel where each had a sign that said both names of the dog, their age in human and dog years, and their assigned day of humanity. What was most interesting about each kennel is each had a wall where there were there “human” things, which is unlike anything I had ever heard with dogslaves. Examples of this was the Georgia pennant in Rexx’s cage, a picture of Spike in full newscaster suiting standing with President Bush, framed law diplomas in Maxx’s cage, and various pictures of them before training standing with friends and a few after training posing on all fours on beautiful days. Master explained that they were human dogs, not just dogs, so they should always remember their full self and, since we all came to him to be this, our past is just as important as our future. As we walked more and then stopped, each dog went into his respective kennel and stayed and each cage door was shut as we left.

The first stop was:


Kennel One: David, age 46 – aka Spike, age 6 – Monday


David met Master Jake almost 11 years ago at a bar in Atlanta. At the time, he was 35 years old and an evening news anchorman for the NBC affiliate in the City. He was 6-foot-4, tanned, in fairly good shape with a voice that rivaled Stone Phillips. Now, he stands almost 3-foot-2 on all fours and is in incredible shape with strong shoulders, incredible leg muscles and a bark that would scare a pit bull.

When he met Master Jake, the attraction was immediate and David felt immediately entranced by Master Jake, although he had no idea that he would ultimately become a dog – or that men did that even. As they dated long distance, Master Jake started taking more and more control of him through chastity control, detailed workouts that stretched his hips, and through taking control of his social calendar. David found himself liking this more and more. As the relationship progressed, Master started shaving David’s body and having him stay nude and collared when they were together and then when he was alone in Atlanta. His level of submissiveness surprised David, however, he was drawn more and more to it and asked Master how far he would like him to ultimately go. When Master replied that he would ultimately own David as a pet, David laughed but somehow knew deep inside that this would ultimately be his fate because he wanted so much to please his now Master. Finally, the relationship took the next step and Master Jake asked him to quit his job and move to the farm as a slave and take the steps necessary to become his pet.

After a few weeks, David was there full time and his level of submissiveness had increased to the point that Master controlled almost every aspect of his being. At this point, Master told David that he was ready to become his pet and started introducing him to his new life through some basic hypnosis and by giving him his new name of Spike. That was almost 9 years ago and Spike has been a happy dog ever since. On his human day, he tells Master Jake how much he loves his life and how happy he is on all fours because he knows how much it pleases his owner. They are still very close and share many tender, sexual moments on this day – and likely others. He has learned to run on fours as fast as a he could on two legs and now wobbles on two when he is in that mode. His day is Monday so I will be able to talk in detail with him on that day.


Kennel Two: Nick, age 28 – aka Rexx, age 4 – Tuesday


Nick was a college baseball star for the local college when he “met” Master Jake. As mentioned before, a few people around town know of Master Jake’s BDSM inclinations and Nick’s father, Joe, was one of them. Joe was “the other” lawyer in town and though they were rivals a few times in the courtroom, Master Jake and Joe had bonded as friends many years ago. Joe’s wife and Nick’s mother died suddenly when Nick was very young, and Master Jake and Joe became friends shortly thereafter. Master Jake was always open and honest with Joe and told him of his interests long before Spike entered the picture as he had been the one to help draw up powers of attorneys, dog training lifestyle contracts, and managed the money that they dogs brought to the relationship. Joe was a straight man, open minded and always wished Master Jake the best but kept his lifestyle a very intense secret from even Nick.

Nick and Joe were always very close and Joe’s openness made Nick feel comfortable in telling his father he was gay when he was 20 years old. Joe and Master Jake had discussed this, but it was never really an issue. However, two years later Nick and Joe had a conversation that changed both of their lives. It seems that when he was 19, Nick had dropped by his Dad’s office one afternoon unannounced and overheard Master Jake and Joe discussing Spike’s transformation. They didn’t hear Nick and never knew he was there, but that conversation has hit areas in him he had never felt before and he spent the next few years researching Master/slave training and specifically human dog training and had even admitted to going to the farm to try to look over the fences – something Master knew from the security cameras but something he did not tell Joe about. When he told his Dad he was gay he didn’t have the guts to talk about these interests, but, one night he built up his nerve and finally asked his Dad about that conversation because he had just felt deep in his soul that he needed to know what being on all fours felt like.

Joe almost passed out when Nick told him of his dog interest and almost caught himself wanting to rebuke all the openness he had had. However, he loved Nick and told him to finish college that year and to think hard and he would discuss this with Master Jake and see if he could help him know more about it.

Joe discussed this with Master Jake hoping in a way that he would laugh and not agree to talk with Nick, however, that wasn’t his nature. So, a few weeks later Nick and Joe went to the farm and met Spike. Nick was immediately in a mental place Joe had never seen him in and after a few hours on conversation, Master Jake agreed to train Nick for a few weeks providing his father was okay with it. Joe agreed and watched his son strip naked and be collared for the first time. It was agreed that Joe would come back the next day to bring his medicines and vitamins, and when he arrived he saw his son shaved smooth, on all fours, looking as happy as he had ever seen him. And, aside from a week’s break to make sure he felt it, a few weeks stretched out to what has now been almost 6 years.

After a few weeks of intense training, Joe was allowed to visit and meet Rexx, his son. Even though he had seen him before, the word awkward doesn’t even begin to describe that moment he found himself a bit excited as well (if Rexx had been able to talk I am sure he would have said how embarrassed or proud he was too). But, the visits continued and ultimately became more natural. Joe never missed the chance to visit him on his human day, Tuesday, and they would talk and Joe knew how happy and content he was with his life, a feeling that Joe had never had. Joe would come more and more and take the boys on long walks and found himself almost jealous of the happiness and peace they felt. On Tuesdays, Rexx would tell his Dad he was worried about him because he seemed so alone, but most of the time on the other days he would just lick his hand and offer quiet solace hoping his Dad would find happiness wherever it may be.

In Joe’s mind, he found himself jealous of Rexx and Spike and wanted more. He wondered if he could be a dog too and if he would have happiness as well. One day, in September, he had taken the two boys on a long walk around the property, tripped over one of their leashes, and found himself on all fours looking into Spike’s eyes. At that moment he knew it was right, and when he returned he walked into Master Jake’s house saying, “Can we talk, Sir?”

Several weeks later Joe became Maxx and started his own adventure as one of the boys.


Kennel Three: Joe, age 56 – aka Maxx, age 8 – Wednesday


It had been almost 2 years since Joe became a dog. Master Jake had worried about incest like ties here, but his new metal dick and the lack of desire kept that from being an issue. Joe was straight and had no desire for sex with other men, although he did submit sexually to Master Jake as part of his training and since he no longer owned his body, he submitted willingly to his baths and shaving. Maxx and Rexx were closer than ever and Maxx finally found happiness.

For Maxx, he struggled at first physically because he was older and his body didn’t move the same way, but Master Jake was patient and would drive Maxx, temporarily known as Joe again, into town four days a week to work with a personal trainer who had, unknown the Maxx, one spent time in Master Jake’s kennel himself as a punishment from his wife who sent him to live three months as a dog as penance for an affair he had with another trainer (they owned the gym so it was easy for him to go on an extended leave). While the trainer hated being a dog at first, he did adjust and once or twice thought about asking his wife if he could stay, however, she wanted him home and whether he was on all fours or not there, only she, the trainer, and Master Jake knew though the chastity device and plug stayed perpetually locked on and in him.

Trainer knew that Maxx was a new old dog and he was determined to teach him new tricks. So, each day they worked on movements, agility, stretching, and more to help Maxx adjust to life on fours. When the gym was empty, trainer would strip him and he would walk on the treadmill for miles on his four paws and, when he could successfully run a half mile that way, he was done with his training and would now only leave the farm on Wednesdays, his human day.

Rexx adjusted fine to having his dad be a dog and, in many ways, was thrilled to spend his time with him. Since their days didn’t overlap, they didn’t talk, but Master Jake suspected that they may whisper at times at night in their individual kennels and, for that, he was fine.

As we approached the end of the pathway, we approached empty kennel with a sign that said:


Kennel Four: Gary, age 38 – aka Thunder – Thursday


Thunder? Thunder? Fuck, that was me. My stomach flipped faster than my dick could get hard, but they eventually found a rhythm. If the naked men in the yard didn’t convince me this was real, my new cage certainly did. Master didn’t say anything and, out of the corner of my eye I could see each dog in the corner of his cage straining to see what was happening, or more likely my reaction as they had each had this happen to them. Master then asked me what I thought and, one more time, was I willing to go forward, I barked, and he grabbed a leash, clipped it to my collar and said, “welcome to what will be the best week of your life, Thunder.”

He then grabbed my leash and walked me, again on two’s, to a big area in the corner of the room, outside of the view of the kennels, that I could tell was the grooming area. He gave me a quick tour of the room which was basically a giant shower with sprayers and drains all over the place and one deep soaking tub. He told me that now was the time for me to lose my body hair and led me to the shower area where I was attached to anchor points in the walls by my mitts and some added ankle cuffs. I looked like a giant X hanging there while Master began running clippers everywhere from my neck down.

When he was done, I was sprayed off with cool water, which was then followed by a very warm foam applied to me while Master, himself shaved every inch of my body until I was smooth as possible. He said that when I am owned by him, he would consider having me lasered, but that he did like this sensual style at first as he got to know me. He left me hanging there for a few minutes while he went to do some things and, when he returned, I was utterly and literally shocked that he had wheeled an entire giant bucket full of ice to me. I was released from the bonds, and so wanting to touch my smooth skin, for about 4 seconds before he made me lay down on the shower floor, stomach up, while he then dumped the whole, giant, tub of ice on me. I was in shock, so much so that I didn’t notice my dick going down and certainly didn’t notice the cage going on, but, in that brief time, I had been worried about warmth while he was taking my penis and locking a steel chastity cage on to it that was actually shaped in the same shape as a dog’s dick. This was secured by a lock on the cuff and another lock that clipped in through my Prince Albert, an addition Master insisted I get after our second email exchange if I were to be considered by him.

I was a bit in shock by all this and I am sure Master sensed it, so he then led me to one of the smaller cages in the middle of the room and insisted I get inside. After clicking a large padlock shut, he told me that the boys needed dinner and that I should relax and process things for a few hours and he’d then be back to take me to dinner. I was trying to process the “take me to dinner” part in my head but was so tired and, despite being in a ball with a metal dick locked on, I think I fell asleep.

What was likely a few hours later, as it was dark outside, Master returned and unlocked my cage. I crawled out and realized the kennels were dark with blue ambient light and Master said that they boys go to sleep at 8:00 and that we are going to have a human night. He unlocked my mitts and collar and then gave me the clothes I was wearing when I arrived and told me to get dressed. It was the first time I had ever felt my body smooth and I was beyond fascinated, but it was also the first time I had felt my dick in a cage and that was a completely different feeling. Apparently, I took too long as

Master appeared behind me with a leather paddle and popped me 5 times and told me to hurry and to meet him outside in the truck. When I got there I instinctively went to the back seat, but he stopped me and said, “Gary, tonight we are both humans and we are having dinner and talking. After we are done, we will come back to the house and tonight you will sleep in my bed, as a man, but tomorrow morning when you wake up, you have one last chance to change your mind after you have been fully given all expectations that will be placed in you should you choose to return permanently after this week is over”. I was swooning hearing these words and, over dinner and three beers back at the house, Master made it very clear what the expectations were for me if I wanted to be his fourth dog, but they basically boiled down to 15 general rules followed by one mandate.


He gave me a piece of paper which stated the following:

  1. Dog or pet human will remain naked, chastised, shaved, and plugged at all times when at the farm.
  2. Dog or pet human will obey the basic rules and Master or Master’s employees at all times or face punishment including loss of human days, confinement in various size cages, daily gagging, spanking, and/or caning.
  3. If the leather or rubber collar is locked on, dog is forbidden speech, the right to walk on twos, and the use hands. The dog will keep and use his human brain, but must remain in the body of a dog.
  4. If the chain collar is locked on, dog is allowed to talk as a human and use his human brain for conversation, but dog will remain a dog in all other ways as stated above.
  5. If no collar is on, then dog will be considered human and have use of all faculties aside from penis.
  6. Sexual acts between the dogs are allowed, however always limited by chastity. Each dog can request unlocking five times per year to penetrate another dog. These requests are subject to behavior, can be revoked at any time, and must be made within the first hour of a dog’s human day.
  7. Dogs always have the right to request human time or state human needs (example: illness, medicine, vision issues) and may do so by standing at designated spots in the yard, the kennel building, or in the individual kennel. Abuse of this allowance will result in one of the penalties listed above.
  8. Dogs have the right to stay in touch with family and friends and can contact or visit them on the assigned day. Each dog should give Master’s contact information to family, though it is up to each dog to decide what to reveal to each contact as to why contact is limited to one day.
  9. Dogs are allowed select visitors, however, this must be planned in advance and visitors must be briefed about their family or friend’s new role in advance. There are no exceptions to the above rules and dogs will remain dogs at all times in visitor’s presence unless it is their specified day. Speech rules will also continue to be governed by the collar.
  10. Dogs are ALWAYS guaranteed safety, food, hygiene, and companionship.
  11. Dogs will be considered employees of Master Enterprise’s, Master farm company and, in return, will be given nominal salaries and full health and life insurance benefits, including dental care.
  12. Dogs will always be financially protected by Master, and Master will keep accounts for each dog where salaries and any money brought into the relationship will be kept and managed by Master. Each dog has the right to see the accounts and make decisions either on their day or when the chain collar is on.
  13. Dogs will be allowed select human possessions in their kennel to remind them of their whole lives.
  14. Dogs will always be treated with respect and honor by all at the farm recognizing that they are strong creatures for allowing themselves to live their fantasies as part of Master’s family.


As I read these over and over again, I would have been hard if I could have been but also wanted to cry because it felt so right and it was almost unbelievable that I had found what I had dreamed of for so long. It was nearly midnight and Master said it was time for bed and invited me into a giant king size bed that was on a platform in the corner of his room. As I climbed the stairs, I realized there was a cage built into the platform, though the occupant of that cage would likely not be comfortable as it was as wide as the bed, but only about as deep as a mattress.

Master saw me looking and explained that bad dogs often spend up to an entire day in the cage locked in flat on their bellies. I was too tired to be as turned on as I should have been, but as I entered the bed, Master came behind me and explained that tonight he would be fucking me as a man, but from tomorrow forward I would always be fucked by him as a possession, a slave, or an object, but never again as a man.

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Metal would like to thank the author, Thunder, for this story! If you like it and want him to write more, leave a comment.


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    am curious how you could tell us the first impression to become the rubber pup.

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  2. One of the best ever. Thank you, Metal.

    1. Will there be more?

    2. Does anyone actually live as a dog? If so, please reply!

    Thanks again. I believe I have read this 15 times today.

  3. This narrative is my fantasy/hope in every respect; probably I am too old (82) to realize it. But I do correspond regularly with several young (early 20’s)doggies in Canada who do live almost exactly Thunder’s story

  4. Where has this author been, Metal? I think this is one of the best in the library and I was not even into the dog idea before. Fuck me, I actually printed a copy. Haven’t done that since 1995.

    When will there be more?

  5. Fuckin’s hot and done so well. I appreciate the time and talent into this and love the subtle incest thing with it. I so want it to be true and really want to see that anchorman – Metal, can you let us post pics of what we think he’d look like.

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  6. WTF Metal? Where have you been hiding this one? Damn it’s one of your best ever – looking forward to (hopefully) more.

  7. Wow! I can’t wait to see where this leads. The level of thought and detail is astounding. It almost all seems plausible. Where do I find Master Jake? My caged dick has been throbbing since the first paragraph. I think I now know how I should be spending the rest of my life. Looking forward to Chapter 2!

  8. WOW!!!! so loved the story…. I have prayed and dreamed of such a MASTER for so long … I absolutely fell in love with it… I pray that it happens to me one day soon…. again , what a beautiful story

  9. I was thrilled to rediscover this perfect description of my dreams. Fool that I am, I hope to find a similar simuation in my few remaining years.

    1. I keep having to pinch myself and try to accept that this is fiction because, like others have commented, it seems to be the fulfilment of a dream. If anyone reading this lives as a human dog or knows anyone that does then please get in touch.

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